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Robert C. Hutchison

(1926 - 05 Apr 1942)

. .. branch.gif (1966 bytes) George Hutchinson
Marriage: . .

Robert C. Hutchison

Not married Martha G. Nixon 

No Issue



Killed in motorcycle accident.

Monday, April 6, 1942, Page 1, Easton Express
Two Phillipsburg High Pupils Die In Motorcycle Accident
Machine Leaves Highway on Curve Near St. James Lutheran Church, Crashes Into Tree and is Demolished.

Two Phillipsburg High School pupils, one a member of the senior Class, lost their lives late yesterday afternoon in a motorcycle accident near the St. James Lutheran Church, along Route 28, a short distance east of Phillipsburg.

They Are:
Waldemar Frohlich, 18, son of Theordore Frohlich, 187 Hudson Street, who died in Warren Hospital.

Robert Hutchison, 15 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchison, 25 Lewis Street, who died instantly from fracture of the skull. Frolich died from internal injuries.

The boys had been budded and went Sunday afternoon for a motorcycle ride, with Frohlich driving the machine. When they were in the circle along Route 28 something happened with the result the motorcycle left the highway on a curve, and then traveled some distance to crash against a tree.

The accident was witnessed by E. W. Nagle, who was conversing with two other resident of the neighborhood, and he summoned the Warren Hospital ambulance, then notified the State Police at the Washington station Troopers Young and Perrine responded.

The motorcycle was a complete wreck, indicating the force of the impact with the tree.

Coroner J. G. Seip was summoned after Hutchison had been pronounced dead, and later Coroner Seip went to the Warren hospital where Frolhich succumbed.

Besides his parents, young Hutchison is survived by four brothers and a sister, Donald, Frank, Elmer, James, Phillipsburg; Mrs. Robert Parvin, Haddon heights, NJ

Frohlich is survived by his father also a brother and a sister, Roland and Miss Virginia Frohlich.

But today one Phillipsburg family is feeling relieved. Robert Lance of 60 Lewis street, was a good friend and fellow motorcyclist of the two youths who were killed.

He usually rode on the motorcycle. Shortly after the accident his parents were notified that he had been one of those killed.

The father left to identify the body, While he was gone, Robert, who had been out eating ice cream, walked into the Lance home and greeted his mother. She fainted.


Robert C. Hutchison
Donald G. Hutchison
Frank Palmer Hutchison
Elmer Hutchison
Thelma Hutchison
James D Hutchison


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Daughter of William Knauss and Elizabeth
Born: July 1860
Died 09 Oct 1927.