Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Family Group Sheet
Of families that once lived in: Buck County, Pa; Northampton County, Pa; Sussex County, NJ; Warren County, NJ
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Peter Raub

(Unknown - June 13, 1740)

. . branch.gif (1966 bytes) Unknown at this time Possibly Philip Raub


Peter Raub

Susanna   Unknown at this time Possile Maria Sarah

John Jacob
Maria Sophia
Anna Margaret

Peter Raup File No 378 Year 1754
Children: Michael (Eldest son)
Inventory April 27, 1754 "Good of Peter Roap, deceased June 13, 1740 without a will.. and now came to a conclusion to divide between themselves" By Johann Adam Boyer, Michael Roap and Michael Wilhelm.
Administrators: Nov 16, 1754 Michael Roup, eldest son and George Roup, both of Williamstown, yeomen; Peter Kettland, Easton, Innkeeper.
Vendue List Jan 18, ,1755 Plantation



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Daughter of William Knauss and Elizabeth
Born: July 1860
Died 09 Oct 1927.