Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Andrews Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Warren County, NJ

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Barnet Andrews dec'd mention in William Nixon's Inventory Account (Mansfield Township, Warren County, NJ),  The Legency of Barnet Andrews Decd to Rebecca Nixon

Records of St. James Lutheran ("Straw") Church Greenwich, Warren County
Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Jacob April 10, 1776 June 2, 1776 Christian Andreas and Catharine Parents
Elizabeth May 1, 1777 June 14, 1777 Barnard Andrea and Cathrina Parents
Anna June 15, 1776 June 16, 1777 Jacob Andreas and Rachel Parents
John April 10, 1778 May 28, 1778 Jacob Andreas and Rachel Parents
Martin Sept 3, 1778 Nov 3, 1778 Christian Andreas and Cathrine Parents
Sarah Feb 25, 1790 May 4, 1780 Bernard Andreas and maria Cathrina Parents
Mary June 16, 1780 Oct 10, 1780 Jacob Andreas and Rachel Parents
Johannes March 20, 1781 June 3, 1781 Christian Andreas and Catharine Johannes Muller and Elizabeth Finkbone
Anna Feb 12, 1783 Apr 20, 1783 Bernard Andreas and Cathrina Parents
Daniel Oct 3, 1783 Dec 14, 1783 Christian Andreas Jacob Deiterich and Catarina A the child's grandmother
Johannes Jan 7, 1785 May 15, 1785 Bernhard Andres and Maria Johannes Domer and wife agraretha
Martha Feb 1, 1788 March 19, 1788 Bernard andreas andMaria Catarina Parents
Jacob May 9, 1790 July 34, 1790 Bernard Andreas and Maria Catarina Parents
Catrina Oct 12, 1796 Jan 1, 1797 Bernard and Catarina Parents
Marianna Nov 19, 1806   Elizabeth Andreas Berhnard Andrea and Mary


Records from the New Jersey State Archives 1848 - 1867 (Warren County)
Name Died Age Parents Notes
Anna C. Andrews   32 Michael and Norma Boyer Greenwich
Elizabeth Andrews Jan 5, 1850 65   Poor House, Franklin Twp.
Barnet Andrews Aug 27, 1850 43 John and Margaret Andrews  
Margaret Andrews Apr 12, 1851 24 Isaac and Doroty Dihart  
Margaret Andrews Feb 16, 1852 67 James and Margaret Fanion  
Mary Andrews April 13, 1854 56 Hunt  
Mahitable Andrews Sep 3, 1854 24 John and Mary Higgins  
William Andrews May 25, 1854   Marshel and Harriet Andrews  
Name Born   Parents Notes
Isaiah Andrews Jan 2, 1852   Roderick B. and Jane Andrews  
Male Andrews June 18, ?   Philip and Elizabeth Andrews  
Female Andrews Dec 5, 1852   Benjamin and Mary Colen?  
James Andrews Aug 20, 1854   James and Sarah Andrews  
Female Andrews July 1855   Jacob Andrews  
Anna Andrews 1857?   William A and Sarah Jane Andrews  
Alfred Andrews 1857   Isaac B. and Amy Andrews  
Male Andrews Nov 11, 1855   Benjamin and Mary Andrews  
Female Andrews Aug 22, 1856   Roderick B and Heulda J. Andrews  
Male Andrews Dec 31, 1859   Abraham Andrews  
Sarah Andrews Dec 14, 1858   James and Sarah Andrews  
Male Andrews Sept 1, 1858   Marshal and Harriet Andrews  
Male Andrews 1859   Benjamin and Mary Andrews  
James Andrews Aug 7, 1859   Thomas and Mary Andrews  
Franklin Andrews 1859   Isaac and Susan Andrews South Easton, PA
Female Andrews March 29, 1860   Jacob and Sarah Andrews  
William Henry Andrews March 1861   Thomas and Mary Andrews  
William G. Andrews Jan 28, 1861   Isaac and Levian Andrews  
Sarah Naomi Andrews Jan 10, 1861   John M Andrews  
Peter C. Andrews Jun 22, 1862   William and Sarah Andrews  
Mary Ellen Andrews Sept 26, 1862   Isaac and Susan Andrews  
Charlotta Andrews April 13, 1864   William and Sarah Andrews  
Elizbeth Andrews March 17, ?   Marshall H. and Harriet Andrews  
Emma Andrews Oct 1864   Thomas Andrews  

Susan Ann

Oct 1856   Abraham and Harriet Andrews  
Female Andrews April 14, 1857   William Andrews  
Sarah Elizabeth Andrews June 20, 1849   Philip and Elizabeth Andrews  

Sussex County Wills

ANDRESS, Jacob of Mansfield. 1195S - W. 14 Jun 1809; Filed 15 Aug 1809. Wife: Holly. Daughter: Sarah. (Other children mentioned, but not named - some minors.) Executors: John HANCE and John HOCKENBERRY. Witnesses: James RUSLING, Robert COMPTON and James LARASON.

ANDREWS, Jacob of Greenwich. 547S - W. 21 May 1793; Filed 2 Aug 1793. Wife: Rachel. Sons: Eldest son, Martin, 2nd son, Jacob, 3rd son, Philip, 4th son, Christian, 5th son, John and 3 youngest sons, Matt, Barned and David. Daughters: 2 oldest daus, Cathren and Aney, 3rd and 4th daus, Rachel and Hannah and 5th dau, Mary. Executors: Sons, Philip ANDREWS and wife, Rachel ANDREWS. Witnesses: Barnet ANDREWS, Elizabeth MILLER and William CREVELING.


Northampton County Wills
Leonard Andrews, Plainfield Township, File Number 2247 Vol 4 P163 Year 1804 Written: FEb 29, 1800, Proved march 14, 1804, Iventory March 20, 1804
Wife Sarah
Children: Adam, Michael, Leonard, George, Christina (widow of Adam Butz), Anna Maria (wife of Martin Herter), Magdalene (wife of Jos. Keller), Eliabeth (wife of John Hoehenshield)
Execs: Jacob Miller, Philip Schuck
Witnesses: Jacob Hess, George Hocker, Nathaniel Michlin

Parish Record of the German Evangelical Lutheran Chruch of Easton, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Elisabeth Eudreas May 14, 1806 June 1806 Christian F. T. Margareth John Asger Mattes and Willelmena
Anna Maria Eudrep Aug 10, 1808 Aug 31, 1808 Chirsitian Eudrep and Margarath Johan Zachariah Eudrep and Maria Opp
Cornelius Aaron Andrews Mar 27, 1809 Aug 13, 1809 Jacob Andrews and CAtharina Celeb Levi and Anna Cook
Wilhelm Kleinhans Oct 16, 1811 Oct 22, 1811 George Kleinhans and Elisabeth Christ Endrep
Margartha Louisa Endre Aug 10, 1812 Sept 1, 1812 Christian Endrep and Margaretha Jacob Opp and Elisabeth


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