Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Mann Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Lower Saucon, Northampton County

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Elizabeth Mann
John Mann
Peter Mann

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Northampton County, PA

From my Notes:

Reformed Congregation of Christ Union Church, Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
From Sauconheim: Johannes Mann was discharged and goes to Mt. Bethel where he became a farmer in 1795.
1793: Johannes born october 13, baptized November 3, Johann Follrs and his wife Margaretha. Sponsors Johannes Mann and his wife Elisabetha, born Rosley.
1794: Rebecca born June 21, baptized July 6, Johannes Mann and his wife Elizabeth Rosly. Sponsor Magdaena Rosly.
1795: Joseph born August 30, 1795, Baptized Septebmer 13, John Mann and wife Elizabeth Rossley. Sponosors Joseph Frey and wife Elizabeth
1814: Solomon Born March 17, Baptized May 28, John Mann and wife Elizabeth Sponsors Abraham Riech and wife Eve
1817: Simon Born June 17, Baptized July 19, John Mann and wife Elizabeth Sponsors: Adam Jung and wife Elizabeth (Mann)
1818: Samuel Born September 6, Baptized November 9, John Mann and wife Elizabeth Sponsors: Jacob Weber and Abbe Weber
Jacob William Born June 24, 1824 Baptized July 11, Peter Mann and wife Margaret Sponsors: Jacob Woodring and wife Sarah
Isaiah born October 20, 1825 baptized December 25, 1825. Peter Mann and wife Margaret Sponsors Peter Transue and wife Maria
Ephraham born Sept 30, 827, baptized Oct 27, Peter Mann and wife Margaret. Sponsors Jacob Fehr and wife Sarah
Catharine Ann born August 19, 1829 baptized October 25, Peter Mann and wife Margaretta. Sponsors Thomas Moser and Catharina Wagner
Sarah Ann born April 14, 1831, Baptized November 19,1831, Peter Mann and wife Elizabeth Sponsor: Mother
John Mann August 12, 1793 Elizabeth Rosly
John Ruch May 5, 1805 Maria Mann

Upper Mount Bethel Church

Child Birth Baptized Parents Sponsors
Jacob August 5, 1799 September 29 Henry Mann and Charlotte John George Mann and wife
Peter February 11, 1802 April 16 Henry Mann and Charlotte Peter Mann and Hannah
Catharine October 24,1804 December 2 Henry Mann and Charlotte Christian Hess and Anna
Anna Maria March 8, 1807 May 5 Henry Mann and Charlotte John Hilgert and Anna Maria
Maria December 15, 1818 Jan 17, 1819 Daniel Reigle and Elizabeth Henry Mann and Charlotte
Catharine Maria July 5, 1822 September 15 John Mann and Elizabeth Henry Mann and Catherine
Henrietta January 11, 1822 March 24 John Rundis and Agnes John Mann and Elizabeth
Henry September 26, 1823 November 3 John Gressman and Margaret Henry Mann and Catherine
Sophia July 3, 1824 August 22 John Mann and Elizabeth Maria Hauck Widow

The First Reformed Church of Easton
Adam Young June 2, 1816 and Elizabeth Mann


Records of the Williams Township Congregation
Child Birth Baptized Parents Sponsors
Elizabeth May 7, 1795 May 24 Johannes Mann and Catarina Jacob Mayer and Elizabeth


Abraham Mann Sr. Died September 14, 1869 aged 71 years 2 months 23 days
Thursday 30, 1849
Died: on Saturday afternoon last, in Lower Saucon Township, Mr. John Mann, a revolutionary soldier aged 95 years. His remains were interred with the honors of War, in the burial ground of the New Jerusalem Church
Wednesday Sepetember 26, 1845
Marriged by the Reb P. D. Schory on the 18th instant, at the house of her father Mr. Wilson Datesman, to Miss Catherine A. Mann both of Upper Mount Bethel
Wednesday February 19, 1845
Died: In Mount Bethel on the 27th of January last, Mr. John George Mann in the 79th year of age. He was interred at t the Upper Mount Bethel Church, when an appropriate sermon was delivered by the Rev. M. Harpel.

Wednesday December 13, 1848

Married: On the 9th inst., by the Rev. P. D. Shory at his residence, Mr. Peter Mann to Miss Susanna Miller both of Upper Mount Bethel

Court of September 22, 1790
Estate of Jacob Paulus, Bethlehem Township - request inquest:
Wife: Feronica
Michael, Eldest son
Salome, wife of Philip Mann, Jr.
Elizabeth, wife of Peter Mann
Ann Mary, wife of George Koch

Court on May 29, 1753 (Northampton County, PA)
Guardian for Samuel, minor over age 14, orphan son of Samuel Mann: Guardian: James McCollaster

Court on January 5, 1795
Estate of Conrad Roesly, Lower Saucon Townhip, Northampton County, PA
Widow Magdalena
John, Eldest son
Catharine, wife of Philip Wagener
Elizabeth, wife of Rev. John Mann

Bucks County:

German Reformed Church of Durham, Pennsylvania
Child Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors
Anna Margaret Mann May 20, 1864 Dec 3, 1865 Josiah and Elizabeth Mann Parents
Cara Isabella Mann Jun 19, 1869 May 23, 1870 Josiah and Elizabeth Mann Parents

German Reformed Church of Spingfield, Pennsylvania
Child Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors
Christian Mann Oct 1, 1863 Dec 18, 1763 John Mann and wife Christian Schuck and Philip Geres' wife
John George Mann June 2, 1766 June 16, 1766 John and Anna Catharine Mann Peter and Anna Maria Schuck
John Peter Mann Sep 29, 1766 Oct 19, 1766 Philip and Anna Maria Mann Peter Mann and Wife
John Mann July 27, 1782 Aug 18, 1782 Philip and Barbara Mann John and Catharine Metzger
Petrus Mann Jul 29, 1783 Aug 17, 1783 Philip and Barbara Mann Peter and Margaret Mann
Catharine Mann Sep 11, 1785 Sep 13, 1785 Philip and Barbara Mann John Mann and wif
Catharine Mann Feb 3, 1789 Apr 19, 1789 John Mann and Wife Peter Hefft and wife
John Mann Jan 4, 1791 Feb 27, 1791 John Mann and Wife John Volmer and wife
John Philip Mann Jul 18, 1792 Aug 26, 1792 John and Elisabeth Mann Philip and Anna Maria Mann
Peter Mann Sep 13, 1794 Jan 1, 1795 John and Maria Elisabeth Mann Peter and Catharine Jacobi
Elisabeth Mann Jan 1, 1795 Feb 22, 1795 Henry and Charlotte Mann Christian Mann and wife
Maria Magdalena Mann Sep 18, 1795 Oct 18, 1795 Jacob and Elisabeth Mann Andrew Frey and Magdalena Mann
John Mann   May 14, 1797 Henry Mann George Ruth and and Christina Frey
Elisabeth Mann   May 28, 1797 John Mann Nicholas Jung and Christina Vollmer
Susanna Mann Jun 26, 1798 Aug 9, 1798 Jacob and Elisabeth Mann Abraham Mann and Susanna Frey
Elisabeth Mann Oct 12, 1800   Jacob and Elisabeth Mann Christian and Elisabeth Man
John George Mann Apr 19, 1802   Christian and Elisabeth Mann George and Magdalena Ruth
Hannah Mann Jan 23, 1805 Apr 15, 1805 Jacob and Elisabeth Mann Jost and Catharine Weber
Jacob Mann Dec 20, 1805 Mar 16, 1806 Abraham and Maria Mann Peter Ruth and Elisabeth Steinbach
Jacob Mann Aug 16, 1806 Sep 28, 1806 Jacob and Elisabeth Mann Jacob and Elisabeth Fry
Peter Mann Jan 8, 1807 Feb 22, 1807 Abraham and Maria Man Peter and Maria Rute
John Mann Jul 31, 1808 Nov 27, 1808 Abarham Mann Jacob and Elisabeth Mann
Maria Mann Jul4, 1809 Aug 6, 1809 Chr. and Elisa Mann Jacob and Elisabeth Fry
Hannah Mann Nov 20, 1809 Jan 1, 1810 Abraham and Maria Mann Bar Horn and Elis. Riegel
Maria Magdalena Mann May 25, 1811 Jul 7, 1811 Abraham and Maria Mann George and Maria Magdalena Ruth
Catharine Mann Feb 26, 1813 May 9, 1813 Jacob Elisabeth Mann Nicholas and Catharine Rautenbusch
David Mann Oct 22, 1813 Dec 20, 1813 Abraham and Maria Mann Jacob and Sarah Ruth
Catharine Mann Feb 28, 1816 May 5, 1816 Abraham and Maria Mann Samuel and Christena Ruth
Susanna Mann Mar 31, 1818 May 31, 1818 Abraham and Maria Mann Joseph Ruth and Elisabeth Mann
John Geroge Mann Apr 21, 1819 May 30, 1819 Abraham and Maria Mann Christian and Elisabeth Mann
Samuel Mann Apr 27,1821 Jun 24, 1821 Jacob and Elisabeth Mann Jacob and Sarah Ruth
Elisabeth Mann Oct 6 1821 Nov 11, 1821 Abraham and Maria Mann Jacob and Elisabeth Mann
Sarah Mann Mar 15, 1825 Apr 24, 1825 George and Magdalena Mann Christian and Elisabeth Mann
Abraham Mann Sep 1, 1925 Nov 5, 1825 Abraham and Maria Mann Peter and Rachel Scheib
Rachel Mann Oct 25, 1827 Dec 2, 1827 Jacob and Susanna Mann Peter and Rachel Scheib
Carolina Mann Jan 13, 1828 Apr 19, 1828 Abraham and Maria Mann Samuel Derr and Rachel Ruth
Elisabeth Mann Nov 17, 1827 Nay 18, 1828 George and Magdalena Mann Joseph and Elisabeth Ehmig
Ann Mann Sep 3, 1828 Nov 20, 1828 Jacob and Elisabeth Mann

Samuel and Christine Ruth

John Ruth Oct 17, 1797 Elizabeth Mann dau of John Mann  

Cemetery Records of Trinity Union Church
Name Born Died Age Notes
Johannes Mann Jun 24, 1730 Apr 14,1815 84-9-21  
Katrena Mann Feb 8, 1765 Aug 28, 1813 48-6-20 Wife of Johannes
Christian Mann Sep 19, 1763 Apr 29, 1839 75-7-10  
Elizabeth Mann Sept 23, 1768 Sep 17, 1723 54-11-24 Wife of Christian
Abraham Mann Oct 12, 1780 Jun 2, 1854 73-7-20  
Maria Anna May 24, 1789 Feb 7, 1850 63-8-24 Wife of Abraham
John Georg Mann Apr 19, 1802 July 7, 1833 31-2-18  
Peter R. Mann Jan 8, 1807 Sep 14, 1889 82-7-14  
Catharine Mann 12/16/1811 Aug 6, 1892 80-9-20 Wife of Peter R.
Maria Mann Jul 2, 1837 Mar 6, 1838 0-8-4 Daughter of Peter R and Catharine
J. George Mann Apr 23, 1819 Apr 12, 1856 37-3-19  
Catharine Mann May 6, 1815 Mar 27, 1899 88-10-21 Wife of J. George
George Mann   Mar 6, 1850   Son of George and Catharine
Abraham R. Mann Sep 1, 1825 Feb 3, 1911 95-5-2  
Catharine Mann Feb 6, 1828 Oct 23, 1902 74-8-17 Wife of Abraham R.
Samuel   Sep 6, 1847 0-11-19  
Abraham Mann Jan 24, 1853 Dec 29. 1857 3-10-26 Son of Abraham R. and Catharine
Emma Mann Nov 18, 1854 Oct 8, 1869 14-10-20 Daughter of Abraham R. And Catharine
Edwin Mann Sep 17, 1863 Dec 4, 1863 0-2-17 Son of Abraham R. and Catharine
Sallie Mann Jun 24, 1858 Jul 3 1880 22-0-9 1st wife of Samuel D. who is buried at Nockamixon
Sallie Mann Jun 27, 1880 Aug 25, 1880 0-1-29 Daughter of Samuel and Sallie
Mary Mann Jan 9, 1840 Jun 25, 1859 18-5-16 Daughter of Jacob R. and Elizabeth
Peter S. Mann Mar 18, 1851 May 27, 1882 31-2-9 Sonof Jacob R. and Elizabeth
Infant Mann Mar 28, 1896     Son of TD and Vestilla
Roscoe E. Mann Feb 10, 1896 Jun 11, 1897 1-4-1 Son of R.D. and Mary E.
Chester Mann Jun 6, 1906 Jun 18, 1907 1-0-10 Son of R.D. and Mary E.
Harry W. Mann Oct 23, 1907 Apr 7, 1910   Son of R.D. and Mary E.


Orphan Court Records:

File Number 584, September 12, 1775
William Mann, Warminster Twp
Rebecca Mann is Administratrix

File Number 1552, Febraury 4, 1805
Benjamin Snodgrass, Warwick Township
Grandchildren Mary Mann and Benjamin Snodgrass Mann, Children of John Mann Jr. of Warwick Township. John appointed guardian

File number 3515, September 11, 1826
Joseph/Jost Weaver, Richland Township
Grandchildren Jacob Mann, over 14 and Catharine Mann, under 14, children of Jacob and late Elizabeth Mann. John Moyer appointed guardain. Widow Catharine and the children: Joseph (eldest son), john, George,Samuel,Mary, Catharine (Wife of Henry Frankenfield), Margaret (wife of Jacob Gross), Susanna (wife of Christopher Bower), Hannah (wife of John Wimmer), Elizabeth (deceased, wife of Jacob Mann, five children - Susanna, wife of Michael Small, Elizabeth, Hannah, wife of John Ruth, Jacob and Catharine)

File number 4396, September 9, 1833
George Amey, Haycock Township
Six children: John, Peter, Margaret (wife of John Clymer), Anthony, Joseph, and Polly (wife of George Mann and issue of four deceased children: George, Samuel, Elizabeth and Mary

File Number 4421, January 9, 1834
George Mann, Haycock Township
Widow Magdalena and four children Sarah, Elizabeth, Margaret. and Maria, under 14. Peter Shive and Joseph Amey appointed guardians.

File number 4788, Feb 13, 1837
Unknown Fritzinger
Children James R., over 14 and Samuel M., under 15 (petitioned by their grandfather John Mann). Samuel Mann appointed guardian.

File Number 5082, September 9, 1839
Jacob Mann, Springfield Township
Son Samuel, over 14, petitions for guardain. John Amey appointed.
October 23, 1839
Widow Elizabeth and six children: Jacob, Samuel, Susanna (Wife of Michael Smell). Elizabeth (Wife of John Weierbach), Catharine (wife of Jese Rice) and Hannah (Wife of John Root).
February 9, 1841
Daughter Hannah (Wife of John Ruth) doesn't want her share paid to her husband. Jesse Rice appointed trustee.

File Number 5248, November 8, 1843
George Mann, Haycock Township
Widow Mary (now Gearhart) and children Elizabeth, over 14 and Margaret, under 14. George Wald appointed Guardian.
April 26, 1848
Christian Mann
Grandchildren Maria Meess and Sarah (wife of Reuben Stebe), over 14, and Elizabeth, Washington, Hannah and Catherine Meess/Miess, under 14 (petition by their father John) entitled to estate by death of their mother Catharine.

Bucks County Wills

William Keish, Upper Makefield June 20, 1780 Proved: April 27, 1781
Wife: Eizabeth
John, Noble, Robert, Isaac, Isaiah, Samuel, Sarah, Martha McNair, Margaret Mann and Elizabeth Torbert


Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Mann Andrew G 37--Emily 32, Lilly J 10, Amelia E 8, Frank C 5, William H 3, John S 2 Moore Township
Mann Anna 25, Third. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Mann Augustus D 40-Amanda 37, Wilson J 18, Clinton H 14, Ellen C 10, Mamie A 3 East Allen Township
Mann Charles 54--Katie A 48, Clara E 28 Palmer Township
Mann Christian 40, painter--Susanna 38, Laura J 18, Clarence 16, Milton J 12, Steward F 11, Emma S 8, Flora M 5, Lizzie A 4, Market. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Mann Conrad 73--Elizabeth 49, Alfred 23 Moore Township
Mann David L 27--Emma 26 Upper Mount Bethel
Mann Emma F 16--Elmira J 19, Rachael 21 Upper Mount Bethel
Mann Enos 54 Lower Mount Bethel
Mann Herman S 53, engineer--Elemina 51, William J 21, Laura M 19, Ida A 14, Alfred J 9, Elizaberh 80. 345 Union Bethlehem
Mann Jacob E 27--Laura A 26, Stella M 7, Emma B 6, Agnes M 4 Lower Mount Bethel
Mann Jacob, teacher--Emma E, Daisy B. 1018 Washington Easton
Mann Jerome 42 Upper Mount Bethel
Mann John 61--Maria 58 Forks Township
Mann John A 71--Sophia 44, James 39, Herbert 9 Upper Mount Bethel
Mann Levi H (Mann & Allshouse)--Lenora, Anna M, Hattie, John L. 218 Delaware Easton
Mann Peter, painter--Denarious, Carrie M. 215 Cattell Easton
Mann Rufus 38--Louisa 29, Mary 1m Upper Mount Bethel
Mann Samuel 45, teamster--Sophia 47, Stewart E 20, Etna J 19. 351 Goepp Bethlehem
Mann Sarah 61. Wall Bethlehem
Mann Theodore 62--Wilhelmina 49, Callie M 7, Flossa 4 Upper Mount Bethel
Mann William H 31--Emma J 28, William O 15 Lower Saucon Township
Mann Wilson 18 Allen Township
Mann Wilson A 36 Upper Mount Bethel
Mann, Elizabeth 59--Cora I 21. Williams Township
Mann, Henry H 51--Elmina 49. Washington Township
Mann, Samuel S 63--Annie 56, Anna 12. Williams Township