Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Raub Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Bucks, Lehigh or Northampton County, PA

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Maria Barbara
(Peter's Wife)

Raub Family Group Sheet Index

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I descend from two Raub families, Peter Raub and Philip Raub, it it unknown at this time if Peter Raub is a related to Philip Raub. Records indicted the Peter arrived in 1732 on the Loyal Judith with his parents Philip Raub and Maria Sarah. The ship list does not contain a Peter Raub but a Michael and Hans Jerg Raub.

(Note: Montgomery County
Evangelical Lutheran Augustus Church of Trappe, New Providence, Montgomery County, PA
May 31, 1754 m. Publicly, both living in Pikestown
Michael Raup s. Peter
Maria Elisabeth Mayerin, step dr Christoph Büttebinder)

Michael Raup, Yeoman, Williams Township, File N0  3115 Year 1816
Children: Peter, Jacob, William, Henry M, Susannah w. Abraham Lahr, Elizabeth, Mary Steckel, Christina Steinmentz, Christopher; All named as Heirs
Inventory:  June 16, 1916 Jacob Arndt and I Shimer Settlement July 3, 1817 Book debts against heirs named above. Administrators: June 6, 1816 Christopher Raub, eldest son, Forks; Henry A Raup, son-in-law, Williams; Samuel Neigh, Forks and John Raup, Williams
June 5, 1816 Peter Raup, Jacob Raup, William Raup, Henry M Raup, Abraham Lahr and Susannah his wife, Heirs of Michael Raup, Renounced. to Christopher Raup and Henry A Raup.

Peter Raup File No 378 Year 1754
Children: Michael (Eldest son)
Inventory April 27, 1754 "Good of Peter Roap, deceased June 13, 1740 without a will.. and now came to a conclusion to divide between themselves" By Johann Adam Boyer, Michael Roap and Michael Wilhelm.
Administrators: Nov 16, 1754 Michael Roup, eldest son and George Roup, both of Williamstown, yeomen; Peter Kettland, Easton, Innkeeper.
Vendue List Jan 18, ,1755 Plantation

Andrew Raub (Roup) File No 2503 Year 1907
Andrew Roup, Williams Township, Yeoman
Children: Henry A., Andrew and Godfrey, Three of the sons.
Inventory: July 3, 1807 Isaac Shimer Esq. & Isaac Stout.
Set. Mar 3, 1809, April 26, 1810 Real estate sold to Solomon Frey for $7955.38. Balance to be divided into 9 parts.
Administrators: June 29, 1807 Henry A. Roup, Andreas Roup, and Godfrey Roup, three of the sons of dec'd: Michael Roup and Peter Sailer, both of Williams, yeoman. (All signaures "Raub".)

John Raub Farmer  File Number 3649 Vol 5 Page 63 year 1823
John Raub Farmer, Williams Township
Wife Rosannah
Children: Philip, Daniel, Mary, Susannah
Executors: Brother Daniel Raub, gdn of Children until of age.
Witnesses:  Henry Stem, George Hire, Esq.
Date of Will Oct 25, 1823
Probated : Dec 27, 1823
Inventory: Feb 17, 1924 Peter Hess, Jacob M Raub. 
Note of Henry A Raub.  Set Mar 16, 1842 Sale of Plantation in Williams to Daniel Raub.  Cash Received from Commonwealth for damages - $260.00 Administrators: 
Feb 7, 1823 Rosannah Raub, widow; Bernard Unangst, yeoman; and Jacob M Raub, yeoman, both of Williams. Admin. 
Dec 14, 1838 Rosannah Raub, William Raub and John Stocker all of Williams.

Henry M Raub, Yeoman Labourer File No 4093 year 1830
Inventory: Settled July 19, 1831 Rec'd from Nicholas Pursell rental for the Mansion House $30. amt of damages received from the Commonwealth by the hand of James Sinton for cutting the canal thru the decedent's lot bordering on the Del. River $100.
Set. June 4, 1832
Administrators: Feb 13, 1830 Levi Raub, Laubourer: Jacob Raub, Farmer; William Taylor, Labourer all of Williams

George William Raup, Gentleman, Boro of Easton  File No 3003, Vol 4 Page 490 1815
Children: Elizabeth Ruth, at present a bound apprentice to me, $80 German Evan. Lutheran Congregation, Easton, $60 Rest of estate to the children of my brothers Leonard and Andrew, and of my sisters Barbara and Dorotha.
Executors: Nephews Major Daniel Roup and Ludwig Roup, both of Williams
Witnesses: Peter Ihrie, Easton and George Ihrie, Easton.
Date of  will Oct 31, 1814
Probated: June 1, 1815
Inventory: June 2, 1815 Jacob Shipe and Isaac Grotz
Set. June 14, 1816 Sale of Out Lot, butting on Seip's Road, sold to John Herster and John Brotzman. 2 Town lots on Bushkill ST. sold to John Green.  One Tenement in Easton at the intersection of Pomfret and Spring Garden Sts. To John Herster.  One Sh. in fishery opposite Easton to William Barnet. 1 Sh. in well and pump opp. above tenement to John Hester. I share in fish basket to William Barnett. Legacy Paid Samuel Dill, Gdn of Elizabeth Ruth. Balance of estate to be divided into 36 shares.

Leonard Raub, Yeoman, Williams Township, File No 3345 year 1820
Children: June 23, 1820 Lewis (Ludwig) Roup, one of the sons, renounced "To my brothers Barnet and Jacob Roup"
Inventory: July 1, 1820 Jacob Arndt and Isaac Stout, Jr.
Set. Oct 22, 1821 Administrators:  June 22, 1820 Barnet Roup, Greenwich Township, Sussex Co., NJ Yeoman; Jacob Roup, Durham Township, Bucks County, yeoman; Daniel Roup, Boro of Easton, Esq; John Seifert, Low. Saucon, yeoman

George Raub, Taylor, Williams Township, File No 4150 Vol 5, p 240, 1831
Wife Elizabeth
children: Not named
Executors: Wife Elizabeth, Sole executrix
Witnesses: Jacob G Raub and Philip B Unangst
Date of Will Oct 29, 1830  Cod Dec 27, 1830
Probated: Jan 19, 1831
Inventory Jan 29, 1831 Jacob G Raub and Philip B. Unangst
Set. Jan 17, 1832

George Raub, yeoman, Williams Township, File No 933 Vol 1 p 271 Year 1781
Wife Barbara
Children: Andrew, Lennert, William, Barbara, Dorothe, Margaret. Brother-in-law Christian Eacker
Executors: Trusty son-in-law Fallenteen (Valentine) Beittleman and son William
Witnesses: Michael Raub and Christopher Raub
Date of Will Dec 6, 1780
Probated Feb 3, 1781
Inventory Jan 20, 1781 Peter Seiler and Frederick Kleinhans,
Set. Dec 2, 1782 Account of George William Raup and Valentine Beytilman, Expenses going to Philadelphia to obtain copy of Patent.  Rev Ernest for funeral. Misc. Info; wife Barbara - Land whereon I live adj. Frederick Kleinhans, Michael Raub and Dellavar (that how it was spelled) River 186 Acres.

Peter Raub, yeoman, Farmer, Williams Township File No 4961  Vol 6, p 65 year 1840
Children: Susanna w. William Hineline, Margaret w. Bartholemew Hoover, Elizabeth w. William Vogel, Joseph, Michael, grandson, Philip Ensley
Executors: Son Joseph and son-in-law Bartholemew Hoover.
Witnesses Michael Koplin, Jacob N Fulmer D
Date of Will Nov 10, 1838
Probated: Oct 20, 1840
Inventory  Oct 31, 1840 Jacob N Fulmer and Philip Ruth Vendue. Nov 7, 1840
Set. Sept 24, 1841 Acct. of Bartholemew Hoover. Add. Inventory. mar 9, 1841 Jacob N Fulmer and Jacob J Deemer

Mary B Raub, Single Woman, Williams Township, File No 4712 Vol 5, p 412, 1837
Witnesses  Joseph G Raub, John Halpin
Date of Will Nov 2, 1833
Probated: may 20, 1837
Inventory: June 30, 1837 Benjamin Weitzel and William M Raub
Set. Dec 18, 1838
Administrators: June 7, 1838 Daniel Raub, Williams and William Raub and William Koken, all the same. Misc Info:  1/2 of estate to "my loving mother", and other half to "my brother Daniel"

Raub and more website.

German Reformed Church of Durham, Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Daniel Schler July 1, 1815 Sep 3, 1815 Andrew Schler and Anna Daniel Raub and Catharin
Christiana Kressler Jan 17, 1818 Sep 22, 1818 John Kressler and Christianna Jacob Raub and Margaret
Sarah Geisler Jan 20, 1822 April 6, 1822 John Geisler and Maria Joseph Raub and Maria Transue
Eliabeth Reigel Aug 10, 1823 Dec 14, 1823 Benjamin Reigel and Hannah Jacob Raub and Maria
Levina Raub May 25, 1825 Jun 26, 1825 Peter Raub and Susanna Jacob Raub and Lidia Reichard
Caroline Raub Sep 9, 1827 Mar 30, 1828 Joseph Raub and Magdelena Christian Lambert and Sarah
Reuben Raub Feb 6, 1832 Aug 14, 1832 Joseph Raub and Magdalena The Parents
Dianna Raub July 28, 1836 Nov 11, 1836 Michael Raub and Rachel George Lambert and Margaret
William Henry Raub July 21,1870 Feb 8, 1871 Joseph Raub and Sallie Parents
Emma Catharine Huffman Raub   Oct 26, 1872 Joseph K Raub and wife Self
Elmer Stokes Raub Nov 11, 1873 May 9, 1874 Joseph Raub and Sallie Parents
Willie Oscar Raub Feb 16, 1875 Jun 21, 1875 Joseph Raub and Sallie Parents
Minerva Elizabeth Raub July 9, 1880 Sep 26, 1880 John Raub and Emma Parents


German Reformed Church of Durham, Bucks County, Pa - Marriages
Husband Date Wife
Reuban Raub Jan 14,1911 Helen Carl


German Reformed Church of Durham, Bucks County, Pa - Deaths
Name Birth Died
Minni Olivia Raub April 7, 1869 Feb 5, 1871
William Henry Raub July 31, 1870 May 28, 1871
Elmer Stokes Raub Nov 10, 1873 June 18, 1875
Sarah Ann Raub Sep 17, 1840 Aug 3, 1876
Henry S. Raub Oct 11, 1842 Sep 13, 1876
Magdalena Raub Nov 20, 1795 Sept 7, 1979
Emma J Raub   Jan 10, 1910 Aged 67-7-0

Christs Evanglical Lutheran Chruch, Lower Tinicum Township, Bucks County
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Clara Catharina Mann   Oct 1761 George Mann Bernhard Sigman


Trinity Reformed Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Mary Elisabeth Raub Sept 1, 1760 Oct 5, 1760 Andrew Raub and wife Peter Conrad and Mary Elisabeth Stein
Maria Charlotte Reis Dec 29, 1761 Jan 21, 1762 Philip Reis and wife Andreas Raub and wife
Andrew Raub April 27, 1766 May 18, 1766 Andrew Raub and Charlotte Andrew Raub and Wife
Son Jan 29, 1768 Mar 6, 1768 Andrew Raub Jacob Butz and E.lisabeth Diether


Trinity Lutheran Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Cecelia Raup April 4, 1757 April 8, 1757 Andrew and Charlotte Margaret Raup Cecelia Weber and Conrad Dither
Maria Barbara Raup April 4, 1757 April 8, 1757 Andrew ans Charlotte Margaret Raup Philip Jacob and Maria Sarah Overbeck
Andrew Schwartz Mar 9, 1760 april 9, 1760 Jacob Schwarz and Anna Andrew Raup and Charlotte


Trinity Lutheran Marriages - Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA
Husband Date Wife
Andrew Raup Mar 31, 1753 Charlotte Webber d/o Jacob Weber


Trinity Cemetery - Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA
Name Birth Died Age Notes
Rosina Beutelman No date Feb 8,1766 3 - 8- 21 Daughter of Valentine and Maria Barbara -- Grandaughter of Elias Beutelman and George Raub
Christena Jacoby 1761 April 12, 1805 44-0-0 first wife of Johann -- Nee Raub
Eliabeth Raub Jun 2, 1849 Oct 2, 1863 20-4-0 Daughter of Johan and Maria M.
Paul Wilson Raub Mar 8, 1919 Jun 1, 1919 0-2-23 Son of H.E. and Florence

Bucks County Wills

Will Book 6 Page 220
George Shade, Warrington Township
Written: Dec 28, 1797
Proved: Nov 4, 1799
Codicil: Oct 7, 1799
Wife Anna Maria
Children: Jacob, Mary wife of Peter Shearer, George dec'd (children: Jacob, Elizabeth wife of Jacob Rapp, William and Rebecca)

Will Book 9 Page 438
Peter Raub, Durham Township
Proved Jan 25, 1820
Brother Jacob Raub of William Township, Northampton County
Wife Hannah
Mentions: minor children

Will Book 17 Page 284
File Number 12497
John Stem, Durham Township
Children: Levi, David, Peter, John, Magaret (wife of Samuel Nicholas), Lydia (wife of Jacob Rodenbach), Susanna (wife of Conrad Kline), Mary (wife of Charles Achy), Anna (Wife of Henry Raub)

Will Book 21, Page 240
File Number 15285
Jane C. Comfort
Written Jan 14, 1881
Proved May 14, 1881
Husband John S.
Children: George M. Daughter -in-law Ann Elizabeth Comfort. Grandson Henry W. Comfort
Menitons Kate Heafer, Sally Raub (Late Buck), Hannah Buchman, Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Pennsylvania Society to Protect Children from Cruelty.

Will Book 25, Page 192
File Number 18287
John S. Comfort, Falls Township
Written Feb 9, 1882
Sept 8, 1891
Son: George M.
Mentions: Sarah Raub (Formerly Bucks), Catarine Haefer, Harry E.Frey (son of Elizabeth - formerly Carter), Esther Reeve

Will Book 28, Page 83
File Number 20193
Samuel Heil, Harmony Township, Warren County, NJ
Written Sept 18, 1882
Proved in Lehigh County, April 14, 1897
Wife Catharine
Children: Samuel, Susanna (wife of Francis Raub), Philip


Orphans Court

File Number 10208
Sarah Trach, Sprinfield Township
Died Feb, 1870
May 3, 1870
No Issue
Collateral Heirs Isaac Trach (deceased, children John, Lucy Ann, Elizabeth Sloyer and Isabella Heft), John Trach (deceased, children Eliza Miller and Mary Ann Kaler), Philip Trach (deceased, children Joseph, Susanna Grube, Elisabeth Raub, Rebecca Donely, Anna Malinda, Philip and Samuel), Henry Trach) deceased, children Jacob Samuel, Sally Ann, Susanna, Elizabeth), Susanna Kirk (deceased, Children Issac, Anna and Jane), Catharine Hinkle (deceased, children Charles, Reuben, Thomas, Sally Ann Grube, Dianna Swink, Susanna Miller and Mary Pealer), Elizabeth Bodder (Deceased, daughter Mary), Mary Kramer (Deceased, daughter Anna Kramer)

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Congreation (Blue Church), Lehigh County, PA
Husband Date Wife Notes
Peter Sohns April 14, 1757 Anna Maria Raup Micheal Raup's dau


First Reformed Church of Easton, Northampton County, PA
Name Born Baptsim Parents


Jeremiah Kock Juy 1, 1769 July 16,1769 Jeremiah Kock and Hanna George William Raub and Catharina
John Jacob Raub Feb 10, 1777 April 6, 1777 Andrew Raub and Magdalene John Jacob Pitterbnder and Eva Engle both single
Johann Henrich Dechet Aug 20, 1779 Dec 12, 1779 Antoini Dechet and Catharina George Henrich Raub and Elizabeth Gress, both single
Johannes Raub Jan 28, 1780 Feb 9, 1780 Andreas Raub and Maria Magdalena George Raub and Barbara the Grandparents
George Heinrich Raub Feb 26, 1780 May 7, 1780 Michael Raub and Maria Elizabetha George Henrich Raub and Maria Elisabeth Moyer both single
Hennrich Winter Nov 20, 1782 April 13, 1793 Hennrich Winter and Hanna Georg Wilhelm Raub and Catharina
Daniel Raub Nov 30, 1784 Jan 18, 1785 Andreas Raub and Magdalena Peter Seiler and Margaretha
George William Raub 9 mos May 22, 1798 Andrew Raub and Catharina George William Raub and consort
Sarah Raub June 20,1803 Oct 11, 1803 Bernhard Raub and Maria Jacob Lattig and consort
John George Raub March 16, 1805 March 15, 1806 Bernhart Raub and Maria George William Raub and Catharina
John Peter Saylor Jan 19, 1809 May 7, 1809 Peter Saylor and Anna Marg Peter Raub and Susan Lautz
George William Hauck Jan 15, 1810 Feb 25, 1810 George Hauck and Sarah George William Raub and Catharine
William Augustus Wolf May 23, 1812 June 21, 1812 George Wolf and Maria George W. Raub and Catharine
Susanna Schwartz March 24, 1814 July 17, 1814 Peter Schwartz and Maria Christopher Raub and Elisabeth
John George M. Stansbury Feb 2 ,1816 July 16, 1816 Jacob Stansbury and Christina George Moser, Elisabeth Raub
Daniel Ettinger May 8, 1817 July 13, 1817 Abraham Ettinger and Veronica Daniel Raub and Catharine
Henry Raub Nov 9, 1819 Jan 27, 1820 Bernhard Raub and Maria Henry Krotz and Sarah
Jacob Zeller Nov 18, 1820 April 6, 1822 John Zeller and Margaret William Raub and Elisabeth
Margaret Schmacher May 30, 1822 Aug 22, 1822 Jacob Schumacher and Elisabeth Daniel Raub ad Catharina
Nelly Raub Nov 14, 1822 Feb 10, 1823 Isaac Raub and Nelly Cath. Ettinger


First Reformed Church of Easton, Northampton County, PA - Deaths
Name Died Buried Age
Christopher Raub April 1, 1815 Williams Aged 24 Years, 9 Months, 15 days
Sabilla Raub Jan 24, 1825 Williams Aged 45 Years, 3 Months
Decatur Washinton Raub Sept 2, 1829 Williams Aged 1 year, 9 months and 2 days
Edward Raub Jan 26, 1831 Williams Aged 4 Years 11 months 6 days


First Reformed Church of Easton, Northampton County, PA - Marriages
Husband Date Wife
Berhard Raub Feb 22, 1801 Maria Krotz
George William Raub April 9, 1805 Elisabeth Saylor
Isaac Raub Nov 17, 1816 Elenor Sterner
Bartholomew Huber Nov 14, 1818 Margaret Raub


Parish Record of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Easton, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Christina Raub Aug 25, 1775 Nov 5, 1775 Michael Raub and Maria Elisabeth Christopher Bittenbender and w. Anna Elisabetha
Elisabeth Saylar Jan 3, 1781 Jan 30, 1781 Daniel Saylar and Wife maria Peter Raub and Euphrenia Saylor
Catharina Raub April 13, 1781 May 20, 1781 Philip Raub and w. Elisabeth Gottlieb Hipp and wife Catharina
Peter Raub May 15, 1781 May 20, 1781 Christoph Raub and Elisabeth Chris. Beittenbender and Anna Elisabeth
Catharina Heinlaen Mar 28, 1781 Oct 14, 1781 Geo. Heinlaen and w. Sarah Geo. Wilhlem Raub and Cathaina
Margaratha Ernst Nov 30, 1781 Dec 22, 1781 John Frederick Ernst (at this time pastor) w. Elsiabeth Geo Wilhelm Raub and w. Catharina
Peter Nungessor Feb 25, 1781 1782 Peter Nugessor and Barbara Peter Raup and Christina Raup
Willhelm Berndt Jan 20, 1786 Mar 12, 1786 William Berndt and Sara Geo. W. Raub and Catharina
Catharina Sara Frederica May 9, 1786 May 15, 1786 Carl S. Friederica and Sara Geo W. Raup and Catharina
George Benjamin Frederica Feb 28, 1788 March 12, 1788 Salomon Freiderica and Sara George Willhelm Raup and Cathaina
Willhelm Bittenbender May 8, 1791 June 19, 1791 John Conrad Bittenbender and Elsiabeth George Wilhelm Raup and Catharina
Elias Hatfield Dec 18, 1888 Feb 11, 1792 Johan Hatfield and Catharina George Wilhelm Raup and Catharina
Wilhem Heinrich Kochert Aug 12, 1792 Sept 9, 1792 John Kochert and Susana George Wilhelm Raup and Catharina
Catharina Mingesser Aug 20, 1793   Peter Mingesser and Barbara George Wilhelm Raup and Cathaina
Johan Raub Dec 29, 1801 April 18, 1802 Bernhard Raub and Maria Jacob Grotz and Maria
Carl Raub July 12, 1803 Sept 15, 1803 Andreas Raub and Catharina Gotfried and Margaret
George Wilhelm Moritz Sept 29, 1805 Oct 20, 1805 Wilhelm Mortiz and Catharina George Wilhem Raub and Catharina
Margareth Raup Dec 21, 1805 Jan 7, 8105 George Wilhelm Raup and Elisabeth Peter Saylor and Anna Margarth
Catharina Raup (wife of Henrich) Sept 3, 1780 Sept 16, 1806 Geo. Taylor  
Rebecca Raup Dec 20, 1803 Sept 16, 1806 Henrich Raup and Maria Jacob Stein and Catharina
Anna Raup Oct 25, 1805 Sept 16, 1806 Henrich Raup and Maria Henrich Raup and Elisabeth
Maria Raup May 20, 1808 Jun 5, 1808 Barnhardt Raup and Maria Jacob Grotz and Maria
Diana Raup Oct 21, 1808 Nov 5, 1808 Daniel Raup and Catharina Anna Maria Kleinhans
Jacob Raup Sept 19, 1808 Dec 4, 1808 Ludwig Raup and Gertrout Parents
Joseph Raup July 8, 1809 Sept 2, 1809 Jacob Raup and Maria Maria Eva Wagner
Johan Philip Insle May 17, 1810 July 25, 1810 Jacob Insle and Susana Raup Jacob Meyer and Elisabeth Meyer
Samuel Raup May 13, 1810 Dec 30, 1810 Ludwig Raup and Gertrout Parents
Maria Barbara Raup July 1, 1739 Aug 5, 1739 George Raup and Barbara Maria Sarah Raup
George Wilhelm Raup Feb 10, 1741 April 5, 1741 George Raup and Barbara John George Klienhans and Maria Dorotha
Maria Dorotha Raup Feb 14, 1743 April 5, 1743 George Raup and Barbara  
John Boruman June 20, 1819 July 18, 1819 John Boruman and Elisabeth John Raup
Bernard Raup Sept 1, 1820 Dec 29, 1820 Barnard Raup and Mary Parents
Joseph Raub Aug 6. 1824 March 31, 1825 Jacob Raub and Jane Parents
Anna Maria Raup Nov 3, 1825 June 6, 1825 Joseph Raub and Magdalena Parents
Peter Metzger Jan 12, 1827 April 1, 1827 Philip Metzger and Anna John Raub and Maria
Laccinia Raub April 30, 1827 July 31, 1827 John Jacob Raub and Anna Barbara Anna Maria Kleinhans
Mary Ann Raub Aug 14, 1828 Oct 12, 1828 George Willhelm Raub and Susanna Parents
Jacob Dachradt Sept 12, 1828 Oct 12, 1828 Johan Dachradt and Julian Jacob Raub
John Martin Raup March 18, 1832 March 27, 1832 Johan Martin Raup and Regina Parents
Rudoph Bartoe Raub April 27, 1834 Aug 2, 1834 William Raub and ??? Parents
Daniel Raub Jan 13, 1836 Feb 15, 1836 Levi Raub and Mary Ann  
Benjamin Raub Jany 17, 1838 Feb 19, 1838 Eli Raub and Mary Parents
Mary Elisabeth Raub Mar 1, 1835 Mar 31, 1838 Philip Raub and Elisabeth Parents
Samuel James Raub April 24, 1837 Mar 41, 1838 Philip Raub and Elisabeth Parents
George Daniel Marbacher Mar 22, 1838 April 12, 1838 John Marbacher and Maria Daniel Raub and Catherine
Jacob Raub May 13, 1840 June 22, 1840 Michael Raub and Sarah Ann Parents
Catherine Raub April 9, 1840 July 23, 1840 Levi Raub and Maria Parents
Joshua Raub July 28, 1842 Aug 31, 1842 Michael Raub and Sarah Ann Parents
Anna Maria Raub Oct 1, 1842 April 4, 1843 Levi Raub and Mary Ann Parents


Parish Record of the German Evangelical Lutheran Chruch of Easton, Northampton County, PA
Husband Date Wife
Adam Sherer Jan 30, 1781 Margaretha Elizabeth Raub
John Raup April 4, 1807 E. Bond
Samuel Schumacher April 14, 1807 Maria Raup
Daniel Raup Jan 15, 1808 Elizabeth Schumacher
Ludwig Raup Feb 2, 1808 Gertrude Case
George Hegar Sept 17, 1811 Salome Rapp
William Hineline Aug 5, 1813 Susan Reup
John Bornman June 21, 1814

Elizabeth Raup

Jonathan Raup Jan 29, 1820 Mary Higan
Johan Raup March 1821 Maria Werkheiser
Niklas Kline April 29, 1821 Susanna Raup
Henry Fannata Dec 6 1821 Sarah Raup
William Vogel Mar 2, 1823 Elizabeth Raup
John Raup Mar 27, 1823 Nancy Vanata
Joseph Raup April 24, 1823 Magdalena Transue
William Raub Nov, 1826 Susan Lehr
Jacob Raub Oct 16, 1828 Nancy Lehr
Joseph K Raub Feb 2, 1832 Elizabeth Pursell
Abraham Sailer Aug 28, 1832 Margaret Raub
William Raub Oct 18, 1832 Hannah Eliza Heinlein
Martin Weitzel Feb 22, 1833 Mary Raub
Levi Raub Feb 9, 1834 Maria Weitzel
Michael Raub Feb 2, 1836 Rachel Andreas
Michael Raub Feb 22, 1838 Sarah Jane Souders
Isaac Rapp Dec 5,1840 Susanna Overpeck
James H Whalton Aug 25, 1841 Caroline Raub
Jacob Raub (Widow) Sept 2, 1841 Maria Eckert (Widow)
Daniel Mayer Nov 20, 1841 Susan Raub
Daniel Richard Oct 2, 1842 Maria Sophia Raub
John Raub May 10, 1845 Sarah Everhardt


Reformed Chruch of Lower Saucon, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Catharine Neis July 16 1769   William Nies Jacob Raub and Catharine Lerch
John George Weber 1773 Jun 18, 1773 Peter and Catharine Weber Valentine and Susanna Raub
Maria Magdalena Oesterle Dec 28, 1800 May 17, 1801 Adam Oesterle and maria Catharine Frederick Unangst and Maria Magd Raub (single)


Parish Record of the German Evangelical Lutheran Chruch of Easton, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
George Wilhelm Kuhn April 24, 1793 1798 Stephen Kuhn and Mary George W. Raub and Catharine


Church Records of the Williams Township Congreation, Northampton County, PA (Lutheran)
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Michel Raupp   April 17, 1733 Peter Raupp and Susanna Martin Mäulin and wife Sabine
Johann Jacob Raupp April 20, 1737   Peter Raupp and Susanna Jacob Kiefer
Georg Willhelm Raupp Feb 10, 1741 April 5, 1741 George Raupp and Barbara Johann Georg Kleinhans and Maria Dorothea, Maria Barbara Heller
Michael Hess July 12, 1741 July 26, 1741 Peter Hess and Anna Margaretha Michael Raupp and Anna Maria
Peter Raupp Oct 11, 1741 Oct 18, 1741 Michel Raupp and Anna Maria Peter Raupp and Sophia
Georg Friedrich Kleinhans Feb 21, 1742 April 4, 1742 Johann George Kleinhans and Maria Dorothea George Raupp and Barbara
Johann Conrad Vogelmann Feb 14, 1742 April 3, 1742 Conrad Vogelman and Barbara Georg Raupp and Barbara, Elias Helel and Susanna
Maria Dorothea Raupp Feb 14,1742 March 6, 1743 Georg Raupp and Barbara Johann Georg Kleinhans and w Maria Dorothea
Johann Peter Raupp Aug 19, 1743 Oct 2, 1743 Michael Raupp and Anna Maria Jacob Abel and W. Sophia
Johann Peter Frantz June 1, 1745 Sept 22, 1745 Henrich Frantz and Anna Margaretha Peter Raupp and Susanna
Elisabeth Raupp Aug 28, 1745 Sept 1, 1745 Georg Raupp and Barbara Dorothea Klienhans
Barbara Raub Feb 9, 1746 Feb 23,1746 Jacob Raub and Elisabeth  
Maria Margaretha Raupp July 18, 1746 July 27, 1746 Michael Raupp and Anna Maria Peter Molich and Maria Sophia, Margaretha Raupp
Jacob Raupp May 2, 1747 May 3, 1747 Georg Raupp and Babrara Jacob Kuckert and Margaretha
Margartha Raupp May 2, 1747 May 3, 1747

Georg Raupp and Barbara

Jacob Kuckert and Margaretha
Margaretha Barbara Bast March 10, 1749 Feb 19, 1749 Johannes Bast and Susanna Catharine Michael Raupp and Margaretha Barbara Kieffer
Johannes Raupp March 16, 1750 April 1, 1760 Johann Raupp and Maria Barbara Johann Kuchert and Anna Margaretha
Elisabeth Zug June 7, 1750 July 1, 1750 Jacob Zug and Margaretha Maria Eva, daughter of Johann Georg Raupp and Peter, son of Michael Raupp
Maria Eva Raupp March 9, 1751 April 29, 1751 Michael Raupp and Maria Magdalena Maria Eva Raupp and Conrd Zeller
Jahannes Lunger Oct 4,1750 Aug 4, 1751 Jacob Lunger and Catharina Johann Georg Raupp
Maria Dorothea Wilhelm April 6, 1752 April 19, 1752 Michael Wilhelm and Anna Margaretha Johann Georg Raupp and Maria Barbara
Maria Catharine Meyer Feb 9, 1753 March 16, 1753 Adam Meyer and Anna Catharina Maria Catharina Kleinhans and Michael Raupp
Anna Catarina Zuig Jan 14, 1753 Nov 20, 1752 Jacob Zug and Anna Margareth Michael Raupp and Anna Barbara
Johann George Willhelm April 15, 1754 April 25, 1754 Michel Willhelm and Anna Margaretha George Raub and w. Barbara
Unknown Engel Oct 9, 1754 Nov 25, 1754 Joseph Engle and Anna Barbara Heinrch Schneider and Maria Barbara Raupp
Andreas Schuk May 21, 1756 June 27, 1756 Georg Schuk and Elisabeth Andreas Raub and Catarine Grup
Margaret Elizabeth Raupp June 2, 1757 July 31, 1757 Michael Raupp and Maria Elisabeth Johann Meier and Margaret Abel
Jacob Raupp Jan 10, 1759 Jan 28,1759 Michael Raupp and Maria Elisabeth Jacob Raupp and Daughter Dorothea
Maria Magdalena Meixel April 22, 1759 May 20, 1759 Phillip Meixel and Magdalena Michael Raub and Christina Illiger
Maria Magdalena Zeller June 29, 1759 July 1, 1759 Conrad Zeller and Anna Margaretha Maria Magdalena Raupp
Susana Rapp Feb 19, 1770 March 19, 1770 Andreas Rapp and Magdalena Jacob Rapp and Susanna Schenck
Rosina Raub Sept 1, 1770 Oct 21, 1770 Jacob Raub and Rosina Georg Raub and w. Maria Barbara
Johann Bernhardt Raub April 1, 1772 April 6, 1772 Leonard Raub and Anna Christina Bernhard Unangst and w. Rosina
Margaretha Raub July 13, 1772 Aug 1772 Andreas Raub and Magdalena Jacob Schenck and Margareth Lerch
Georg Heinrich Unangst Dec 31,1772 Jan 3,1773 Bernhardt Unangst and Rosina Andreas Raub and Magdalena
Anna Magdalena White Dec 2,1772 May 23,1773 John White and Anne Andreas Raub and Magdalena
Johann Jacob Raub April 12, 1774 April 24, 1774 Leonhardt Raub and Anna Christina George Wilhelm Raub and Catharina
Georg Willhelm Neiss March 14, 1744 May 23, 1744 Willhelm Neiss and Dorotha George Raub and Barbara
Elisabeth Raub July 23, 1774 Aug 14, 1774 Andreas Raub and Magdalena George Willhelm Raub and w. Catharina
Maria Magdalen Hosel Set 28, 1774 May 21, 1775 Jacob Hosel and Susanna Andreas Raub and Magdalena
Georg Heinrich Vogt Feb 25 1779 April 5, 1779 Georg Heinrch Vogt and Susanna Georg Heinrich Raup and Elisabeth Raup
Henrich Edinger Mar 16, 1781 April 15, 1781 Melcher Edinger and Regina Henrich Raup and Eva Edelman
Samuel Raup June 13, 1781 Aug 19, 1781 Andreas Raup and Maria Magdalena Philp Fein and Maria Magdalena
Sebastian Haupt May 17, 1781 Aug 19, 1781 Henrich Haupt and Catharinea Andreas Raup and wife
Rebecca Abell March 7, 1781 Sept 16, 1781 Jacob Abell and Maria Barbara Andreas Raup and wife
Catharine Raup Aug 24, 1782 Sept 15, 1782 Christoph Raup and Elisabeth Johan Kleinhans and Catharina Raup
Elisabeth Scherer Oct 29, 1783 Nov 23,1783 Adam Scherer and Margaretha Petrus Raub, Elisabeth Meyer, Johannes
Abraham Scherer   Nobv 23, 1785 Adam Scherer and Margaretha Abraham Laar and Susanna
Anna Maria Goetter May 9, 1785 June 26, 1786 Johann Goeter Abraham Eckert and Anna Maria Raup
Maria Magdalena Raup Jan 24, 1787 April 8,1787 Andreas Raup and wife Georg Heinrich Kleinahns and Anna Maria
Anna Margaret Holzer Oct 7, 1789 Nov 14, 1789 Jacob Holtzer and Anna Margaretha Andreas Raup and Catarina
Jacob Esterle   June 30, 1793 Adam Esterle and Catharine Jacob Raub and Catarina
Maria Magdelena Raub July 21, 1793 Sept 8, 1793 Leonhardt Raub and Susana Ludwig Raub and Sara Roessel
Jacobus Bucher Jan 26, 1793 March 23, 1793 Johann Bucher and Ellenora Gottfried Raub and Marchretha
David Raub April 26, 1794 June 1, 1794 Andreas Raub and Chatarina George Heinrich and Christina Raub
Maria Magdalena Raub Dec 6, 1790 Dec 9, 1794 Andreas Raub and Chatarina Andreas Raub Sen and wife
Samuel Raub Feb 10, 1792 Jan 17, 1794 Andreas Raub and Chatarina Andreas Raub Sen, and wife
Georg Raub Oct 18, 1794 Dec 14, 1794 Johannes Raub and Susanna Georg Pressler and Magdalena
Elisabeth Raub Oct 27, 1794 May 14,1795 Christoph Raub and Elisabeth Peter Raub and Maria Elisabeth
Johannes Raub Oct 1795 Nov 15, 1795 Andreas Raub and Catarina Adam Scherer and Marchretha
Johannes Oestere Jan 12, 1797 Feb 26, 1797 Adam Oesterle and Catarina Johannes Raub and Maria Kleinhans
Jacob Raub July 25, 1797 Sept 15, 1797 Christophel Raub and Elisabeth Jacob Raub and Anna Maria Schneiter
Christina Mas? Sept 14, 1797 Oct 15, 1797 Johannes Mas? and Catarina Ludwig Raub and Christina Kleinhans
Catarina Raub Feb 13, 1798 April 29, 1798 Leonardt Raub and Margaretha

The parents

Anna Maria Raub Feb 6, 1800 Feb 19, 1800 Jacob Raub and Maria George Heinrich Kleinhans, Anna Maria
Susan Stockel Nov 4, 1798 1800 John George Stockel and Maria Jacob Raub and Susanna Kleinhans
Rosina Stockel July 1, 1800 1800 John George Stockel and Maria Georg Heinrich Muller and Rosina
Samuel Bucher Oct 5,1801 Jan 3, 1802 Abraham Bucher and Sarah Samuel Raub and CatharineKleinhans
Maria Magdalena Raub July 15, 1802 Sept 26, 1802 John Gottfried Raub and Anna Margaretha Jacob Kleinhans and Maria M. Raub
Catharina Raub Aug 10, 1802 Sept 26 1802 Jacob Raub and Maria Leonhardt Raub and Christina
Anna Elisabeth Jan 18, 1803 May 13, 1803 Adam Esterle and Anna Catharina Heinrich Raub and Elisabeth
David Steinmetz Oct 22, 1803 De 4, 1803 John Georg Steinmetz and Christina Heinrich Raub and Elisabeth
Margartha Krumrien June 22, 1804 Juy 29, 1804 Adam Krumrein and Christina Gottfried Raub and Margareth
Margaretha Raup Dec 21,1805 Jan 7, 1806 George W. Raup and Elisabeth Peter Sehler and Anna Margreth
Margaretha Esterly Sept 14,1806 Nov 8, 1806 Adam Esterly and Anna Catharine Gottfried Raub and Margartha
Elisabeth Bernhard Nov 24,1806 Feb 1,1807 Georg Bernhard and Magdalena Peter Raup and Elisabeth
Daniel Raub June 21, 1807   Wilhelm Raub and Elisabeth George Steckel and Anna Maria
Luci Raup Dec 1807 1808 Henrich Raup and Catharina Jacob Raup and Sibylla
Daniel Raup May 9, 1809 July 16,1809 Johann Raup and Rosina Daniel Raup and Catharina
Anna Rosina Unangst Nov 9, 1809 Jan 27, 1810 Peter Unagnst and Margaretha Daniel Raup and Catarina
Elisabeth Raub Aug 19, 1810   Jacob Raub and Sybilla Wilhelm Seip and Elisabeth
Carolina Aug 22, 1810 Dec 20, 1810 Johann and Elisabeth (Raub?) George Steckel and Maria
David Raub Sept 15,1811 Nov 17, 1811 Ludwig Raub and Gertraut The Parents
Wilhelm Deily July 5 1813   Jacob Deily and Maria Daniel Raub and Catharina
Peter Raup Sept 27, 1813 Nov 6,1813 Jacob Raup and Sybilla Georg Steckel
Maria Bonn Raup Oct 1,1812 1813 Johann Raup and Rosina Heinrich Raup and Elizabeth
Christina Unagnst Aug 2,, 1814 Aug 1814 Valentin Unangst and Anna Margaretha Christian Raup and Anna Maria
Wilhelm Taylor March 5, 1812   George Taylor and Sarah Gottfried Raub and Anna Margaretha
Tobias Hertzel Dec 21,1814 Dec 3, 1815 Jacob Hertzel ad Magdelana Gottf. Raub and Mar. Marg
Issac Henry Oct 18, 1815   Robert Henry and Barbara Hy. Raub and Mar. Mag.
Anna Sabina Meyer Feb 10, 1816 Sept 18, 1816 Wm. Meyer and Polly Chr. Raub and Anna Sabina
Maria Anna Raub Sept 1, 1816 Nov 3, 1816 Js. Raub and An Barbara Gottf. Raub and An Marg.
Johannes Raub May 8, 1817 June 22, 1817 Isaac Raub and Nelly Heinrich Raub and Elisabeth
Isaac Heitz Sept 4, 1818 Oct 8, 1818 Wm. Heitz and Sara Jacob Raub and Sivale
Cecilia Raub June 19, 1822 May 11, 1822

John Jacob Raub and Anna Barbara

H Raub and Elis
Samuel Grub Sept 27,1830 Dec 26,1830 Jacob Grub and Elizabeth Samuel Raub and Nancy Christine


Marriages from the Records of Williams Township Congregation

Jacob Abel was married to Sophia, daughter of Peter Raupp, January 11, 1742
Peter Mölich was married to Maria Sophia, widow of Jacob Abel, May 6, 1746
Jacob Zug was married to Anna Margaretha, daughter of Peter Raupp, Nov 24, 1747
Peter Mölich, widower, married Anna Maria Feber, May 23, 1749
Michael Raupp, married widow Maria Magdalena Dingler, nee Zeller, February 6, 1750
Valentin, eldest son of Elias Beutelmann, in Sprinfield, married Barbara, eldest daughter of Georg Raupp, in Williamstown, Dec 5, 1758


Communicants from Records of Williams Township Congreation
George Raup, wife Maria Barbara, d. Maria Eva
Madalena Raupin

Dec 6, 1750
Michael Raup , w. Maria Magdalena
Maria Eva Raupin

April 18, 1751
Maria Eva Raupin
Johann Michael Raup
Andreas Raup
Leonard Raup
Susanna Raupen

May 17, 1752
Andreas Raup and Leonhard Raup
Susaan Raupin, w. Michael

Nov 19, 1752
Andreas Raup and Leonhard Raup
Susanna Raupin

April 22, 1753
Michael Raup, mother Susanna
George Raup, w. Maria Barbara

Oct 18, 1753
Maria Barbara Raupin

Dom: 10 P. Trin. 1754
Jacob Raub
Maria Barbara Raubin
Georg Raup, Maria Barbara, s. Andreas Leonhardt, d. Maria Barbara
Michael Raup, w. Maria Elisabetha

April 19, 1767
Andreas Raub, w. Magdalena
Anna Margreth Raub
Jurg. Willh. Raub , w. Catharina

Oct 5, 1767
Jurg Raub, w. Barbara
Andreas Raub, w. Magdalena
Marg. Raub

November 29, 1767
Jorg Raub, w. Cathaine

May 22, 1768
Jurg Raub, w. Barbara
Michael Raub, w. Maria Elisabeth

Oct 9, 1768
George Raup, wife
Jacob Raup
Marg Raup

June, 1769
Jurg Raup, Maria Barbarta, Margetha
Andreas Raub and wife
Jacob Raub

July 1, 1770
Georg Raub, w. Mary Barb.
Jacob Raub
Michael Raub, w. Elisabeth

October 21, 1770
Andreas Raub and wife
Leonard Raub and wife

June 15, 1771
Gerog Raub, w. Barbara, d. Margretha
Jacob Raub
Andres Raub, w. Magdalena

April 9, 1773
Georg Raub, w. Barbara s. Jacob
Andreas Raub, w. Magdalena

June 6, 1772
George Raub, Sen. w. Maria Barbara, s. Jacob
Michael Raub, w. Maria Elisabeth

December 5, 1772
Elis. Raub
Marg. Raub
Michael Raub, w. Elisabeth

Confirmed Good Friday and Communed the following Sunday, 1773, for the First time
John Ludwig Lasig, servers at Georg Raub's
Christoph, son of Michael Raub
Adam, son of Valentin Sharer
Margaret d, of Michael Raub
Anna Barbara, d. of Valentin Scherer

April 9, 1774
Michael Raub, s. Christophel, d. Margreth
George Raub, w. Barbara

Sept 24, 1774
George Raub and w. Maria Barbara

Oct 28, 1775
Georg Raub, w. Barbara
Anna Marg. Raub
Christoph Raub

May 25, 1776
Michael Raub, w. Elisabeth
Andreas Raub, w. Magdalena

Confirmed May 26, 1776
Georg Henrich Raub
Peter Raub

January 29, 1777
Andreas Raub
Georg Hen. Raup
Georg Raup
Barbara Raup

Leonhardt Raupp

No date Given
Michael Raub
Elisabeth Raub
Chritoph Raub
Margretha Raub
Susanna Raub
Georg Raub
Dorothea Raub
Christina Raub

First Sunday after Whitsuntide, 1778
Leonhard Raupp
Georg Raupp, w. Barbara
Andreas Raup, w. Magdalena
Georg Hein. Raupp
Peter Raupp

Georg Raupp, Jun.
Anna Christ. Raupp
Dorothea Raupp
Maria Susanna Raupp
Elis. Raupp

Oct 21, 1779
George Raupp and wife
Christina Raupp
Dorothea Raup
George Raupp

Confirmed May 28, 1780
Andreas Raupp
Eva Susanna Raup
Leonhard Raup and wife
Anmna Christ. Raup
Christoph Raup
Peter Raup
Elis. Raup
Anna Elis Raup
George William Raup
Cath. Raup

Oct 28, 1780 (Confessional)
Christina Raupp
Susanna Raupp
Dorothea Raupp

May 6, 1781
Andreas Raupp and wife
Georg Henr. Raupp
Andreas Raupp
Catharina Raupp
Barbara Raupp

Oct 28, 1781
Chrisoph Raup
Susanna Raup
Dorothea Raup

May 19, 1782
Cath. Raupp
Mich. Raup
Peter Raup
Elis. Raup
Daniel Raup
Elis. Raup
Leonhardt Raup
Christ. Raup
Dorothea Raup

Dom Royale 1783
Gottfried, son of Andreas Raub

Dom XXIV Trinitat 1783
Andreas Raup, Sen.
Andreas Raup, Jr
Mar. Magd. Raup
Catharine Raup
Susanna Raup
Elisabeth Raup

Communicats, 1783
Catharina Raup
Maria Magdalena Raup

Good Friday 1784
Andreas Raub

Dom IIP, Trinit., 1785
Gottfried Raup
Christina Raup
Catharine Raup

Dom.. XX Trinit 1786
Dorothea Raup
Cathaina Raup


Northampton County, Wills

File number 547
George Raub, Williams
Written Jun 12, 1780
Proved March 2, 1781
Children: Andrew, William, Barbara, Dorothea, Margrette
Brother in law - Christian Eache
Executors: Michael and Christian Raub

File Number 4150
George Raub, Williams Township
Proved May, 24, 1831
Wife: Elizabeth


File Number 4093
Henry M. Raub
Proved 1830

File Number ???
John Raub
Proved May 3, ????
Wife Rosannah
Children: Philip, Daniel, Mary, Susannah
Brother: Daniel Raub

File Number 3345
Leonard Raub
Proved 1826

File Number 4961
Peter Raub
Proved June 5, 1840
Children: Susanna wife of William Hineline, Margaret wife of Bartholemew Hoover, Elizabeth wife of William Vogle, Grandson Philip Ensley, Joseph and Michael


Orphans Court
March 20, 1755
Estate of Peter Roup, Williams Township
Children: Michael, Sophia (wife of Peter Molick), Margaret (wife of John Kook), Jacob (under 21)

Dec 21, 1758
Estate of Peter Roup
Children: Michael, Jacob, Margaret wife of Jacob Zook
Grandchildren, children of deceased daughter Sopia
Margaret Ebile, Jacob Ebile, John Melich (Father John Melich)

Sept 23, 1762
Estate of Michael Roup, Lower Smithfield Township
Widow: Maudlin
Children: Michael, Peter, Christian, Eve, Lewis


Dec 21, 1768
Eastate of Rachael Raub
Children: Christian, Mary and Lewis


March 17, 1790
Estate of George Hoffman, Whitehall Township
Widow: Mary Ann
Children: George, Jacob, Eliabeth, Maria (wife of Andrew Rupp), Henry, Magdalena, Christina, Catharine

June 22, 1791
Guardians for 5 minor grandchildren of George Hoffman, Whitehall Township
Petitioner: Andrew Rupp, husband of Ann Mary, on daughter of the deceased
Grandchildren: Andrew Rupp, Susanna Rupp, Solomon Rupp, John Rupp, Mary Rupp
Guardian: Gorge Rupp, SR. Macaungie Townshp

Jan 14, 1802
Estate of George Henry Kleinhaus, Williams Township
Widow: Anna Maria
Children: George, John Jacob, Peter, John, Maria Margaret (wife of Godfrey Raub), Elizabeth (wife of Wendel Zeller), Susanna ( Wife of Bernard Unangst), Maria (wife of Jacob Raub), Catharine, Sarah

Aug 24,1810
Estate of Jacob Grotz, Williams Township, Carpenter
Widow: Maria
John (Issue of Jacob, Deceased), Abraham, Isaac, George, Mary (Wife of Bernhard Raub), Sarah (wife of Jacob Lattig), Henry

Northampton County Deeds

May 14, 1771 Deed Book B1 333-334
Mortagagor: Michael Raub, Williams Township, yeoman and his wife Elizabeth
Mortgagee: Georg Raub, Williams Township, yeoman

Montgomery County
Evangelical Lutheran Augustus Church of Trappe, New Providence, Montgomery County, PA
May 31, 1754 m. Publicly, both living in Pikestown
Michael Raup s. Peter
Maria Elisabeth Mayerin, step dr Christoph Büttebinder

Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Raub Carrie, dressmaker, 757 Washington Easton
Raub Daniel 60--Elizabeth 50, Sarah 27 Forks Township
Raub Daniel, laborer, city line, near Cattell Easton
Raub Daniel. Coal Easton - South Easton
Raub Dr Jacob F 50--Jane S 48. 119 North Bethlehem
Raub Elizabeth-Caroline, Anna M. 757 Washington Easton
Raub Frank E 22. Church Bethlehem
Raub Grace A 20--Austin J 16. 119 North Bethlehem
Raub Henry 25--Isadora 24, Minnie 1. 130 Garrison Bethlehem
Raub Jacob, carpenter and builder-Aravesta A, Arthur I., Howard F, Reuben S, Sarah A, Mabel G, Edith M. 663 Wolf, h cor Seventh and Washington Easton
Raub John, brakeman. 619 Canal Easton - South Easton
Raub Joshua S, laborer--Edwin S, Allen E, Estelle R, Harry F, Anna S, Archie J. 115 Madison Easton - South Easton
Raub Lincoln H, brakeman--Ellen N, Benjamin F. 32 Coal Easton - South Easton
Raub Myrta A 23. 119 North Bethlehem
Raub Oliver 21, brakeman N Main. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Raub Oliver, conductor,bds Swan Hotel Easton
Raub Peter 59--Fayette 58 Lower Saucon Township - Ironville
Raub Peter, carpenter-Alice E, Frank H, Hazel M. 719 Cattell Easton
Raub Rebecca 39--Daniel 52 Moore Township
Raub Susanna L 45--Nora E Lower Saucon Townshp - Hellertown
Raub Tilghman, laborer--Harry W, Franklin. 619 Canal Easton - South Easton
Raub Titus 34--Amanda 34, Cora 14, Menerva 12, Harvey 6, Herbert 4, Joseph 2. Main Lower Saucon - Hellertown
Raub Uriah, railroader-Kate, Ellen M, Gertrude. Easton
Raub Wilson, brakeman--Lizzie. 46 Coal Easton - South Easton
Raub, Daniel 81--Sophia 65. Williams Township
Raub, Elizabeth 66. Williams Township
Raub, Emma 14--Ida 10. Williams Township
Raub, Emma B 33. Williams Township
Raub, Jacob N 27--Anna 26. Williams Township
Raub, Jeremiah 52--Elizabeth 47, Peter 19, Rosa 16, Laura M 7, Lucy M 5, Jeremiah 3. Williams Township
Raub, John H, laborer--Maria E, George C, Clara B. Williams Townshp - Chain Dam
Raub, Samuel 74--Mary A 65, Martin L 29, Maggie A 3 mos. Williams Township
Raub, Theodora 20. Williams Township
Raub, Theodore 36--Sarah A 47, Sarah E R 17, Laura E A 9. Williams Township
Raub, Tilghman 38--Wilhelmina 37, Oliver 15. Williams Township
Raub, William H 32--Ella V 34, Flora B 4, Losetta D 2. Williams Township
Rauch Ambrose H 70--Sophia E 69. 21 Msrket Bethlehem