Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Cole Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Sussex/Warren County, NJ

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Jacob (unknown - unknown)
Joanna (1834 - 1907)
Thomas (1809 - 1877)

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This is one of several Cole families from Sussex/Warren County, NJ.  Thomas was the founder of the Mansfield Baptist Church in Port Murray, Mansfield Township, Warren County, NJ.  Look for other descendants of this family.

Other related surnames: Cole and Ribble


Records from the New Jersey State Archives 1848- 1867
Name Died Age Parents  
Samuel Cole   48 Christopher V and Ana Cole
Mary Cole   70 Tunis Cole
Mary Elizabeth Cole June 16, 1852 15 William and Mary Cole
Philip Cole April 26, 1853 2 Jacob and Martha Cole
Jessey B Cole ? 12, 1857 3 James and Barbara Cole
Infant May 18, 1850   Thomas and Sarah Cole
William Cole May 4, 1854 8 mos George and Johanna Cole
William Cole Dec 22,1861 80  
Willim W. Cole Jun or Jul 8, 1854 5 Ira and Margaret Cole

Sussex County Wills

COLE, Abraham of Wallpack. 767S - W. 27 Sep 1797; Filed 27 Jun 1798. Wife: Deborough. Others: Neice, Sarah CLARK; nephew, Abraham JAMASON; brother, Isaac COLE; brother, Jacob COLE; Abraham JAMISON (rel not stated). Executors: Wife, Deborah COLE and brother, Jacob COLE. Witnesses: Lewis FORTNER, Isaac COURTIGHT and Jacob ROSENCRANCE.

COLE, Abram of Hardiston. 1494S - W. 21 Dec 1815; Filed 3 Feb 1816. Sons: Joseph. Daughters: Phebe w/o Jacob HUSH and Mary COLE. Executors: George BUCKLEY and Joseph COLE. Witnesses: George GIVANS, John DEGRAW and George BUCKLEY.

COLE, Andrew of Walpack. 622S - W. 21 Nov 1795; Filed 31 Dec 1795. Wife: Christina. Sons: Hermanus, Leonard, Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Daughters: Eldest dau, Catherine, 2nd dau, Cornelia, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane, Lenah and Margaret. Others: Gr-dau, Catheinre COLE. Executors: Sons, Leonard, Isaac and Jacob. Witnesses: Lewis FORTNER, John DIMON and Jacob ROSENCRANS.

COLE, Benjamin of Mansfield. 1551S - W. 12 Dec 1817; 2 Jul 1818. Wife: Mary. Sons: John, Daniel and Benjamin. Daughters: Eleanor (not yet married). NOTE: There are other daughters not named, all married. Executors: Johnson DUNHAM. Witnesses: Benjamin C. McCULLOUGH, Silas COOK and Elisha R. JOHNSON.

COLE, Gideon of Wantage. 2575S - W. 28 Aug 1840; Filed 19 Feb 1849. Wife: Eleanor. Sons: John. Daughter: Hannah w/o John CRAWFORD. Executor: Friend, Samuel COLE. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, John A. WHITAKER and Solomon BRINK.

COLE, Hannah of Wantage. 1816S - W. 21 May 1817; Filed 22 Mar 1825. Sons: Peter, Moses and Samuel. Daughters: Hester. Others: Grand-daughter, Hannah Willson. Executors: Sons, Peter, Moses and Samuel. Witnesses: Moses WILLSON, George BACKSTER and John McCARRICK.

COLE, Jeremiah of Wantage. 2032S - W. 8 May 1832; Pr. 2 Jun 1832. Wife: Lydia. Children: Sons and daughters all minors, not named. Executors: Wife, Lydia and Emanuel COYKENDALL. Witnesses: James McCANN, Eliakim EVERITT, and James R. HAZEN.

COLE, John, Sr. of Wantage. 1227S - W. 6 Oct 1809; Pr. 11 Jan 1810. Wife: Mary. Sons: Eldest son, Archible, James and John. Daughters: Nancy. Others: Gr-dau, Polly DENNIS. Executors: Wife Mary and son James COLE. Witnesses: Vantile COURSEN, Patrick HAGGERTY, Jr. and Sally COURSEN.

COLE, Martinus of Montague. 1817S - 1825. Wife: Ellinor. Son: James R. (only child). Executors: Wife, Ellinor and son, James R. Witnesses: James STOLL, Peter BROSS and Ephraim ROSENKRANS.

Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Cole Abadiah V 38--Ida J 35, Jennie M 11, Minnie D 5, Mary 76. Main Bethlehem Township - Freemansburg
Cole Adam 70--Rosana 56, Alfred N 27, Thomas A 25 Allen Township
Cole Addie M 16 Lehigh Township
Cole Annie, 42 N Union Easton
Cole Annn 42 Palmer Township
Cole Anthony B 80. 326 North Bethlehem
Cole Asmer 23--Elizabeth H 17 Moore Township - Klecknersville
Cole C Laine 19. 215 Main Bethlehem
Cole Charles 66--Sarah A 50, Emma 20, Minnie 17 Upper Mount Bethel
Cole Charles F, carpenter--Henrietta, Herbert, clerk. 30 S Fifth Easton
Cole Charles, waiter, Arlington House Easton
Cole David 71--Lydia 67, Annie 32, Isabella 14, Harvey 5 Upper Mount Bethel
Cole Elias 50--Violette 42 Moore Township - Klecknersville
Cole Eliza S 17, N Main. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Cole Eugene, engineer--Emma. 1201 Butler Easton
Cole George W 45--Emma J 40, Henry L 14, Esta L 11, Reuben R L 8. Spence Allen Township - SIEGFRIED'S BRIDGE
Cole Hannah P, 536 Northampton Easton
Cole Harriet R 43--Annie S 19, Ella M 17, Cula D 15 East Allen Township - Bath
Cole Harry 14. 39 North Bethlehem
Cole Harry G, 916 Spruce Easton
Cole Henry 35, painter--Mary L 32, Daisy C 4 Upper Mount Bethel - Portland
Cole Henry 67--Dorothy 65, Joseph 36, Maria 40, Rena M 14, Franklin 12, Herbert 9, Mary E 3 Upper Mount Bethel
Cole Henry J 73--Bertha M 14, Milton H 31, Mary A 27, Clinton E 7, Jennie L 6 Allen Township
Cole Henry M 63--Matilda 57. Second Allen Township - STEMTON
Cole Jacob 40, laborer--Henrietta 39, Palmer S 12, Hannah 1_, Sallie J 8, Barse M 6, Carry L 3, N Main. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Cole Jacob 60--Catharine J 62 Upper Mount Bethel
Cole Jesse 34--Catharine 39, Henry 14, Irvin 1 Upper Mount Bethel
Cole Lewis A 40--Ellen C 35, Mary J 18, Allen O 13, Cora 9, Mable S 3, Helen S 1 Lehigh Township
Cole Maggie R 14 Moore Township - Pt. Phillips
Cole Reuben 73 Allen Township
Cole Reuben E 40--Henrietta 30, Alfred 24 Allen Township - SIEGFRIED'S BRIDGE
Cole Samuel L 9 Moore Township - Pt. Phillips
Cole Stephen P, clerk--Josephine E, Emma L, Franklin, George F, Jennie M. 217 S Seventh Easton
Cole Stewart 22--Amanda 21, Ellen C 2 Moore Township - Klecknersville
Cole Theresa A 73--Sylvester C 41, agent, Arnedeus B 41. 52 Cunow alley Bethlehem
Cole Wellington 38, laborer--Louisa 32, Rosa 9, Lucie 5, Mable 3 Upper Mount Bethel - Portland
Cole William H 50, laborer--Emma 42. 222 North Bethlehem
Cole, Alfred K 28, General Blacksmith, Newburg--Jennie 25, Roy 3, James 1. Lower Nazareth Township
Cole, Elvin 82--Catharine 81. Bushkill Township
Cole, John 49--Julia Ann 50, William H 10, Emma J 8, Infant 2m. Bushkill Township
Cole, Joseph 51--Diana 46, Preston 16, Geneva 11, Stella 7. Bushkill Township
Cole, Oscar 19--Emma 17. Bushkill Township
Cole, William J 27, laborer--Lillie C 25. Plainfield Townshp - Pen Argyl