Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes

Kester Group Sheet Index
Select families of Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Descendants of Kester Index

Kenneth Edward Frankenfield

Leroy Carlton Johns

Alma Jones
Beatrice I Jones
Kenneth R. Jones
May E. Jones

Anna Barbara Kester
Anna Christina Kester
Carolina Kester
Daniel Kester
Edward Forrest Kester
Edward Marvin Kester
Elizabeth Kester
Elizabeth Barbara Kester
Eva Barbara Kester
Harry Kester
Henry Kester
Jenny May Kester
Johan Jacob Kester
John Leonard Kester
Joseph Kester
Julianna Kester
Leonard Kester
Magdalene Kester
Mary Kester
Mary Amelia Kester
Mary Dorothy Kester
Marian Catherina Kester
Moses Kester
Philip Kester
Philip Jacob Kester
Philip Jacob Kester, Jr.
Robert Kester
Roberta Kester
Ruth Kester
Ruth Olive Kester
Sarah Ann Kester
Sarah Margaret Kester
Susanna Kester
Unknown Kester

Verna May Kester
William Kester
William H. Kester
William Thomas Kester

Annie May Roseberry
Edward Roseberry
Jennie Roseberry
Laura Roseberry