Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Buss Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Northampton County, PA

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Anna Maria
Jan (Johannes) Jacob

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Other related surnames: Walter

Church Record of the Great Swamp Reformed Congregation, Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County, PA
Name Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Christina Buss   Nov 4, 1750 Jacob Buss and Catharina Melchior Wecher, Christina WEcher


Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Buss Abram 68--Catharine 66, Sabilla 23 Bethlehem Township -Monocacy & Eastern
Buss Alexander 36--Elizabeth J 54 Lower Saucon Township
Buss Amanda 33 Lower Saucon Township
Buss Andrew 27--Mary E 25, Daisy L A 6, Mamio L 1 Forks Township
Buss Augustus 21. 34 Fairview Bethlehem
Buss Augustus 21. Cunow alley Bethlehem
Buss Clinton M, laborer--Lizzie A, Elsie M, Clayton D. 1300 Ferry Easton
Buss Edward 24--Lizzie A 22 Palmer Township
Buss Elvin M37 Plainfield Township
Buss Emily 14 Lower Saucon Townshp - Shimersville
Buss Emily E 34--Oscar A 9, Harry L 7, Minnie 2 Lower Saucon Township
Buss George E 8. 226 Garrison Bethlehem
Buss Harry O 25--Minnie 23, Nettie 4, Ida B 1. Penn and Raspberry alley Bethlehem
Buss Henrietta C 62. Church Bethlehem
Buss Hiram 57--Frame 56 Plainfield Township
Buss Ida 8--Ellen 5, Lizzie 10m Bethlehem Township - Western
Buss Irwin D 21--Mary 20, Floyd 2 Plainfield Township
Buss James H 41, laborer--Mary C 41, Minnie A 17, Stewart A 15, Harvey 12. 37 Fairview Bethlehem
Buss James M--Mary J, Nina A, William F. 50 N Seventh Easton
Buss James W 33--Mary A 34, Charles W 5, Arthur J 3 Lower Saucon Township
Buss James W, watchman, 21 N Warren Easton
Buss James W, watchman--Mary E, Simon P, Hattie M, Lillie S, Jennie A, Mattie J, James W. 21 N Warren Easton
Buss Jeremiah, driver, 1248 Northampton Easton
Buss John 58--Sally Ann 50 Bethlehem Township - Western
Buss John 72--Sarah 66 Lower Saucon Township
Buss John D, laborer--Charles B. 232 Garrison Bethlehem
Buss Laura 18. 402 Market Bethlehem
Buss Laura 24--John 17. 246 Broad Bethlehem
Buss Levi F 23--Sarah L 22, Robert E 3, William T 10. Main Bethlehem Township - Freemansburg
Buss Levin O 26--Ellen 24, William 4, Reven 2 Palmer Township
Buss Matthias, teamster--Simon, Campbell, Alice. 1248 Northampton Easton
Buss Milton H 25--Sallie C 16, Peter 29 Lower Saucon Township
Buss Oliver J 38--Sarah C 34, Ida A 9, Edna L 5, Florence S 3 Lower Saucon Township
Buss Peter 73--Lucian 64 Bethlehem Township -Monocacy & Eastern
Buss Reuben H 61--Catharine 63 Lower Saucon Township
Buss Revellen F 36--Ellen J 27, Clara L 8, Revellan S 2. Raspberry alley Bethlehem
Buss Robert . 641 Mauch Chunk Easton - South Easton
Buss Samuel A 35--Anna M 30, Emily 9, Clement 7, Laura M 5. Main Bethlehem Township - Freemansburg
Buss Simon, emp silk mill, 21 N Warren Easton
Buss Susan 59. 326 Main Bethlehem
Buss Thomas 72--Caroline 67. Canal Bethlehem Township - Freemansburg
Buss William C 44--Sophia 40, John H 19, Ada S 7, Franklin G 5 Lower Saucon Township
Buss William E 25, baker--Sarah M 21, Truman A 1. 18 North Bethlehem
Buss William H 34--Maggie 29, Caroline 6, Lizzie 2. Main Bethlehem Township - Freemansburg
Buss Wilson F 34--Marth T 32, Robert W 6, Nellie C 3 Forks Township
Buss Wilson H 48--Susanna 42, Mary 24, William 19, Edward 17, Robert 15, Emma 13, Milton 10 Bethlehem Township - Western
Buss, Abraham 53--Sarah 51. Lower Nazareth Township
Buss, Allen H 33--Ellen J 30, Anna L 8, Lizzie A 6, Steward F 4, Amy A 8 m. Upper Nazareth Township
Buss, Amandus 52, gentleman--Christina 50, Ida C 28. Nazareth
Buss, Anna M 62. Nazareth
Buss, Clayton S 10. Lower Nazareth Township
Buss, Edward 49--Charles S 6. Lower Nazareth Township
Buss, Ephraim S 61--Susanna 54. Lower Nazareth Township
Buss, George H 23, tinsmith--Jennie F 19, Laura M 8 m. Plainfield Townshp - Pen Argyl
Buss, Jacob 59--Julia Ann 52, Elmer F 25, Mary A 16, Sarah E 19. Upper Nazareth Township
Buss, Lottie S 10. Lower Nazareth Township
Buss, Richard 41--Adeline O 42, Emma M 21, Harry C 21, Minnie V 13, Lillie E 13. Lower Nazareth Township
Buss, Simon 64--Caroline L 56. Lower Nazareth Township
Buss, William I --Sarah Ann, Charles W. Twentieth Palmer Township
Buss, Willon A 24--Fusnetta A 23, Herbert A 1. Lower Nazareth Township