Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1909
1909 Easton Daily Argus Obits
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Friday, January 1, 1909
George Henry Beam today, Easton Lucy Mrs. Charles Bethman, Mrs. Roscoe Eakin, Mrs. Walter Purdy, George H. Jr. Chester W. James, Mary, Annie, Rebecca Ima parents: John and Eliza Beam, brother, John Beam, sister: Cecelia Sidders
Thursday, January 20, 1909
Irwin Brotzman This morning, South side (Easton) widow Mars.Edgar Hl. Mayer, Floyd Brotman Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Brotzman
Joseph Detling Wednesday Night, Easton Hospital Widow Miss Annie Detling, William A. Detling, Edward Detling, Frank Detling brother: Lewis Detling, sisters: Mrs. Theresa Goth, Mrs. Mary Rice, Mrs Benedict Mark.
Wednesday, January 27, 1909
Elizabeth Hahn Monday, Allentown Alfred Hahn Miss Eva Hahn parents: John and Lydia Heckman Moyer, sisters: Mrs. George H. Young, Mrs. Zachariah Siegfried, brother: Michael Moyer
Emma L. Harzell Tuesday night, Easton Lewis Hartzell Harry D., Claude mother: Mrs. Clara Pence, brothers and sisters: Mrs. William Hoffman, Mrs. I. Putney, Henry Pence, Deavid Pence, Thomas Pence
Edmund Goddard Saturday, Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County   Ogden Banks Goddard, Alonzo D. Goddard, John W. Goddard, Orville Goddard Seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren
Tuesday, February 2, 1909
Barbara Martz Monday Morning 1st Christian Hensler 2nd John Martz John Hensler, Mrs. George C. Tenney, Mrs. Benjamin Howe, Mrs. John Rabig, Mrs. J. M. Crouse, miss Emma Martz  
Benjamin Frank Seip Monday Evening, Phillipsburg   C. W. Seip, Chester Seip, Horace G., Henry E. Arthur Seip, Frank Seip, Mrs. J. S. Stradling, Mrs. O. K. Simons, brothers and sisters:Mrs. T. J. Heller, Mrs. Andrew Teel, Florence, Mrs. Melchor Kintz, Mrs. Buckley Rohn, Roseberry Seip, Jacob L. Seip, Twenty-three grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren
Frank L. Stillwagen Monday, Allentown     parents: William and Rebecca (Patterson) Stillwagen
John Refferty Monday, Fremont Ohio     father, John Rafferty, nephew, Jacob Rafferty, sister: Mrs. Mary Cummings
Friday, February 5, 1909
Sallie L. Leatherberry this morning, Chestnut Hill Edward Leatherberry (note: she was previously married) Harry Painter, Edward Leatherberry father: John L. Singer, brothers and isters: Mrs. William Saylor, Mrs. Lovene Troxell, Mrs. B. F. Kitchen, Mrs. C. Hulsizer, John R. Singer, Lewis Singer
Ivy Kline thie morning, Easton Charles Kline Lila K., Charles B. Kline father: William B. Kinsley, brother: Floyd Kinsley
Tuesday, February 9, 1909
Tillie Weaver Monday night, Williams Township Samuel Weaver Samuel, Jr. Edward Weaver, Mrs. Edward Trach, Mrs. Tillie Brinker, Mrs. Jacob Unangst, Mrs. John Kroner, Miss Anna Weaver  
Robert T. Schweitzer Sunday Morning, Mary Ann Rinker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sanuel Rinker Mrs. A. D. Williams, Wallace Schweitzer parents: John Schweitzer and Catherine Butz, sister: Mrs. Catherine Apple
Sarah A. Bauer Sunday Morning, Bethlehem Charles D. Bauer Erwin, William, Allen, Calvin, Mary parents: William and Anne E. (Schaffer) Meyers
Daniel Heller Monday, Wind Gap wife William Heller, Joseph Heller, Mrs. isaac Dietz, Mrs. Amandus Flory, Mrs. Samuel Lockard, Mrs. Frank Shoemaker, Mrs. Wilhelm Hanse brothers: Adam Heller, Joseph Heller, Jacob Heller
Wednesday, February 10, 1909
Alfred S. Apgar Teusday, High Bridge     brothers and sister: Martin W. Apgar, George H. aApger, Mrs. Sylvester Fishbough
Johanna A. Roache This morning, Easton     brother: William Roache, several nieces survive
Edwin Schweitzer this afternoon widow Mrs. Eugene Werner, Harry, Mrs. James Benner, Frank, William, Robert, Edwin, Birdie sister: Mrs.Emily Williams
Thursday, February 11, 1909
Joseph Bauder Wednesday, Wilmington, DE     mother: Mrs. Elizabeth Bauder, sisters: Mrs. David Slicker, Mrs. martin Young, Mrs. C. F. Maguirk
Catharine Dick Wednesday night, Easton Daniel McKenzie Dick Daniel, John, Mrs. John E.Garis, Mrs. Arthur Wilcox  
Joseph H. Searfoss Tuesday evening, Durham   J.P. Searfoss, Harry, Joseph A. Mrs. William R. Cehr brother: J. Cline Searfoos sister: Mrs. Mary Stauffer, half-sister, Miss Martha Smith
Katie May Walter Sunday Evening, Palmer Township James F. Walter Miss Hazel May Walter, Mrs. Florece Marlatt father: Jeremiah Krutzler, borthers and sisters: William H. Kutzler, Mrs. Fannie Fisher, Mrs. James B. Clark, Mrs. Winnie Stover, Wade Kutzler
Levina Shamp this morning, Phillipsburg David Shamp William Shamp, Amos Shamp brothers and sisters: Mrs. Caroline Pursel, Henry Warford, Amos Warford , Wilson Warford,
Mary E. Moser Saturday Evening Joseph Moser Mr. Frank Beck, Mrs. Thomas Benjamin, Mrs. Edward Kay  
Monday, February 22, 1909
Wilson Lawrence Friday Morning, South Bethlehem widow Mrs. Charles Walker, Mrs. Howard Reeder, Mrs. Harris Garrin, William, Harry, Thomas, Francis brother: Charles
Lucetta Frankenfield Friday, Butztown Barnet Frankenfield James M. Frankenfield, Stewart T. Frankenfield parents: Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Schnabel, brothers: George Schnable, Benjamin Schable, Mrs. Ramer, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild
Michael Hinkel Sunday morning, Washington Township wife Rev. Daniel Hinkel, Rose, Flornce brother: Isaac Hinkel, sister: Mrs. D. Sandt
Mary E. Messinger this morning, Washington Township Reuben Messinger Russell, Robert, Lottie parentw: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darrohn, brothers, Luther and Joseph
Albert L. Youngkin Sunday, Bloomsbury, NJ     sisters: Mrs. John Kililan, Mrs. Geo, Heckman, Mrs. Daniel Randall
Tuesday, February 23, 1909
Henry Eichlin thie morning, Easton   William A. Eichlin, Mrs. William Mengel, Thomas Eichlin, Mrs. J. V. D. Dandt, Robert Eichlin, Charles E. Eichlin brothers & sister: Joseph, John and Mrs. Emma Unangst
Amy Grace Royce this morning, Easton Maine Royce Irene V., Clarence L, Elizabeth father: George Stair, brother: Frank Stair, sister: Mrs. Edward McPherson
Monday, March 29, 1909
Michael J. Walters Saturday afternoon, Phillipsburg      
Grant Ketchledge Saturday morning, Allentown wife five children parents: John and Julia Ketchledge.brothers and sister, Peter, Anthony, James, Mrs. Agnes Weaver
William Mulvaney Chicago wife two children  
Matilda Laudenberger Saturday evening, near Island Park   Charles Laudenberger, John Laudenberger, Mrs. Firman Brotzman  
Amanda Miller Sunday afternoon, Salisbury Township John Miller John Miller father: John Torrey
Emeline Jones Sunday morning, Beersville Oliver Jones Sylvester Jones, Calvin Jones, Asher Jones, Mrs. Thomas Hess, Mrs. Charles Keefer, Mrs. herbert Fehnel, Miss Edna C. Jones three sisters and a brother
Friday, April 2, 1909
William Eichman Thursday, Minneapolis, Minn     parents: the late William H. Eichman and wife
Milton H. Duran Thursday, Stockertown      
Friday, April 9, 1909
Frank D. Bowman this morning, Easton widow Irvin, Oscar, Floyd, Mrs. Alice M. Thornburg father: James Bowman, brothers, Edward H., John I., Elmer J., Sherman T.
Elizabeth Stocker Thursday Evening, Phillipsburg Joseph D. Stocker William H. D. Stocker, Warrington Stocker, Mrs. William Volk, Mrs. Arthur King parents: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel King, brothers and sisters: Samuel King, George King, Mrs. Samuel Bachman, Mrs. James stocker, Titus King
Monday, April 12, 1909
Myrtle B. Rape Saturday Night Charles Rape Hilda May mother: Mrs. Maria Sandt, sister: Miss Dora Sandt
Sarah L. Eckhart Friday, South Bethlehem   Bessie, karl parents: Mr. and Mrs. Christian Chamberlain, brothers and sisters: Stewart, Frank, Charles, Howard, Emma, Warren Walter, Harry, Helen
Professor William D. Moser Friday, Lancaster wife   brothers: Samuel, Josiah
Sarah M. Rudolp Sunday, Hellertown John Rudolph Elias H., Mrs. H. C. Gruber Step-sons: Harry Rudolph, charles, John, step-daughters, Mrs. Alfred Long, Mrs. Auigusta Scholl
Ellen Steimetz Saturday, East Allen Township Oliver D. Steinmetz Mrs. Frank Woodring  
Wednesday, April 14, 1909
Catherine Ritter Tuesday morning, Bethlehem David J. Ritter Mrs. Luara Curry, Albert, Mrs. Emma Rodgers, Edward H. Martha, wife of william Musselman parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Heft. nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren andone brother, Martin Heft
Mrs. William Frankenfield Monday, Lehnenburg, Bucks County William Frankenfield several children father: Henry Adams
Charles Marsh Tuesday, Moore Township     sister
William D. Snyder Tuesday Afternoon wife Mrs. Samuel Bachman, Elonzo Snyder, Archibald Snyder, william H. Snder brother: Edward Snyder
Almira Hill Tuesday afternoon, Philadelphia Henry Hill Mrs. M. H. wilbur, Richard Hill, Mrs. Ora sigafoos, E. F. Hill  
Saturday, April 17, 1909
Anna Hackett Neighbour this morning, Phillipsburg David Neighbour William H. Neighbour, Mrs. Peter C. Best, Mrs. William Herbert Jr. brothers: John and William Y. Hackett
Ida May Gebhard Friday Afternoon, Williams Township William Gebhard George E., Charles C., William, Jr., Frank, Harry E., Jessie M., Susan H. and Florence Gebhard brothers: Edward Welsh, William Welsh, Mrs Susan Niper
Mary Reinhard Friday Afternoon, Allentown Solomon Reinhard   parents; Jacob and Mary Fluck
William L Borwn Wednesday afternoon, Norristown      
Samuel C. Carhart Friday, Stewartsvile   Mis Julia, George W. Carhart  
Mrs. Patrick Buckley Friday, Bath husband two children  
Friday, April 23, 1909
Emma Elizabeth hess Simpson Thursday night, Easton Joseph B. Simpson Stephen G., Frank W. brothers and sister: James L. Hess, C.F. Hess, Mrs. Benjamin Riedy
Mrs. Minnie M. Woolbert nee Flyte Wednesday, Stroudsburg Daniel Woolbert   father: David M. Flyte, sister; Mrs. Fred Bonney
Sabina Bealer Thursday, Phillipsburg George Bealer Mrs. Howard Arnold sisters: Mary Long, May Shipman
Tuesday, April 27, 1909
John R. Worman Monday, Bath   Howard worman, Anna May Worman  
Rev. Edgar W. cook Sunday night, Philadelphia     mother: Mrs. Margaret Cook
William H. S. Miller Monday afternnon, Allentown      
David W. Bowman Saturday, Broadway, NJ widow Mrs. Richard T. Roberts  
William Hawk Saturday, Roxburg, NJ widow Alfred, Jessie, Sylvester, John, Anna, Lott, Ivel, Leona  
Sarah Spangenberg Monday, Hazen, NJ   Marshall spangenberg, Daniel Spangenberg  
Wednesday, May 5, 1909
C. Albert Sandt this afternoon, Easton Elizabeth Stryker Mrs. Delroy Shingle, Chalres Albert Sandt, Jr. Mrs. Wm Nicholas parents: Dr. Samuel and Susan (Flemming) Sandt, brothers: C. Flemming Sandt, George F. Sandt, sisters: Mary A. and Nettie F. Sandt
Monday, May 24, 1909
Nathaniel E. Frantz Thursday morning, Kunkletown wife two young daughters father: John Frantz , brothers and sisters: Wilson, Allen, Robert, Mrs. William Berger, Mrs. Willis Engler, Mrs. C. E. Armbruster, Misses Martha and Netti
Annie Bowman Sunday morning, Easton John I. Bowman Mrs.L. D. Ott, Florence, Magaret father: John Ruess, brothers, and sister: Jospeh, William Gorrge, Frank Ruess, Mrs. Catherine Koeppel
Isaac Newton Ealer Sunday morning, Williams Township   Arthur, Mrs. Clayton Kelchner, Miss Esther Easler parents: Mr and Mrs. Josiah J. Ealer, brothers and sisters: Thomas and Herman Ealer, Mrs. Henry Stoneback, Mrs.Hearvey Hold, Mrs. Frank Raub, Mrs. Freeman L. Kiefer, Miss Hileria Ealer, Mrs. John Young, Mrs. Joseph Kiefer
Monday, May 31, 1909
Oliver Boehm Saturday monring, Hellertown   Joseph and Harry, Mrs. C. D. Bauder, Mrs. Charles Sutton parents: Thomas and Lucinda Boehm
George W. Bitzer Saturday, Easton     father: Lawrence Bitzer, brother, Peter Bitzer, sisters: Mrs. John S. burnner, Miss Mary Bitzer, Mrs. Elizabeth Michael, Mrs. William Ely, Mrs. Elmer Ziak, Mrs. Horace Benward, Mrs. Silas Sutton
Saturday, June 19, 1909
Mrs. Elizabeth Bowman Friday morning, South Bethlehem   daughter, several sons  
William Stocker This morning, Phillipsburg   Stewart, Chester, Mrs. John Weigahorst, Daniel brothers: Abraham, Joshua, sister: Mrs. Sallie Sherer.
Tuesday, August 10, 1909
Charles F. Kleckner Monday, Reigelsville wife Venetta Violet parents: William and Amanda Young, brothers: James, Amos, and Earle, sisters: Mrs. harry Wyker, Mrs. Pearl Buss, Lottie
John F. Miller Monday, Phillipsburg     parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, sister: Mary
Joseph A. J. Musselman Monday, South Side (Easton) Lavina William, Peter, George, Daniel, Harry, Mrs. Jacob Mann brothers: Reuben, Harrison, Abasalom, Samuel, Thomas, Alonzo, sisters: Mrs. Lewis Bauman, Mrs. Edwin Gangwere, Mrs. Quintus Frey
Friday, August 13, 1909
Anna Apgar Thursday, South Side (Easton) David K. Apgar George, Dr. Charles Apgar, M.D., Walter, Mrs. Paul Tilton brothers and sisters: Charoles O. Scheirer, Mrs. Belia Haff, Frank A. Scheirer, Mrs. George Horlacher, Mrs. Nat Smith
Edwin R. Frankenfield Wednesday afterrnoon, Springfield, Bucks county   Mrs. William Moyer, William, Mary, Horace brothers and sisters: Mrs. Emelina Ott, Milson, Eli, Mrs. J.J. Hindernach, Mrs. R. F. Leight
John B. Thompson Thrusday, Oxford, NJ   Mrs. George Jones, Robert Thompson, Elmer, John Tompson, sisters: Mrs. Charles Dereamer, Mrs. Benjamin Foulk
Mertie Connlain Friday, Easton Hospital husband   father and stepmother: Mr. and Mrs. William Rupert, brother: Jess Rupert
Monday, September 27, 1909
Robert B. Tilton Saturday night, Easton   Harry K. Tilton, Ernest Tilton, Herbert Tilton, Miss Elsie I. Tilton, Mrs. William paul brothers and sister: Henry, George, Peter, Mrs. Laura Meitzler
Cleveland E. Kiefer Sunday,
South Side (Easton)
    parents: Mr and Mrs. Samuel Keifer, brothers and sisters: Joseph Kiefer, Mrs. hery Frankenfield, Joseph Kiefer, Frank, Raymond Kiefer, Mrs. Frank Bittner, Mrs. Aaron Helms,
Gertrude Campbell Saturday, St. Luke's Hospital Miles Campbell three children  
Wednesday, October 13, 1909
Charles VanScoten Sunday, Springfield Mass. widow two children father: George VanScoten, sisters and brothers: Mrs. Benjamin Dewitt, Mrs. A. M. Ferguson, Edward Vanscoten, Mrs. E. J.. Brodbury, Mrs. C. A. Gischel, step-sister, Magaret, step-brother; John
Isaac E. Grube Monday morning, Hellertown   William, Benjamin, Walter, Mrs. Jonas Hoffman, Mrs.Charles Grub, Sallie, Rosa, Mrs. John Williams parents: Charles and Susan Grube
Wilson A. Cortright Monday, Walnutport widow, nee Straub Abraham Cortright, Mary E. Crotright, Thomas R. Cortright, William Cortright brothers and sisters: Allen Cortright, Mrs. Isaac Sullivan, William R. Cortright, Mrs. Benjamin Wentz, Eugene Cortright, Mrs. W. J. Perry
Anna Maria Gaston Messinger Tuesday night, Easton      
Friday, October 15, 1909
Mrs. Eliza Lesher this morning, Easton   Mrs. John Connelly, Albert E. Lesher, Frederick Lesher, Mrs. Sarah snyder parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Diehl, brother and sisters: William Diehl, Mrs. Catharine Schlabach, Mrs. David Hartzell, Mrs. Henry Shaneberger, Mrs. Samuel Stoneback
Rosa M. Bates This morning, Easton John L. Bates Grace, Elsie Mrs. William B. Roberts, Robert Kieffer, Simon Kieffer, Jr. William H. Kieffer, Mrs. Amos King, Miss Ida Kieffer, Mrs. Emma Bradley
Ida Kichline Ferguson Thursday, Easton Fred W. Ferguson    
Wednesday, October 17, 1909
William F. Johnson Tuesday, morning, East Mach Chunk widow   sisters: Mrs. Rufe, Mrs. William H. Kintner
Anna Matilda Frankenfield Tuesday night, Palmer Township Edward Frankenfield Laura, Edward P. Frankenfield, Mrs. Frank Rice brothers and sisters: Jacob Hahn, Edward Hahn, Mrs. Mary Mutchler, Mrs. George Ealer, Mrs. Enos Walter, three grandchildren
Titus S. Hager this morning, Easton widow William Hager, parents: Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Hager, brothers and sisters, Charles Hager, Elias Hager, Mrs. Rupple, Miss Cora Hager
Friday, October 22, 1909
Katherine Keller Wednesday evening, Bethlehem Miles Keller Mrs. L. F. Walters, Mrs. Alfred Snyder, Mrs. John F. Rauch, Mrs. Katherine Yost parents: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hoffert, sister and brothes: Mrs. Sarah Weaver, Samuel Hoffert, John Hoffert
Charles F. Moser this morning, South Side (Easton)     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Solomon Moser, brothers and sisters: Forest, Howard, Thomas, Annie Moser, Mrs. Howard maul, Mrs. Roy Woerner
Mrs. Joseph Kent Thursday, Edgarton, Mass husband Mrs. J. Wesley Pullman, W. St. George Kent, Mrs. Francis Henderson, Mrs. Goodrich, Mrs. Perry Robottom  
Sallie Schick this afternoon, Easton Howard Shick Mrs. Geo. Ricketts, Samuel Shich, Miss Maud Schick, Theodore Shick, Mrs. Russell Taylor brothers: Fran VanNorman, sisters: Mrs.Charles Wolf
Elizabeth Warren Thomas Wilkes-Barre     sisters: Mrs. Thomas Reilly, Mrs. James Grigg
Thursday, November 4, 1909
Erwin W. Walter this mroning, Easton Hospital widow Uriah, harry, Frank, Mrs. Aline haggerty, Mrs. Blanche Leibenberry, Mrs. Emma O'Connell, Herman brother: William Walter
Hattie Levan Monday, Northampotn   James M., Jacob, Harry E. Mrs. F. M. Mohr, Mrs. Hattie Reader, MrsSteward Hawk, Miss Eve H. Leen father, Jacob Siegfried, brother, Zacharias Seigfried
Mary Kroll Wednesday, South Side (Easton) Ernest Kroll Mrs. William Rice, Mrs. W. H., cant read rest blury  
Saturday, November 27, 1909
Lawrence Metz Friday Night, South Side (Easton) widow Howard S. Hazel B, Easther g. mother: Mrs. Mary A. Metz, brothers and sister: Irvin Metz, Mrs. Adam Weaver, john Metz,
Edward A. Campbell Nov 25, Springtown, PA widow Mrs.Erwin Rinker, William S. Campbell, Carey Campbell, Mrs. Ervin Seifert brothers: John, George
Peter J. Raub Wednesday, Williams Township widow Tilghman, Benchman, William, Mrs. Louisa bergner, Mrs. John Gaffney, Mrs. Abraham Zimmer  
Anna LeRella Thompson Wednesday, East Stroudsburg     parents: William Henry and Frances E. Thompson
Ellen Gabel Friday, Koehler's Loch, Hanover Township, Lehigh County Wilson Gabel daughter  
Elmer E. Buss Thursday, Freemansburg     parents: Edward and Jennie Keffel Buss, brother: Earl, sisters:Gertrude, Bertha, Esther and hattie
Wednesday, December 1, 1909
Ella Amanda Brotzman this morning, South Side (Easton) Martin Brotzman Mrs. Ray Farrow, Mrs. Fran Labold, Mrs Thomas Fishler, Mrs. George Elliot, Mrs. susan Kennedy, Jacob, Mrs. Thomas Gergory brothers: Amandus and Milton Charles, sisters: Mrs. Susan Hoover, Mrs. Eliza Cook
Sue M. Andrews Tuesday, Philadelphia     parents: Mrs. Louisa and the late Daniel L. Andrews, brothers: William, Frank, Edward, sisters: Mrs. Harry Rudder, Mrs. Floyd Kutz, Mrs. Rueben Heinrich
Leana Kemmerer Tuesday, Palmer Township Emelius F. Kemmerer Harvey, Mrs Henry Gerhart, Mrs. A. B. Eisel, Mrs. Frank Wagner, Victor, Stanley, William, Harrison, Mrs. Henry Weiskopf mother. Mrs. Anna Odenwelder, widow of the late William Odenwelder
Monday, December 6, 1909
Sarah E. Moyer Sunday morning, Bethlehem Joseph H. Moyer   parents: John W. and Matilda Bachman Lynn, brothers and istes: Elias E. Lynn, Benjamin B. Lynn, Sophie E. Walp, Mrs. Albert Laubach, Milton B. Lynn
Edward Frankenfield Sudnay afternoon, Palmer Township   Miss Laura, Edwad P. Frankenfield, Mrs. Frank Rice brother: David Frankenfield
George W. Simons Saturday, Easton twice married, survived by second wife George, Earl, Willis, Frank, Arthur, Norman Step-children: Marvin, Penrose, jarley and Lara Wood, borthers: Adam and Enos, Sisters: Mrs. Maggie Hensel, Mrs. Charles Gessler
Tuesday, December 14, 1909
Rosa May Klein Monday, Easton Elmer J. Klein infant twins were buried on Saturday parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Pysher, Ssiters: Mrs. William Matthews, Mrs. John C. Brands, Mrs. George Fisher, Mrs. Elmer Hahn, Mrs. Erwin F. Houck, Mrs. Frank Wetzel