Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1903
1903 Easton Daily Argus Obits
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Tuesday, January20, 1903
Samuel Hineline Yesterday, Afternoon, Upper Harmony, NJ wife Charles J. Hineline, Joseph Hineline, Mrs. Arthur Hamlen, Mrs. Jacob Miller  
Helen Eichman This morning, Easton     Parents: Mr and Mrs. William Eichman, sister-in-law, Mrs. William Eichman, sister, Mrs. Samuel Garis
Mrs. Peter Williver Sunday Night, Stewartsville, NJ Peter Williver Theodore Williver, Jacob Williver, J. A. Metler Step-daughter, Mrs .Sanford J. Stamets
Daniel Fatzinger Sunday, West Bethlehem Widow   one brother
Friday, February, 2, 1903
Phoebe Bauder Thursday morning, South Bethlehem   Mrs. Cecilia Johnson, Mrs. Emma Weiss, Mrs. Wilson Roth, Aaron, Titus Bauder, Preston Bauder  
Mattie Steckel Yesterday, Philadelphia Walter Steckel   Parents: Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, brothers: William Brown, James Brown
Mrs. John Gulick Yesterday morning, Upper Mt. Bethel John Gulick One son and three daughters several brothers and sisters.
Monday, February 16, 1903
Miss Clarirssa A. Uhler Sunday Evening, Easton     Parents: Richard Uhler and Sarah Ann, brothers and sister: C. H. Uhler, Madison V. Uhler, Irvin S. Uhler, Esq, Miss Edna M. Uhler
Mary Goodwin Friday night, South Bethlehem Patrick Goodwin 12 children: 6 surviving: Mrs.Annie (Frederick) Boyer, Mrs. Della Keyster, Mrs. Joseph Nuly, Mrs. Mary Hianth, Richard Goodwin, Bernard Goodwin  
Tuesday, February 24, 1903
Samuel Steinour This morning, Easton   Charles, Tolbert, Mrs. Robert Haupt Mrs. James Green, Mrs.Mary Stout
Joseph Geiger This Morning, Easton     Parents, William and Anna Geiger, two brothers and two sisters
Victor H. Barrell Monday night, Southern Pines, SC     Parents: Mr.and Mrs. James Barrall
Rebecca Paulus Saturday, Slatedale Samuel Paulus Levi, William, Francis, Mrs. Susan Lewis, Tilghman, Stephen Brother, Phoan
Mary Roth Saturday, Kreidlersville     Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Roth
Wednesday, February, 25, 1903
Henry Reichard Sunday morning, West Bethlehem Matilda Nace, daughter of David Nace   Parents: Thomas and Annie (Weaver) Reichard, brothers & sisters: John Weaver, Edward Weaver, Mrs. Moses Gangeware, Mrs. Benjamin Morey, Mrs. Samuel Smith, Mrs. Fred Hilwick
Sallie Frankenfield Friday afternoon. Williams Township     brother & sister, Jacob Frankenfield, Mrs. Philip Muschlitz
Daniel M. Ryan Tuesday morning, Catasauqua Wife Mary, Matthew, James, John  
Monday, March 9, 1903
Lilly Schweitzer Thursday, Easton William Schweitzer   Parents: Wilson and Elizabeth Reichard Sifert, Grandfather: William Seifert, brothers and sisters, Quintus, Frank, Irwin, Milson, Alvesta, wife of George Kramer, Bertha, wife of Irwin Cernard, Daisy
Ervin J. Delong Sunday morning, South Side (Easton) wife   Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Delong , brothers and sisters: Lulu, George and Clair DeLong, and Mrs. Charles Killian
James L. Duffin Saturday night, South Side (Easton)     Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Duffin, brothers and sisters, Maurice, Joseph, Jean and Mary
Mrs. B. B. Cooper Friday Night Benjamin B. Cooper   Cousin: J. Fenimore Cooper
Oscar Pach Saturday, New York City      
Wednesday, March 11, 1903
George S. Hummel This morning, Easton Widow Agnes, Mattie sister: Mrs. James Deegins, brother, Edward Hummel, step-daughter, Mrs. F. C. Schleicher
John Evans Monday night, Between Friends and Heeler widow    
Tillie Sliker Tuesday night, Phillipsburg Amos D. Slicker   brother, Elsworth Sliker, sister, Mrs. Charles Meyers
Tuesday, April 7, 1903
Mary Breinsinger Sunday, South Bangor Samuel Breinsinger   Parents: Mr and Mrs. David Smith, sister, Mrs. Samuel Shrope
Josiah E. Schweitzer This morning, West Bethlehem widow Calvin Schweitzer Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schweitzer
Dr. John P. Hoff This Morning, Easton Widow Norwood Hoff, Edna Hoff, Carl Hoff Father, John Hoff
Mrs. B. F. Arndt nee Posten Thursday, Swiftwater, Monroe County B. F. Arndt Dr. F. T. Arndt, E. M. Arndt, Mrs. J. M.Ace, Mrs. J. B. Smiley  
Elizabeth Flemming Fackenthall Sunday, Jacksonville, Fla Uriah Fackenthall Samuel S. Fackenthall, Julia T. Fackenthall, Sue Fackenthall Parents. Dr. Samuel and Susan M. Sandt, brothers and sisters: C. Flemming Sandt, C. Albert Sandt, George F. Sandt, Miss Mary A. Sandt, Nettie F. Sandt
James McCracken Saturday, Phillipsburg     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George McCracken, Brothers and sisters: Albert, Jennie, Isaac, Harry and Sadie
Dr. Albert Wyckoff Sunday evening, Belvidere, NJ     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wyckoff, brothers and sisters: Mrs. Isaac Ott, Mrs. William H. Morrow, Walter Wykoff, Harry Wykoff
James Glora Glendon      
Thursday, April 16, 1903
Eliza Enright Tuesday, South Bethlehem John M. Enright    
John Coyle This morning, Washington, N. J.      
John J. Morris Last Evening, Bangor   Two sons, and five daughters  
Friday, May 22, 1903
Edward Seip Yesterday, Palmer Township Widow Two daughters, one son Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Seip, brother, Tilghman Seip
Mame Fox yesterday, Williams Township     Parents: Mr.and Mrs. Isaac Fox, brothers and sisters: Mrs. Irvin Griffith, Sabilla Fox, Sadie Fox, Alonzo Fox, Mrs. Dr. Kahler, Lillie Fox
Jacob Knobloch San Francisco Widow   Father, Jacob Knoblach, brother in San Francisco and sister
Benjamin Hess Tuesday, Pleasant Hill, buck county     Son-in-law David Gehman
Fayetta L Whitmeyer Wednesday, Bethlehem   adopted son: Jacob E. Miller Parents: Jacob and Olivia Musselman Miller, brothers: Frank G. Miller
Monday, June 8, 1903
Patrick Mooney Saturday, Phillipsburg Wife James Mooney Brothers, Michael,William and James
Mary Belle Shiffert Sunday morning, Easton Hospital   William Taylor Sister: Mrs. Hannah Freyhart
Daniel Paulis Yesterday Afternoon, Phillipsburg     brothers and sisters, Thomas, Edwin, Abe, Mrs. Sabilla Glick, Mrs Abraham Unangst
Harry Noll Sunday, New York City     Mother, Mrs. August Miller
Monday, July 6, 1903
James R. Donnelly Sunday morning, Easton widow James Donnelly, Joseph Donnelly, Sarah Donnelly, Elizabeth Donnelly half-brothers: Amos Turner, Newtown Turner; half-sister: Mrs. Frank Hallman
David H. But Sunday, Easton     parents: Christian Butz and Sarah
Cecelia Detwiller this morning, Greenville, N.J. Jacob Detwiller Charles Detwiller, Clarence Detweiller, Miss Laura Detwiller  
William R. Thacher this morning, Phillipsburg     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thatcher; Brothers and sisters: James Thatcher, Carrie Thatcher, Nora Thatcher, Dewey Thatchter, Russel Thatcher, Ida Thatcher
John Nestly yesterday, near Finesville, NJ widow John Nestly, Peter Nestly, Mrs. Emma McPeek  
J.J.Protzman this morning, Island Park   Milton Protzman. Mrs. Charles Loudenberger, Mrs. Thoams Clark, Alice Protzman, May Protzman  
Jane Kitchen Saturday, Belvidere S.D. Kitchen one daughter  
George Herbert Adams Saturday moring, South Bethlehem     father: Rev. C. Graham Adams
Monday, June 22, 1903
Enos Ott This morning, Easton   Mrs. M. S. Heil Sisters: Mrs .Thomas Odenwelder, Mrs. T. W. Steiner
Anna Margaret Ohl Last night, Easton Hospital     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim S. R. Ohl, brother, James Richard
Blanche May Moser Last evening, West Easton     parents: John H. and Catherine Moser, sisters and brother, Emma Malinda, George Albert, Lilly, wife of James Petty
William Rehrig This morning, Almshouse   Son and daughter  
Monday, July 20, 1903
Frances Reese This morning, South Side (Easton Francis Reese John, Frank, Mrs. George Keiser  
John Feit Sunday, Greenwich Township, NJ Wife Mary, Jennie, Ellie, Isabella, William, George, Joseph, Roy Brothers and sisters: Paul W, George I., Mary, Sallie, Eleanor, Helletta, and Alice
William Sox Sunday, Belvidere     Parents: Mr.and Mrs. Valentine Sox
Wednesday, July 22, 1903
Luretta C. Armstrong Sunday, Near Chardon, Ohio     Brother-in-law, William Reed, brothers and sisters, Dr M. N. Armstrong
Frank B. F. Hartzell Monday, Brodhead Station     Father, Benjamin Hartzell, Mother
Thursday, July 23, 1903
Susan Riehl, nee Baumaster Yesterday, Bethlehem (1) Benjamin Coleman, (2)Henry Riehl Mrs. William Trumbore Parents: Peter and Elizabeth Baumaster, brother, Henry Eisel, sisters, Sarah, wife of Samuel King, Elizabeth, wife of William Fisher
Elizabeth Tomer This morning, Phillipsburg William G. Tomer Newton J. Tomer, Wilbur C. Tomer, Ella Tomer, Flora Tomer brothers and sisters: Mrs. Peter Rapp, Jacob Stamets, John Stamets, William Stamets, Samuel Stamets
Abraham Hemly Stone recently, Northumberland, Pa      
Thursday, July 30, 1903
Esais Hillpot Wednesday, Williams Township Widow Mrs. Quintus Unangst  
Anna Maria Troxell yesterday, Easton Edward Troxell Mrs. Hiram Barber, Mrs. Michael Sigafoos, Mrs. Tilghman Martin, Edward Troxell, Mrs. John P. Adams, Mrs. David Horn Parents: Mr and Mrs. Edward Leatherberry
Saturday, September 13, 1902
Thomas Stoneback Friday evening, Easton   Elmer Stoneback brother, Samuel Stoneback
George Kane, Jr yesterday, Morris Plains Hospital     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Kane, brother and sister, John, Thomas, James, Frank, Rosanna
Penrose Furry Thursday, Bethlehem Widow two children Parents: John and Mary Furry
Monday, September 28, 1903
Lavenus Kreidler Saturday afternoon, Nazareth Wife, nee Fritz Norman J. S.  
Co. Benjamin F. Haines Last night, Phillipsburg Widow    
Samuel Y. Kern Saturday afternoon, Coopersburg widow three daughters and two sons  
Mrs. Harriet E. Huff Last evening, Easton George Huff Frank, George, Mrs. Mary Jefferson, Mrs. William Scott, Mrs. Howard Bowers Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Prime, brothers and sister: Charles, Henry, Mary
Tuesday, October 13, 1903
Edward Wilhelm Last night, South Side (Easton) wife William, George, Joseph, Viola, Ethel, Mame, Mrs.John Raub Mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilhelm, brothers and sisters: Howard Fred, Mrs. William Barnett, Mrs. William Ricketts,Mrs. Richard Hill, Mrs. Edward Pursell.
Jonas Wieder Friday, Holland, NJ   Mrs. Simeon Sinclair, Mrs. Rutland Crouse, Lewis  
Friday, October 16, 1903
Lewis Spengler Thursday morning, Cherryville Wife Mrs. Ed. Newhard, Mrs. Monroe Solt, William Zellner Step-brother, Stephen Spengler, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren
Isaac Fox Wednesday, Bethlehem Township   Samuel A.Fox, Mrs. Henry Strauss, Mrs. Zeno Wack, John W. Fox brother, Samuel Fox
Thomas Menhennitt Last evening, Easton Hospital Second wife eleven children  
Saturday, October 23, 1903
Eliza Funk Thursday evening, Weaversville Stephen Funk Mrs. Jacob Funk brothers, and sister, Frank Roth, Daniel Rinker, Mrs. Jacob Wuchter
Alice M. Brown Friday, Forks Township     Father: David Brown, a sister
Tuesday, November 10, 1903
Christiana Wilhelm Yesterday, Easton Elias Wilhelm Mrs. Jacob Reeser, William H. Warner, Mrs. George O.Rice, Mar. Annie Kessler, Mrs. Jonas Walter  
Jacob Nicholas Sunday morning, Williams Township Widow Mrs. Peter Hindenach, Mrs. Franklin Illick, Mrs. Edgar Kressman, Stewart, Nicholas, Elmer C. Nichols, Susie M. Nicholas  
Albert A. Ackerman Last evening, Bangor Widow three children Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Ackerman, three sisters: Mrs. Bert Albert, Lillie and Ethel
Quenten A. Lutz This morning, Lower Saucon Township     Parents: W. J. Lutz
Saturday, November 21, 1903
John S. Strunk Saturday, Palmer Township wife Mrs. Houck  
Henry L. Odenwelder This morning, Palmer Township Widow Mrs. John Neumeyer Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Odenwelder, brothers, Tilghman Odenwelder, Asher J. Odenwelder
Saturday, November 28, 1903
Sarah M. Frack Thursday Morning, Cherryville   One son, one daughter Brother, Robert Blose
Adeline Nixon Yesterday, Phillipsburg     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Nixon, sister, Mrs. Thomas Randall, brothers, James, John, William and Harry
William Ott Yesterday, Upper Mount Bethel Widow Eleven children  
Edith L. Albert Friday, Bangor Anthony Norman Albert   Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Jennings, three brothers and a sister
Tuesday, December 1, 1903
Caroline Kramer This morning, Phillipsburg     brother and sisters: henry Kramer, Mrs. Cecilia Frey, Mrs. Eustenia Yutz
Joseph Frankenfield Sunday, Bethlehem Widow, daughter of Michael Engler two children preceded to grave brother, Barnet Frankenfield
Thursday, December 17, 1903
William A.Fox This morning, Easton Widow two children Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fox, brothers, William, George, Fred, Edward
Russell Wagner Midnight, Easton Hospital   Two children Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wagner, brothers and sister: William and Thomas, Mrs. William Laudenberger, Mrs. Peter Miller
Mrs. Andrew Bartholomew Last night, Moore Township Andrew Bartholomew Several Children Father: Peter Kromer
Howard Hertzog Wednesday, Nazareth Widow Two Children Brothers and sister: Isaac, Albert, Mrs. Harry Whitesell
Quintus A. Walter this morning , Plainfield Township     Mother, Elizabeth, brothers: Aaron, Elmer and Steward, grandmother, Mary Happle
Thursday, December 24, 1903
Henry B. Weaver This morning, Philadelphia Widow, nee Clifton Clifton P. Weaver, Floyd Weaver brothers and sisters : W. Stewart Weaver, Peter M. Weaver, Miss Sarah Weaver, Miss Sabina Weaver, Mrs. Emma Michael
Mrs. Andrew Meixell Tuesday, Bossardville,Monroe County Andrew Meixell Mrs. Melchor Bossard, Mamie Meixell, Mrs. Ida Mansfield, Mrs. Howard Fellencer, Mrs. George Brown, Newton Meixell, William Meixell, Mrs. Manasseh Fetherman  
Monday, December 28, 1903
Josiah Sloyer Dec 24, williams Township Widow George, William John, Mrs. George Eichelberger, Mrs. Charles Bachman, Mrs. Ida Snyder.  
Anna Maria Rinek Saturday evening, Easton Jacob Rinek Annie, Sue, John, Henry, Thomas, Howard Parents: Mr and Mrs. John Bonstein
Jacob Frankenfield Friday morning, Bethlehem Widow Mrs. Asher Von Steuben, Mrs. John Mentzell, George W. Frankenfield, Herbert J. Frankenfield, Preston Frankenfield  
Jennie E. Johnson Saturday evening, Easton Elisha Johnson Mabel, Edith, James brothers, James Frazer, William Frazer, sister, Margaret Ward
Peter O. Ache Thursday, Lower Saucon   Amos, Peter, titus, Samuel, Frank, Mrs.John Pearson, Mrs. Eli Sherer Parents: Peter and Mary Ache