Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1900
1900 Easton Daily Argus Obits
Parents, siblings...
Tuesday, Jan 9, 1900
Susanna Gruver Sunday in Rittersville Abraham Gruver John N., Peter W., A. Nathaniel, Catherine, Mrs. Morris J. Walters  
Henrietta Reichard nee Stonebach Christmas morning in Cleveland Ohio William Reichard   Son-in-law H.R. MacKnight
Arthur D. Miller this morning, Phillipsburg Wife   Mother, Mrs. Napolean Smith, Stepfather (not named), brother, Harry Smith
Peter G. Bachman Sunday night, County Almshouse      
Francis Eckert This morning, Pen Argyl   Francis and Charles Eckert, Mrs. Quintus Sandt, Mrs. Joseph Dietz, and Mrs. Edward Dietz and Mrs. Jeremiah Moyer  
Thursday, January 18, 1900
Samuel Ruch yesterday morning, Lower saucon Church   Mrs. Benjamin Fulmer, William Ruch, Sarah, wife of Edwin Ziegenfuss, Sabilla, wife of Mr. Fackenthall, Martha, wife of Benjamin Fulmer  
Amos Houck yesterday, Lower Mt. Bethel   Wilson Houck, Irwin Houck, Stewart Houck, Mrs. Fred. Engler, Mrs. Samuel Shull, Mrs. Harry Taylor, Miss Emma Houck  
Frederick Siegel yesterday, Bushkill Township   Wilson Siegel  
Monday, January 29, 1900
Mrs. Aquilla Nungesser Wind Gap Husband Samuel Nungesser, B. Frank Nungesser, Sarah E. Seigfried brother, Joseph Reph, sister, Sarah Reph
Simon C. Brotzman this morning, Williams Township Wife Burton and Victor Brotzman  
Wednesday, January 31, 1900
Mrs. William Heard this morning, Bangor husband six children  
William Andrews Tuesday, Palmer Township Widow three sons  
Sophia Uhler This morning, College Hill Peter Uhler Richard Uhler, Valentine Uhler, Dr. S. P. Uhler, Mrs. Reuben Keim, Misses Lucinda and Sarah Uhler sisters: Mrs. Theobod Martzloff, Mrs. Kate Hyde
William H. Barrall Monday evening, West Bethlehem widow Dr. Albert Barrall, Mrs. Morris L. Kindig brothers: David Barrall, Samuel Barrall, Danie Barrall; sister: Mrs. Jacob Schott
Mrs. Polly Rasely Monday, Martin's Creek Peter Rasely W. H. Rasely, Isaac Rasely, Simon Rasely, Aaron Rasely, John H. Rasely, Mrs. Stephen Moyer, Mrs. George Teel, Mrs. William Glass  
Saturday, February 19, 1900
Mrs. Mary M. Uhler yesterday, Forks Township Reuben Uhler Alvin Uhler, John Uhler and Jennie Uhler brothers and sisters: Joseph Snyder, Enos Snyder, William Snyder, Lorenzo Snyder, Elizabeth, wife of Reuben Gruver and Cecilia Snyder
Jacob P. Houk last evening, Butler Street Widow Mrs. Fed. Johns  
Leo. Busselmeyer this morning Phillipsburg   Mrs. Newton Snyder, Mrs. George Morris, Charles Busselmeyer brother, Frank Busselmeyer, Stepson, Theodore Shinstein, Step-daughter, Mrs. Frank Young
Mrs. Martha Galloway today, Ninth Street widow of the late William Galloway Minnie R., William, Mrs. Emma Transue  
W. E. Rowland yesterday, St. Luke's Hospital.      
Friday, February 21, 1900
George Nixon last evening, Phillipsburg   Thomas Nixon, Mrs. Laura Tilton, William Nixon, Mrs. Elmer Snyder, Clarence Nixon Brothers, Sharps Nixon, Charles Nixon
William F. Rand yast evening, Somerville, NJ wife Mrs. Howard Seip, Mrs. Charles Hauzler, Maude, Lizzie, William Rand  
Thomas McDermott yesterday, Phillipsburg, NJ   Frank McDermott, Mrs. Thomas, Newman, Thomas McDermott, Sarah McDermott, Charles McDermott  
Mrs. Hannah Seiple yesterday, Pen Argyl Marara Seiple Mrs. Matilda Gum, Harrison Seiple, Eli Seiple, Mrs. Amandus Henning, Herman Seiple  
Frank Unangst yesterday, Williams Township     brother: Solon Unangst, sister: Mrs. George Steckel
Mrs. Elizabeth Stout Steckel Monday, Bethlehem     Father: The late Hon. Isaac Stout.
Friday, March 2, 1900
Adam Hahn last night, South Easton wife William Hahn, Mrs. Thomas Evan, Mrs. Philip Heil, Mrs. Daniel Richards brothers, Samuel Hahn, Levi Hahn, sister, Kate Kline
Saturday, March 10, 1900
Philip Sandt yesterday, Stockertown widow Rev. Charles E. Sandt parents: Philip Sandt and Elizabeth Schweitzer; Brothers and sisters:Edwin Sandt, Mrs. Jospeh Michael, Mrs. Edward Lerch and Mrs. Jacob Lehr
Amanda Schnabel yesterday, Palmer Township Lewis Schnabel Mildred and Wiliam Parents: William and Rebecca Unangst; Brother: James Unangst; Sisters: Mrs. James W. Koch, Mrs. Edward Stoute, Miss Cora Unangst, Mrs. Dr. Weaver.
George W. Laros last evning, Chestnut Hill widow Hattie, Kate, Margaret brothers and sisters: Joseph Laros, james Laros, Edward laros, Mrs. Leis King, Mrs. Peter Raub, Mrs. George Derhammer
Tuesday, March 13, 1900
Mrs. Drucilla Snyder yesterday, Bushkill Creek near Rock Mill William Snyder Charles W. Snyder, Elmer E. Snyder, Oscar W. Snyder, Allen Snyder, Mrs. Albert Caskey brothers: Peter Shively, William Shively, John Shively; sisters: Mrs. Abraham Sloyer, Mrs. John Rice
Saturday, March 17, 1900
Owen Garis last evening , Home on Washington St. Widow Mrs. Arthur Troxell, Frank Garis, Mrs. Edward Ryan, Solon Garis sisters: Mrs. Robert Lamoreaux, Mrs. Jacob Walter
William Heard this morning, Pen Argyl Widow Edward Heard, Harry Heard, Mrs. Richard Rundle, Mrs, Harry Harris  
Joseph Barnet this morning at his home     brothers, Charles, Edward and George Barnet and sisters Mrs. George Schimmel, Mrs Joseph Kortz, Mrs. Millard Smith and Miss Emma Barnet
Hugh Thomas Thursday Nnight, Wind Gap Widow several children: Miss Maggie Thomas  
Friday, March 23, 1900
Lester Roseberry Yyesterday, Easton     Parents: Jesse and Sabilla Roseberry, Brothers: Horace L. and Raymond T. Roseberry
Mary Yeisley this morning, Williams Township Thomas Yeisley Jesiah, Solomon, Jacob Moser , Mrs. Andrew Moser, Mrs, Andrew Packer. One sister, Elizabeth Shuler, five step-children
Jacob Winters yesterday, Glenburg, Ill Wife seven children mother, Mrs. Joseph Winters; brothers and sisters; John and Joseph Winters, Mrs. Henry Seals, Mrs. Kate Bush, Mrs. Emma Amey
Zachariah T. Laroche Yesterday, Allentown, Pa      
Saturday, March 24, 1900
Henry S. Murfit Yesterday, Doylestown, Bucks County Caroline H. Gilkyson, daughter of James Gilkyson two sons Father: John Murfit
Samuel Frankenfield Yesterday, Bethlehem Township Widow Winfield Scott Frankenfield, Elmer Frankenfield, Mrs. Jesse Laubach, Mrs. Aaron Hahn, Misses Ellen , Etna and Mema Frankenfield brothers: Joseph and Barnet Frankenfield
Harry Nickum This morning, West Easton     Parents: Mr and Mrs. Tilghman Nickum
John F. Gross Yesterday, Bethlehem      
Elizabeth Sampson Weller This morning, Easton     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. George M. Weller
Cornelius Noonan Today, Glendon      
Monday, April 9, 1900
Josephine Grim Saturday morning, Allentown Francis X. Grim   father: Joseph Flad, brother: Frank, sisters: Frances, Rosa
David F. Stone This morning, Phillipsburg   Mrs. William F. Carty, Chester Stone, Charles Stone, Walter Stone, Stewart Stone, Mrs. M. C. Mosier, Mrs. Morton Jones sister: Mrs. Charles Rouse, brothers: Henry Stone, Jacob Stone, Charles Stone
Stephen Laubach April 4, Howertown Widow   brother: Dr. Frank Laubach
Sadie A. VanScoten Sunday morning, Easton Jeremiah VanScoten Two children from a former marriage: Frank and John Curry  
Mrs. Jacob Edelman Friday, Chapman Quarries, Moore Township Jacob Edelman Mrs. Nelson Chapman  
Saturday, April 14, 1900
Daniel Messinger yesterday, Lehigh Street Widow Oscar L. Messinger brothers Michael F. Messinger, W. H. Messinger, sister: Mrs. Christiana Werkheiser
Peter Gruver Thursday, near Saylorsburg Wife Two Daughters  
James M. Mosser Last evening, West Bethlehem Wife three sons and one daughter  
Barbara Stigler South Bethlehem John C. Stigler    
Mary Kedey South Bethlehem      
John Faulkner South Bethlehem      
Saturday, April 21, 1900
Thomas J. Hay

tThis morning, Easton

Widow Thomas A. L. Hay, Mrs. Dr. A. L. Kotz step-sister, Mrs Mary Edelman, two step-brothers: George W. Hay, Charles Hay
Herbert Thomas testerday, Philadelphia      
Norman Uhler this morning, Easton     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Uhler
Thursday, April 28, 1900
Elias Kiefer this Morning, Belvidere Corner, Upper Mt. Bethel Widow Bartine Kiefer, Mrs. Hiram Wise sisters and brother: Mrs. Elizabeth Cypher, Jeremiah Kiefer, Mrs. Effie McGuinnis
Charles Miller Yesterday, Upper Milford Township, Lehigh County Second Wife eighteen children  
Annie Chapman Yesterday afternoon, Catasauqua Charles W., Chapman    
Tuesday, May1, 1900
Christianna Herman yesterday, Easton Charles Herman John, Charles and Jacob Herman, Lena, wife of Simon Schwan; Juliana, wife of William Nuding, Anne, wife of Thomas P. Ricker 27 grandchildren
4 great-grandchildren
Peter Frankenfield last evening, Lower Nazareth Township   Rudy Frankenfield brothers: Edward, Nathan Frankenfield, sisters: Mrs. Matthias Buss, Mrs. Rinch
Comilla Ball Sunday, Phillipsburg Bernard Ball Bernard, John and George Ball and Mrs. Daniel Troxell, Jesse Moser  
Friday, May 19, 1900
James W. Mabry Yesterday, Cherryville Nora M. Stamm Esther brothers; Sylvester, Squire L. S. Mabry, sister Mrs. C. H. Hertzog, Mrs. J. D. Fegley, Mrs. F. M. Schwartz
Joshua S. Raub this morning, South Side (Easton)   Mrs. Robert Kleckner, Edwin Raub, Allen Raub, Annie Raub, Archie Raub, Harry Raub, brothers and sisters: Dr. Jacob Raub, William and Evan Raub, Mrs. John Laubach, Mrs. Granville Moore,
Maria Everhart Yesterday, Philadelphia      
Hannah Garis last night, Nazareth Pa Aaron Garis William E., Alton E. and Lewis Garis, sisters and brothers: Mrs. William Colvert, Mrs. Henry Almond, Mrs. Lewis Zane, William Dickey
William Jackson this morning, Easton Hospital     Boarded with George Davis
Christiana Rephser last night, Bangor John Repsher five sons and one daughter  
John P. Jones this morning, Bangor     father: Owen Jones, two brothers and five sisters
Annie Rutt yesterday, East Bangor Charles Rutt Infant Child  
Friday, June 9, 1900
Hettie Walter Thursday, May 31, Cherry Hill Andrew Walter Mrs. Owen Siegfried, William, Samuel, Freeman, Peter, Frank, Alfred, Edward, Mrs. Louisa Breining, Mrs. Jacob Kerchenthal, Mrs. Martin Paulus brother: Richard Snyder
Wednesday, June 20, 1900
Elizabeth Brunnel yesterday, Easton Samuel Brunnel one day old child parents: Mr.and Mrs. William Hazzard, brothers, George, Harry Hazzard.
Lewis Bisbing This morning, Browntown wife Forest, William and Nettie Bisbing sister: Mrs. Simon Brotzman

Friday, June 22, 1900

Amelia Brotzman last evening, South Side (Easton)   Frank Brotzman, Edward Brotzman, Leonard, Annie, Florence Brotzman Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brotzman
Minerva Pittenger this morning, Palmer Township John Pittenger one child six days old her parents and several brothers and sisters
Wednesday, July 25, 1900
Jesse Soys Yesterday morning, Near Springtown, Bucks County      
Saturday, August 11, 1900
Robert Woodring       Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Leidy Woodring
Franklin Robert Siefgried Friday, Bath widow Milton Siegfried, Edward, Siegfried, Lewis Siegfried, Emma Siegfried, Mary Seigfried Brothers: Chalres Siegfried, George Siegfried, Oliver Siegfried, Emanuel Siegfried; Sisters: Sarah Seager, Eliza Heidler, Rebecca Seigfried
Tuesday, August 21, 1900
Rebecca W. Spangenberg yesterday afternoon, Easton William H. Spangenberg William K. Spangenberg, Miss Ida Spangenberg

brothers and sisters: George Beam, John Beam, Mrs. Cecilia Sidders

John Wheldon Williams yesterday, Chicago      
Monday, September 3, 1900
William Kramer Saturday, Bethlehem Township widow Mrs.Frank Leibertman, Mrs. Edward Hager, Steward Kramer, Wilson Kramer  
William Burke this morning, Easton     sister: Mrs. H. J. Reeder
Wednesday, September 19, 1900
Henrietta Frankenfield yesterday, Phillipsburg Lewis Frankenfield Jacob Frankenfield Sister: Mrs. Emma Raub
Edward Barnett this morning, College Hill     Brothers: George Barnett, Charles Barnett; Sisters: Mrs. Anna Kutz, Mrs. Miller Smith, Mrs.George Schimmel, Mrs. Frank Hemmingway
Leah Prossler Monday, Bethlehem Frederick Prossler    
December 26, 1900
Eliza Helms Christmas morning, Easton William Helms Mrs. George Schwab, George Helms, Mrs. Charles Warner, Wilson Helms, Henry H. Helms, Mrs. Edward Unangst brothers: Daniel Keller, Thomas Keller
Simon Messinger Monday afternoon, Washington Township Widow Isaiah, George, William, Herbert, Mrs. G. Spangenberg, Mrs. H. C. Slamp, Mrs. William Spangenberg brothers and sister: Miles Messinger, Zachariah Messinger, Theodore Messinger, Mrs. Lucinda Young.
Estella E. Heller Monday, Tatamy Daniel Heller   parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Rienheimer, sisters: Clara Wife of Frank Messinger, Agnes, wife of J. A. Happle, Esq
Ellen R. Pelts last night, South Side (Easton) Wm H. Pelts Laura Pelts, Howard sister & brothers: Mrs. Peter Van Ness, Peter Bush and Henry Bush,
Leonard Knecht obit cut off of copy      
Monday, December 31, 1900
John H. Kreidler today, Bethlehem Widow Elmer E. Kreidler, Leidy A. Kreidler, Mary J. wife of Charles Gearhart, Emma L. wife of Mervin Werkheiser brother & sister: Mrs. Samuel R. Odenwelder, Antro Kreidler
Harry M. Eckert last evening, Easton Widow Dorothy father, sisters and brothers: Margaret, Bessie, Floyd and Russell.
Jane Laudenberg Saturday night, home near Warren Paper Mill John Laudenberg Isaac Laudenberg, Amos Laudenberg brother & sisters: Samuel Hawk, Mrs. Mary Love, Mrs.Ruth Baylor