Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Church Records available at Easton Public Libary
of Northampton County, Pa

Easton Public Libary in Easton, Pa, has indexes for local church records as well as most cemetery records for Northampton County. This list will display the church record source books. It will display the book name and call number and the type of record.

If you can't make it to the Easton Public Library, you can use a Photocopy Request Form available on the library's website.

BookCatalog Number
Arndt's Lutheran Church ForksN12 A&47Si
Arndt's Ref - Forks & St John's Ref - BethlehemN12 A747R
Bethany U Brethren Church baptisms & marriages - Pen ArgylN26 B562R
Bnai Abraham SynagogN38 B66ly
Brong Rev William H records volume 2N1 B869H v.2
Brong Rev William H records volume1 N1N1 B869Hv.1
Calvary Methodist Church baptisms & marriages - EastonN11 C167C
Chapman - Quarries Methodist Church - ChapmanN8 C466C
Christ Church Baptisms UMB v.1N32 C554W v.1
Christ Church Baptisms UMB v.2N32 C554W v.2
Christ Little Moore Reformed ChurchN21 C554R
Christ Lutheran Church - Upper Mount BethelN32 C554p
Christ Lutheran Church - FreemansburgN13 C554rG
Christ Lutheran Church baptisms - Upper Mount BethelN32 C554Hv.1
Christ Lutheran Church marriages & burials - Upper Mt BethelN32 C554H v.2
East Bangor United Methodist ChurchN10 E13C
Easton City Births v.1N11 E13b v.1
Easton City Births v.2N11 E13b v.2
Easton City Births v.3N11 E13b v.3
Easton City Births v.4N11 E13b v.4
Easton City Births v.5N11 E13b v.5
Easton City Births v.6N11 E13b v.6
Easton City Births v.7N11 E13b v.7
Easton City Births v.8N11 E13b v.8
Ehret Rev Harry J RecordsN1 E33p
Evangelical Association baptisms & marriages - EastonN11 C554K
First Colored Evangelical Lutheran Church - EastonN11 F528G
First Methodist Church marriages & funerals - BangorN3 F527Cv.2
First United Methodist Church baptisms - EastonN11 F529b
First United Methodist Church Births - BangorN3 F527C v.1
First United Methodist Church marriages & funerals - EastonN11 F529m
Forks & Bruch's Wind Gap CemeteriesN1 S562b
Gerhard Rev William T MarriagesN1 G368m
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Baptisms - Wilson v.1N38 G646K v.1
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church marriages & funerals -
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church marriages & funerals - Wilson v.2N38 G646K v.2
Indianland Church St Pauls Union v.1N17 S149E v.1
Indianland Church St Pauls Union v.2N17 S149E v.2
Laubach Rev George baptismsN1 L366b
Laubach Rev George J marriages & deathsN1 L366m
Lower Mt Bethel Lutheran CongrrgationsN18 H333l
Meendsen Rev Fredrick W. RecordsN1 M494H
Memorial Reformed Church Wilson Vol1N38 M533C v.1
Memorial Reformed Church Wilson Vol2N38 M533C v.2
Memorial Reformed Church Wilson Vol4N38 M533C v.4
Mendesen, Rev. William marriagesN1 M494L
New Italy Presbyterian ChurchN29 RB17L
Northampton County Cemeteries Vol3N1 N871E v.3
Northampton County MarriagesN1 N869mC
Northampton County MiscellaneousN1 M678g
Pomp, Rev. Thomas FuneralsN1 P788p
Rc'ds of Salem Reformed Church in Moore TownshipN21 S163Be v.3
Records of Christ Reformed Church (Little Moore)N21 C554H
Reitz Rev James Jefferson RecordsN1 R379p
Richards, H.M. pastoral recordsN11 R517p
Richmond Methodist Church - WashingtonN35 R533H
RosetoPresbyterianChurch PAN29 R817L2
Salem Reformed Church Marriages & Burials
Salem Reformed Church Marriages & Burials - Moore TwspN21 S163G
Salem Union Church baptisms - ForksN12 S163B
Salem United Methodist Church - Bangor vs-RN3 S163R
Salem United Methodist Church - Bangor vs.2N3 S163R2
Schoeneck Memorial ChurchN7 S365e
Smith Rev Martin A RecordsN1 S655p
South Easton births - Easton N11 S725GN11 S725G
St John's Church Howertown - Allen TownshipN2 S143W
St Johns Reformed Church - BangorN3 S143h
St Lukes Union Church baptisms - Bushkill TwpN7 S145G
St Mark's Reformed Church - EastonN11 S146Cv.5
St Mark's Reformed Church - EastonN11 S146Cv.4
St Mark's Reformed Church - EastonN11 S146Cv.3
St Mark's Reformed Church - Easton Vol 2N11 S146C v.2
St Mark's Reformed Church - Easton Vol1N11 S146Cv.1
St Paul'sThird Lutheran Church - PalmerN25 S149G
St Peter's Reformed Church - East AllenN9 S149C
St Peter's Reformed Church - Easton v.1N11 S151C v.1
St Peter's Reformed UCC Church - Vol 3N11 S151C v.3
St Peters Lutheran Church - East AllenN9 S149G
St Peters Lutheran Church - PlainfieldN27 S149H
St Peters Reformed Church - Easton v.2N11 S151C v.2
St. Johns Lutheran Church - AllenN2 S143G
St. Thomas Church BurialsNG S154h
St. Thomas Church BurialsNS S154h
St. Thomas Church BurialsN6 S154h
StJohnsUCC Nazareth v.1N22 S143H v.1
Trinity Evangelical U B Church marriages & deaths - EastonN11 T834K v.2
Trinity Evangelical United Brethen baptisms - Easton v.1N11 T834K v.
Trinity Lutheran Church baptisms - Bangor v.1N3 T832H v.1
Trinity Lutheran Church marriages & deaths - Bangor v.2N3 T832Hv.2
Trinity United Church of Christ -Upper Mt BethelN32 T833H
Trinity United Church of Christ Baptisms - Upper Mt BethelN32 U68M
Union Lutheran Church - EastonN11 S149B
Upper Mt BethelN32 C554W v.3
Upper Mt Bethel ChurchN32 F773C
Weaver Robert C RecordsN1 W363B
Zion's Stone Church Burial Record (Allen)N2 Z84b

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