Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Funck Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Bucks County

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Bucks County

Tohickon Reformed

Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
John Peter Funk   July 7, 1751 Peter Funk and Mary Eva Peter Wohner, Cilica Russ, Mary Margaret Reiss


Husband Date Wife
John Funk Dec 13, 1804 Maria Clemer
Samuel Funk Jan 22, 1829 Magdalena Fretz
Jospeh Grob June 27, 1830 Elizabeth Funk
John Caspar Wack May 24, 1835 Catharina Funk
Abraham Funk Aug 28, 1836 Susanna Berge
John Lentman Oct 6, 1836 Anna Funk
Tobias Miller Dec 22, 1839 Sarah Funk
George Swertly Nov 8, 1842 Catharine Funk
Jacob Beidler April 23, 1844 Mary Ann Funk
Daniel Gross July 7, 1844 Hannah Funk
Joseph Funk Oct 1, 1846 Rebikah Garges

Nockamixon Reformed

Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Anna Funck Jan 5, 1774 April 4, 1774 Anna Margaretha Funck Jacob Harman and wife Anna
Maria Eva Jun 11, 1774 July 17, 1774 Johann Frederich Funck and wife catharine Maria Eva Fuhr , Grandmother
Maria Magdalena Dec 15, 1781 June 7, 1782 Freiderich finck and wife Cath George Fuhr and Maria Eva, the grandparents

Nockamixon Lutheran

Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
George Funk Feb 1, 1780 Jul 20, 1780 Fredreick Funk and Catharine George Kressler and wife

Orphan Court Records

File Number 735, Sept 9, 1782
Samuel Moyer
Daughter Esther (wife of Abraham Funk of Hilltown) now deceased leaving on child, John, about five months old.

File Number 792, Dec 9, 1783
Henry Funk, New Britain Township, Yeoman
Two Children: Christian and Abraham

File Number 952, Jun 9, 1788
Abraham Funk, Springfield Township
Widow: Mary
Chirldren Susannah and Mary
Jun 14, 1790
Mentions children Henry, Anna (wife of Andrew Overpeck), Jacob, Catharine (wife of Ralph Stover, John, Elizabeth and Susanna.

File Number 1049, April 1, 1794
Mary Funk
Abraham Funk, son of Herny and Mary (Moyer) Funk

File Number 1082, Feb 1, 1796
Ludwick Switzer, Warwick Township
Widow Ann
Children Valentine, Ludwick, ann (wife of Jacob Funk), Mary (wife of Christain Clemens),Conrad, Henry, Elizabeth, Simon, Barara
Brother Henry Switzer and Jacob Switzer

File Number 1141, Feb 5, 1798
Abraham Funk, Sprinfield Township
Widow Anna
Children: Isaac, Abraham, Polly, Joseph, David and John

File Number 2039, Mar 26, 1812
Henry Funk, Springfield Township
Widow Barbara
Children: Elizabeth, Ralph, Mary, Sarah, Henry and Caufman.

File Number 2354, Aug 28, 1815
John Funk, Hilltown Township
Widow: Esther
Children: Michael, Samuel, Jacob, John, Joseph, Abraham, Mary, Barbara, Catharine, Elizabeth and Hester

File Number 2560, Sept 1, 1817
David Reser, Upper Saucon Township, Yeoman
Children: Barbara (wife of Jacob Kappex), John (Deceased, child Elizabeth), Elizabeth (deceased, wife of Conrad Fixler, child Conrad), Mary Funk (deceased, children David, Abraham and Mary), Salome (wife of Martin Young)

File Number 2947, Sep 9, 1822
John Funk, Springfield Township
Children: Elizabeth, Barbara, Magdelena, Nancy, Susanna, Isaac, Samuel, and Joseph (deceased, children Henry and Mary)

File Number 3027, Dec 9, 1822
Joseph Funk, Springfield Township
Widow Mary
Children: Henry, Sarah, Isaac, David and Abraham

File Number 3278, Sep 13, 1824
Jacob Funk, Haycoik Township
Children: John, Jacob, Joseph, William, Henry, Levy, Susannah and Catharine

File Number 3775, Dec 9, 1828
Henry and Barbara Wismer
Children: Fanny (wife of John Fuck) and Elizabeth

File Number 4546, Dec 10, 1834
William Cyphert, Springfield Township
Widow: Christianna
Children: William, John, Sarah (Wife of Joseph Funk), Christianna, Susanna (wife of George Kunsman)

File Number 4679, Feb 10,1836
Martin Fretz, Hilltown Township
Widow: Anna
Children: Barbara (wife of Ralph Myers), Mar;y (wife of Henry Anglemyer), Agnes (wife of Peter Loux), Elizabeth (wife of Abraham KRatz), Nancy (Wife of Abraham Hunsberger), Susanna (wife of Jacob Funk), Fanny (wife of Jonas Myers), Catharine (wife of Abraham Kratz), Lea (wife of Abraham Angeny), Rachel (wife of Henry Krout)

File Number 4711, Aug 4, 1836
Christian Haldeman, New Britain Township
Widow Catharine
Children: Daniel, Cornelius and Margaret (deceased, children Mary Ann Funk and Catharine Funk)

File Number 5394, April 25, 1842
John Fretz, Hilltown Township
Widow: Mary
Children: Abraham, John, Magdalene (wife of Christian S. Loux), Rachel (wife of Isaac Delp), Elizabeth (wife of Abraham Heastand), Rebecca [or Barbara], Mary (wife of Samuel Funk), Susan (deceased, wife of Abraham R. Myers, children John H and Mary Ann) and Lydia (wife of John Nase)

File Number 5665, Aug 12, 1844
Jacob Stover, Bedminster Township
Children: Henry S., Mathias, jacob, Jonas, Samuel, Isaac, Elizabeth (wife of Philip Kratz), Ann (Wife ofJ. A. Strasburger), Cathaine (Wife of Henry Funk)

File Number 5908, Feb 5, 1846
Henry Funk, Springfield Township
Children: Enos, mary and Elizabeth


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