Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes

Walter/Walters Group Sheet Index
Select families of Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Descendants of Barnhart Walters

(Note not all group sheets are index for this family)

Benjamin Abel
Catharine Abel
Edna E. Abel
James P Abel
Lewis H Abel
William Abel

Marilyn Bowlby

Bertha Branch
Clarence Branch
Donald Branch

Edward Buck

Eleanor Griffith
Jay Griffith

Carl S. Hevener
Edith Hevener
Elizabeth Hevener
Irene Hevener
Martha Hevener
Ruth Hevener
Samuel J. Hevener

May Johnson
Norman Johnson

Charles Kindt
Donald Kindt
Erma Kindt
Raymond Kindt
Stanley Kindt

Estelle Kocher
Tillie Kocher

Arling Kessler
Earl Kessler
Emily Kessler
Raymond Kessler
Stanley Kessler

Clarence McGouldrick
Ellen McGouldrick
Living McGouldrick
Michael McGouldrick

Addie Meixsell
Charles Meixsell
Harvey Meixsell
Margaret Meixsell
Mary Meixsell
William Meixsell

Alice Moser
Arthur Moser
Clara Moser
Edna Moser
Edwin Moser
Florence Moser
Gertrude Moser
Grace Moser
Jonas Moser
Katura Moser
Margaret Moser
Thomas Moser
Thomas Moser

Carolyn V. Neumeyer
Herbert Neumeyer
James Neumeyer
Leon Neumeyer

Aaron Radar
Amanda Radar
Amanda Radar
Catharine Radar
Charles Granville Rader
Claude J. Rader
Eliza Radar
Estelle Rader
Jonas Radar
Josiah Radar
Sophia Radar

Ellen Rowe
Richard L. Rowe
Russell S. Rowe, Sr.
Russell S. Rowe, Jr

Samuel Saylor

Annie E. Snyder
Carl Richard Snyder
George Milton Snyder
Flora A. Snyder
Mary M. Snyder
Minerva Snyder

Aaron Walter
Abraham Walter
Abraham Walter
Abraham Walter
Amandus Walter
Anna Walter
Anna Walters
Annie A. Walter
Anna Maria Walter
Arthur E.Walters
Arthur R. Walter
Barnet Walter
Barnet Walter
Barnhart Walter
Bertha S. Walter
Betsy Walter
Betty I. Walter
Carl Walter
Catherine Walter
Catherine Walter
Carrie F. Walter
Clarence Walters
Conrad Walter
Charles S. Walter
Charles Edwin Walter
Charles W. Walter
Charlotte Walters
David P. Walter
Delores Walter
Doris Walter
Doris J. Walter
Earl Walters
Earl J. Walter
Elizabeth Walter
Elizabeth Walter
Elmer Wilson Walters
Elwood J. Walter
Emma Walter
Emma Walter
Emmett Walters
Enos Walter
Estella Louise Walter
Eugene Walter
Flora Walter
Florence F. Walter
Francis James Walter
Fred Walters
George Walters
Gertrude Walter
Gladys Walter
Hannah Walter
Harley M. Walters
Harvey M. Walter
Helen Walter
Henrietta Walter
Horace Walter
Howard J. Walter
Ida Walter
Isabelle Walters
Jacob Walter
Jacob Walter
Jacob Walter
Jacob Philip Walter
James Lambert Walter
James Peter Walter
James W Walter
Jennie C. Walter
Jennie C. Walter
John Walter
John Walter
John George Walter
John S. Walter
Josiah Walter
Judith Walters
Juliana Walter
Kenneth Walters
Lambert Walter
Lambert Walter
Laura Walter
Leo Albert Walters
Leonard Walter
Lewis Henry Walter
Lovene H. Walter
Lovin Walter
Mahala Walter
Mamie S. Walter
Maria E. Walter
Marion Walter
Marrietta Walter
Martha E. Walter
Mary Ann Walter
Mary Ann Walter
Mary R. Walter
Matilda Feida Walter
Michael Walter
Milton Walter
Nelson Shuman Walters
Oliver R. Walter
Paul W. Walters
Quintus Walter
Quintus Abraham Walter
Raymond L. Walter
Reuben Walter
Robert John Walters
Roy Walter
Russell Walter
Samuel Monroe Walters
Sarah Alice Walter
Sharlott Agnes Walter
Shirley J. Walter
Simon Walter
Stewart Walter
Theodore Walter
Thomas Edward Walter
Victor Walter
Wesley Walters
William Walter
William Abraham Walters
William Franklin Walter
William Monroe Walters
Zebulon Walter

Emma Williamson
Maggie Williamson

Cora Woodring
Elaine Woodring
Estella Woodring
Mae Woodring
Mildred Woodring
Walter Woodring
Walter W. Woodring

Aleta Unangst
Charles F. Unangst
Charles H. Unangst
Dudley Unangst
Edward Franklin Unangst
Frederick Richard Unangst
Henry C. Unangst
Mary Ann Unangst
Miriam Sophia Unangst
Peter Firman Unangst

Stella Yohe

Gladys Young
Paul W. Young
Willard J. Young