Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Wagner Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Bucks County, PA and Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County

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Elizabeth Wagner (1807 - 1897)
Nicholas Wagner ( - 1811)
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Nicholas is from the Bucks County Wagner family, he lived in Lower Saucon and Williams Township. Still researching the Wagner family.

Name Port Ship Date
Nicolas Wagner Philadelphia Europa Nov 17, 1741
Nicholas Wagner Philadelphia Phoenix Oct 20, 1744
Johan Niklas Wagner Philadelphia Squirrel Nov 10, 1756
Johan Nichlas Wagner Philadelphia King of Prussia Oct 13, 1764


Bucks County

German Reformed of Durham Township - Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Elisabeth Uebertroth   April 16, 1775 ?? and Elisabeth Ueberroth Nicholas and Elisabeth Wagner
Franklin Wagner Aug 3, 1845 Oct 4, 1845 Solomon Wagner and Sarah Parents


Lower Milford, Trumbauer's, Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
John Adam Wagner May 24, 1773   Emmanuel Wagner Adam Schuetz and wife
Anna Barbara Wagner Nov 21, 1783 Mar 21, 1784 George Wagner and wife Emanuel Heger and wife


Tohickon Reformed - Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
John George (Illegitimate) May 17, 1756 Jan 22, 1757 William Wagner and Margaret Lahr Balthasar Lahr and wife
Christopher Wagner Jun 20, 1757 July 10, 1757 Conrad Wagner and Eva Margaret Christopher Gangewer and wife
Christopher Wagner Apr 8, 1758 Jun 25, 1758 Christopher Wagner and Anna Maria Parents
John George Wagner Jul 18, 1759 Sep 2, 1759 Conrad Wagner and Eva George Scheib and Wife
Abraham Wagner Aug 5, 1760 Jan 18, 1761 Christopher Wagner and Maria Parents
Maria Elizabeth July 22, 1761 Jul 19, 1761 Conrad Wagener and Eva Elizabeth Wagner


Tohickon Reformed - Bucks County, PA - Marriages
Husband Date Wife
Zacharias Seyler July 6, 1756 Maria Barbara Wagner
John William Wagner Apr 27, 1759 Margaret Lahr
Matthew Hartman Nov 9, 1769 Catharine Wagner
Adam Wagener Dec 17, 1795 Elizabth Wehnhold
Henry Wagner Sep 23, 1804 Cathaine Kern
John Wagner May 21, 1826 Magdalena Wissler
Moses Wagner Aug 13, 1837 Lydia Delp
Samuel Griebel April 25, 1847 Levina Wagner
Dilman Hunsicker May 6, 1849 Amanda Wagner
Abraham Wireman Sept 2, 1849 Isabella Wagner


Tohickon Reformed - Bucks County, PA - Deaths
Name Died Buried Notes:
Christopher Wagner's Child April 15, 1760 April 26, 1760  


Tohickon Lutheran - Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Elizabeth Weigner Oct 20, 1786 June 10, 1787 Daniel Wiegner and Elizabeth Frederick Premauer and Catharine
Jacob Weigener Dec 31, 1790 May 29, 1790 Daniel Wiegener and Elizabeth Jacob Niclas and Elizabeth


Lower Milford Church in Trumbauersville, Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
John Martin Wagner Jan 25, 1773   Jacob Wagner Martin Lichtel/Kichtel and wife
John Adam Wagner May 24, 1773   Emmanuel Wagner Adam Schuetz and wife
Anna Barbara Wagner Nov 21, 1783 Mar 21, 1784 George Wagner and Wife Emanuel Heger and wife
John Peter Dreisbach Dec 4, 1794 Feb 7, 1795 John Dreisbach and Elizabeth Peter Wagner and wife


Keller's Lutheran Chruch, Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
John Wiegner Aug 14, 1793 Sep 28, 1783 Daniel Wiegner and wife Elizabeth John Niemand and Juliana Emig
Sarah Wiegner August 23,1792 Nov 18, 1792 Daniel Wiegner and wife PeterNieman and Catharine Nicola
Henry Wiegner Dec 30, 1795 July 27, 1796 Daniel Wiegener and Elisabeth, Nee Emig Henry Nickola and wife


Trintinity Union Church (Lutheran) Springfield Township, Bucks County, Pa
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Maria Wagner July 15, 1778 Jan 31, 1779 John Wagner and Maria Philip Wagner and Magdelene Stern
Sarah Wagner Aug 4, 1791 Sep 11, 1791 Jacob Wagner and Catharine John Hearing and Elizabeth Marsteller


Trinity Union Church Reformed Springfield Township, Bucks County, Pa
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Magdelena Wagner July 16, 1789 Aug 23, 1789 Jacob Wagner and Catharine Veletine Marsteller and wife Magdalena


Bucks County Orphan Court Records

File number 1806, Dec 22, 1808
Jacob Vanhold, Rockhill Township
Children: Abraham, Jacob, John, Adam, Henry, Reecca (wife of James Smith), Catharine (wife of Henry Nace), Elizabeth (wife of Adam Wagner), Margaret (wife of David Wambold), Mary and Susanna

File number 2606, Mar 27, 1818
Christian Fretz, Tinicum Township
Widow: Judah
Children: Christian, John, Sarah (wife of George Wagener)

File Number 3791, Dec 10, 1828
John Rinker, Rockhill Township
Widow: Barbara
Children: Henry, John, Abraham, Joseph,, Mary (wife of Conrad Hight), Susanna (wife of George Waggoner) and Catharine (Deceased, wife of Jacob Dietz)

File Number 4516, Sep 10, 1834
John Strawsnider, Durham Township yeoman
Widow Mary
Children: Sarah (wife of Solomon Wagoner), Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Hannah and John

File Number 6172, Sept 13, 1847
George Waggoner, Tinicum Township
Widow: Judith
Children: Henry, John George F, Elizabeth (wife of John Kilmore), Ann (wife of Elisha Miller), Rebecca (wife of Henry Wolfinger) and Catharine (deceased, wife of George Loux, Children Rebecca Algart, Epharaim and Catharine)


Parish Record of the German Evangelical Lutheran Chruch of Easton, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Peter Wagner Jan 24, 1784 Mar 7, 1784 Adam Wagner and Margratha Petrus Michael and Elisabeth
Catharina Michael Oct 15, 1788 Jan 18, 1789 Petrus Michael and Elisabeth Frederich Wagner and Catharine
Catharina Walter Sept 25, 1790 Dec 5, 1790 Barnhardt Walter and Maria Fredrich Wagner and Catharina
Susanna Wagner Jan 15, 1807 Aug 31, 1807 David Wagner and Rosina Mother
Regina Walter Jan 19, 1809 Mar 18,1809 Michael Walter and Elisabeth Peter Wagner and Elisabeth
Deniel Bell Wagner Oct 16, 1809 May 6, 1810 Friedrich Wagner and Ester G.F. Wanger and Margareth
Anna Matilda Walter Jan 23, 1817` Mar 31, 1817 Samuel Walter and Christina Fredrich Wagner and Catharina
Sarah Wagner May 6, 1817 July 6, 1817 Adam Wagner and Regina  
Henrietta Walter Feb 23, 1836 Aug 9, 1836 Samuel Walter and Christina Peter Wagner and Elisabeth
Sarha Ann Wagner Sept 13, 1839 Nov 29, 1839 Abraham Wagner and Maria Samuel Zerfass and Sarah


Reformed Church of Lower Saucon, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Elisabeth Uebertroth   April 16, 1775 ?? and Elisabeth Ueberroth Nicholas and Elisabeth Wagner
John Waggener Oct 7, 1781 Nov 11, 1781 Philip Waggner and Catharine Conrad Rossly and Maria Magdalena
John Waggoner May 28, 1782 Sept 22, 1782 Nichalas Waggoner and Elisabeth John and Dorothea Beil
Jacob Waggoner May 15, 1785 Oct 23, 1785 John Waggoner and Catharine Waggoner Jacob Gehri andGertraut
Margaret Beituita Jan 8, 1793 Jan 14, 1793 Joseph Beitutia an d Marianna John Wagner and wife
John Wagner Oct 11, 1801 Feb 21, 1802 John Wagner and Eava John Bayer and Maria
George Wagner May 10, 1804 Sep 2, 1804 John Wagner and Eva George Seipel and Susanna
Carl Hillegas July 3, 1808 Oct 2, 1808 John Hillegas and Catharine Jacob Wagner and Maria
Juliana Boehm April 30, 1809 June 11, 1809 Phlip Boehm and Elisabeth Nicholas Wagner and Susanna
Catharine Frankenfield April 25, 1823 Jun 15, 1823 Michael Frankenfield and Elisabeth (nee Wagner) Isaac Frankenfield and Catharine Wagner
Catharine Ann Mann Aug 19, 1829 Oct 25, 1829 Peter Mann and Margaret Thomas Moser and Catharine Wagner
Maria Anna Nov 10, 1836 Nov 8, 1837 Samuel Wagner and Hannah Isaac Werst and Maria


Records of the Williams Township Congregation, Northampton County, PA
Name Birth Baptism Parents Sponsors
Maria Schlauch June 17, 1753 July 8, 1753 Philip Schlauch and Margaretha Christophel Wagner and Maria
Johann Willhelm Wagner March 26, 1755 MAy 8, 1755 Conrad Wagner and wife Johann Willhelm Wagner Alone
Johannes Wagner May 9, 1797 June 11, 1707 Abraham Wagner and maria Nichaus Wagner and Catarina Reinheimer
Elizabeth Wagner Sept 18 1803 Dec 4, 1803 Nicholaus Wagner and Susanna George Heinrich Muller, and Rosina
Catharine Feb 18, 1816 May 28, 1816 H. Wagner and Catharina G. Becker and Cathaina

Christopher Wagner, the ancestor of, the Wager's of Saucon, came across from Rotterdam, in the same ship with the Heller's (see Hellertown) and arrived in Philadelphia, September 5th, 1738. He was a prominent citizen of Lower Saucon, and filled the office of Justice, of the Peace a number of years. He received a deed from Thomas and Richard Penn, February 12th, 1752, of a small tract but, he afterwards became quite a large landholder.

He was captain of a company of militia that went to Trenton in 1776, he, had four children, two of whom, Abraham and John, died without heirs.
Maria was married to John Appel
Jacob was the father of
Elizabeth (wife of J. O. Pearson)
Mary (the wife, of Jacob Boehm)
Catharine (wife of John Stabler)
Sarah (wife of Samuel Lerch)

Wagner's Mill in another old mill, situated just outside of the Borough of Hellertown, on the south side, Christopher (Stoffol) Wagner, the ancestor of the Wagner family of the Township, received a deed for a tract of land from Thomas and Richard Penn in 1751. Mr. Wagner was a prominent man in his time, serving as a Justice of the Peace, Captain of militia, fighting under Washington at the battle of Trenton Dec 26, 1776. A mill was built upon the property, which has even since been in the Wagner family, and is now operated by Victor Wagner, Stoffel Wagner's place is mentioned on the route of the old King's High road from the Court House in Philadelphia to Bethlehem, being 47 miles, 3 quarters from Philadelphia. This road formerly ran through South Bethlehem along the Lehigh River to the Crown Inn, now the Union Depot. The site of the road is now occupied by the Bethlehem Steel Works and the road is now nearer the North Pennsylvania Railroad.


Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Wagener David D, stock farm, 33 S 4th Easton
WAGENER JOHN 0, Paper manufacturers supplies, 33 S Fourth Easton
Wagner Alfred S 28, paper hanger--Jennie 24, Lottie M 3. Northampton Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Wagner Amandus 52--Sarah 44, Clinton A 19 Moore Township - Klecknersville
Wagner Barnet 70--Mary 72, H Edwin 38, Louis R 33, William H 42, Chas H 10, Lizzie M 3, Anna M 3 Palmer Township
Wagner Benjamin 65--Emma L 54 Bethlehem Township -Monocacy & Eastern
Wagner Charles 57--Sarah 46, Wllliam H 32, Edna E 21, Lizzie E 19 Bethlehem Township -Monocacy & Eastern
Wagner Charles E, painter-Annie E, William W, Charles E. 9 E Delaware Easton
Wagner Clara 54--Jennie 30 Upper Mount Bethel
Wagner Clara, 21 North Seventh Easton
Wagner Cora 17 Moore Township
Wagner D J, 160 S Third Easton
Wagner Daniel 75--Catharine 68 Palmer Township
Wagner Edwin 34--Mina 29 Lower Saucon Townshp - Hellertown
Wagner Elizabeth 75. 312 Broad Bethlehem
Wagner Elmer G 20--Sarah A Lehigh Township
Wagner Francis L 26--Mary E 22 Upper Mount Bethel
Wagner Frederick 58--Sarah 52, Jas 15 Plainfield Township
Wagner George 40--Mary A 39 Lehigh Township
Wagner George 53-Sallei 25, Nelson A 19, George A 17, Howard 13, Chas 9 East Allen Township
Wagner George farmer East Allen Township - Bath
Wagner Harrison 46--Catharine 35, Francis A 14, Rosa A 11, Milton H 9, Lizzie E 7, Elemanda 6, John B 4, Howard A 3, Calvin E 10m Moore Township - Klecknersville
Wagner Harvey 19, Northampton. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Wagner Henry 10 Bethlehem Township -Monocacy & Eastern
Wagner Henry 35--Kate 30, Oliver 7, Latta 1 Lower Saucon Townshp - Leithsville
Wagner Henry F, carpenter-Catherine, Ella. 1138 Northampton Easton
Wagner Henry, machinist--Clara, Annie, William, Martha. 51 St. Joseph Easton - South Easton
Wagner Herbert 26, clerk--Enna L 22, Fred 4, N Main. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Wagner Jas 46--Amanda 42, Eva 8. Main Lower Saucon - Hellertown
Wagner Jeremiah S 39--Mary A 40. N New Bethlehem
Wagner John 22--Quintus 25, Abraham 68, Lydia 67, Elizabeth 45 Lower Saucon Townshp - Hellertown
Wagner John 40, hostler East Allen Township - Bath
Wagner John 42--Sarah A 42, William G 18, Henry H 16 Lehigh Township
Wagner John J 46--Amanda 47, Carrie 21, Victor 13 Lower Saucon Townshp - Hellertown
Wagner John S 48--Hannah 38, Annie 15, Lizzie 5 Lower Saucon Townshp - Hellertown
Wagner John, machinist--Catherine, Rosa, Francis, laborer. 801 Berwick Easton - South Easton
Wagner Joseph J, laborer--Elizabeth, William, Gertrude, Russell. Delaware and Grant Easton - South Easton
Wagner Joseph--Mary A, Anna F, Frank, Frederick J, Matilda, Mary A. Penn near Fell Easton - South Easton
Wagner Kate M 13 Lehigh Township
Wagner Laura A, clerk, 42 S Ninth Easton
Wagner Levi S 40, dry goods--Cordelia S 35, Stella M 4. 91 Broad Bethlehem
Wagner Louisa F. Penn near Fell Easton - South Easton
Wagner Mary 25, First. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Wagner Mary, 1031 Lehigh Easton
Wagner Mary, domestic, 125 Church Easton
Wagner Mike 72--Lydia 72 Lehigh Township
Wagner Milton E 29--Ida M 26, Plumer D 8, Clara E 6, Milton V 1 Bethlehem Township -Monocacy & Eastern
Wagner Oscar 24--Ellen 19, Bertha 2 Moore Township - Klecknersville
Wagner Oscar F 27--Sarah A 26, Stella M 6, Frank M 3 Bethlehem Township - Western
Wagner Percival, school teacher--Lizzie, Roy, Florence. 628 Mauch Chunk Easton - South Easton
Wagner Phillip 43--Caroline 42, Edwin 19, Joseph H 12, Adam W 8, Ellen E 4, Robert E 4 mos Plainfield Township
Wagner Phillip, teamster-Mary. L, Edward P, laborer, Elvie. Lehicton Easton
Wagner Reuben 45--Emma S 43, Eliza E 19, Etna M 17, Allen C 15, Stella M 12, Emma E 9 Palmer Township
Wagner Reuben 58--Annie 55, Reuben B 12, Katie S 9 Lehigh Township
Wagner Reuben 63--Lydian A 61 Upper Mount Bethel
Wagner Richard I 55--Christiana 49, Palmer W 11 Moore Township - Klecknersville
Wagner Robert 15 Lower Mount Bethel
Wagner Robert A 16 Forks Township
Wagner Robert S 32, paper hanger--Sarah A 34, Blanche E 6. Market. Washington Township - Bangor Borough
Wagner Rosa, dressmaker--Isabel, Elmer. 525 Canal Easton - South Easton
Wagner S N 51--Sarah 51, Sev 28, Lizzie 23, Carrie 10 Lower Saucon Townshp - Leithsville
Wagner Salinda 35 Lower Saucon Townshp - Hellertown
Wagner Samuel 67--Catharine 56, Albert A 30 Palmer Township
Wagner Thomas, laborer--Lena, Benjamin, Thomas, Jennie. 644 Grant Easton - South Easton
Wagner William 41--Hannh E 36, Eugene B F 76, Edward F S 15, Wm H 13, Mary A 11 Palmer Township
Wagner William 68 Lower Saucon Townshp - Seidersville
Wagner William H, gentleman-Lizzie, Jacob, William H, Annie E. 208 S Sixth Easton
Wagner Willie H R 12 Lower Saucon Township
Wagner Wilson H 40--Annie 38, Clinton 15, Ida 13 Lower Saucon Townshp - Hellertown
Wagner Wilson J 24 Bethlehem Township - Western
Wagner, Ella, dressmaker. Dock Palmer Township
Wagner, Enos 45--Emma 39, William H 19, Mary C 17, Sarah E 15, Enos L 12, Benjamin 10, Ella H 7, James A 5, George 4, John E 2. Washington Township
Wagner, John F 22, laborer--Edith R 14, William O 9, John F 73, gentleman. Plainfield Townshp - Pen Argyl
Wagner, Levi 46--Susanna 36, Hannah 17, Katie 12, Lillie 10, Minnie 5, Charles 3, Hiram 1. Williams Township
Wagner, Martin, laborer--Mary C, Jennie E, Sarah T, Frank M. W Butler Palmer Township
Wagner, More E 15. Bushkill Township
Wagner, Oscar 41, laborer. Plainfield Townshp - Pen Argyl
Wagner, Susan 77--Susan 57. Lower Nazareth Township
Wagner, William A 35--Emma L 30, Samuel 11, Elsie M 6, William A 4, Anna L 9 m. Williams Township
Wagner, William M 23--Mabel 18, Howard 2. Williams Township
Wagoner, Oscar--Sarah A. Williams Townshp - Chain Dam
Wagoner, William--Catharine, Frank. Williams Townshp - Chain Dam