Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Kiefer/Cooper Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Bucks and Northampton County, Pa

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Catharina (1817 - 1897)
Johan Kufer
Joseph (1783 - 1873)
Peter (1756 - 1846)

Group Sheet Index for John Kiefer
Group Sheet Index for Andrew Kiefer (Wms Twp)*

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The Kiefer family, discovered then through Sally Ann Gruver's Birth and Baptismal Certificate.  With the help of Alice Parr we traced the early beginnings of this family.  Looking to connect other Kiefer families from Northampton County to this one.

* Wms Township Kiefers will be found under Brotzman Group Sheet Index.

Other related surnames: Engleman, Gruver and Klein

Bucks County

Christs Evanglical Lutheran Chruch, Lower Tinicum Township, Bucks County
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Gabriel Kuffer   April 14 1763 Hannes Kuffer George Lang
Margaretha March 24, 1788 May 4, 1794 Daniel Keiffer and wife Elisabeth Maria Susan Worman
Sara Kieffer Sept 14, 1792 May 4, 1794 Daniel Kieffer and wife Elisabeth Maria Parents
Fronica Kieffer Jan 23, 1794 May 4, 1794 Daniel Kieffer and wife Elisabeth Maria Michael Worman and wife
Dina Kufer May 28, 1796 Sept 11, 1796 Daniel Kufer Johann Herbst and Dina Weicker



Tohickon Reformed - Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
John Kieffer   June 16, 1751 John Kieffer and Elizabeth John Wurman and Susan
Anna Elizabeth   Sep 2, 1753 John Kieffer and Elizabeth Michael Holl, Apollonia Sponemer
Catharine Nov 1, 1758 Apr 8, 1759 John Kueffer and Elizabeth Michael Wurman and Catharine Bayer
Susanna Dec 29, 1760 July 12, 1761 John Kiffer and Elizabeth Parents
Daniel Sept 15, 1767 Feb 18, 1768 John Kufer and wife Elizabeth Ludwig Lang and wife Elizabeth
Abraham Kuffer Ja 27, 1773 May 3, 1773 John Kuffer and Elizabeth George Adam Hillebart and Maria Philippina
Elizabeth Laux Jan 20, 1775 Apr 26 Henry Laux and Barbara Emmanuel Salleti, Elizabeth Kufer
Maria Magdelena Dauty Aug 3, 1776 Sep 29, 1776 Henry Dauty and Anna Elizabeth John Kufer ad Elizabeth, grandparents
Eva Kufer Nov 20,1776 Jun 1, 17777 John Kufer and Anna Eva Arnold Shuman and Anna Immel, grandparents
John Dauty Mar 2, 1778 -- Henry Dauty and Elizabeth Parents
John Herman Kufer April 7, 1778 Sep 27, 1778 John Kufer and Anna Eva Herbert Schuhman and Catherine Kufer, single
Child Dauty   Jan 30, 1780 Henry Dauty and wife --
Petrus Dauti Nov 22, 1781   Henry Dauti Parents
Anna Elizabeth Aug 7, 1833 Oct 12, 1783 Peter Kiefer and Wife John George Lang, Catharine Rieser
Henry Kieffer Dec 8, 1791 Jan 29, 1792 Gabriel Kieffer and Elizabeth Henry Habach and wife
Joseph Kieffer Mar 19, 1800 May 10, 1800 Abraham Kieffer and Elizabeth  
Lydia Kufer Mar 20, 1804 May 10, 1804 Abrahm Kufer and Elizabeth Christian Nicolaus and Susanna
Abraham Kiefer Nov 5, 1805 Mar 23, 1806 Abraham Kiefer and Elizabeth Abraham Cober and Christina
John Kiefer Nov 8, 1807   Abraham Kiefer and Elizabeth John Fluck and Magdalena
Judith Kuffer April 10, 1811 May 16, 1811 Abraham Kuffer and Elizabeth John Keller and Margaret
Peter Keefer Dec 26, 1813 Mar 30, 1814 Abraham Keefer and Elizabeth Parents


Tohickon Reformed - Marriages - Bucks County, PA
Husband Date Wife
Nicholas Kufer Feb 1, 1757 Maria Magdalena Morrison
Christian Nicoai Mar 4, 1780 Susan Kufer


Tohickon Reformed - Deaths - Bucks County, PA
Name Birth Burial date Place
Old Mr. Kiefer   April 12, 1800 Tohickon
Abraham Kuffer's child   Aug 29, 1801  
Christian Nicholas Child   Nov 15, 1801  
Widow Kieffer   Mar 15, 1812  


Tohickon Lutheran - Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Joseph Nicolas July 21, 1785 Sept 18, 1785 Christian Nicolas and Susanna Frederick Bremauer and Catharine


Keller's Church - Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
John Nicolas Feb 2, 1793 Feb 10, 1793 Christian Nicola and wife Susanna Balthasar Steinbach and Wife
Rachel Keiffer Aug 29, 1793 April 20, 1794 Gabriel Kieffer and wife Elisabeth Christian Nicola and wife Susanna
Magdalene July 19, 1797 Aug 20, 1797 Christian Nicola and wife Susanna Michael Steinbach and wife


Church Records of Goshenhoppen - Lehigh County, PA
Husband Date Wife
Harmon Luer   Katharina Kieffer
J. Keifer   Barbara Hillikas
Peter Kumpf   Eva Elisaetha Kiefer


Great Swamp - Lehigh County, PA
Name Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Samuel Kifer April 5, 1794   Peter Kifer Valentin Paul and wife


Lutheran Records (Dryland Church), Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
George Peter Kufer July 28, 1789 Aug 9, 1789 Elias Kufer and Carharine George Gross and Catharine
Andrew Kiefer   Feb 21, 1796 George Kiefer and Magdalene Andrew Zigevus and Magdalene
Catharine Kiefer Jun 24, 1797 Aug 15, 1797 George Kiefer and Magdalene Catharine Lang
Catharine Kiefer Jun 18, 1799 April 14, 1799 John Kiefer and Catharine Frederick Kreitler and Barbara
Jacob Buss May 2, 1799 June 2, 1799 Jacob Buss and Magdalene John Kiefer and Catharine
John Herz Dec 10, 1798 Nov 10, 1799 Andrew Herz and Margaret John Kiefer and wife
John Kiefer May 23, 1801 July 19, 1801 John Kiefer adn Catharine John Buss and Elizabeth
George Kiefer Dec 6, 1802 April 23, 1803 John Kiefer and Catharine Abraha Vogel and Elizabeth



First Reformed Church of Easton, Northampton County, Pa
Name Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors
Elizabeth Richards Aug 2, 1796 Sept 25, 1796 Thomas Richard and Susanna Andrews Kieffer and Lattig
Maria Kieffer July 28, 1802 Sept 5,1802 Andrew Kieffer and wife Elizabeth Abraham Brotzman and wife Maria
Henry Kieffer Oct 24, 1805 Aug 18, 1805 John ad Catharina Kieffer the Parents
Peter Hertzel July 11, 1805 Sept 1, 1805 John and Elizabeth Hertzel Andrew Kieffer and Elisabeth
Elizabeth Klein March 28, 1812 May 6, 1813 David Klein and Elizabeth Peter Kiefer and Susanna Messinger
Samuel Lerch April 21, 1813 July 18, 1813 John Lerch and Rosina Peter Keifer and Susanna Messinger
Andrew Kiefer May 26, 1813 Aug 1, 1813 Andrew Kiefer and Elizabeth John Bess, Magdalena
Susanna Kieffer FEb 14, 1817 April 27, 1817 Andrew Kieffer and Elisabeth John Odenwaelder andMargaret
Regina Brotzman Fb 17, 1819 Mar 11, 1819 Joseph Brotzman and Elisabeth Andrew Kieffer and Elisabeth
Abraham Kiefer March 3, 1820 April 19, 1820 Andrew and Elizabeth Kiefer Abraham Brotzman


First Reformed Church of Easton, - Deaths -Northampton County, Pa
Name Birth Burial Date Notes Location
Sarah Kieffer   April 20, 1801 3 years 6 months 2 days Dryland


First Reformed Church of Easton, - Marriages -Northampton County, Pa
Husband Date Wife Notes
Jacob Wentz Dec 1800 Maria Magdalena Kieffer  
Jospeh Kiefer June 21, 1807 Sarah Kliein  
Isaac Laubach July 27, 1824 Elisabeth Kieffer  
John Hackman April 18, 1830 Rebecca Kieffer  
John Schnyder June 7, 1838 Sus. Kiefer  


Parish Record of the German Evangelical Lutheran Chruch of Easton, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Elisabeth Kester Keifer Sept 27, 1804 Dec 19,1804 Andreas Kiefer and Elsiabeth Peter Jacobs and Maria Brotzman
Rebecca Sailer Nov 5, 1835 Mar 3, 1835 Isaac Sailer and Anna John Kieffer and Sarah
James Madison Kieffer July 9, 1838 July 27, 1838 Andrew Kieffer and Elisabeth Parents
William Richards Kiefer July 28, 1839 Nov 22, 1839 John Kiefer and Sarah Ann Parents
Louisa Moser April 3, 1840 Oct 25, 1840 George Moser and Catharine John Kieffer and Sarah Ann
William Richard Keiffer July 13, 1840 Oct 4, 1840 Andrew Keiffer and Elisabeth Andrew Kieffer and Elisabeth
Emma Dorotha Kiefer June 21, 1842 Aug 18, 1842 Joseph Kiefer and Wilhelmena Saml Mullenschlager and Dorotha
Rosanna Elisab Mar 9, 1845 April 22, 1845 Joseph Kiefer and Willhelmena Parents


Upper Mount Bethel
Child Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors:
Mary Magadlen Heil May 11, 1814 July 10, 1814 Jonathan Heil and Catharine Peter Kiefer and Maria M Heil
Jacob Kiefer June 2, 1815 July 23, 1815 John Kiefer and Margaret Parents
Isreale Kiefer June 2, 1817 July 13, 1817 Isreal Kiefer and Elisabeth Parets
Susanna Kiefer May 27, 1817 July 13, 1817 John Kiefer and Margaret Isaac Messinger and Susanna
Samuel Kiefer Mar 1, 1819 Aug 17, 1819 John Kiefer and Margaret Jacob Best and Catharine
Levi Kiefer Dec 15, 1821 Mar 31, 1822 John Kiefer and Margaret Henry Ott and Maira
John Kiefer Aug 9, 1824 Sept 19, 1824 John Kiefer and Margaret Jacob Best and Catharine



Records of the Williams Township Congregation, Northampton County, PA
Name Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors
Johann Jacob Raupp April 20, 1737   Peter Raupp and Susanna Jacob Kiefer
Maria Catharine Kiefer   Dec 14, 1740 Leonhardt Kiefer and Anna Maria Johannes Bast and w. Catharine
Maria Magdalena Lerch May 17, 1742 June 27, 1742 Johannes Lerch and w. Anna Maria Michel Mayer and Magdalena Kiefer
Freiderick Kiefer Jan 21, 1743 Feb 5, 1743 Leonardt Kiefer and Ann Maria Friederich Giehrast and Susanna Catarina Bast
Friederich Leonardt Lun Feb 6, 1743 Feb 11, 1743 Johannes Lun and Anna Barbara Leonhardt Kiefer , Friderich Geihrast and w Elisabetha
Freiderich Carl Berger June 15, 1743 July 20, 1743 Johannes Berger and w. Catharina Elisabeth Friederich Giehrath and w. Elisabeth Anna Maria Kiefer
Johannes Bast Aug 23, 1743 Oct 1743 Johannes Bast and Susanna Leonhardt Kiefer and wi. Anna Maria
Johann Georg Kiefer July 15, 1745 Aug 21, 1745 Leonhardt Kiefer and Anna Maria Johannes Bast and w. Susanna Catharine
Lorentz Leonhardt Geirast Aug 17, 1745 Sept 1745 Friederich Geirast and wife Anna Margaretha Leonhardt Kiefer and Lorentz Merkel and w. Catharina
Elias Bast Jun 24, 1747 July 12, 1747 Johnannes Bast and W. Susanna Catharine Leonhardt Kiefer and Anna Maria Veit
Anna Maria Odenwalder Aug 21, 1746 Aug 24, 1746 Philip Odfenwalder and Anna Maria Leonhardt Kiefer and w. Anna Maria
Johann Phillip Odenwalder Feb 2, 1748 April 17, 1748 Phillip Odenwalder and Anna Maria Jacob Mehrbass, Leonhardt Kiefer and w. Anna Maria
Margaretha Barbara Bast March 10, 1749 April 2, 1749 Johannes Bast and Susanna Catharine Michel Raupp and Margaretha Barbara Kiefer
Leonhardt Kieffer May 7, 1749 May 28, 1749 Leonhardt Kieffer and Anna Maria Johannes __ and wife Susanna Catharina
Anna Maria Unzinger Jan 5, 1750 Jan 11, 1750 Matthias Unzinger and w.Catharine Leonhardt Kieffer and w. Anna Maria
Elissabeth Bahl Feb 24, 1751 March 17, 1751 Johann Bahl and wife Susanna Michel Meyer and Anna Maria, wife of Leonhardt Kiefer
Christina Geber March 16, 1751 March 21, 1751 Abraham Febr and Elisabeth Georg Kiefer andMargaretha Mohr
Catharina Lunger Jan 20, 1751 Aug 4, 1751 Jacob Lunger and Catharina Anna Maria, wife of Leonhadt Kiefer
Anna Maria Kiefer Dec 15, 1752 Feb 11, 1753 Leonhardt Keifer and Anna Maria Kiefer Johannes Bast and Dorothea Reich


Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Keifer Albert 30--Lizzie 26, Bessie 1 Lower Mount Bethel
Keifer Christian, carpenter, 653 Northampton Easton
Keifer Constine, 653 Northampton Easton
Keifer Doctor B 25--Matilda 22 Lower Mount Bethel
Keifer Edward J, policeman--Sarah J, William N, grocer, Sallie, Israel J, carpenter, Elmer J, carpenter, Augusta, Harry E, barber, Minerva, Mattie. 939 Wilkes-Barre Easton - South Easton
Keifer Elias 69--Caroline 63 Upper Mount Bethel
Keifer Emmaline 41 Lower Mount Bethel
Keifer George 35--Lizzie T 32, Joseph 5 Lower Mount Bethel
Keifer Gilbert T, clerk--Laura M, Chas A. 209 Ferry Easton
Keifer Herbert E 4--William 3 Lower Saucon Township
Keifer Jacob--Cora. Williams Township - Cedarville
Keifer Joseph 70--Melvina 66, Wesley 32, Ida 26, Mary 23 Lower Mount Bethel
Keifer Marshall 37--Harriet 36 Lower Mount Bethel
Keifer Michael 53 Lower Saucon Township
Keifer Reuben, gentleman--Ida. 716 Ferry Easton
Keifer Theodore, laborer. N Main Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Keifer Tilghman, carpenter--Jennie, Claud, Flaud. 706 Wilkes-Barre Easton - South Easton
Keifer Wm H, car inspector, 1434 Butler Easton
Keifer, Aaron 60--Matilda 31. Bushkill Township
Keifer, Andrew J 64. Washington Township
Keifer, Edward 18--Mary E 28, Sidinia 3, Daisy B 2. Williams Township
Keifer, Freeman 28--Mary L 31, Edith F 8, Gertrude 5. Williams Township
Keifer, Shirely J 42--Anna M 37. Williams Township
Keiffer Ida 23 Bethlehem Township - Western
Keiffer, Simon, conductor--Louisa, Mina, Robert, clerk, Simon, Emma, Rosa, Ida. Forest Palmer Township
Kiefe John 71--Mary 72. 62 Edwin Bethlehem
Kiefer Abraham, laborer--Emma, Sadie, Freddie. 506 Line Easton - South Easton
Kiefer Charles H, 126 Cattell Easton
Kiefer Charles W 44, laborer--James 14, Charles 7. 333 Wall Bethlehem
Kiefer Gilbert T, clerk, 1050 Northampton Easton
Kiefer Joseph M, clerk--Mary L, Fannie, Raymond. 1007 Washington Easton
Kiefer Mary C, widow Joseph, 416 Cattell Easton
Kiefer Oliver, clerk, 416 Cattell Easton
Kiefer Quintus, painter--Mary E. 126 Cattell Easton
Kiefer Sibilla, cor Monroe and Cattell Easton
Kiefer Simon P, conductor, beyond 20th near Butler Easton
Kiefer William H, laborer--Mary, Floyd, Annie. 1434 Butler Easton
Kiefer, Chauncey M 3. Lower Nazareth Township
Kiefer, Elmira 40. Williams Township
Kiefer, Jacob 75--Sarah A 66. Washington Township
Kiefer, John 81--Sarah A 77. Williams Township
Kiefer, Joseph 67--Catharine 57. Williams Township
Kiefer, Rosa E 41--Frumen A 18, Peter J 15, Samuel E 3. Williams Township
Kiefer, William B 50, innkeeper--Maria A 51, Nellie G 21, Carrie R 19, Maria E 17, Willie M 14, Augustus 9, Charles E 8. Nazareth
Kieffer Henry 37--Amanda A 30, Minnie M 10, Cora S 8 Forks Township
Kieffer Henry M, clergyman--Mary, Edna J, Henry. 29 N Third Easton