Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Illick Genealogy (Could be Geres)
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Northampton County, PA

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. Illick? Garis? .

Catherine Elizabeth

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I can't find much information on her, I'm not sure if her last name is Illick.  I was given this name by another Kester research.  The last name stuck until I can prove or not prove that she is an Illick.


Maybe Daughter of John Philip Geres and Magdalen from Upper Mount Bethel.

Other related surnames: Kester

Records of Williams Township Congreation, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptism Parents Sponsors
Johann Philip Schlauch April 12, 1743 May 4, 1743 Jacob Schlauch and wife Catharina Philip Schluach and Rudolph Illick and w. Magdalena
Johann Christoph Illick Jan 2, 1746 Feb 9, 1746 Rudolph Illick and Magdalena Christoph Guthmann and w. Benigna
Johann Phillip Illick March 24, 1770 April 16, 1770 Christoph Illick and w. Elsiabeth Philip Meixel and w. Maria Magdalena
Elisabeth Illick Nov 9, 1771 Nov 24, 1771 Chritoph Illick and w. Elisabeth Johannes Knecht and w. Magdalena
Johannes Illick Jan 22, 1774 Feb 27, 1774 Christophel Illick and w. Elsiabeth Johannes Knecht and w. Maria Magdalena
Johann Chrtiphel Illick Mar 12, 1778 April 5, 1778 Christophel Illick and w. Elisabeth Johann Busch and wife
Christina Illick Jan 9, 1780 Feb 6, 1780 Christophel and w. Elisabeth Mattheus König and Miss Meickels
Johann Philip Illick Jan 15, 1786 Jan 29, 1786 Chritoph Iliick and Elisabeth Joh. Philip Micksel and Magdalena
Johannes Flory Oct 11, 1792 Nov 18, 1792 Johann Flory and Elisabeth Christoph Illick and Elisabeth
Elisabeth Schmitt 1796 July 12, 1796 Johannes Schmitt and Elisaberth Chrstiph Illick and Elisabeth
Susanna Flory Nov 23, 1797 Dec 24, 1797 Johannes Flroy and Elisabeth Johannes Illich and Catharina
Elisabeth Susanna Unagnst Dec 29, 1805 Feb 2, 1806 Johann Unangst and Anna Margareth Christoph Illick and Elisabeth
Sarah Illick July 18, 1809 Aug 27, 1809 Johann Illick and Catharina Christoph Illick and Elisabeth
Samuel Herter Nov 27, 1812 April 25, 1813 Georg Herter and Elisabeth Johann Illick and Catharine
Simon Illick Feb 25, 1814 March 17, 1814 Johannes Illikc and Catharine Christopher Illick and Elisabeth
Johannes Florey March 11, 1816 May 19,1816 John florey and Elisabeth John. Illick and Catharine


Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Illick Charles K 28--Lizzie D 26, Hattie S 5, Walter K 17 Lower Mount Bethel
Illick Joseph E 26--Clara E 25, Beulah 6, Stanley G 3 Hanover Township
Illick Miss Mary C, 67 N Third Easton
Illick Reuben H 54--Diana 50, Lizzie B 13. 28 Broad Bethlehem
Illick William E 55-Mary A 54, Clinton O 20 East Allen Township
Illick, Henry 50-Rosetta 50, Franklin 22, Marcus 20, Daniel R 15, Lizzie 13. Williams Township
Illick, John 20. Williams Township
Illick, John 45--Anna 36, Ira F 15, Lillie C S 7, Joseph S 5, Irvin T 6m. Williams Township
Illick, Sadie 20. Williams Township
Illick, Samuel C 74--Harriet 66, Sallie 36. Washington Township
Illick, Susanna 77. Williams Township