Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Strunk Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Monroe County, PA - Warren County, PA

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Martha (1851 - 1897)
William (1811 - 1863?)

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William Strunk is a great mystery, we don't know when he died or where he died.  It was somewhere around 1862.  There are various stories about William.  One story is about him as a soldier in the Indian Wars.  When he came home, he found all of his family had been massacred in the Wyoming Massacred.  He later remarried and had a second family  in Warren County.  There was another that he never returned from the Great War.  Other researchers are not sure what the Great War was.  The Civil War?

Another Strunk researcher sent me this information:
Strunk, John PA Line, Barbara W2878, soldier applied 8 May 1818, Pike County, PA, in 1820 soldier was aged 79 and had children at home, Jonas, 21; Sally, 18; Jacob 16; Joseph 14; and William, 9, soldier had married Barbara Hartzell in Dec 1781 and soldier died 3 April 1830, widow applied 12 Dec 1836, Monroe County, PA aged near 73, a son William Strunk aged 35 made aff'dt in 1846, Monroe County, PA and he stated his mother "Barbary" Strunk had died 25 Feb 1839, leaving children Jonas and Jacob Strunk and Sarah who married William Utt, Joseph and William Strunk of which Jonas, Joseph and William Strunk and Sarah Utt lived in Monroe County, PA., and Jacob Strunk was of Warren County, NJ., and soldier's brother Henry Strunk was a resident of Monroe County.

Note: The above file states that John Strunk and Barbara Hartzel were married in Saucon Township by the Rev. Mann. When the widow applied for the pension she was unable to collect since there was no proof of marriage, John's brother Henry testified that he heard they were married and lived as man and wife, but did not attend the wedding. John's two brothers who attended the wedding as well as the Rev. Mann were deceased when Barbara applied for the pension.

After Barbara's death, the Rev Samuel Hess written that he did not find a record of marriage at the Saucon Church nor the Springfield, Bucks County Church. In 1846 Rev. Hess found a witness to the wedding of John and Barbara with the last name of Mann. He wrote:

Hellertown January 17th 1846.

Dear Sir:

I take the opportunity to write a few lines on the subject, you are inquiring about Barbara Strunk. I don't expect that their is any thing to be found, on record in the Saucon Church - but if their is anything on record it must be in Springfield Church - where she at? that lived when she got married. - I expect to have an opportunity to see the records in a few weeks. __ But I am certain that their are some living persons to be found very easy to prove that she was Barbara Hertzel was married to John Strunk.

Yours with Respect

Samuel Hess

N.B. the persons I relate to are very old and not capable to be taken any were from home as witness.


Hellertown Feb 24, 1749

Dear Sir

I received yours from the 11th of this month and as answer to your request I must say that there is nothing to be found on the record of Springfield Church.

But I made some inquiry by several individuals, and found one by the name of Mann, a quite old person, who saith, that he nowed the little Barbara and family very well and that they lived their as near neigbours about 53 to 57 years ago.

Which will bring it to 1789 to 93

Yours with Respect

Samuel Hess

William Strunk went to court in 1846 and was able to get the pension money owed to his mother and was paid to all the living children of John and Barbary Strunck.


Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Soldiers
Name Rank County Company Date
Henry Strunk Private Berks County Captain Daniel De Turck's Company July, 1775
Henry Strunck Fourth Class Private Northampton County Capt Jacob Baliet
Samuel Strunck Private First Class
Northampton County Capt Jacob Baliet  
William Strunck Lieut Northampton County Capt Jacob Baliet  
John Struck Private   Capt Thomas Buchanan  


Other Strunk/Strunck information:

Ship lists:
Passenger Ship Arrival
Adam Strunch St. Andrew 9/26/1737
Johan Engle Strunck Rowand 9/29/1753
John Heinrich Strunck Rowand 9/29/1753
Johann Wilhelm Strunck Jenniffer 11/5/1764
Johannes Gerlach Strunck Jenniffer 11/5/1764
Weymar Strunck Phoenix 10/20/1744
John (Johan) Wyant Strunck Phoenix 10/20/1744
Philip Strunk Pennsylvania 9/11/1832


Names Of Foreigners Who Took The Oath Of Allegiance To The Province And State Of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775
Name Ship Captain Place Date
Jan Peter Struck Pennsylvania John Stedman Rotterdam Sept 11, 1732
Philip Strunk Pennsylvania John Stedman Rotterdam Sept 11, 1732
Johan Peter Strunck Aurora Robert Pickeman Rotterdam Oct 8, 1744
Weymar Strunck Phoenix William Wilson Rotterdam Oct 20, 1744
John Heinrich Strunck Rowand   Rotterdam Sept 29, 1753
Engle Strunck Rowand   Rotterdam Sept 29, 1753
Johann Wilhelm Strunck Jeneffer George Kerr Rotterdam Nov 5, 1764


Church Records :

Berks County

Schwartzwald Reformed Church, Exeter Township, Berks County, PA Marriages:
Parties Dates
Wilhelm Strunck and Barbara Rein December 2, 1788 Amity
Deiterich Gaumer and Rebecca Strunck February 1, 1791 Reading
Engel Strunck and Catharine Jeich August 14, 1792 Cumru
Jacob Strunck and Maria Kutz September 4, 1792 Amity
Christian Strunck and Elisabetha Lebo September 10, 1792 Cumru
David Dippen and Margaretha Strunck October 2, 1792
Samuel Schmitt and Susanna Strunck November 26, 1793 Amity
Jacob Strunck and Catharina Flick April 4, 1797 Tul.
John Schmitt and Magdelena Strunck August 12, 1800 Heid.
Paul Strunck and Maria Hujet (*?) April 10, 1803 Cumru
Balthaser Fritz and Elizabeth Strunck July 18, 1801 Cumru
Michael Bard and Susanna Strunck August 5, 1804 Coca.
Jacob Strunck and Catharina Dieter November 1, 1804 Ex.
George Strunck and Anna Maria Pend April 28.1 1805 Cumru


Bern Reformed Church, Berks County, PA
Name Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors
Cath. Elizabeth Gernaut   Nov 10, 1751 George G. and Wife John Zimmerman and An. Eliz Strunck
Lorentz Huester Sep 18, 1756 Oct 10, 1756 Jost H. Huester and wife Lorentz Strunck single


St. John's Reformed (Höhn's Church) Heidelberg Township, Berks County
Name Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors
John Strunck No Date July 5, 1772 Jacob S and Wife John Ritshert
Anna Mary Strunck No Date June 19, 1774 Jacob S. and wife Anthony Lamprcht and wife An. Mar.
Jacob Strunck No Date Nov 17, 1776 Jacob S. and wife Jacob Stauck and wife Anna Elizabeth
Mary Magdalene Strunck Aug 29, 1781 Sept 16, 1781 Jacob S. and wife John Röter and wife Mary Magdalena
John Strunck Jan 1, 1799 Mar 17, 1799 Jacob S. and wife Philip Fisher and wife Susanna
Unknown Leppel Dec 20, 1799 June 22, 1800 Henry L and wife Anna Mary Strunck
Catharine Strunck Jul 25, 1804 Oct 14, 1804 Jacob S. and wife Catherine Rieser

Berks County Wills

Lorentz Strunck, Amity
May 24, 1790, Jany 10, 1791
Wife: Magdalena
Children: Jacob, Christian, Catharina, Betsy, Susanna
Execs: Sons Jacob andChristian
Wits: George Lorah and Michael Riter

John Strunk, Cumru.
Jany 23, 1796 Proved Aug 3, 1796
To eldest son John
To dau. Elisabeth Stadler
To son William
To son Henry
To Dau. Mary Etzel
To Son Paul
Wife Margaret
Exs: Friends John Kachel and Philip Poxler
Wits. John Laub and John Heinback


Bucks County

Tohickon Union Reformed, Bucks County, PA Baptisms:
Child Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
John Strunck April 9, 1754 June 12, 1859 Johann Heinrich Strunck and Maria Catharine Jacob Oberbeck
John Henry Strunck Oct 3, 1756 June 12, 1759 Johann Heinrich Strunck and Maria Catharine Nicholas Hess and wife
Jacob Strunck Sept 26, 1761 Feb 8, 1762 Johann Heinrich Strunck and Catharine Samuel Brodt
John William Strunck April 6, 1756 June 12, 1759 John Engle Strunk and Gertrude Philip Jacob Oberbeck
John Henry Strunck May 27 June 12, 1759 John Engle strunk and Gertrude

John egidius Hecker, Maria Sarah Oberbeck


Tohickon Union Reformed, Bucks County, PA Marriages:
Parties Date Parents
Thomas Groff
Maria Strunk
October 31, 1852 No info
No info


Trinity Union Church (Reformed) , Bucks County PA Baptisms:
Child Parents Dates
Paulus Strunck John Strunck B: 1/25/1762 Bap. 9/19/1762

Bucks County Will

Barbara Moyer, Lower Milford Township, Widow February 1, 1800 proved: March 1, 1820
Henry Landis of Richland, yeoman, Exr. John, Daniel, Abraham, Elizabeth, Ann Mary, and Catharine Stouffer, "brothers and sister" and Henry Strunck and Henry Landis. All estate. Wits: John Drissel and Abraham Taylor

Bucks County Will
Christian Hunsberger, Lower Milford Township, yeoman July 26 1814, proved July 29, 1814
Wife Modlina Hunsbery, all estate for life. At her death Plantation, 100 Acres, to be sold. Bros. Peter, Abaraham, and John Sunsberry. Sister Maria Richard's ch. "named not known." Sister Susanna Overholdt. Sister's Ch. Christian and David Bealer. Bro. Peter's son Christian. Relations Jacob and Joseph Wisemer. Jacob Calmer and Peter Strunk. Wits: Henry Calmer and Henry Strunk.

Bucks County Will
George Diehl, Rich land Township, yeoman Sept 29, 1823 Proved: October 17, 1823
Son George and son-in-law David Strunck Ers. Wife Margaret. Daub Catharine's share to be paid to her heirs when of age. $20 out of son Henry's share to be paid to daughter Elizabeth Eat men (?). Son-in-law William young $1. Wits: Joseph Himmelwright and Abraham Deahl.

Bucks County Will 6315 Bk 11 / Pg 17
Christian Clymer, Milford Township, yeoman Written July 27, 1831
Children Elizabeth (wife of Christian Kauffman, Susanna (Wife of Jacob Stung), Anna (Wife of Abraham Stauffer), Catharine (wife of David Ditlow), Abraham (insane). Son-in-law Jacob Strung and kinsmen Jacob Clymer, Esq., Peter Zetty and Jacob Taylor to be trustee for Abraham. Henry Hearing of Milford to be trustee for daughter Catharine. Exec: son-in-law Jacob Strung and kinsman Jacob Clymer, Esq. Wite John Fretz, David Drissel
Proved: January 31, 1832

Bucks County Will 6909 BK 11 / Pg 379
John Schliefer, Richland Township, Sawmiller Written December 1, 1827
Wife Mary. Children Joseph, John, Elizabeth (wife of William Strunk), Mary (wife of Abraham Stauffer). Exec: son Joseph and son-in-law Abraham Stauffer. Wit: Henry Trumbower, Jacob Shelly
Proved: January 22, 1836

Bucks County Will 6360 Bk 13/Pg 597
William Strunk, Richland Township Written August 20, 1852
Wife Elizabeth (Schliefer), Children: John, William, Henry, Reuben,Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth, Catharine, Lydia, Susannah Son Samuel. Exec: wife Elizabeth and sons John and William. Wit: John B. Messimer, Henry Trumbower, Sen.
Proved: August 15, 1853

Bucks County Will 9846 Bk 14/ Pg 60
Henry Strunck, Richland Township Written September 13, 1855
Children: Jacob, Henry, David, Elizabeth, Catharine. Exec: son-in-law Jacob Landes of Bucks County. Wit: Henry Cope, Jacob Clymer
Proved: February 15, 1856

Orphan Court Records:
Estate of George Oest, Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, yeoman 17 March 1806
Inquest Requested:
4 children: George, eldest son, the petition, William, Elizabeth, wife of Henry Strunk, Magdalena, deceased, wife of George Moyer (Left 4 Children)
Land: 200 acres, plantation and tract, adjoining Daniel Steckel, Christian Billheimer, Jacob Danner, John Weldy , John Kooken, Jacob Fry, David Miller

Estate of George Meyer, Lower Smithfield Township,yeoman (24 August 1810)
Had land in Lower Smithfield Township, Middle Smithfield Township, and in Wayne County) -- Report of inquest by Sheriff Frederick King:
Distribution: 4 shares
4 Children:
George, only son, by his guardian, John Hauser -- accepted parcel 4
Margaret, by her husband, Peter Kelchner -- accepted parcel 3
Susannah, by her husband, Peter Treible -- accepted parcel 1
Magdalena, by her husband, William Place -- accepted parcel 2
For George -- George Lazarus, of the county
for Margaret -- John Kelchner, of the county
for Susannah -- Henry Strunk, of the county
for Magdalena -- Mathew Wimans
12-man jury:
All by oath -- Samuel Rees, esquire, Peter Hollingshead, Jacob Reimel, esquire, George Lazarus, George Bush, John Maney, Peter Lander, Jacob Smith, Jacob Morey, John Smith, George Adam Yeisly, Aaron Depew (Aaron Depuey)
Parcel 1) 112 acres, 25 perches by Delaware River, John or George Michael
Parcel 2) 112 acres, 25 perches by Delaware River, John or George Michael, #1
Parcel 3) 112 acres, 25 perches by Delaware River, john or Gorge Michael, #4
Parcel 4) 112 acres, 25 perches by Delaware River, John or George Michael, #3,
Henry Strunk, John Chambers

Buck County Orphan Court File #4269 October 30,1832

Henry Clymer, Milford Township, Potter
Died six weeks since leaving no issue but siblings Abraham (eldest brother, Jacob (deceased, on child Catharine - wife of Henry Struck; Catherine is also deceased leaving children Jacob, Henry, Elizabeth, Catharine and David, last two minors), Barbara (wife of Henry Hendricks, Anna (deceased, wife of Christian Getty, six children: ABraham, Peter, Catharine - wife of Joseph Shelly, Susanna - wife of Jacob Shelly, Mary -wife of John Bleam, Sarah). Owned 40 acres.
December 11, 1832
Catharine Strunk, over 14 and David Strunk, under 14. Samuel Landis appointed guardian.

Bucks County Orphan Court File #5653 April 22, 1844
Henry Strunk, Milford Township
Widow Barbara and 11 children: Henry, Jacob, John, William, David, Barbara (deceased, wife of Jacob Calmer, 9 children John, Charles, Joseph, Henry, Jacob, Hannah -- wife of Henry Baum, Elsa, Catharine -- wife of Jacob De lp, Mary -- wife of Henry Mayer, Mary (deceased, wife of Christian Baler, seven Children: Christian, Henry, John, Peter, Joseph, Samuel and Mary -- wife of Jacob Smith), Elizabeth (deceased, wife of Daniel Diehl, children John, Reuben, Elizabeth, Hannah, Catharine, Maria) Catharine (wife of Samuel Shelly) and Susanna (Wife of Michael Mussleman). Owned 115 Acres.
September 10, 1844
Grandchildren Daniel, John and Reuben Diehl, over 16, and Mary Diehl, under 14, children of Daniel Diehl. Michael B. Mussleman appointed guardian. Grandson Samuel Peeler, over 14, son of Christian. Peter Peeler appointed guardian.


Monroe County

General Church Book, Lower Smithfield Lutheran and Reformed
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Wilhelm Strunk Feb 2, 1810 Sept 16, 1810 Jean Strunk and wf Bäby Wilhelm Ase and wife Catharina
Jonas Strunk July 1, 1799 April 26, 1813 Johann Strunk and wife Barbara Peter Treibly and wife Susanna
Jakob Strunk Jan 1, 1803 April 26, 1813 Johann Strunk and wife Barbara the father
Sarah Strunk Nov 1, 1800 April 26, 1813 Johann Strunk and wife Barbara The mother
Joseph Strunk Nov 1, 1804 April 26, 1813 Johann Strunk and Barbara The father
Lusina Strunk Dec 30, 1825 July 20, 1826 Peter Strunk and wife Elisabeth Heinrich Strunk and wife Elisabeth
Magdalena Strunk July 18, 1813 Nov 7, 1813 Peter Strunk and wife Elisabeth George Meyer and wife Esther
C arl Strunk Aug 21, 1817 Sept 21, 1817 Georg Strunk and wife Catharina Heinrich Strunk and wife Elisabeth
Henrich Treibely Dec 11, 1817 Jan 11, 1818 Peter Treibely and wife Susanna Henrich Strunck and wife Elisabeth
Johannes Molly Dec 11, 1818 June 26, 1819 Nicolaus Molly and wife Polly John Strunk and wife Barbara
Catharina Meyer Dec 20, 1819 April 1, 1820 George Meyer and wife Esther George Strunk and Wife Catharine
Liweina Ehs Oct 27, 1820 Feb 18, 1821 George Ehs and Wife Magdelena Gress Heinrich Strung and Elisabeth Walter both Single
Hanna Strunk Sept 18, 1821 Nov 10, 1821 Jacob Strunk and wife Magd Heinrich Ostenbach and Rael Transu
Juliana Strunk April 29, 1822 Aug 25, 1822 Peter Strunk and wif Elis John Ehss and Elis Ostenbach
Juliana Schmidt June 29, 1822 Aug 25, 1822 Wilhlem Schmidt and wife Susanna Henrich Strunk and wife Rael
Henry Labar April 15, 1823 June 22, 1823 George Labar and wife Catharine Henrich Struck and wife Elis.
Elisabeth Ehs Aug 2, 1824 March 27, 1825 George Ehs and Wife Catharine Henry Strunk and wife Rael
Susanna Countremann Aug 4, 1824 Mar 27, 1825 Henry Countremann Joseph Strunk and Susanna Vaust
Elisabeth Ehs FEb 16, 1827 June 16, 1827 William Ehs and wife Polly Henry Strunk and wife Elisabeth
Jeramiah Strunk Jan 13, 1828 April 6, 1828 Jacob Strunk and wife Catharina Jacob Strunk and wife Catharina


Salem Reformed Church, Cherry Valley, Monroe County Baptisms:
Child Parents Dates
Timothe Joseph Strunk and Christine B: 8/21/1836 Bap: 3/5/1837
Elizabeth Joseph Strunk and Christine B: 2/20/1839 Bap: 6/23/1839


Zion Lutheran Church, Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County, PA Baptisms:
Child Parents Dates
Sarah Maria Charles Strunk and Harriet November 8, 1857
Susanna Andrew Strunk and Mary November 7, 1861
Elizabeth Charles M. Strunk and Harriet April 20, 1861
Annie Isaac Strunk and Anna April 4, 1861
Edward William Strunk and Mary Ann March 20, 1867
Clara William Strunk and Mary Ann July 28, 1870
Adam Moses Strunk and Catharine November 4, 1857
Hattie William T. Strunk and Mary Ann February 19, 1872
Emmanuel William T. Strunk and Mary Ann March 16, 1874
Arminda William Strunk and Mary Ann May 4, 1877
Arvilla William Strunk and Mary Ann November 5, 1878
Steward Adam and Cath February 5, 1882
Catherina Jacob Strunk and Lydia February 22, 1882
Matilda Jacob Strunk and Lydia October 5, 1879
Eugene William Strunk and Mary Ann May 19, 1883
Arthur Adam Strunk and Cath April 1, 1893
Florence J. Edwin Strunk and Lizzie August 14, 1895
Floyd Frank Hattie and Hattie May 4, 1896
Robert Russel Frank Strunk and Hattie June 12, 1898
Clayton B Treible Arvilla Strunk January 17, 1901
Laura M Edward Strunk and Lizzie April 19, 1898
Williard Edward Strunk and Lizzie July 19, 1900
Ethel Edward Strunk and Lizzie January 24, 1904
Clarence Ferdinand Strunk and Anna October 12, 1898
Addie Belle Ferdinand Strunk and Anna February 8, 1899
George Isaac Ferdinand Strunk and Anna January 30, 1902
William Leroy Ferdinand Strunk and Anna April 26, 1904
Clarence Predmore Emmanuel Struck and Clara Hallerman February 25, 1911
Clara Anna Emma Strunk January 9, 1936


Zion Lutheran Church, Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County, PA Marriages:
Parties Date Parents
William R. Trieble
Anna Strunk
August 8, 1878 Andrew and Catharina
Issac and Anna
Adam Strunk
Catharine Treible
May 22, 1879 5:00 PM Moses and Catharine
Henry and Catharine
William Strunk (Upper Mt. Bethel)
Sarah M. Hardenstine
October 23, 1881 Benjamin and Jeanette
Godfrey and Odella
John S. Christian
Minnie Strunk
July 3, 1895 Charles and Cornelia
William and Mary Ann
Amzi C. Strunk
Louise Van Why
February 7, 1898 Charles and Harriet
Timothy and Martha
Clarence E. Predmore
Arvilla Strunk
September 4, 1902 Hampton and Susan
William and Mary Ann


Zion Lutheran Church, Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County, PA Deaths:
Name Date Age
Jacob J. Strunk November 17, 1871 66-10-17
Matilda Strunk March 18, 1872 20-11-13
Henry Strunk March 31, 1873 71-1-12
Merritt S. Strunk July 26, 1893 1 month
Adam Strunk December 20, 1893 35-1-16
Mrs. Sarah Strunk October 13, 1902 58-6-19
Samuel T. Strunk December 31, 1903 70-7-13
Moses T. Strunk January 15, 1907 79-4m
William T. Strunk January 23, 1908 64-4-22
Joseph Strunk August 29, 1909 2-1-1
Willard Strunk No info No Info
Mrs. Anna Strunk No Info No Info

Shawnee Church, Monroe County, PA Deaths
Name Date Age
Charles M. Strunk September 16, 1893 49-0-9
Mrs. Harriet Strunk December 4, 1882 61-9-21

Northampton County

Church Record of Reformed and Lutheran Congregation The Dryland Church, Northampton County, PA Baptism
Child Parents Dates
Jacob Strunck April 4, 1779 April 28, 1779 William Strunck and Magdalene John Strunk and Magaret
Elizabeth Sand Feb 5, 1780 May 7, 1780 Frederick Sand and Anna Maria George Stadler and Elizabeth
Susanna Stadler Mar 7, 1781 April 8, 1781 George Stadler and Elizabeth John Meyer and Susanna Labach
Elisabeth Strunck April 10, 1781 June 3, 1781 William Strunck and Magdalene David Blekly and Elizabeth
Margaret Stadler Mar 3, 1783 Arpil 6, 1783 George Stadler and Elizabeth John Strung and Margaret

Henry Strunk

7/24/1784 8/22/1784 John Strunck and Sarah Henry Fener and Catharine
Anna Maria Stattler May 5, 1804 July 22, 1804 George Stattler and Maria John Gohringer and A. Maria
Solomon Stadtler Oct 26, 1806 Mar 27,1807 Geroge Stadtler and Maria Elizabeth Geringer


Lower Saucon, Northampton County, PA Baptisms:
Child Dates Baptisms Parents Sponsors
Maria Catrina 4/5/1785 5/22/1785 John Wilhelm Strunck and Magdalena Paul Strunck and Magdalena Englehardt
Johannes George 8/1/1787 8/2/1787 Heinrich Strunk and Elizabeth George and Barbah Erch
Jacob 2/8/1796 6/4/1796 Heinrich Strunck and Elizabeth Jacob and Catharina Prange
Catharine 9/19/1801 4/17/1802 Heinrich Strunck and Elizabeth Michael and Catharin Shuver
Jacob 1/7/1802 4/17/1802 Peter Strunck and Elizabeth Jacob and Catharine Oberle


PA Misc

Other PA German marriages:
Parties Date Church Record
George Strunck and Elizabeth Rank January 21, 1830 Reiher's Reformed Church, Lancaster County
Jacob Strunk and Dorothy Mower October 1, 1825 Germantown Reformed Church
Zechariah Drake and Elizabeth Strunck May 16, 1833 Germantown Reformed Church
John Mick and Rachel Strunck September, 9, 1810 Trinity Tulphocken Reformed Church
Amasa Cline and Maria Strunk December 5, 1830 Trinity Tulphocken Reformed Church
William Strunck and Mary Waite December 20, 1810 First Reformed Church, Philadelphia
John Strunck and Susan Ships October 28, 1830 First Reformed Church, Philadelphia
Isaac Sassaman and Sarah Elizabeth Strunk October 13, 1857 Trinity Reformed, Pottstown, Mont. County
Peter Boyer and Mary Ann Strunk October 23, 1858 Trinity Reformed, Pottstown, Mont. County
John Strunck son of Lorentz
Susanna Hlateman dau. of Christian
November 28, 1824 East Vincent Reformed Church, Chester County
Christian Benner son of Henry
Maria dau of Christian
December 12, 1924 East Vincent Reformed Church, Chester County
Henry Heit and Elizabeth Strunk October 14, 1849 Falkner Swamp Lutheran Church, Mont. County
John Strunk and Anna Shirer November 8, 1962 Falkner Swamp Lutheran Church, Mont. County
Peter Strunk and Ester Frohnheiser July 23, 1864 Falkner Swamp Lutheran Church, Mont. County
Peter H. Strunk and Sarah R. Ritter October 27, 1866 Falkner Swamp Lutheran Church, Mont. County
Joel M. Moyer and Hettie Strunk May 8, 1868 Falkner Swamp Lutheran Church, Mont. County
Jacob Strunk and Sarah Snyder (Chester County) Jan 30, 1823 Baptist Church of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia By Rev. Thomas J. Kitts
Charles Francis and Maria Strunk (Both of Philadelphia) Mar 10, 1829 Baptist Church of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia By Rev. Thomas J. Kitts

New Jersey

Records from the New Jersey State Archives 1848- 1867
Name Born Parents Location Notes
Mary C. Strunk July 1860 William Strunk Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon County  
William Strunk March 19, 1862 William and Margaret Strunk Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon County  

Records from the New Jersey State Archives 1848- 1867
Party Date/Location Parents Resides
George C. Strunk
Lydia Gariss
Jacob Strunk
Anna Wirebach
Ferdinand Strunk
Anna Strunk (Widow Trieble)
April 25, 1896
Columbia NJ
Jeremiah Strunk and Sarah McImey
Isaac Treible and Anna Smith
Calno, NJ
Shawnee, PA
Frank Strunk
Hattie Strunk
Dec 24, 1895
Columbia NJ
George C. Strunk and Lydia M. Gariss
Wiliam T. Strunk and Mary A. Trieble
Shawnee, PA
Shawnee, PA
Charles Harry Mutchler
Ida Strunk
Sept 18, 1895
Columbia, NJ
John F. Mutchler and Hannah Stewart
Elijah Strunk and Barbara Evert
Mt. Pocono, PA
Mountain Home, PA
Charles Strunk
Matilda Stone
June 30, 1900
Stewartsville, NJ
Frank Strunk and Annie Davis
Robert K. Stone and Elisabeth Weller
Franklin Township, NJ
Stewartsville, NJ
Irvin Apgar
Mary B. Strunk
Jan 3, 1900
Port Colden
AbsolemApgar and Martha Hamlin
Ebeb Strunk and Elisabeth Vanderbuilt
Asbury, NJ
Ebenezer Strunk
Elisabeth A. Vanderbuilt
April 10, 1877 William Strunk and Margaret Insco
John P Vanderbuilt and Martha McSufer
Asbury, NJ
Asburty, NJ
Jacob W. Baker
Mary Caroline Strunk
Jane 4, 1881 Unknown and Mary Baker
William W. Strunk and Margaret Inscho
Franklin Township
Franklin Township
William H. Huff
Maria Strunk (Widow Van Gordan)
Nov 25, 1882
Wiliam H. Huff and Sarah Huff
Jacob Strunk and Catharine Counterman
Frank Clellan Strunk
Mary Elisabeth Weiss
  Benjamin Strunk and Janet Weiss
John Weiss and Jan Pysher
Portland, PA
Factoryville, PA
Warren H. Bartholmew
Minnie Strunk
Oct 8, 1887
Columbia, NJ
Wilson Bartholmew and Mary Winters
Benjamin Strunk and Janet Wise
Scranton, PA
Portland, PA
Harry Sterner Strunk
Emma Vesta Funk
Oct 13, 1888
David C. Strunk and Margaret Sterner
Jonas Funk and Catharine Barron
Bethlehem, PA
Springtown, PA
Harry Hunt
Lizzie Emily (Widow Strunk)
June 16, 1889 Isreal Hunt and Caroline Labar
Alfred Emily and Carvania Haines
Portland, PA
George S Strunk
Cora S. Smith
January 1, 1881 William Strunk and Margaret A Genoer
Frank P Smith and Margaret A. Mchaffer
Millers Spring, NJ
Lebenon, NJ
James William Strunk
Jane Martha Davis
Nov 5, 1884
Bloomsbury, NJ
William Strunk and Margaret Inscho
John E. Davis and Catharine A Haggerty
Asbury, NJ
Asbury, NJ
George Strunk
LIzzie Statler
Dec 25, 1889 Peter Strunk and Sarah B???t
Thomas Statler and (Unreadable)
Marshalls Creek, PA
Marschalls Creek, PA
Benville Sassaman
Ida Strunk
Apirl 1, 1890
Manas Sassman and Elizabeth Youse
John Strunk and Sarah Haydt
Lyons, PA
Lafayette Miller
Jennie Strunk
May 24, 1892
Columbia NJ
John Miller and Catharine Trible
Charlis Strunk and Catharine Quigby
Marshalls Creek, PA
Marshalls Creek, PA
John Erhnash Strunk
Lizzie Van Why
Nov 19, 1891
Columbia Parsonage
Jerimiah Strunk and Sarah Mygg???
Anthony Van Why and Hannah Hoover

Bushkill, PA

Charles Warrick
Lydia Strunk
Aug 20, 1892 Lewis Warrick and Rebecca Koch
Elijah Strunk and Barbara Evert
Paradise, PA
Mountain Home, PA
Lewis Ervin Strunk
Annie Lauer
Mar 4, 1893 David Strunk and Margaret Sterner
Paul Lauer and Marion Masncer
Bethlehem, PA
Bethlehem, PA
Edward E. Strunk
Lillie R Knabb
Feb 20, 1893 Sanford Strunk and Rachel Heller
Frederick Knapp and Maggie Glasser
Wind Gap, PA
Wind Gap, PA
Lyman Mosiar
Clara Strunk
June 28, 1894 Daniel Mosear and Emma Dimmar
William Strunk and Mary A. Trebel
East Stroudsburg, PA
Edward J Strunk
Ellen D. Strunk
Nov 29, 1893 William Strunk and Mary A. Treibel
Charles Strunk and Cathaine Quigby
Middle Smithfield, PA
Middle Smithfield, PA
Samuel A Strunk
Nancy Van Why
Oct 12, 1893 Moses Strunk and Maggie Treible
James Van Why and Henrietta Sergent
Middle Smithfield, PA
Middle Smithfield, PA
Albert A Ackerman
Lillie A Strunk
Dec 8, 1894 Josiah Ackerman and Sarah A. Albert
Sanford Strunk and Rachel Heller
Bangor, Pa
Wind Gap, PA
George L Huffman
Jennette H. Strunk
June 2, 1897 Grant K. Huffman and Blandina Bush
Peter Strunk and Sarah J Cramer
Monroe County, PA
Smithfield Township
John C Strunk
Hannah Albert
April 17, 1897 Moses E. Strunk and Maggie Treible
Peter S. Albert and Maggie Van Why
Smithfield, PA
Smithfield, PA
William Strunk
Jennie Ryman
March 16, 1898 Frank Strunk and Annie Davis
Frank Rymand and Jane Wright
Oscar Strunk
Rosanna Van Dyne
Mar 19, 1898 William Strunk and Sarah Van Gorden
James Van Dyne and Mary Crown
William E. Lanning
Sarah E. Strunk
Oct 17, 1900 William P Lamming and Sarah E. Hecker
David Strunk and Hannah Strunck
Oxford, NJ
Belthlehem, PA
Osbun Dlyrymple
Carrie Strunk
Nov 20, 1895 Zhan Dalyrymple and Susanna Young
Frank Strunk and Annie Davis
Asbury, NJ
Broadway, NJ
George Irivin Insco
Sarah Ellen Strunk (Widow Hunt)
Nov 1, 1894 Frank Insco and Frances Canause
Daniel Strunk and Hannah Strunk



Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Strunk Albert 20, slater--Carrie M 18, Laura 4 m. Penna ave. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Strunk Arthur O 28, blackboard shaver--Ida S 23, Jester A 5, Norman A 3, N Main. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Strunk Charles 39--Jennie 40, Walter M 18, Lucy A 16, Oliver F 14, Isaac N 12, Austin L 10, Emma N 8, Grover C 6, Sarah F 4, Harry W 2 Upper Mount Bethel
Strunk Charles 77--Susanna 77 Lower Saucon Townshp - Seidersville
Strunk Charles E 19--Mary E 12, William R 11 Upper Mount Bethel
Strunk David C 64--Margaret 60. 219 Centre Bethlehem
Strunk David I 37--Araminda 35, Sadie 14, Mamie 12, Arthur 8, Nellie 7, Jane 5, Peter 3, Lottie 2, Lillie 3m Upper Mount Bethel
Strunk Elizabeth 56 Upper Mount Bethel - Portland
Strunk Jacob 21, laborer, Washington. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Strunk James 34--Jessie 32, George F 12, Benjamin F 7, Edwin J 3, Floyd 2 Plainfield Township
Strunk John 29--Jennie 29, Mamie 10, Birtie 5 Upper Mount Bethel
Strunk Lewis 35--Rosetta 28, Clarence F 9, Nettie V 6, Joseph A 5, John s 4, Albert G 1 Upper Mount Bethel
Strunk Louis E 26. 219 Centre Bethlehem
Strunk Sanford 45--Rachael 43, Annie 18, Edward 16, Ida C 11, Gertrude 8, Jennie 6, Bertha 2 Plainfield Township
Strunk Stephen B 32, jeweler--Laura 29, Edward J 7, Harold P 5, Bessie E 3 East Allen Township - Bath
Strunk, Frank M 26, moulder--Mary E 21, Minnie V 2. Plainfield Townshp - Pen Argyl
Strunk, Lillie A 14. Bushkill Township