Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes

Wagner Group Sheet Index
Select families of Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Descendants of Nicholas Wagner Index

Caroline Ruth Marie Bachman (01 Sep 1907 - 05 Oct 1958)
Edith May Bachman (03 Apr 1899 - 05 Jun 1969)
Helen Esther Bachman (16 Nov 1909 - 14 Jan 1987)
Margaret Luella Bachman (09 Apr 1904 - 08 Feb 1905)

Charles Beatty, Jr (29 Aug 1917- 09 Jun 1982)
Dorothy Beatty (Aug 7, 1913 - Oct 17, 1934)

Goldie Behr (20 May 1908 - May 1991)

Edith Bennett (01 Jul 1903 - 29 Aug 1916)
John Eastburn Bennett (05 May 1908 - 30 Mar 1977)

Richard Case
Robert Case

Alvin Eugene Clause (23 Jan 1873 - 05 Jul 1957)
Alvin William Clause (15 Jul 1897 - 20 Dec 1967)
Donald Clause (20 Feb 1917 - 02 Sep 1995)
Edwin Herbert Clause (10 Jul 1893 - 07 Jan 1965)
Elizabeth Clause (08 Nov 1870 - 03 Jan 1960)
Elizabeth E. Clause (13 Oct 1901 - 27 Oct 1965)
Ellen E. Clause (Jan 1884 - 14 Dec 1936)
Florence Clause
Floyd Willis Clause (07 Aug 1876 - 15 Mar 1963)
Harry Clause
Harvey Clause (Jul 1886 - 14 Mar 1914)
Helen M. Clause (08 Nov 1914 - 19 Dec 1986)
Henry Harry Clause (19 Feb 1869 - 3 Aug 1925)
Herbert Clause (14 May 1879 - 16 Dec 1942)
Ida M. Clause
Julia G. Clause
Lilly B Clause
Lizzie Clause
Lottie Clause
Margaret Clause
Margary Clause
Mary Clause
Robert Clause
Robert S. Clause
Robert W. Clause
Thomas R. Clause
William H. Clause

Emma L. Cole
Franklin Hampton Cole
George Francis Cole
Jennie M. Cole
John S. Cole

Geneva Coleman
Hattie Coleman
Iva Coleman

Clara Conine
Hazel Conine
John Conine
Lydia Conine
Ruth Conine
Thomas Conine

Gertie Lucetta Cressman

Annie R Drach
Charles Francis Drach
Ellen E Drach
Elmer Elsworth Drach
Frances Drach
Gladys Drach
Harry H Drach
Howard Drach
Oscar Drach
Paul R Drach
Martha Elizabeth Drach

Charles Neil Fortner
Irvin Richard Fortner
Joan Fortner

Aaron Frankenfield (September 20, 1833 - May 3,1896)
Abraham Lincoln Frankenfield (13 Nov 1864 - 16 Mar 1868)
Amanda Elizabeth Frankenfield (05 Feb 1863 - 19 Jul 1881)
Anna Louisa Frankenfield (1858 - 1909)
Anna Maria Frankenfield (August 22, 1840 - March 1, 1863)
Antionette Ellen Frankenfield (07 May 1904 - 22 Oct 1904)
Arthur Daniel Frankenfield (22 Mar 1885 - 09 Oct 1958)
Benjamin Frankenfield (1852 - Unknown)
Benjamin F. Frankenfield (December 24, 1824 - April 6, 1908)
Bertha Estella Frankenfield (31 May 1888 - 25 Mar 1955)
Bessie Frankenfield (01 Sep 1900 - 07 Nov 1973)
Bessie Alice Frankenfield (April 4, 1899 - December 1, 1962)
Catherine Frankenfield
(April 25, 1823 - Unknown)
Cecellia Amelia Frankenfield (20 Aug 1861 - March 19, 1878 )
Charles Frankenfield (1827 - September 20, 1877)
Charles H. Frankenfield (May 25, 1923 - June 27, 2000)
Charles Henry Frankenfield (June 29, 1877 - May 13, 1939 )
Charles Monroe Frankenfield
Edith Mae Frankenfield
Eleanora Frankenfield
Elizabeth Frankenfield
Ellen A. Frankenfield
Emma Frankenfield
Eva Sabina Frankenfield
Flora Frankenfield
Forrest William Frankenfield
George Michael Frankenfield
Grace Laura Frankenfield
Hannah W Frankenfield
Harvey O. Frankenfield
Helena D. Frankenfield
Herbert Benjamin Frankenfield
Henrietta Frankenfield
Henry Frankenfield
Isaac Mathias Frankenfield
Isadora Frankenfield
Jacob I. Bergel Frankenfield
Jennie P. Frankenfield
Jesse Joseph Frankenfield
John Frankenfield
Joseph Milton Frankenfield
Josephine Elementa Frankenfield
Josephine Elizabeth Frankenfield
Josiah Frank Frankenfield
Kenneth Edward Frankenfield
Laura May Frankenfield
Lewis Henry Frankenfield
Lewis W. F. Frankenfield
Lillie Frankenfield
Lillie Grace Frankenfield
Marie Elizabeth Frankenfield
Margaret Frankenfield
Mary Alice Frankenfield
Mary Elizabeth Frankenfield
Nathan Frankenfield
Paul J. Frankenfield
Richard Harry Frankenfield
Samuel Frankenfield
Sarah Alice Frankenfield
Shirley E. Frankenfield
Son Frankenfield
Susanna Frankenfield
William Bauer Frankenfield
William Bauer Frankenfield
William Forrest Frankenfield
William Henry Frankenfield

Anna Geiger
Earl J. Geiger, Sr.
Elizabeth Geiger
Frieda Geiger
Jennie Geiger
John Geiger, Jr
Mary Geiger

Dorothy Heater

Arling Reed Heavener
Carl James Heavener
Hazel Heavener
Melvin Norris Heavener
Ruth Heavener
Wilson S Heavener

Doris E Helms
Glenn L Helms
William F Helms, Jr

Albert S. Herman
Anna S. Herman
Asher Clayton Herman
Clayton A. Herman
Edwin P. Herman
John W. Herman
Joseph W. Herman
Joyce E. Herman
Oscar B Herman
Pluma M. Herman
Stewart Herman
Walter C. Herman
William W. Herman

Beatrice Hineline
Bertha Estelle Hineline
Burton Granville Hineline
Burton Valine Hineline
Carrie Valeria Hineline
Clemens Bryton Hineline
Clyde Novella Hineline
Daisy Valeria Hineline
Dorothy Anna Hineline
Emma Arvilla Hineline
Ethel I Hineline
Flora B. Hineline
Flora Belle Hineline
Frances Carrie Hineline
Goldie Iona Hineline
Helen Hineline
Ira Roosevelt Hineline
Joel F Hineline
Mary Hineline
Orville W Hineline
Orville Wilbur Hineline
Pearl Geneva Hineline
Ralph Thomas Hineline
Rosa Polell Hineline
Thomas Jackson Hineline

Carrol Eleanor Kichline
Thomas Archie Kichline

Arlene Koch
Carrie Koch
Clayton Newberry Koch
Clinton Frederick Koch
Earl M. Koch
Elsie Koch
Evelyn Koch
Flora U. Koch
Harvey Benjamin Koch
Hattie Koch
James S. Koch
Joyce G. Koch
Lizzie I. Koch
Lottie A. Koch
Lloyd Daniel Koch
Margaret Koch
Martha J. Koch
Marvin T. Koch
Oliver Eugene Koch
Oscar Franklin Koch
Robert James Koch
Stella A. Koch
Walter H. Koch
William Henry Koch

Ida A. Lynn

Evelyn M. Mengel
Harry W. Mengel
Helen Elizabeth Mengel
Robert E. Mengel

Allen Messinger
Alvin VanBuren Messinger
Amanda Messinger
Charles R. Messinger
Edwin Messinger
Emeline Messinger
Floyd M. Messinger
Frank E. Messinger
George Messinger
Lillie Mae Messinger
Lula Messinger
Lulu Messinger

Roy E. Messinger
Sarah Messinger
Thomas F. Messinger
William Messinger
William Messinger
Verna Belle Messinger

Barbara Jean Milburn

Nettie S. Miller

Aaron Moser
Andrew Jackson Moser
Anna Elizabeth Moser
Carrie Emily Moser
Edith Moser
Emma Moser
Forrest Sassaman Moser
Gordon Andrew Moser
Hazel M Moser
Henrietta Moser
Henry Moser
Herman Forrest Moser
Isaac Moser
Jennie Moser
Lawrence Horatio Moser
Lenora Moser
Levi Moser
Mary Catharine Moser
May M Moser
Owen Moser
Rosa Amanda Moser
Thomas Moser
Wesley Jackson Moser
Wesley J. Moser

William H. Moser

Irene Meyers

Ralph Nolf

Donald Pfister
Dorothy Pfister
Eva Flora Pfister
Frances Elizabeth Pfister
Margory Pfister
Valentine Charles Pfister
Virginia Carrie Pfister

Harry Kenneth Phifer
Jacob J. Phifer
Marian E. Phifer
Martha J. Phifer

Dorothy Raub
Evelyn Raub
Helen Iona Raub
Leroy Raub
Lester J Raub

Grace L Richards

Harry Edgar Seifert

Esther Shimer
Evelyn Shimer
Franklin T. Shimer
Miriam Shimer
Ruth Shimer

Anna Suseela Sloyer
Clara Elizabeth Sloyer
Edward Franklin Sloyer
Emma Louise Sloyer
Estella Iona Sloyer
Irvin M. Sloyer
John Mark Sloyer
Lillie Vernetta Sloyer
Robert Shimer
Samuel Ellsworth Sloyer
Thomas Sampson Sloyer
William D. Sloyer

Bessie Smock
Perry S Smock
Rollin V Smock

Edna Stabenow
Florence Stabenow

Russell W. Trach

Alice Wagner
Anna Maria Wagner
Bessie Wagner
Harvey Wagner
Catherine Wagner
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner
Frank S. Wagner
Franklin S. Wagner
Frederick Charles Wagner
Harry Wagner
Harvey Wagner
Henry Wagner
John Nicholas Wagner
John Wagner
Katie Wagner
Maria Anna Wagner
Minerva Ada Wagner
Minerva Wagener
Reuben Wagner
Robert Raymond Wagner
Robert O. Wagner
Roscoe Abner Wagner
Russell Wagner
Samuel Wagner

Sarah Wagner
Sarah Wagner
Soloman Wagner
Soloman S. Wagner
Susanna Wagner
Thomas Wagner
Thomas P. Wagner
William M. Wagner

Larry J Weeks

Mabel Amanda Young
Margaret Young
Mary Young

Gertie Blanche Zellner
Helen Zellner