Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1905
1905 Easton Daily Argus Obits
Parents, siblings...
Friday, January 13, 1905
Matilda Groetzinger This morning, Easton Adolph Groetzinger Adolph Groetzinger, Charles Groetzinger, Mrs. A.J. Odenwelder Parents: John and Christine Messinger, sister Maria Mexiell
Sarah Ann Hinkle Thursday morning Chas. Hinkle John E. Hinkle, Jas. E. Hinkle Brother, Jeremiah Rasely
Catharine Hefler Wednesday Night, Near Quakertown Redding Hefler James Hefler, Samuel Hefler, Eugene Hefler, Mrs. Irvin Lewis, Mrs. Henry Cressman, Mrs. Wilson Lewis, Mrs. Oliver Lewis Sisters and brothers: Mrs. George J. Heck, Mrs. Corneluius Weisel, and John Detweiler
Wednesday, January 19, 1905
LeRoy Steckel Jan 1st, 1905, Phillispburg     Parents: Walter L and Clara B. Steckel
Eliza A. Richards Jan 18, 1905, Easton Thomas Richards    
Sarah Elizabeth Youells Jan 17, 1905      
Tuesday, January 23, 1905
Michael Bunstein Monday, Easton Widow John J. Bunstein, Mrs. Stewart Cougle, Mrs.Howard King, Mrs. Thomas Bachman, Mrs. Harry Phillippe Parents: Aaron and Rachel Bunstein, Half-Brothers: John Barnet, George Barnet
Ellen Riey This morning, Phillipsburg Jacob Riey Samuel Hoadley, Wiliam Hodley, Mrs. Oliver Steiner, Mrs. George Fox brother and sisters: Frank Transue, Mrs. Julie Hinkle, Mrs. William Siefert, Mrs. Frank Ivey
Friday, March 31, 1905
Mrs. Charles D. Williams Thursday, Bangor Charles D. Williams Thomas, R., John C., David L., Mrs.F. T. Morre, Mrs. D.O. Evans Several brothers and sisters
David W. Hess Wednesday aternoon, near Springtown, Bucks County Widow two sons and three daughters  
Emma E. McKee Thursday, Allentown Robert H. McKee four Children  
Monday, March 6, 1905
John Schock Friday night, Bethlehem Widow William, Harry, John, Lillie, Helen Three Grandchildren
Solomon Raub Friday Night, Allentown      
Mrs. Harvey Christine Sunday, Northampton Heights     father: George W. Bachman, sister: Mrs. W.E. Bachman
Emma Bartholomew Saturday, Bath Husband One son, daughter, Mrs. Charles Wagner Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Knauss
Patrick Gorman This morning, Near Easton      
Tuesday, March 7, 1905
Eugene Lane Sunday morning   five children Brother: Michael Lane, sister, Mrs. John Lucy
Rebecca Jacoby Monday night, Upper Mt. Bethel Reuben Jacoby   father: Valentine Uhler, broether, Jeremiah Uhler
Elizabeth Burke this morning, Easton John Quinn Burke James Burke, Matthew Burke, Mrs. Mary Fennamaw, Mrs. Margaret Slack  
Thomas Yeisley this morning, Wiliams Township   Mrs. Allen amartin, Samuel Yeisley brother: Isaac Yeisley, eleven grandchildren and the great grandchildren
Tuesday, March 14, 1905
Joseph Heil Sunday Morning, Richmond     Brothers: William Heil, George Heil
Elizabeth Eugenia Kane This Morning, Easton     mother, Mrs. Mary Jane Kane, brothers and sisters: William, Mabel, Mary, Edward
Rose M. Brady Monday Afternoon, Easton     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brady, brother Charles M. Brady, sister: Miss Bessie Brady, two other sisters also survive, Mother Mary Dolores, Mother Mary Catherine
Levina Rogers Monday night, Newark      
Monday, March 24, 1905
Mary Woodring Saturday, Williams Township Enoch Woodring Wilson Woodring, Mrs. Sallie A. Nolf brother: Philip Piefer
William Moyer Sunday, Greens Bridge Wife Mrs.Daniel Schooley, Miss Mary Moyer  
Joseph Lindermoyer Saturday evening, Siegfried Widow Mrs. Stephen Anthony, Mrs. Alfred Weitknecht, George F. Lindermoyer, Joseph Lindermoyer, Frank Lindermoyer, Milton S. Lindermoyer, Clinton Lindermoyer and John E. Lindermoyer  
Monday, April 3, 1905
Margaret Wolfenden Sunday, West Easton      
Susannah Reaser Saturday, Lower Nazareth Peter Reaser Joseph Reaser, Mrs. D. Knecht, Mrs. Peter Reaser four grandchldren and one great-grandchild
Josephine Kiefer Sunday Morning, Nazareth Charles Kiefer   parents: Mr. and Mrs. A.Ackerman, sisters: Mrs. G. M. Butler, Mrs. Hugh Butler, Mrs. Wm. Mcgil, brother: Frank Ackerman
Linda Sames Saturday, Nazareth     Father: David Sames, brothers and sisters: John Sames, Willie Sames, Charlotte, Rebecca, Catharine, John Neumeyer
Mrs. Joel Bartholomew The morning, Bath Joel Bartholomew Rev. Bartholomew, Lillie, Edward  
Benjamin S. Rothrock This afternoon, Easton      
Saturday, April 8, 1905
Nettie Clewell Wednesday, Bushkill Township     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Tilghman Clewell
Thomas Brotzman Friday Night, Belfast Widow Samuel T., George A., Richard E., Milton V., Kate, Charles  
Saturday, April 29, 1905
Ephraim D. Wider Tuesday, April 25, Williams Township   Mrs. George B. Siefert, Mrs. Albert Fluck, Frank H. Wiedner, William S. Weider, Jerome Wieder, Thomas Wieder  
David Miller Friday, East Stroudsburg Widow

three children

brother, Peter Miller, sisters: Mrs. Sarah Fogel, Mrs. Caroline Bender
Nathan Frankenfield Friday,"Well," beyond Morgan's Hill, Williams Township Widow Charles Henry Frankenfield, William Forrest Frankenfield, Miss Lillie (Andrews) brother: Benjamin Frankenfield, sisters: Mrs. Elizabeth Sloyer, Mrs. EmalineSeyfert, Mrs. Hannah Drach.
Monday, May 1,1905
Sarah Jane Snyder Riedy Sunday, Easton Francis W. Riedy (she was twice married)   brothers and sisters: William Smith, Augustus Smith, Mrs. Lottie Doane, Mrs. John McClane, Mrs. John Benward, Mrs. Fred Lesher.
John S. Brotzman Sunday Morning, Almshouse   Mrs. Peter Kist, Mrs. Conrad Dabus, Mrs. Isaac Pixley, Stewart Brotzman, brothers and sisters: Mrs. Charles Godley, (who died a few days ago), Thomas Brotzman, Mrs. Louisa Hartzell
Albert LaBarre Satruday, Columbia, NJ     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George LaBarre, sister: Mrs. Werheiser, nalf-brother, Jesse LaBarre, half-sisters: Mrs. Catharine Jones, the other a resident of Maryland.
Mrs. Albert Eichelberger Saturday morning, Leithsville Husband one child  
Mrs. Simpson Andres Saturday morning, at the cross Roads, between Hellertown and South Bethlehem Husband Family  
Jesse E. Kohler Saturday, Easton     parents: Edward and Sybilla E. Kohler

Thursday, May 4, 1905

Lydia Emerson Wedensday morning, Delaware Water Gap   Mrs. Alvin Depue, Mrs. Lewis L. Hunt, James Decker  
Estella Hartzell Tuesday, May 2, Lebanon, Pa     father: Mr. and Mrs. Newton P. Hartzell , brothers and sisters: Martha W. hartzell, Raymond P. Hartzell, Albert Hartzell, Frederick Z. Hartzell
Friday, May 5, 1905
Hermine Louisa Wilhelm Thursday, Bethlehem George M. Wilhelm Edward, Frederick, Raymond, Louise, Charlotte, wife of Rev. Paul S. Meinert  
Joseph Birkel Friday, South Bethlehem      
William L, Cressman Wednesday, Springfield Township, Bucks County Widow, Hawk's Mill, Pleasant Valley Mrs. Alvin Weaver, Samuel, William, Bessie, Walter brother: D. A. F. Cressman
Emma H. DeWitt Thursday Morning, Ocean Grove, NJ Oliver C. Dewitt   parents: John A. and Anna L. Conklin ; brother and sisters: Daniel W. Conklin, Mrs. Elizabeth David, Mrs. Sarah M. Utter
Monday, May 8, 1905
Nicholas Koch Sunday morning, Easton Hospital Widow Carrie, Mary, Ada, Helena, Laura, Lenard parents, two brothers and four sisters, who reside in Germany
John Burke Sunday, Phillipsbrug Widow Annie, John, Kate, Margaret  
Walter Boehm Sunday evening, Lower Saucon Township     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Boehm
Joseph C. Yahraes Sunday, Norristown Widow Russell, Grace mother, one sister, two brothers, Mrs. Mary Kelley, Henry Yahraes, John Yahraes
William Kemmerer Sunday night, College Hill, Easton Widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Peter F. Van Selan, Wilson A. Kemmerer, Mrs. Joseph Laub, Mrs. Harry W. Purdy, Mrs. Fred Vollmer parents: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kemmerer , two sisters: Mrs. Jeremiah Babp, Mrs. Francis Sandt
Mrs. Edward Sandt Sunday, Bangor      
Tuesday, May 9, 1905
Charles Rucket Sunday night, Hanover Township Widow William brother, Joseph Ruckel
Mr. Transue Easton widow   parents: Andrew and Susan Transue, brothers and sisters, Lovenus, William H., Miss Emma Transue, Mrs. A. D. McIlhaney
Thomas J. McNamara Saturday, South Bethlehem     brother: Michael McNamara
Bridget McCann Monday, Glendon Patrick McCann   sisters and brother: Mrs. Thomas Corrigan, Miss Kate McCabe, Mrs. Mary Ottis, Thomas McCabe
Rev. Dr. Reuben Keller, D. D. Thursday, May 4, Lindsay, Sandusty County, Ohio Widow   brothers: Oliver J. Keller, Prof. Albert Keller, Jeremiah Keller
Ellen Raub This morning, Phillispburg Wiliam Raub Frank, Minnie, Oliver, sister and brother: Mrs. Aaron Paterson, Oliver Thornton
Friday, may 12, 1905
Willoughby Koch Wednesday, Unionville Wife Minnie, wife of Oliver Semmel brothers and sisters: Lewis Koch, Mrs. Emma Troxell, , Hirman, Koch, Peter Koch, Mrs. Susan Steininger.
Aruse I. Sherrer Thursday night, College Hill, Easton (1) Daniel W. Drake (2) Abram Sherer Daniel W. Drake, Jr, Miss Sadye V. Sherer, Frank L. Sherer  
Thomas Miller This morning , Belfast      
Thursday, June 15, 1905
Michael Reynolds Wednesday, Phillipsburg Widow John M., Thomas, Katie, Edward B., Mary brother and sisters, John Reynolds, Mrs. Mary Walsh, Mrs. Martin Fahey
Margaret Kinney Wenesday night, Phillipsburg John Kinney Michael Reeley, Mrs. William Reilley  
Harry House Edelman This morning, Philadelphia     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Edelman, grandfather, William C. Edelman
Henry Frankenfield This afternoon, Riegelsville Widow Mrs. Annie Rentzshimer, Mrs. Laura Brodhead brothers, Jacob Frankenfield and Lewis Frankenfield
Tuesday, August 15, 1905
John Russell Coyle This morning, Easton     Parents: Mr and Mrs.John Coyle
Elva A. Saylor Sunday afternoon, Nazareth     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Ilus Saylor
Peter Charles Monday morning, North Water Gap      
Abraham Trauger Monday, Below Riegelsvile, at the home of Charles Bean      
Mrs. John Buck Monday, Riegelsvile, NJ Husband number of children  
Tuesday, August 22, 1905
Matilda Butz nee Kahler Monday, Reading Hospital Benjamin F. Butz Mabel I., Edith R. Parents: Abraham and Sophia Kahler
Isaac Unangst Monday morning, Newburg Mary Ann M. Fritz Alvin C. Unangst, eight Grand-children
Monday, August 28, 1905
Catherine Schwietzer Monday, August 21, Wadsworth Township, Medina County, Ohio Owen Schweitzer Mrs. Marsh Young, Mrs. Tolbert Bolick parents: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bauer , eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, sister: Mrs. Geo. Renner, brother: Mr. John Bauer
Edwin A.T. Crowie Saturday, Phillispburg   Mrs. Gharles Attis, Arthur, William, Earle,Charles, and Beatrce Crowie  
Cora Van Allen Saturday afternoon, Washington D.C. Charles C. Van Allen   parents: Mr. and Mrs. Oswald, one brother
William N. Field Philadelphia Hospital     Father: D. S. Field
Saturday, September 16, 1905
Lena Wireback Friday Night, South Side (Easton) U.S. Wirebach Mrs. J. A. Waltman, Mrs. J. M. Johnson, Frank, Harry, Mrs. William Kellow, Mrs. Grant Knoble sisters: Miss Lizzie Berry, Mrs. Mary Pixley, Mrs. Sallie Weber
C. Frederick Siegert Friday evening, Rome, New York Leonora C. Frank, Seigert, John Siegert, Stephen D. Siegert brothers and sisters: Cornelia Van Blankenstein, Eleonora Seigert, Goerge S. Siegert, B. Frank Siegert
Tuesday, October 10, 1905
Thomas G. Riegel Monday afternoon, Rittersville wife Emma Herring, Mrs. Geo.L. Wisel, Mrs. Joseph H. Hawk, Mrs. Rev. T. L.Wentz, Jacob Riegel, John Riegel, George W. Reigel, Thomas, Riegel  
Mrs.John B. Ferguson Monday afternoon, Phillipsburg John S. Ferguson Hervey, Abraham, Robert S., William S. Jacob S. brothers, and sister: Abrahm Miller, Peter Miller, Mrs. Stephen H. Baker
Emma F. Apple Monday, Easton Dr. S.S. Apple   parents: Mr. and Mrs. Christina Flemming, sister: Miss Elizabeth Flemming
Isaac Y. Rupell This morning, Easton      
Saturday, October 15, 1905
Leafa Angst Friday Evening, easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Angst, brother and sisters: Raymond, Etola and Ida
Mrs. Henry Frankenfield Friday, Riegelsville Henry Frankenfield Mrs. Anne Rensimer, Mrs. Frank Broadhead  
Carrie Hackett This morning, Easton    

parents: David and Amy Hackett,
sister: Mrs. James Hackett

Callie M. Miller Friday, North Bangor Milton Miller   father: Reuben Houck, grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Riemel, sisters: Mrs. Joseph Miller, Mrs. George Lanterman , one step-brother, one step-sister
Tuesday, October 17, 1905
Sarah Kleppinger Monday morning, Easton John L. Kleppinger Thomas Kleppinger brothers and sisters: Samuel Anthony, Jacob Anthony, David Anthony, Tilghman, Anthony, Mrs. Henry Leh, Mrs. Henry Marsh, Mrs. L. Ziegenfuss
Annie Fell Monday, South Side (Easton )   Warren Fell, Clyde Fell mother: Mrs. ELizabeth Heckman, brothers and sisters: Mrs. Edward Zeller, Mrs. William Wolf, Mrs. George Young, Miss Rose Hackman, Wiliam and Hiram Hackman, Warren Hackman
Isabel Beers This morning, Bath     brother: Dr. A. M. Beers
Tuesday, November 7, 1905
Joseph H. Laros This morning, College Hill, Easton Catharine Laros   parents: Mr.and Mrs. Daniel Laros, brother and sisters: jaems Laros, Mrs. George Derhammer, Mrs. Peter Raub, Mrs. Ellen Kotz
David Depue Monday Morning, Foul Rift     parents: Mr.and Mrs. J. Calvin Depue, brothers and sisters: George Depue, Abram D. Depue, Miss Kate Depue, Mrs. Thomas Lance
Walter Eckard Monday, Prospect Street     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Eckard.
Saturday, November 11, 1905
John Hunt This morning, Riegelsville, NJ Widow Edward, Luther, Mrs. John Bloom, Harry Hunt, Mrs. Harvey Crouse, Mrs. Edward Laubach, Walter Hunt  
Jacob Price This morning, South Side (Easton)     parents; Mrs.Mary and the late John Price. brothers: Joseph and John Price, sisters: Mrs. Richard Julian, Mrs. George Rinehart
Abraham Walters Friday afternoon, Almshouse      
Reinhard Vogel The afternoon, Almshouse      
William Greenwood Noon today, Phillispburg widow George Greenwood, Mrs. Wilkinson Knowles four step-children: Willis, Minnie, Mattie, Mrs. Robert Beers
Friday, November 17, 1905, page 1
Jennie Pascoe this morning, South Side Richard Pascoe Richard, WiliamF, Joseph W. father Col. Neil McNeil Campbell
Christina H. Post Last night Knoxville, TEnn David Post Oliver C., Elroy, Harry, William, The late Mrs. E.B. Ziegler several sisters
Mary Lohr Wednesday, Newburg   Mrs. Emma Santee, Mrs. Asher Knecht, Mrs. George Hahn, Mrs. Charencia Heller, Milgton Lohr, Amason Lohr, Jospeh Lohr  
William P. Laros This morning, Easton unmarried   father: Clinton J. Laros , Brothers and sisters: Herbert R. Laros, martin F. Laros, Mrs. Minnie Delmar, Mrs. John Berry
Sauan Weiss this morning, near Bangor Irvin S. Weiss five year old son Three brothers and one sister
Saturday, November 18, 1905
Charles Gist This morning, Pen Argyl     mother, Mrs. James Gist, Brother: James Gist, sister, Mrs. John Bealer. Father was killed in quarry acident two years ago.
Margaret McGovern Friday, St. Joseph's Hospital, Philadelphia Bernard McGovern Rev. John C. McGovern, Margaret sisters and brother: Mrs. mary A. Reily, Mrs. James Carey, John Wallace
Loring Struck Friday, Portland     parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Strunk
Michael Degnan This morning, South Bethlehem Widow several children  
Wednesday, December 13, 1905
John H. Schweitzer Tusday, West Easton Twice married, second wife silt alie Mrs. John Hahn, Mrs. Asher Snyder (First wife), Mrs. Alice Shannon, John B. Schweitzer, Mrs. Elizabeth Mitcher, Mrs.John Russell, Mrs. Mary Frey, Mrs. Lorenzo Snyder (Second wife)  
Emelius F. Pobst This morning, Easton     father: Rev. John A. Probst, niece Miss Mary Illick
Thursday, December 21, 1905
Tilghman Hay This morning, Farmersvile widow two adopted daughters: Maria, wife of W. H. Brotzman, Alice, widow of the late Harvey Ruch brothers and sisters: John, George, Edward, Milton, Elizabeth, wife of edward Reaser, Sarah, wife of Hiram Schnable, Edna, wife of Owen Marsh
Sarah Hess Friday, Johnsonville Jacob Hess   brother: Jacob Reimer, sisters: Mrs. Jacob Englert, Mrs. Catharine Lair
Mary Pritchard This morning, Bangor   six sons, one David Pritchard  
Nellie A. Brands Dec 15, Hartzell's Ferry     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Brand