Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Inscho Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Sussex/Warren County, NJ

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Ebenezer (1791 - 1861) Descendant Report
Joseph L. Sr. (1730 - unknown)
Margaret (1833 - 1915)

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I find this to be the most interesting family.  Stories of Native American's, Corn Cob Pipes, Jenny Jump State Park in Warren County New Jersey and when did Margaret's first husband die?   I was told my grandfather's great grand mother was Native American, I worked with another researcher and she didn't hear the stories until she contacted even another research, who confirmed involvement with Native Americans.

Other related surnames: Strunk, Thatcher and Weller

Records from the New Jersey State Archives 1848 - 1867
Name Died Age Parents Notes
Ann Inscho ? 12, 1860 52 William and Sarah Cowl  
Amy Inscho Jun 10, 1855 1 yr John and Elizabeth Inscho  
Lydia Inscho March 24, 1865 1 Mo. David and Margaret Inscho  
Martin Inscho Jan 22, 1863 2 John and Elizabeth Inscho  
John Inscho July 10, 1850 50 Jonathan and Ann Insco  
Mary Insco May 22,1 853 53    
Stephen Thatcher 1856   Thomas Thatcher and Ann Inscho  
Thomas Thatcher Aug 1853 78    

Warren County Orphan Court Minutes

Vol 1 p 78
John Inshco deceased (Mansfield Township)
Son Peter Inscho named Administrator

Sussex County Deeds
1810 Jonathan and Margaret Isnchow to Lawrence Lomerson Book X Page 36
1813 David Inscoe to Ebenezer Inscoe Book B2 Page 228
1814 Ebenezer Inscho to Guy Brian Book D2 Page 29
1817 Peter Insco and Elizabeth to Jonathan West Book H2 Page 186
1817 Ebenezer Insco to James Johnston Book I2 Page 519
1821 Ebenezer Insco to William McCullough Book R2 Page 152
1821 Philip Insco to Isaac Lyons Book R2 Page 358
1823 Jonathan Insco to Sarah Cowdrich Book Y2 Page 171
1823 Robert Insco to Abraham Smith Book Y2 page 218

Warren County Deeds
On June 11, 1827 in the Deed books (Book 4 Pages 8 - 13)
John Inscho lands were divided up as following (Mansfield Township):
Peter Inscho and wife Elisabeth (Greenwich)
John Inscho (Unmarried) (Mansfield)
Amy Inscho and Abraham Warne (Mansfield)
Mary Inscho and John Husselton (Mansfield)
July 24, 1835 Abraham Warne to Rhoda Insco Vol 13, page 361
april 12, 1837 Abraham Warne to Warne Insco Vol 15, page 86
Mar 20, 1856 Ebenezer Insco to Jacob Miller Vol 42, Page 531

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