Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Steckel Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Bucks, Lehigh or Northampton County, PA

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  Steckel Family Group Sheet Index
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This family may be descendants of the Stoekles of Trexlertown, Lehigh County, PA. I have a strong belief that they are descendants of Steckel's from Bucks County.Still researching.

George's Estate was administrated by his wife Anna Marie and Adam Scherrer. Adam's wife was Margaret Elisabeth Raub, daughter of Michael and Maria Elisabeth on Jan 30, 1781.
(Note: Montgomery County
Evangelical Lutheran Augustus Church of Trappe, New Providence, Montgomery County, PA
May 31, 1754 m. Publicly, both living in Pikestown
Michael Raup s. Peter
Maria Elisabeth Mayerin, step dr Christoph Büttebinder)


Ship lists:
Passenger Ship Arrival
Christian Steckel Harle September 1, 1736
Petter Steckell Samuel December 3, 1740
Simon Steckel Phoenix September 14, 1749
Johannes Steckel Phoenix August 28, 1750
Johannes Hachs Steckell Adventurer September 25, 1754


Revolutionary War

From Buck County Records

Philip Steckel Private From the Muster Roll of Captian Manus Yost's Company of the first regiment of Foot, in the service of the United States, commanded by Colonel John Keller of the First Class of Bucks County Militia, of the State of Pennsylvania

A return of the roll of Captain Manus Yost's Company of Haycock Township Bucks County (c)
Oct the 14th 1781
Phiip Steckel


Keller's Lutheran Church, Bedmister Township, Bucks County
Name Birth Baptised Parents Sponsor
Eva Margaret Steckell May 20, 1776 July 21, 1776 Philip Steckell and Anna Maria Thomas Gan and wife

Keller's Lutheran Church, Bedminster Township, Bucks County

First Holy Communion May 26, 1732

Matthew Steckel
Elisabeth Steckel


Tohickon Lutheran Records
Name Birth Baptised Parents Sponsor
John Adam Scherer Oct 10, 1757 Oct 16, 1757 Valentine Scherer and Barbara Adam Rieser and wife
Magdalena Scherer April 25, 1770 April 1773 Adam Scherer and Magdalena Parents
Elisabeth Scherer Mar 13, 1773 April 1773 Adam Scherer and Magdalena Parents
Jacob Scherer Mar 13, 1780 July 2, 1780 Adam Scherer and Magdalena Parents
Samuel June 4 1790 Aug 8, 1790 Henry Stoeckel and Christina Matthew Stoeckel and Barbara Steinbach

Samuel Steckel, retried, P.O. Doylestown, was born in Durham Township, Bucks County, Sept 28, 1826, and is a son of Samuel, Sr., and Anna (Black) Steckel. His father was born in Springfield township, and his mother in Philadalphia. His Great Great Grandfather Steckel came from Germany and settled in Bucks county about 1725. His grandfather, Philip Steckel, was born in Bucks County and was the only son of his parents. He came to Doylestown in 1778 and with his father swore allegiance on August 27th of that year. Our subjects father was born in 1789 and was the only son of his parents. he was a carpenter and builder, learning the trade under his father. He took charge of the business at the age of 18, his father losing his sight. He moved to Durham Township in 1818, and there lived until his death, which occurred in 1866. He served in the war of 1812. He was the father of eight children, two of whom, Samuel and Julia Boyes are living. His wife died in 1861. Our subject, Samuel remained with his parents until 14 years of age, then clerked in a store at Stony Point, one year. He was clerk for ten years. In 1850 he engaged in mercantile business at Durahm, where he continued eleven years. In 1861 he removed to Philadelphia, and engaged in the mercantile business until 1879, when he removed to Doylestown and built a fine residence, where he has since lived a retired life. He is a stockhold and director in the Bucks County Trust company. He was married July 17, 1866 to Catharine B. daughter of David and Anna M (Bruner) Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Steckel are the parents of two sons, William H. and Edward L. Mrs. Steckel died in March 1880. She was a member of the Presbyterian chruch, as is Mr. Steckel. He is also a member of the Masonic fraternity. He is an enterprising citizen and is greatly esteemed in the community.

Name Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Johanna Scherer Feb 9, 1768   Adam Sherer and Maria Magdalena Parents
Gertrude June 4, 1765   Adam Scherer and Maria Magdalena Parents
Anna Maria Scherer July 15, 1774 Aug 21, 1774 Philip Schreier and Cathaine Anna Maria Schreier Grandmother
Magdalena Scherer Nov 13, 1784 1785 Adam Scherer and Magdalena Berndt Heller and Ursula


Tohickon Reformed Records
Husband Date Wife
Samuel Brodt Nov 16, 1756 Maria Salome Steckel


Trinity Reformed Church Records
Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Aaron Jan 7, 1818 Sep 20, 1818 Samuel and Anna Stockel Joseph Vollmer and Catharne Houpt


Reformed Church of Durham
Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Anna Maria Aug 3, 1820 Nov 19, 1820 Samuel and Ann Steckel John and Maria Overpeck
David Dec 10, 1822 May 3,1823 Samuel and Ann Steckel The Parents
Name Born Died Age Notes
Ann Steckel July 20, 1792 Feb, 21, 1861    

Orphan Court

File Number 1130, Nov 20, 1797
George Stoneback, Haycock Township
Children: Dorothy (wife of George Lightcap), Christina (wife of Henry Stickle), Barbara (wife of Peter Neman) Cathaine, Maria, Elisabeth, Sarah, John and Susanna

File 5993 September 15, 1846
Elias Steckle, Nockamixon Township
Widow Catharine and one Child,Francis, minor. Owned 10 acres with tavern house.


#8037 Book 12 Page 426
Jacob Kooker, Springfield Township, farmer Written April 25, 1844 Proved Oct 23, 1844
Wife Jane
Half-siblings: Robert, George W., Joseph and Thomas M. Brackenridge, Charlotte Backhouse, Sauanna Pursell. Exec: Friends Dr. Zachariah Drake and Dr. Francis L. Bodder. Wit: Jacob Clemens, Elias Steckel

#9728 Book 14, Page 5
Sarah Donlevy, Durham Township Written Jun 23,1846 Proved August 2, 1855
Siblings Morgan Long, Rachel Kelly, Mary Croxall. Niece Rachel Houpt and Rachel Jane Kelly. Nephew James W. Long. To Robert S. Kelly, Sarah (Wife of James Andrews), Sarah (wife of William S. Long), Eleanor S. Kelly, Eleanor Long, Franics D. Long. To Englis Prsbyterian Chruch inDurham. Exec: James W. Long. Wit: W. Steckel, Elizabeth Steckel

#12335 Book 17, Page 211
Jacob Stover, Haycock Townshi, miller Written Nov 21, 1860 Proved Dec 30, 1868
Children: John, Abraham, Samuel, Jonas, Anna (wife of Isaac Shive), Catharine Steckel.

Lehigh County Records

Egypt Reformed Chuch, Lehigh County
Name Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Daniel Steckel   Nov 24, 1767 Peter STeckel and W. Elisabetha Daniel Dorni and Appollonia Baehr
Peter Stoeckel Nov 8, 1772 Jan 20, 1773 Peter Stoeckel and W. Anna Elisabeth Peter Burghalder and w. Eva Catharina
Maria Susanna Stoeckel Oct 11, 1780 Nov 26, 1780 Jacob Stoeckel and Eva Catharina John Martin Mueckli and w. Catharina
Eva Catharina Stoeckel Dec 12, 1782 Jan 26, 1783 Jacob Stoeckel and w. Eva Catharina Henrich Stoeckel and Christina Saeger
Abraham Stoeckel Jan 12, 1785 Feb 27, 1785 Jacob Stoeckel and W. Eva Catharina Nicolaus Seger and W. Eva
Peter Stoeckel Aug 27, 1785 Sept 18, 1785 Henrich Stoeckel and w. Maria Jacob Stoeckel and Hanna, w. of Michel Shneider
Salome Stoeckel Sept 22, 1787 Nov 10, 1787 Johannes Stockel and w. Magdalena Jacob Wotering, Sibilla Gangenwer
Solomon Stoeckel Dec 13, 1788 Jan 18, 1789 Henrich Stoeckel and w. Maria Peter Sneider, Magdalena Mueckli
John Jacob Stoeckel Mar 21, 1789 April 25, 1789 Jacob Stoeckel and w. Eva Catharina J. Jacob Saeger, Susanna Mueckli
Daniel Stoeckel Nov 25, 1789 Jan 1, 1790 John Stoeckel and W. Magdalena Jacob Stoeckel and w. Eva Catharina
Peter Stoeckel June 12, 1792 July 15, 1792 John Stoeckel and w. Magdalena Michael Neuhard and w. Barbara
Joseph Steckel Mar 27, 1802 April 13, 1802 Johannes Steckel and w. Magdalena Peter Traxel and w. Sybilla Veronica
Regina Steckel FEb 6, 1803 Mar 15, 1803 Jacob Steckel and w. Eva Catharina Daniel Seager and w. Margretha
Salome Steckel Oct 22, 1806 Oct 29, 1806 Peter Steckel and w. Elisabeth Henrich Steckel and w. Maria
Johann Peter Steckel Mar 28, 1808 April 30, 1808 Peter Steckel and w. Elisabeth John Steckel and W. Magdalena


From Northampton County Records

Dryland Lutheran        
Anna Stockel Dec 26, 1791 Feb 12, 1792 Daniel Stockel and Rebecca Nicholas Schall and A. Magdalene
Joseph Steckel Mar 29, 1806 April 27, 1806 Daniel Steckel and Rebecca Peter Schmidt and Mara
William Jung Nov 23, 1808 Jan 25,1807 Jacob Jung and Elizabeth Daniel Steckel and Rebecca

From the Reformed Congregation Chruch Records of Williams Township:
Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Daniel Raub Jun 21, 1807   Wilhelm Raub and Elizabeth George Steckel and Anna Marie
Georg Wilhelm Logan Aug 13, 1809   Joseph Logan and Rosina George Steckel and Anna Marie
Carolina Aug 22, 1810 12/30/1810 Johann and Elizabeth* George Steckel and Anna Marie
Peter Raub Sep 28, 1813 11/6/1813 Jacob Raub and Sybilla George Steckel

* appears with Elizabeth Raub born Aug 19, Parents Jacob Raub and Sybilla, Sponsors Wilhelm Seip and Elisabeth.

Communicants from the Records of the Williams Township Congregation

Oct 5, 1767
Jurg Schückle, w. Anna Maria

May 22, 1768
Jurg Schickle, w. Anna Maria

June, 1769
Georg Schickle, w Maria
Marg. Schickle

December 5, 1772
Georg Schickel, w. Anna Maria, d. Margreth

Confirmed Good Friday and Commned the Following Sunday, 1773, for the first time
Catharina, d. of Georg Schickeli

January 29, 1777
George Schickle
Anna Maria Schickler
Cath. Schückler,

May 6, 1781
Georg Schickler
Maria Schickler

Oct 28, 1781
Georg Schickle
Maria Schickle
Maria Schickle

Dom XXII Trubut 1784
Anna Maria Schicklin
Geiorg Schickli
Anna Maria Schickli

Dom XXX Trnit., 1785
George Schickle
Anna Maria Schickel

Dom XX Trinit, 1786
Anna Maria Schickel

The first Reformed Church of Easton, Pa
Name Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Samuel Ecker 12/25/1812 3/18/1813 John Ecker and Sarah George Steckel and Anna Marie


Marriages- The first Reformed Church of Easton, Pa
Husband Date Wife
Chrisitan Nagel May 3, 1808 Sarah Steckel
Abraham Roeder March 19, 1811 Hannah Steckel
Samuel Moyer May 7, 1816 Elizabeth Steckel


From Pennsylvania Grave Stones, Northampton County, John T. Humphrey
Name Born Died Age Notes
Anna M. Dec 4, 1777 Dec 17, 1855 78-??13 Wife of Peter Mn. Schott, Moorestown Cemetery
Doctor J.F.A Nov 1759 Jun 1837 77-07-00 Buried Jun 7, 1837, Dryland Cemeter
Peter Nov 3, 1772 Feb 22, 1866 93-03-19 Moorestown Cemetery


Parish Records of ST. John's Evangelical Luthern Congregation, Easton, Northampton County, PA 1845-1893
Name Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Maria Stemmetz Mar 7, 1809 March 14, 1809 George Stemmetz and Christina George Steckel and Maria
Johannes Zacharia Stocker Sept 24, 1826 Feb 11, 1827 John Stocker and Rosina Joh. P. Hap and Margaratha
Theophelus Philips Steckel Nov 17, 1830 Oct 3, 1832 John Steckel and Sarah Parents
Sarah Elisabeth Aug 17, 1832 Oct 4, 1832 John Steckel and Sarah Parents
Emma Steckel Feb 18, 1854 April 13, 1854 George Steckel and Lucinda Grand Mother Eleanor Unagnst
Mary Alice Steckel Dec 23, 1855 March 1, 1855 Theophilus Steckel and Eliza  
John Forrest Steckel Oct 16, 1859 Feb 6, 1862 Theophios Steckel and Eliza Mr. and Mrs. Eli Moser
Sarah Matilda Steckel April 5, 1862 May 5, 1864 Theophilus Steckel and Eliza Ann  


From Northampton County, Orphan Court Records:

John Steckel:
The petition of John Steckel, on of the sons of George Steckel late of the Township of Williams in the said county, carpenter, dec'd was read reprsenting that the petitioner is a minor above the age of fourteen years and haith no Guardian appointed to take care of this person and estate. Praying the court to admit him to make choice of a quardian for the purpose aforesaid. Where upon the said minor appeared in open court and made choice of a Jacob Deemer of Williams Township, storekeeper.


Montgomery County, PA

Trappe Church records (Evangelical Lutheran Augustus Church at Trappe, New Providence Township, Montgomery County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Gertraut Sherer July 23, 1746 August 17, 1746 Valentin and Maria The Parents
Margretha Scherrer Feb 14, 1748 Feb 24, 1749 Valentin and Maria the Parents
Johannes Scherer Oct 11, 1758 Nov 5, 1758 Valentin and Maria The parents
Susanna Scherer April 3, 1761 April 12, 1761 Valintin and Maria Parents and many witnesses
Barbara Scherer April 3, 1761 April 12, 1761 Valintin and Maria Parents and many witnesses
Elisabeth Schorer Feb 27, 1766 May 18, 1766 Conrad and Eva Carl Reyer's Daughter

May 7, 1747 After previous instruction and public examination following were confirmed in the Christian Faith

Maria Scherer, nee Junglin, wife Valentin, age 20 years. Was duly examined and baptised before the Congregation July 16, 1745, and is now confirmed. She has a fine conception of sanctity and endeaveors to put in pratice

Anno 1761, March 29 Dom Quasimodegeniti
Confirmed in presence of the Congregation
Gertaut Scherer, dr. Valentin Age 15 years

Anno 1766, May 18
Confirmed in Augustus Chruch
Margretha Scharer, dr. Valentine
Elisabeth Scharerin

Anno qqui nemberatur MDCCLXX Post Saluatorm Natum, Catechumin Sequents Confirmati Sunt.
Catharina Scherern dr. Valentin age 17 years

Anno 1772, May 20
Maria SScharer, dr. Valentin

Anno 1774, dies 5 Junii praegress eruditione ius civitatis in Ecclesia sic dicta Lutherana Acceperunt
Johannes Schare, s. Valentine age 16 years.

Anno 1776, May 5
Elisabeth Sharer, Gemini Valentin Age 15 years
Susanna Scharer, Gemini Valentin, Age 15 years

Anno 1778, June 21
Magdalena Schere, dr. Valentin

The Trappe Records
The undersigned members and friends of the Evangelical Congregation at New Providence promise to Contribute yearlyt towards the Salary or Stipend of our Reverend pastor Muhlenberg, as follows: Witness our hand and Singature, November 27, 1760
Scherer, Valentin S. 15 (Notes, columns were L. S. D.) 15 appeared under s. column.
Scherer Conrad s. 1 d. 6

Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Steckel Aaron 79--Leah 69 Moore Township
Steckel Albert C 34--Laura J 21, Miles A 2 Allen Township
Steckel Elizabeth 65. Linden Bethlehem
Steckel Elizabeth 81 East Allen Township
Steckel Elizabeth-Anna M, Jennie M, Daniel E, Henry T, lawyer. 48 Centre Square Easton
Steckel Frank C-Sarah E. Easton
Steckel George P 38, cigar maker--Sarah E 38, Lillie C 16, Samual S 13, Charles I 11, Ralph H 8 East Allen Township - Bath
Steckel Gideon 71--Sarah 73 Moore Township - Pt. Phillips
Steckel Henry 49--Vilette 49, James 19 Moore Township - Klecknersville
Steckel I F & A C Propriotors of the Crystal Spring Distillery East Allen Township - Bath
Steckel Israel 70-Christian 61, Wilson 24 East Allen Township
Steckel John G, laborer-Margaret, Harry G, George G, John F. 1033 Butler Easton
Steckel Jones 46--Sarah A 47, Ida M 19 Moore Township - Pt. Phillips
Steckel Leopold S, harness maker-Sarah E, Walter F. 940 Ferry Easton
Steckel Lydio P 55--Anna R 33. 10 North Bethlehem
Steckel Samuel W, 24 Soath Callege Easton - Lafayette
Steckel Sarah 76 Allen Township
Steckel Solomon A 57, book-keeper. 10 North Bethlehem
Steckel Sylvester C 30-Alavesta 25, Solomon H 8, Hannah E 6, Minnie M 5, Anna M 5m East Allen Township
Steckel Theodore 46, carpenter--Louisanna 44, Ellen J 19, Lewis P 17, Clara N 14, Amos L 9, C lyde E 5. 105 Fairview Bethlehem
Steckel, Chas M 69--Eliza 66, Allen C 25. Upper Nazareth Township
Steckel, John 88. Williams Township
Steckel, John H 30--Sarah E 56, Charles W 4, Cora M 2. Williams Township
Steckel, Lizzie 20. Williams Township
Steckel, Theophilus 55--Lizzie B 22. Williams Township
Steckel, William 50--Margaret 50, John O 23, Walter L 21, Grace M 17, Gertrude 15, Charles C 12, Garfield 10, Maud C 6, Belva L 6, Emma E 4. Williams Township
Steckel, Wilson 25--Mary 21, Annie 7 m. Bushkill Township