Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Anderson Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Warren County, New Jersey

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Catherine (1804 - 1877)

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Catherine Anderson is the only proven ancestor with the Anderson last name.  She lived in Port Murray, Mansfield Township, Warren County with her husband David Beam. 

Joseph Anderson and Elizabeth Stephenson are the known founders of Andersonville in Mansfield Township, Warren County, NJ.  I'm trying to find proof that Catherine is a descendant of these Andersons.  On her web page are her possible siblings  and are the known children of Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson. (James married daughter of Joseph Carter, Susan born 1806, Jane Dusenberry and Elizabeth). Another note, on April 4, 2003 I found a death record of a daughter Rachel Creveling whose parents are Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson.

Mansfield Woodhouse Cemetery in Washington, Warren County, NJ has tombstones of Joseph Anderson and Elizabeth.  I'm sure they are not the founders.  There is also a James Anderson (a brother?) and his wife buried in next to them. James has a son buried at the Mansfield Baptist Church Cemetery, the same cemetery that Catherine (Anderson) Beam is buried. According to the articles I read about the founding members of Andersonville, James was there only son.

Other Related surnames: Beam

Warren County
Death Records:
James Anderson Parents Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson

Sarah Anderson D. April 12, 1890 Port Murray, Mansfield Township, Warren County, NJ Age 87 - 8 -25
Parentes Joseph And Elizabeth Carter
Wife of James Anderson

Benjamin Anderson (Carpeneter) D. Oct 16, 1864 Mansfield Townshp Age 79 born Hunterdon
Parents Richard* and Roda Anderson

*Richard's parents are Benjamin Anderson and Hannah Ketcham (Daughter of Benjamin Ketcham of Pennington, Hopewell Township) From Genealogies of New Jersey Families Volume 2,By Charles Carroll Gardner Page361 Pubished by Genealogical Publishing Company.

Elizabeth Anderson D. June 17,1913, Port Murray, Mansfield Township, Warren County Age 87 - 1 -19
Parents: Jacob Wise and Nancy Pool
Wife of Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson (Hotel Keeper) D.November 17, 1899, Port Murray, Mansfield Township, Warren County Age: 77-15-0.
Parents: James and Sarah (Carter) Anderson


Date Parties Parents
Sept 10, 1828 William C. Dusenberry
Jane Anderson
Joseph Anderson and Elizabeth Stephenson
Dec 30, 1851 Pierson Achly
Elizabeth Anderson
Jonah and Mary Achly
James and Sarah Anderson

Records from the New Jersey State Archives 1848- 1867
Name Died Age Parents Notes
Child Anderson March 1, 1853   Joseph Anderson Washington Township
Benjamin A Anderson Oct 16, 1864 79 Richard and Roda Anderson Died: Mansfield
Born: Hunterdon County
Asher Anderson Oct 16, 1864     Country House
James Anderson April 8, 1853   Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson  
James Anderson may 12, 1865 73 Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson  
Joseph Anderson Jan 6, 1852 13 Benjamin and Margaret Anderson  
Catharine Coleman April 17, 1852 22 Benjamin and Margaret Anderson  
Margaret Anderson Jan 31, 1860 18 William and Margaret Anderson  
Rachel Creveling March 14, 1862 74 Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson  
Name Born   Parents Notes
Margarette Anderson Nov 15, 1849   Jacob and Eliza Anderson Oxford
James Anderson Jan 12, 1852   Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson Springtown

Angeline Anderson

Aug 1850   Joseph and Sarah Anderson Springtown
Harriet Ann Anderson June 1852   Hannah Campbell Timberswamp
Harriet Ann Anderson May 15, 1853   Alfred and Hannah Anderson Timberswamp
Clark Anderson Aug 8, 1852   Jacob and Eliza Anderson Oxford
Male Anderson Dec 10, 1852   Joseph Anderson Washington
Matthew Anderson Dec 18, 1853   Tali ? Anderson and Ann Beer  
Elenora Anderson Jan 1, 1854   Hugh and Cornelia Anderson Changewater
Sarah Ann Anderson Dec 1, 1853   Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson  
John Anderson Deb 2, 1852   David and Catharine Anderson  
William Lewis Anderson June 30, 1955   Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson  
Martha Ellen Aug 1856-57   Elizabeth Anderson  
William Anderson Oct 1, 1856   David and Catharine Anderson  
James Madison Anderson Mar 22, 1857   Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson  
Female Anderson 1857   Charles Anderson Greenwich
Amanda Anderson 1859?   Elizabeth Anderson Andersontown
Female Anderson 1860   Theordore and Elizabeth Anderson Hope
Marshall Anderson Jun 14, 1860   Theordore and Sarah Anderson  
Jane Anderson 1859-1860   Jospeh and Elizabeth Anderson  
Ellen Anderson ? 15, 1861   David and Catharine Anderson  
Allice Anderson July 14, 1861   Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson  
Female Anderson June 5, 1864   CP and Elizabeth Anderson  
Alice Anderson Feb 7, 1866   Theordore Anderson  
Ida Anderson Nov 6, 1863   Theordore Anderson  
Female Anderson ? 15, 1860   John and Sarah Anderson  


1830 Warren County Federal Census (Anderson last name)
Name Age Bracket Locale
Luba Anderson - widow 60 - 70 Greenwich
Hetty Anderson 60 - 70 Greenwich
Margaret Anderson 60 - 70 Hardwick
George Anderson 50 - 60 Hardwick
James Anderson, Jr 20 - 40 Mansfield
John Anderson 50 - 60 Mansfield
Philip Anderson 30 - 40 Mansfield
Jacob Anderson 70 - 80 Mansfield
John Anderson 30 - 40 Mansfield
Joseph Anderson 60 - 70 Mansfield
James W. anderson 60 - 70 Mansfield
Benjamin Anderson 30 - 40 Mansfield
William Anderson 40 - 50 Mansfield

Sussex County Wills

ANDERSON, Rachel of Phillipsburg, 'widow of John late of Greenwich'. 115S - W. 7 Jun 1765; Filed 1767. Sons: Bartholomew ('idiot'), John and James. Executors: Alexander WHITE and David HAYS. Witnesses: John PETTIT, Gershom BARNS and Mary SHEARMAN.

ANDERSON, Thomas of Newton. 1043S - W. 29 May 1805; Filed 3 Jun 1805. Wife: Hannah. Sons: James Oakley ANDERSON. Others: Dr. David EVEN and Mrs. Jane WINANS (rel not stated). Executors: None named. Adm: Hannah ANDERSON, William T. ANDERSON and James CONOVER. Witnesses: Robert OGDEN, Job S. HALSTED and Jacob S. THOMSON.

Lutheran Records (Dryland Church), Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
John William Anderson June 2, 1767 Aug 23, 1767 William Anderson and Margaret Henry Schad and Christine Herzel


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