Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1910
1910 Easton Daily Argus Obits
Parents, siblings...
Saturday, January 1, 1910
Reuben Frankenfield Friday Evening, Phillipsburg   Stephen, Stella,John, ellen brothers and sisters: Samuel Frankenfield, Francis Frankenfield, Mrs. Sanford Pursel, Mrs. Sarah Sigafoos, Mrs. Jehile Sigafoos, Albert Frankenfield, Ellen Steiner
Mrs. James Griffith Friday, Walnutport   John Griffith, Mrs. Platz, Mrs. Edward Will, Mrs. Wallace Siegley, Mrs. Solomon Phillipson, William Griffith, James Alfred, Beddreas Griffith  
Anna M. Mackay Friday, College Hill, Eaton Charles S. Mackay Sr Charles A. Mackay, Jr sister Mrs. A. W. Losland, brothers. George and Enoch Walton
Amandus Roth Friday night, Nazareth widow May, Norman, Pearl, Virginia brothers and sister: Elmer, Wilson Henry and Mrs. Mary Koch
Garret B. Hoppes this morning, Bethlehem     mother, and several brothers and sisters
Wednesday, January 5, 1910
Holloway A. Huff Tuesday, afternoon, Phillipsburg     mother: Mrs. Abigail Huff, brothers: Peter, Albert, Kenneth Huff, sister: Mrs. John Kellet
Diana R. Eschbach Tuesday, Lower Saucon Township William Eschbach   parents: Joseph and Rachael O'Brien Siegfried, sister: Mrs. Charles Van Billiard, brother: James Siegfried
Amanda Yeisley this morning, South Side (Easton) Thomas Yeisley William H. Yeisley, Mrs. Oscar Boyer brother: Quintus Sandt
Tom Daring today, Danville, Ill      
Mame Murphy Jones Sunday evening, Lehnenburg, Bucks County, PA Harry Jones   parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy, brothers and sisters: Moses, Carl, Nellie, Annie, Florence, Sarah, Rose
Elie Moser Sunday morning, Phillipsburg   Mrs. Thomas Heitzman brothers: Charles Moser, Francis Moser
Emma J. Raub the morning, Easton   Miss Minerva raub sister: Miss Annie Hager
Dr. Monroe Wilson Sunday morning, Bangor   William H., Wilson, Leonard B. Wilson, Mrs. C. H. Hawkins  
Mrs. Josiah Miller Saturday, Johnsonville, Upper Mt. Bethel   Mrs. Moses Dunbar, Mrs. Samuel Reeser, Mrs. Luther Otto  
Lewis Sauerzochf Sunday morning, Alpha NJ    

parents: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sauerzochf, brothers and sisters: William, John, Laura, Ada, Rose

Hannah Kern Saturday morning, Allentown Eli Kern Wm. kern, Mrs. Jacob Burger  
Thursday, January 20, 1910
Mary L. Lehr Wednesday night, Williams Township Peter Lehr Mary, Elroy, earl, Irvin, edward, Emerson mother: Mary Ann Transue, sisters: Mrs. Louisa Grube, Mrs. Madison Lehr, Mrs. Joseph Hochman, Mrs. William Wohlbach, brother: Isaac J. Transue
Angeline Hunt this morning, Mt. Bethel (1) Jacob Depew (2)Abraham Hunt William Depew, Aaron Depew, Forest Hunt sister: Mrs. Frank Stofflet, brothers: Aaron and Harry Ruch, Jacob Ruch, Joseph and William Ruch, Boss Ruch
Fred. A. George this morning, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. George, brothers: Charles D. George, W. H. George Jr., sister: Miss Helen George.
Amandus Ritter Wednesday, Allentown      
Tuesday, January 25, 1910
Joseph B. Cornish Monday, Washington, NJ   Hon. Johnston Cornish grandson, Joseph Cornish, brother: John D. Cornish, sister: Mrs. Smith
Mary Richards Tuesday morning, South Side (Easton) Theodore W. Richards Frederick W. Richards, Sarah L. and Fannie Richards parents: Mr. and Mrs. William L. Zane
Catherine Everitt Sunday night, Port Morris, NJ Peter A. Everitt John Everitt, Mrs. Charles Hay, Mrs. Hannah Gorgas, Frank Everitt, Mrs. William Wyler brother: Moses Pfemley
Saturday, February 26, 1910
David D. Frankenfield Friday afternoon, Easton widow Harry C. Frankenfield, Miss Flora H. Frankenfield, Roy Frankenfield  
Tilghman Stephen Thursday, Easton Texas, Lehigh County wife Sanford Stephen, Tilghman Stephen, Jr., Mrs. Caroline Mohr brother: Jonas
Adam W. Bird this morning, Harmony Township, NJ widow David Bird, Melville K. Bird, Philip Bird, Harvey Bird, Mrs. George W. Miller, Mabel Bird brothers: Philip M. Bird, Abram Bird
Marian W. Irvin Friday Afternoon, Redlands, Cala.     parents: Wellington and hannah Irvin, brother, Homer Irvin, Emma and Josephine
Oscar Kepler yesterday, Almshouse     brother: James
Thursday, March 3, 1910
Claudia M. Bleckely Wednesday, Hazelton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Bleckley, brothers, Fred. W. Bleckley, Albert H. Bleckley, Mrs. William F. Cope
Sidney White Lear Tuesday morning, Doylestown George Lear Mary wife of George P. Brock, Miss Cordelia Lear  
Myra Arnold       parents: Mr. and Mrs. Russell Arnold, brothers. E. E. Fulmer, Russell Arnold, Jr
Mrs. L. Dewitt Taylor Wednesday, Belvidere, NJ   Marguerite Taylor, Gladys Taylor  
Monday, March 7, 1910
Mary Danley Sunday Afternoon, Easton Samuel Danley   brothers and sisters: Mrs. Daniel Poyer, Mrs. Lizzie Dalrymple, Mrs. Emma Williams, Mrs. Jane MOrgan, John Dugan, J.A. Dugan
Catherine McIlhaney Saturday evening, Phillipsburg Patrick McIlhaney Mrs. Dr. Isaac Barber, Mrs. Lawrence Halley, Mrs. George Hagerty, Mrs. Charles Newman  
William Walter Sunday Morning, Forks Township   Charles Walter brothers: Van Selan Walter, Edward Walter
william Earl Smith Sunday afternoon, Easton     father: William H. Smith, brothers and sisters: Mrs. Walter Vanatta, Miss Ethel ,Smith, George Smith, Margaret Smith, Fred Smith, Frank Smith.
Monday, March 14, 1910
Cyrus Werkheiser this morning, Easton Widow Floyd C., Jessie V. and Richard W. Werkheiser father: Richard Werkheiser, sister: Miss Sarah Werkheiser, brothers: Lovene, Samuel and Oliver Werkheiser
Sarah Trucksess This morning, Norristown David Traucksess Mrs. D. I. Hallman, Harry, David, Sallie and Mrs. Charles Potter  
Loretta Sherry McComas Saturday Evening, Bethlehem John W. McComas    
Tuesday, March 15, 1910
Loretta Sherry McComas Saturday, Bethlehem John Wesley McComas Kenneth Wesley McComas sisters: Mrs. Jacob Heck, Mrs. margaret Daily, brothers, Ira. C. George B. Samuel W. Sherry
Morris M. Fritts Monday, Phillipsburg   William, Mrs. Adam Swayze, Mrs .Stephen Lansing, Mrs. Charles Lanning, Arthur Fritts, Chester Fritts, Harry Fritts brother, Benjamin Fritts
E. F. Taylor Sunday Evening, Doylestown      
Theodore Krout Monday, Rochester, Michigan      
Wednesday, March 16, 1910
Margaret Walters Tuesday afternoon, Lopatcong Township, NJ George Walter Mrs. B. F. Wilson, J. H. Walters, Franklin, Jacob, George, Marshall, David, Harry, Mrs. Jennie Unangst, Marcus Walters, Mrs. Lizzie Harrison brothers and sisters: John Hamlin, Cyrus Hamlin, Henry Hamlin, Mrs. Evan Knecht, Mrs. Jennie Young, Mrs. John Engle, Mrs. James Smith, Mahlon Hamlin
Catharine Wetzel Tuesday afternoon, Ackermanville John Wetzel Frank, Joseph, Miss Anna Thomas Gum, David Gum, Peter, Gum, half-sisters: Mrs. Napoleon Horn, Mrs. Jerome Melroy, Mrs. John Kellow
George Matthews this morning, Bangor   George, John, William, Thomas, Archie, Mrs. Thomas Lewis, Mrs. William Williams, Mrs. Evan Pritchard, Mrs. R.R. Jones, Mrs. William Sanderson, Miss Fosa Matthews  
Thursday, March 17, 1910
Edmund O'Brien Wednesday evening, Phillipsburg Widow Joseph, Edward, Helena, Margaret, beatrice, William, Robert, Ida brother: Thomas O'Brien, sister: Mrs. Margaret Schweitzer
Matilda Catherine Schweitzer Houser Tuesday, Bethlehem William. H. Houser adopted daughter: Mrs. Julius W. Yockum parents: John and Christina Hay Schweitzer
Mary Agnes Shimer Wednesday afternoon, South Side (Easton) William Shimer James Maxwell Shimer parents: Mr.and Mrs. John Mullen, sister, Miss Elizabeth Mullen
William P. Back Wednesday, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. William S. Beck, brother Vange Beck
Friday, March 18, 1910
Josiah B. Woodring Thursday, St. Luke's Hospital Widow, Elizabeth Brotzman Woodring Harry K., George P., William J., Frank L. Anna E. eleven grandchildren.
Edward L. Walters This morning, Easton widow Francis C. Walters, Mrs. George Unangst brothers: George Walters, Joseph Walters
Thomas Prout this morning, East Bangor widow Mrs. James Baker, Mrs. George Woodley, John Prout four grandchildren
Monday, March 21, 1910
Susan Delp Redline Sunday, Harpers James Redline John S. Redline, George Redline, James M. Redline, Mrs. Samuel Mack, brother, Reuben Delp, a number of grandchildren
Matilda Frankenfield this morning, Nathan Frankenfield Amandus, Samuel, Milton, Mrs. William Kreidler, Mrs.Evan Young, Mrs. Milton Heitzman brother: David Bunden, sisters: Miss Sabina Bunden and Mrs. Fietta Kratzer
Alvaretta Bachman Sunday Evening, Bath Amandus Bachman Miss Laura, Miss Carrie, Miss Annie brother: William Easterday, sisters: Mrs. Adam Lilly, and Mrs. William Kocher
Matilda Cressman Sunday evening, Phillipsburg Oliver H. Cressman   brothers and sisters: Mrs. John McCoy, Henry Mensh, Geo. Mench, Mrs. J.F. Houck, Asher Mensh
Grace Robinson Sunday evening, Easton Hospital Theodore Robinson two children.  
Thursday, March 24, 1910
Bertha E. Shimer Tuesday afternoon, Redington A. Hamilton Shimer Esther,Ruth, Miriam, Evelyn, Franklin parents: Joel and Emma Moser Hineline, sisters: Mrs. Harry Smock, Mrs .Granvil Richards, Mrs. Wilson Heavener, Mrs. Floyd Nolf, brothers: Thomas, Clement, Joel and Clyde
Josephine Riey this morning, Easton Jacob Riey Jacob Riey, Charles F. Riey, Mrs. Josephine Yauch  
Sarah Porter Pettinos Wednesday, San Francisco, CA George F. Pettinos George F. Pettinos, Charles E. Pettinos  
Philip H. Fretz Wednesday afternoon, Doylestown   Dr. J. Edgar Fretz, Miss Leila and Marguerite  
Evan Heller Saturday March 12, Strasburg, Lancaster County   Mr. Dr. J. O. George  
Tuesday, March 29, 1910
Marietta Rader Sunday Night, Hecktown David Rader Mrs. Jacob Itterly, Mrs. Alphous R. Johnson, Freeman Rader  
Caroline Newhard Monday, Allentown Silas H. Newhard George B. Newhard, Franklin J. Newhard  
Nellie B. Dougherty Tuesday, South Side, Easton     Mother: Mrs. Daniel Dougherty, brother, Daniel Dougherty
Mrs. W. H. Robbins Saturday night, Brooklyn   Meda, Floyd, Mrs. McDonald Gray brother, Horace Yost, sisters: Mrs. L, Keller and Mrs. George W. Lehman
Saturday, April 2, 1910
Lucetta E. Kreidler Friday, County almshouse Lovene Kreidler Norman brother: Zachariah Fritz, sister: Mrs. Emeline Eckert
Sarah Morris Friday evening, Phillipsburg John B. Morris George, James and Leroy  

Easton Daily Argus, April 9, 1910

Daniel Keiper Friday morning, Allentown hospital      
John W. Snyder this morning, Martin's Creek Widow Clinton, Mrs. J. C. Albright  
Anna Catherine Odenwelder Friday, Newton NJ Samuel Odenwelder Mrs. M. Dimmick, Erwin T. Odenwelder, Mrs. John Stout, Mrs. Anna Paxson, Mrs. Charles Searles brother: John Brotzman
John Ross Friday night, Wind Gap     mother: Mrs. David Fetherman
Louisa B. Warick Friday, Bangor John Warick Mrs. John Jennings, John William, Lewis, Irvin and David Warick  
Tuesday, April 19, 1910
Freeman Kiefer Monday, April 10, 1910, Williams Township      
Thursday, April 21, 1910
James P. Folkenson this morning, Easton widow Frank, Mrs. Clayton Sonen, Mrs. Sadie Warner, Edwin and William, Mrs. Willis Hager brothers: George Folkenson, Lewis Folkenson, sister: Mrs. George Walters
Luther C. Thon Wednesday night, Easton     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Charles Thon, brothers and sister: Mrs. George R. heck, Rudolph F., Carl W., Victor P.
Elizabeth Reed this morning, Palmer Township Jacob Reed Joseph Reed, Emma E. and Gertrude R. Reed sisters and brothers: Mrs. James Yeager, Mrs. James Hay, Mrs. Emma Mackenfield, Joseph Miley, Stewart Miley
Benjamin Foor Wednesday morning, Catasauqua wife    
Monday, May 2, 1910
William Hoagland Saturday night, Belvidere, NJ   Charles Hoagland, George Hoagland, Ellen Hoagland, May Hoagland, Mrs. Levi Reynolds brother: Edward Hoagland
Edward Oldt Saturday night, Easton   Mrs. Charles Moyer, Charles Oldt, Mrs. Wilson Schaeffer, Howard Old, Mrs. W. A. Evans, Ray Oldt father: Charles Oldt, five sisters and three brothers
John Donohoe Saturday, Belvidere   Joseph Donohoe, Mrs. Samuel Henderson sisters: Eliza and Sarah Donohoe
Conrad Boas Saturday afternoon, county almshouse     brother: Peter Boas, sister: Mrs. Charles Dennigh
Amanda Walters Friday, Norristown     brothers: William and Jacob
Thursday, May 12, 1910
Howard W. Boehm Tuesday morning, Lower Saucon     parents: William and Mary Ann Boehm, brothers and sister: Calvin, peter Edward, Elwood and Stewart and Maria.
Amanda E. King Tuesday, Bethlehem Oliver King Lottie, Tillie I., Arthur R. parents: George and Mary Engler, sisters: Mrs. Jacob D. Metzger, Mrs. Wm. Bauer
Amelia Trappe Wednesday, South Bethlehem Harrison Trappe Mrs. Edwin Weil, William Tell, Mrs. Victor More, Mrs. Edward A. Eberman, Mrs. W. M. Strohl, Mrs. Daniel Griffin, William Weaver, Elias Weaver  
Charles Eberts Bath   Mrs. Thomas Koch, Mrs. Rev. O. F. Ettwein, James A. Eberts, Elmer F. Eberts brother George Eberts, sixteen grand children and four great-grandchildren.
Mary Henniger Wednesday night, Easton Hiram Henninger    
Monday, May 16, 1910
Samuel T. Davison Saturday afternoon   H. P. Davison, E.S. Davison, L. E. Davison, Sarah Elizabeth Stoney  
Herbert Tomer this morning, county almshouse     brother: James Tomer
Howard M. Laubach Sunday Evening, St. Augustine, Fla     father: Robert Laubach, sister: Mrs. Frank Mansifeld
Andrew S. Hawk May 15, 1910 , Phillipsburg      
Friday, May 20, 1910
Elizabeth Weaver this morning, Germanton, Pa William H. Weaver Ethan Allen Weaver, Mrs. A. V. Rader

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Able
brothers: Edward Abel, Jesse Able sisters: Mrs. Lewis Manning, Mrs. Julius Rother

Sarah Lerch Wednesday, Bethlehem John Lerch Frank J. Lerch (two sons died in infancy) parents: Joseph B. Jones and Sarah (Schweitzer) Jones
Anna Martha Thornton Thursday afternoon, South Side, Easton William T. Thornton Floyd Thornton parents: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goodyear, brother: John Goodyear
Jacob Allshouse Thursday, Uniontown, Warren county, NJ Retta, Levitt   brothers and sisters: Marcus, Mary Allshouse, Mrs. Lydia Miller, James Allshouse
Saturday, May 21, 1910
Jennie Fitzsimmons this morning, Phillipsburg Thos. Fitzsimmons Mary, Margaret, Mrs. Daniel Hurley, and Bartholomew brother, Bartholomew Brady, sister: Mrs. James Lynch
Elizabeth Hawk this morning, Phillipsburg Isaac Hawk Mrs. John C. Smith, Miss Blanche Hawk sisters: Washington Lightcap, Mrs. Eliza Colver, Mrs. William Christine, Miss Hannah Lightcap
E. W. Senecal this morning, county Almshouse      
Friday, June 3, 1910
Elijah B. Crater this morning, Easton   Lizzie, Mrs. Anna Dressell, Mrs. P. J. Storm, George W. Crater, Charles D. Crater, Mrs. Eline Miller brother: John Crater, sister: Mrs. James Pitney
Laura S. Koch Thursday evening, Easton Harvey T. Koch   father: Conrad B. Strohl, brothers and sisters: Edwin Strohl, Missouri Strohl, Jeremiah Strohl, Mrs. Oliver Breyfogle, Mrs. Alexander Breyfogel
Friday, June 10, 1910
William Schleicher Thursday afternoon, Hecktown wife Carrie, Edgar, Asher, Charles, John , Clayton brothers: David Schliecher, Louis Schleicher
Catharine Dereamer today, Phillipsburg Charles Dereamer Charles Dereamer, George Dereamer, Lewis Dereamer, Floyd Dereamer sister: Mrs. Benjamin Folk
Tuesday, June 14, 1910
L. F. Walters Monday evening, Bethlehem twice married William (from first marriage) Roy, Wilbert (both from second marriage)  
Sarah Grube Monday Morning, Lower Saucon Abraham and Maria Kiefer Charles, Walter, Benjamin, William, Mrs. John Williams, Mrs. Jonas Hoffman, Miss Sarah, Miss Rosa brothers: William Kiefer, George Keifer, Abraham, Keifer, Jacob Keifer, sister: Mrs. George Grube, six grandchildren
Sarah Ann Bowman Sunday morning, East Freemansburg James Bowman Mrs. Alfred Bloss, Mrs. Jas. Cliff, Stewart Bowman, Charles Bowman parents: Thos. and Elizabeth Mack Walton , one stepsister, 20 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren
John Lewis Albert this morning, Bangor      
Tuesday, June 21,1910
Henry Shipman this morning, Easton widow Miss Fannie and Miss Jennie Shipman parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Shipman, brother: W. C. Shipman, Esq, sister: Mrs. Eli M. Fox
Franey Troxell this morning, Nazareth Daniel L. Troxell Robert D. Troxell, Howard M. Troxell, Mrs. Edwin Walters, Mrs. Andrew Kessler, Mrs. Robert Millheim, Mrs. Joseph P. Troxell, Mrs. Fred Troxell step-children: Mrs. John Birkenhead, Edwin Troxell and James Troxell, Mrs. Irvin Heeler, brother: Henry Hahn
Saturday, June 25, 1910
Dr. Eugene T. Millheim Wednesday, Bethlehem Lamia Bemis Pauline sister: Mrs. Anna Kilo
James Blacken Friday, Mercerize, NJ     sister: Mrs. Mary Mooney
Monday, June 27, 1910, page 2
W. Frank Walters Sunday, county almshouse widow Darwin, Claude, Elsie, Victor seven brothers and three sisters
Katharine Stadelhoffer Saturday evening, Phillispburg Matthew Stadelhoffer Frederick Stadelhoffer, Mrs. Mary Walker, Mrs. Eva Machman, Mrs. Catharine Hicks, Mrs. Ann McCrain, Mrs. ida Gundaker, Mrs. Helen Geiger, Margaret Stadelhoffer, Elizabeth Stadeholfofer brothers: Peter Auer, Joseph Auer
Frederick S. Reinheimer this morning, Easton     mother: Mrs. Fyetta Reinheimer, brother, Edward Reinheimer, sister: Mrs. Robert Jones
Mrs. Catherine Datesman Saturday evening, Johnsonville Samuel Datesman Mrs. Daniel Horton, Mrs. Ella M. Darran, E. L. Datesman, Geo. E. Datesman  
J. S. Strunk Sunday afternoon, Bangor   Mrs. Henry Reichard, Mrs. C. L. Moyer, Mrs. Harry William, Mrs. Frank K. Ditchett, Mrs. William H. Smith, Miss Clara Strunk, Walter Strunk, Howard Strunk brothers: John Strunk, Albert Strunk, sister: Mrs. George Shoemaker
Amandus Seiple Sunday Night      
Thursday, June 30, 1910
Jacob J. Kern Wednesday afternoon, Lower Mt. Bethel widow William D. Kern grandson, C. Raymond Keifer
Frank J. Deibert Wednesday, Siegfried wife Mrs. Lewis Rau, Mrs. Owen Roth, Hertbert Diebert step-son Stephen Rau, sister: Mrs. Jere Schneck, brothers; Lewis Diebert, Menno Diebert
Robert Torrance this morning, Easton Hospital     brothers: John, James Thomas and Alfred
Friday, July 1, 1910
William C. Koch today, Easton Hospital widow   parents: Mr.and Mrs. William A. Koch, brother Harvey
Margaret Love Wednesday, South Bethlehem      
Susanna Sames Wednesday night, South Bethlehem George Sames   parents: Jacob and Susan Green Moyer, sister: Mrs. Catharine Moody, brothers: Daniel Moyer, and E. H. Moyer
Wednesday, July 20, 1910
Stanlalavoas Seakis Tuesday, Easton widow    
Mary J. Woodring Tuesday afternoon, Easton William woodring Claude Woodring, William Woodring, Flossie Woodring parents: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hay, brothers and sisters: Andrew Hay, Abram Hay, Philip Hay, William H. Hay, Peter W. Hay, Mrs. William Reeser, Mrs. Charles Seiple, Mrs. David Hugh
James Gaffney Tuesday, South Bethlehem   Patrick Gaffney  
Saturday, July 23, 1910
Catherine Stryker Friday, Phillipsburg Nelson Stryker Mrs. C. Albert Sandt, Mrs. Stewart Heitzman, Melson Stryker parents; John and Elizabeth Seager, sister: Mrs. Elizabeth Silkman, half-sister, Mrs. Margaret Snyder
Harrison Bright Thursday, Lower Saucon     Parents; Elias and hannah bright, sister: Mrs. Henry Raudenbush, nephew: Eugene Raudenbush
Mary Simons Thursday night, Middletown Michael Simons Wilson Simons, Mrs. Henry Noll, John Simons, Stewart Simons parents: John and Mary Miller, fifteen grandchildren
Tuesday, July 26, 1910
Joseph F. Painter Monday, Easton widow   mother: Mrs. Jacob Painter; Brother: John Painter; Sisters: Mrs. Watson Shrope, Mrs. Margaret Hamlin, Mrs. Jane Adams, Mrs. Cyrus Hamlin, Mrs. Robert Sinclair
Mary Ann Learch (nee Shimer) Monday, Seigfried Pa Charles Lerch Lovine Lerch two grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, sister: Mrs. A.E. Werkhsier, one borther, Peter A. Shimer
Anna Kressler this morning, Johnsville Henry Kressler   step-son: Peter Kressler
Mary M. Keel Sunday, Philadelphia     Parents: Henry H. and Anna R. Keel
Tuesday, August 9, 1910
Thomas Paulus Monday Night, Easton     brothers: Edwin Paulus, Abraham Paulus, Mrs. Sabilla Glick, mentioned Abraham Unangst
Charles Edward Wessels Wednesday     parents: Mr. and mrs. Edward Wessels, sister: Miss Ruth K, Wessels, Aunt: Mrs. John H. Clewell, Uncles: Clarence A. Wolf, George H. Wolf
Rebecca Charles Monday, Easton Milton Charles Maude C. Charles Step-son Newton Souders
Saturday, August 13, 1910
Mrs. John Evans this morning John Evans Evan Evans, Rossen Evens, Emily Evans Edwin Evans, Mrs. John Honey sisters: Mrs. Hugh Jones, Mrs. J. H. Edwards, Mrs. Thos.Fox, Jr.
Louise Ann Anstadt this morning, Alpha NJ Frank Anstadt Mrs. John Romig, Mrs. Dora Reidenauer brother: John Rohrbach
Helen Irene Lindemoyer Friday, Nazareth     parents: Mr.and mrs. George Lindermoyer
Henry Winter Friday, Washington, NJ   Mrs. James H. Johnson  
Sarah Long Friday, Williams Township Mahlon Long Rev. H. H. Long, P. H. Long, Mrs. Salome Klotz, Mrs. Daniel Lake, Mrs. mary A. Long four grandchildren, one great-grandchild
William J. Barr Thursday, Jersey City   William J. Barr, Jr, Henry C. Barr, Mrs. J. L. Wickhiser, Mrs. S. Snyder, Mrs. Harvey Kline parents: Mr and Mrs. John Barr, sister: Mrs. Eugene Mutchler, Mrs. Peter O'connell
Samuel Landis Jones this morning, Easton widow, Addison L Edna Edna brother: Addison L. Jones. Note: wife and brother's name is the same in obit.
Julia Schaefer this morning, South Side, Easton Otto Schaefer Mary, Rose, Dorothy, Daisy, Henry, Charles, William, Russell  
Thursday, August 18, 1910
Susan Buss Wednesday afternoon, Easton Mathias Buss Wilson F. buss, Clinton M., Buss, Campbell F. Buss, Edmund Buss, Mrs. D. C. Lerch, Miss Alice Buss brother: Nathan Frankenfield
Thomas M. Jones Tuesday, South Bethlehem Widow Thomas F. Jones mother, sisters and brothers: Mrs. T. R. Smith, Mrs. David Jones, Mrs. reese Price, Mrs. Jacob Berger, Mrs. Grant Strauss, William Jones, Harry Jones, Daniel Jones, John Jones
Mary Larkin Tuesday, Union Springs, NY Patrick Larkin Philip, Thomas, the late Mrs. Frank Flynn nephew: Patrick Sheeran
William Johnston this morning, Phillipsburg widow Charles, Catherine, Mrs. harry Snyder, William brothers: Jacob Johnston, David Johnston Mrs. Thomas Fitzsimmons, Mrs. John Essig
Tuesday, August 23, 1910
Maria E. Smith this morning, Bushkill Samuel P. Smith Harry E. Smith brother: George Schoonover
Gretta Irene Vogel Tuesday morning     Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Vogel, uncle: J. Frank Andrews, sister: Irma, brothers: Carl and Marshall
James Moule this morning, Phillipsburg     mother: Mary A. Moule, Brother, George Moule, sisters: Margaret and Mrs. Valentine Stout
Friday, August 26, 1910
Tilghman F. Moyer Thursday, Allentown Amanda Rev. O. T. Moyer, T. L. Moyer, E. H. Moyer, W. D. Moyer fifteen grandchildren, six great-grandchildren. brothers: Reuben Moyer, Daniel Moyer
Thomas Nelson Thursday Afternoon, Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia Anna T.   in-laws: Mr. and Mrs. jeremiah Ackerman, brother: Alfred Nelson, Miss Irene Nelson
Dorothy Laubach Thursday night, Easton     parents: Fred and Zelda Laubach

Saturday, September 24, 1910, Page 8

Anna Micke Sandt the morning, Easton C. Flemming Sandt   parents: Reuben and Margaret Micke, brother: Lewis A. Micke, sisters: Mrs. William Kress, Mrs. William Garis
Catharine Amelia Stahl Thursday, Bethlehem Charles F. Beckeler Marie Lillian, Emma Beel, Carl Louis  
Mary A. Green Friday Daniel Green four children (two preceded her tot he grave) parents: Maria and late John Allen
Raymond Lynn Friday, Belvidere     grandparents: Mr.and Mrs. August Lynn, mother: Mrs. John Dickey

Tuesday September 27, 1910

Simon P. Kieffer this morning, Easton widow Willliam H., Mrs. Amos King, Mrs. William B. Roberts, Robert, Simon P, Jr., Miss Ida, Mrs. Albert Bradley brothers and sisters: Wm. Kieffer, Mrs. Charles Miksch, Mrs. William Grube, Mrs. Eleanor Hummerl, Benjamin Keifer
David Lerch Monday Morning, Upper Mt. Bethel wife Emma, Ethel, Royden, Charles Lerch mentions other relatives:(Step-children) Frank Oliver, George Oliver, Mrs. Frank Griffith, Miss Stella Oliver, brothers and sisters: John, Christian, Charles, Samuel, Emanuel, Frank, Mrs. Edward Jacoby, Mrs. Joseph Brodt, Emma
Ida Drake Saturday, Brass Castle, Washington NJ Willis Drake   parents: Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis, sisters: Mrs. Edward Rush, Mrs. William B. Baylor
Friday, October 21, 1910
Catherine Heed Tuesday night, Belvidere Henry V. Heed Mrs. Herbert Smith, Lawrence brother: John O. Griggs, sisters; Mrs. Nathaniel Barrett, Mrs. Sarah Schoffield, Mrs. Hulda Parks
Elizabeth Stocker Wednesday morning. Belvidere (1) Mr. Engler (2)Isaac Stocker Chris Engler, Marshall Engler, Mrs. Freeman Kinney (first three from first marriage)Mrs. Anna Snyder, Freeman, Lizzie, Floyd  
John Brotzman Thursday, Bethlehem Township widow William H., Oscar F., John A. George W., Mrs. George Wilson, Mary A. Brotzman  
William H. Creveling Thursday, Easton      
Margaret Pollock Thursday, Easton John Pollock Mary Pollock, Emily Pollock grandson: John Pollock
Monday, November 28, 1910
James H. Williamson Saturday, Moore Township wife Lewis A. Williamson, Victor E. Williamson, Frank Williamson, Mrs. Andrew Smith eight grandchildren
Luella C. Blundell Sunday, Philadelphia John Blundell Walter, Lloyd father: William H. Vannatta , brother: W. Harleigh Vannatta , sisters: Mrs. John Morgan, Mrs. Louis Kroner
Phaon Dorwart Friday, South Bethlehem Maria Sieger Mrs. Moulton Miller, Mrs. Frank Unangst, Moulton step-son Oliver Christman, sister: Mrs. Catharine Smith, Brothers: Thomas and William
James Clark Sunday morning widow Florence Clark, Harry Clark  
Monday, December 5, 1910
John H. Voght Sunday, Easton widow Oscar T. Mrs. John Heller, Mrs. Paul Schwartz, Mrs. Daniel Benz, John Voght brother: John Voght, sister: Mrs. Charles Schatz, twenty-two grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren
Julia Ann Hackman Sunday morning, Easton John G. Hackman Granville Hackman, George W. Hackman, Mrs. John Ehret, Mrs. Edwin Coburn  
Lawrence Blake Friday, Pen Argyl ` Mrs. William Smith, Michael Black, Lawrence Blake, John Black  
Aaron Pysher Saturday, Martin's Creek   John Pysher, Mrs. Edward root, Levi Pysher, Elmer Pysher, Simon Pysher, Uriah Pysher, herman Pysher, sisters: Mrs. John Fangboner, Mrs. Jere Labar, Mrs. Theodore Stofflet, Mrs. Herbert Buzzard