Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1897
1895 Easton Daily Argus Obits
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Saturday, January 2, 1897
John H. B. Knauss, Jr yesterday, Catasauqua wife three grown up sons parents, sisters and brothers, Jennie Knauss, Mrs. W. O. Hofford, Mrs. Asa Knerr and Webster Knauss, Oscar Knauss, Neil Knauss
Joseph Kieffer last night, Lower Saucon Township     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kiefer
Lucinda Walter yesterday, Rittersville Adam Walter    
William Steckel yesterday, Easton   Mrs. Edward Thomas, Miss Kate Steckel, Mrs. Irwin Unangst, Mrs. John Rupp, George Steckel, Frank Steckel  
Monday, January 4, 1897
Thomas F. Wartman yesterday morning, Bethlehem Township wife Quintus Wartman, George M. Wartman, Charles F. Wartman, Granville A. Wartman father: William Wartman
Annie M. Mutchler Saturday Evening, South Easton W. Asher Mutchler Carrie Mutchler, Alma Mutchler parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Barr, borthers and sisters: William Barr, John Barr, Lincoln Barr, Mrs. Peter O'Connell and Mrs. Eugene Mutchler
Solomon Heiberger last evening, Allentown wife three children  
John Casener Yesterday, Trenton, NJ     sister: Mrs. Theophilus Hackett
John M. Ogier yesterday, Allentown PA      
Charles Gross yesterday, Allentown PA      
Wednesday, January 13, 1897
Calvin Cyrus Woodring last evening, South Easton     parents; Mr. and Mrs. Titus Woodring, brothers. Burton T. Woodring, Paul, Woodring, Arthur Woodring, and Hiram Woodring, William J. Woodring, sister: Mrs. Irvin Steckel
Samuel Hunt yesterday, Digman's Ferry      
Thursday, January 21, 1897
Sadie Walter last night, County Almshouse      
Mrs. George Beam last night , Johnsonville husband several grown up children  
Saturday, January 30, 1897
Joseph Kiefer yesterday afternoon, Lower Mt. Bethel widow Irwin Kiefer, Wesley Kiefer, Calvin Kiefer, Marshall Kiefer, Albert Kiefer, Mrs. James Edmiston, Mrs. John Morris, Mrs. Jesse Raub, Mrs. Irvin Uhler, Mrs. J.U. Savitz, George Kiefer, Ida Kiefer  
Herbert Ricketts last evening, Easton Hospital     parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Ricketts
Reuben Simpson, buried on January 23, died in Soldier's home, at Newark NJ     brotehers: Hiram Simpson, James Simpson, sisters: Rebecca Cohler, Mrs. Martha Demas, Mrs. Mary Rand
Bertha Hunt this morning, Phillipsburg Charles Hunt   Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bercaw, sisters: Mrs. Edward Pitinger , Mrs Aaron Ayers, Mrs. Samuel Lippincott, Mrs. Charles Anderson
Friday, Feburary 5, 1897
Donas Beisel Saturday, Nazareth   Mrs. Ellen E., wife of Oliver Steinmetz  
Sarepta Tidaback Yesterday, Bayonne, NJ     father: Jeremiah Tidabock
Aaron Rasley last evening, Lower Mount Bethel widow Hiram Rasley, Reuben H. Rasley, Susan, wife of William Miller, Margaret, Wife of Robert Galloway, Sarah Jane, wife of Benjamin Ackerman, Zachariah Rasley, Alabina Rasley  
Mrs. Samuel Samuels this morning, Odenweldertown husband four children  
Friday, Feburary19, 1897
William H. Berlin last evening, Allentown   George Berlin  
Alfred L. Shireman Yesterday afternoon, Nazareth wife, Miss Huttel two children  
Richard McKee, Jr last night, South Easton     parents; Mr. and Mrs. Richard McKee, Sr, brothers: William McKee, Joseph McKee, David McKee, sister: Mrs. Nelson Arnold
Monday, February 22, 1897
Health officer Rockafeller yesterday, South Bethlehem      
Catherine Zellner this morning, Browntown Sylvanus Zellner   parents: Mr and Mrs. George Watkins
Harriett Dolan Sunday morning, Mauch Chunk John O. Dolan   father; Edward A. Douglass, brother-in-law, Judge Allen Craig
AliceE. Gruver yesteday moring, Wilson Gruver Conrad Gruver Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Helmrecht
Wednesday, February 24, 1897
Mrs. Mary Shumucker last evening, Allentown   daughter Uncle: Jacob Singmaster, grandson, great-grandson
Angeline Simons this morning, South Easton George Simons   father: John Hawk, sister: Miss Mary J. Hawk, brothers, William Hawk and Wilson Hawk
Saturday, February 27, 1897
George F. Ely the moring, Wind Gap wife three children  
Henry F. Kildare yesterday, South Allentown      
Austin Bisbing yesterday, Easton     brother-in-law; Simon P. Brotzman
Gertie Sandt This morinng, Nazareth     father: Freeman Sandt, mother, sister, brother
Amelia Bachman yesterday afternoon, 85 Delaware Street George Bachman Mary Bachman, Mrs.James E. Wilson brother: Peter Unangst, sisters: Mrs. Amos Young and Mrs. Jospeh Kiefer
Monday, March 1, 1897
Jessie Wilhelm yesterday, North Union Street     mother: Mrs. Kate Bennett, brothers and sisters: William H. Wilhelm, Joseph E. Wilhelm, John E. Wilhelm, Mrs. F.D. Scarborough, Miss Ida Wilehlem, Miss Gertrude Wilhelm, Mrs. Uriah Boughter, Emmerson Bennett, Tillie Bennett
Fannie Kemmerer yesterday, Plainfield Township Anthony Kemmerer Daniel Kemmerer, John Kemmerer, Peter Kemmerer, Mrs. Maria Wheeler, Mrs. Maria Mary Smickely, wife of John Smickely  
William H. Knecht Saturday night, Nazareth   George Knecht,, John Knecht, Eugene Knecht, Mrs. Joseph Speer, Mrs. Clarence Shafer  
George Ely Satruday, Wind Gap   John Ely, Elmer Ely, Mrs Wallace Sylvester  
Elias Crick yesterday morning, Williams Township   several children  
Mrs. Stocker Saturday, near the Easton sanitarium John Z. Stocker   two sisters: Mrs. Harry Stocker, Mrs. Emma Matthew
Rebecca Housman Yesterday, Allentown Bors Housman James Housman  
Henry Gruber yesterday, near Schoenerville      
March 9, 1897
Mrs. Jacob Wagner yesterday, Allentown      
Ellen Frankenfield last night, Bethlehem Township R.B. Frankenfield Oscar Frankenfield brothers and sister: Edwin Frace, Charles France, Mrs. William Walters
Catharine McNamara yesterday morning, Freemansburg Daniel McNamara John McNamara Brothers: Cornelius McNamara and John L, McNamara
Daniel Levan Sunday, near Schnecksville      
John Gamble Tolmie this morning, Phillipsburg Mary Deily Robert Tolmie, Alex Tolmie, Mrs. Allen Dodd, Mrs. S.J. Hill, John G. Tolmie  
Saturday, March 20, 1897
Hugh M. Sweeney yesterday, Mauch Chunk widow five children  
David Trein last night, Bushkill Township   Mrs. Matilda wife of Florentine Seyfried, Mrs. Catharine, wife of William Clewell, William Trein, Mrs. Sabina, wife of Ephraim Loux, Isreal D,. Trein, Stephen Trien sister: Mrs. Hetty, widow of the late George Schweitzer
Etta Hineline last night, South Easton Charles Hineline infant child

father: J. W. Trauger, sister-in-law Miss Emma Hineline

Friday, March 26, 1897
Henry Coken last eveing, Williams Township wife Clinton Coken, Mrs. Oscar Moyer, Mrs. Charles Werkheiser  
Nathan Bittner yesterday, Lowhill Township   Moses Bittner, Emma Bittner  
Harrison Y. Krause Wednesday night, Krausedale, Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County wife Mrs. Dr. Schantz  
Monday, April 5, 1897
Henry A. Steward Saturday morning, Catasauqua     parents; John and Elizabeth Steward, sisters: Mrs. Ellan Bough, Mrs. Charles Hexworth, brother: Wililam Steward
Susan Sigman Flemming Shellenberger yesterday, Allentown H.H. Shellenberger Mildred Shellenberger, Lester Shellenberger, Mary Shellenberger parents: Mr.and Mrs. John Flemming, brothers and sisters: Mrs. A. F. Nolf, Mrs. John Pursell, C. K. Flemming, George D. Flemming, John C. Flemming
Sabilla Harrison Saturday, Phillipsburg, NJ John W. Harrison Wiliam Harrison sisters: Mrs. Preston Good, Mrs. Edward Able, Mrs. Benjamin Oberly
Mary Willever this morning, Old Ladies' Home     sister: Elizabeth Willever, brother,Thomas Willever
Cora Kleckner last night, Moorestown Frank H. Klechner three children  
Leon Schmoyer Saturday morning, Allentown      
Thursday, April 15, 1897
Anna C. Woodring this morning, Palmer Township John J. Woodring Mrs. Lilly, wife of Wilson Edelman; Mrs. Jennie L., wife of Charles Koch; Mrs. Annie M. wife of Cyrus J. Hess; Maime M. Woodring; Edith B. Woodring, John J. Woodring parents: George Lynn and Annie; brothers, Timothy Lynn and George Lynn
Jerome Swartwood yesterday, Sciota, Monroe Couty      
Tuesday, April 20, 1897
Mary Ann Walter this morning, Easton William Walter Ida Walter, Mrs. William Prince, Miles Walter Parents: Jeremiah and Lydia Hope, brothers and sisters: Mrs. John Beatty, Mrs. Lovenus Tranuse, Mrs. Harry Allen, Mrs. George Beam, David Hope, Wilson Hope, Thomas Hope
George Goucher yesterday, Stroudsburg Mrs. A. B. Staples    
Thursday, April 29, 1897
Valentine J. Uhler this morning, near Belfast, Plainfield Township widow Ephriam Uhler, Philip Uhler, Peter Uhler, Hannah, wifoe of Jeremaih Stofflet, Olivia, wife of Charles Stocker brothers and sister: Richard Uhler, Jeremiah Uhler, John J. Uhler, Rebecca, wife of Reuben Jacoby
Saturday, May 1, 1897
Henry Fishbough this morning, Phillipsburg     brothers, Peter Fishbough, Sylvester Fishbough, Miss Catharine Fishbough
John T.Reily this morning, Phillipsburg     sister-in-law Mrs. Edward mcHale
Allen J. Sandt last evening, St. Luke's Hospital Carrie Benz Edith Sandt, Florence Sandt Parnets: Peter sandt and Sallie Ann Sandt; Brotehs: J. Madosn Sandt, Oliver P. Sandt; sister: Mrs. Elmer Kleckner
John B. Smith this morning, Phillipsburg wife two children father: Hugh Smith; brothers and sisters; James, Frank Isabella, helen, Anna Mrs. Michael Marneil
Monday, May 3, 1897
Hannah Mortimer Saturday afternoon, Wilmington De G.W. Mortimer Mrs. James K.Rogers sisters: Mrs. Sarah Lord, Mrs. Rebecca Emmonds
Rose Ann Slowey yesterday afternoon, philipsburg John Slowey Thomas Slowey, Mrs. Patrick Stanley, John Slowey, Miss Sarah Slowey, Mrs. Harry Bowers  
Susanna Walter Thursday, Williams Township Owen Walter Mrs. John K. Bachman, Mrs. J. T. Kleinhans, Owen E. Walter three brothers and a sister
Peter Alpaugh this morning, Phillipsburg wife Austin B. Alpuagh brother: Spencer Alpaugh, sister, Mrs. Lida Roseberry
Peter Richards Saturday, Freemansburg widow   sisters: Mrs. B. Frank Shimer, Mrs. Catharine Shillinger, brother, Dr. D.W. Richards
Reuben Faust Friday, Allentown   William Faust, James Faust, Mrs. Andrew Klotz, Mrs Jonas Benner, Mrs. Amandus Bartholomew, Mrs. Benjamin Frey  
Flora Cannon Saturday afternoon Michael Cannon two children parents: Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Shaffer, brother: Claude Shaffer, sister: Lizzie Shaffer
Thursday, June 3, 1897
Mary Walter last evening, Palmer Township William H. Walter Solomon Walter, Henry Walter, Reuben Walter, Edward Walter, Miss Susan Walter, Mrs. Amanda Question brother: Solomon Walter, sister, Mrs. John Walter, thirteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren
Joshua Schnurman Thursday night, Allentown      
Henry Kressler this morning, Centreville, Upper Mt. Bethel   grown up children brother: Samuel Kressler
June 29, 1897
Mary Sterner Saturday evening, Phillipsburg Milton Sterner Frank Sterner, Stanley Sterner father: Charles Rosen, brother: Wilmer Rosen, sisters: Mrs. Willis Folkenson, Mrs. Thomas Kunsman
Gertrude Wilhelm Saturday afternoon, Easton     Mother: Mrs. Kate Bennett, brothers and sisters; William Wilhelm, Joseph Wilhelm, John Wilhelem, Ida Wilhelm, Mrs. F. D. Scarborough, Mrs. Uriah Bougher, Miss Tillie Bennett, Emerson Bennett
Leander V. Thomas Saturday night, Easton     sister: Mrs. E. M. Alcot, brother, William Thomas
Amanda Amey Sunday afternoon, Phillipsburg William Amey Harry Amey, Lillie Amey Mother, Mrs. E. R. Huff, sister, Miss Lillie Huff
Annie Hagenbuch       parents: Joseph C. and Catharine Hagenbuch, Mentions Albert A. Hammann
Thursday, July 1, 1897,
Carl Heil today, Easton      
Firday, July 2, 1897
Carl Heil yesterday     father: Philip Heil; Brother: Grant Heil
Wednesday, July 14, 1897
Susan Insley yesterday morning, Bath Isaac B. Insley Lillie, wife of Dr. J. O. Berlin parents: Joseph and Elizabeth Steckel, brother, Henry F. Steckel, grandson, Charles Insley Berlin
Anna Kline yesterday, Williams Township     father: Conrad Kline,brother William Kline, sisters, Mrs. William Diehl, Miss Maggie Kline
George Garren yesterday afternoon, Philadelphia widow Herbert Garren, Charles Garren, Hugh Garren, Harry Garren brother Jacob Garren, sister: Mrs. Harry Harvey
Horace Miller yesterday morning, Allentown      
Monday, July 19, 1897
Henry Kneiga Saturday night, Easton   Mrs. Albert Willever, Henry Kneiga, Jr. Miss Annie Kneiga  
Abraham Uhler this morning, Palmer Township   Ida, wife of Tilghman Billheimer, Sarah, wife of Henry Serfass, Anna Uhler brothes; Daniel Uhler, George Uhler, Levi Uhler, Sisters: Mrs. Joseph King, Mrs. John Laubach, Mrs. Wiliam Kramer
John Brakely this morning, Springtown, NJ   Jennie Brakely, Rhoda Brakely Mother, brothers; Matthias Brakely, P. W. Brakely, Mrs. Samuel Hughs, Miss Nettie Brakely, Mrs. Hugh Abernethy
Henry P. Appleton Saturday, Allentown      
Daniel Mohr Saturday, Lower Macungie Township      
Wednesday, July 21 1897
William H. Laubach yesteday, Allentown Hannah L. Cooper William H. Laubach , Mame father: Joseph Laubach , brothers: Frank P. Laubach, John J. Laubach; Sisters: Mis Malinda Laubach, Mrs. William Weisley
Sallie A. Sandt this moring, South Easton Killed in Civil War J.M. Sandt, O.P. Sandt, Mrs. Elmer Kleckner father: Jacob Snyder; Son-in-law: Elmer Kleckner; Brothers and sisters: George Snyder, Jairus Snyder, Andrew Snyder, Mrs. Elizabeth McSwain, Mrs.Sabina Moll, Mrs. Lucinda Derhammer
Hannah Daly last evening, Phillipsburg Patrich Daly Mrs. John Buckley, Ella Daly  
Saturday, July 24, 1897
Nettie Kline this morning, Easton Hospital John F. Kline   father: James E. Donnelly, sister: Mrs. Thomas Farleigh
Mary Wasser last evening, Lower Saucon Peter A. Wasser John G. Wasser, Jacob Wasser, Franlin Wasser, Ida Wasser four grandchildren
Anna Moser this afternoon, Phillipsburg Isaac Moser Mrs. Charles Osmun, Samuel Lewis Moser, Hattie Moser  
John Gorman yesterday afternoon, Allentown      
Wednesday, July 28, 1897
Susan Sloan last evening, South Easton Jeremiah Sloan William Sloan, John sloan, David Sloan, Mrs. Susan Emery, Mrs.Richard McKee brothers and sisters: David Hammond and Mrs. Fannie McGregor, William Hammond
Monday, August 2, 1897
Ida Kelly, Nee Flechter Friday, Cleveland Ohio Hiester Kelly   parents: Mr. and Mrs. Josph Fletcher, brothers: John, Frank and Herbert Flechter, sisters: Josphine and Edna Fletcher, and Mrs. Lizzie Brotzman
Miss Emma L. Devens Saturday evening, South Easton     father: James Devens (dec'd) mother, brothers, James and William Devens, sisters: Miss Elizabeth Devens, Mrs. Elmer Bush
Enos Dutt Saturday, Philadelphia wife Claud Dutt, Helen Dutt  
Annie M. Newhart Sunday, Women's Hospital, Philadelphia John M. Newhart   three sisters and five brothers
Emma Bachman Satruday, Seigfried's Amos A. Bachman   mother and two sisters.
Monday, August 16, 1897
Charles W. Eichman today, Easton   John, William, Charles,Caroline H., Kathleen, Mary and Mrs. Harry Hess brother: William, sisters: Helen, Mrs. Samuel Garis
Lawson Palmer yesterday morning, Palmer Township widow I.A. Palmer brothers and sisters: Elias, Morton, William, David, Mrs. Kate Roth
Anna H. Coryel Bisell yesteray afternoon William F. Bisell (dec'd) William, G. Cyle parents: Mr. and Mrs. Abram Coryel, sister: Miss Frances R. Coryel
Monday, August 18, 1897
Lizzie Allen last evening, Warwick, Chester County Dr. Edgar Allen Ruth Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Simon Lattig, sister: Mrs. Peter Gulick
Wednesday, August 25, 1897 (Eastonm Daily Free Press)
Wilson James Frey Tuesday, South Bethlehem   five grown children  
Mrs. Dr. Jacob Shimer Sunday, Brattleboro, Vt.   Mrs. Dr. W. N. Thomaspon brother-in-law: Llewellyn S. Shimer
Tuesday, August 27, 1897
Eli Moore yesterday, Easton Hospital thrice married, leaves wife two children  
Eliza R. More yesteday morning, Bethlehem Township William More   father: William Frankenfield
Tuesday, September 14, 1897
Sarah Kichline last evening, Williams Township Jacob Kichline Leidy Kichline, John Kichline, Jacob Kinchline, Charles Kichline, Thomas Kichline, William Kichline, Graville Kichline, Mrs. Benjamin Bergstresser brother: William H. Kline
Emma George last night, Allentown Calvin George ten children brother and sisters: John V. D. Sandt, Mrs. E. C. Brinker, Miss Lizzie Sandt
Edwin Yeager yesterday, Allentown widow three children  
Wednesday, September 8, 1897
John W. Hamlin last evening, Easton wife Harry Hamlin mother, brother William H. Hamlin, sisters: Mrs. Price Cline, Mrs. Robert Carpenter, Mrs. Dr. Milton Osmun
Maria Wagner Tuesday, Bethlehem Township Barnhard Wagner Reuben Wanger, Edwin Wagner sisters: Mrs. Eliza Schnable, Mrs. George Bickel
Edward Eugene Schaffer this morning, Phillipsburg     parents; Mr.and Mrs. David Schaffer, sister
Mrs. John Stiles Last night, Bangor   one child  
Monday, September 18, 1897
Peter O'Donnell last evening, Phillipsburg wife Hugh O'Donnell, Matthew O'Donnell, Mrs. William A. Mooney, Celia O'Donnell, Annie O'Donnell brother: Michael O'Donnel, sister in Ireland
Henry M. Kreidler Tuesday, September 7, Decatur, Ill wife   father: Conrad Kreidler
William Gruepp Thursday last, near Reigelsville wife Two children  
Joseph Kitchen yesterday, Norristown asylum widow several children  
Reuben Steckel Saturday, Slatington      
Victor E. Hagenbuch yesterday, Bethlehem      
Tuesday, September 21, 1897
William Eichman yesterday afternoon, Easton   William H. Eichman father: William Eichman, sisters: Mrs. Samuel Garis, Helen Eichman
John Fenicle yesterday afternoon, Lower Nazareth Township   Henry Fenicle, Charles Fenicle, Mrs.James Koch, Mrs. John Reese, Mrs. Charles Morey, Mrs. Thomas Heiney, Mrs. George Heiney, Ellen Fenicle sister: Mrs. Geary Arner
Sarah Ann Woodring last night, Palmer Township George Woodring John Woodring, Daniel Woodring, Evan Woodring, Mrs. Stephen Roth, Mrs. Jacob Walters, George Woodring, Mrs. William Seip, Mrs. Benjamin Walters sister: Mrs. Philip Rice
Mrs. Henry Tintle Sunday Afternoon   Llewellyn Sandt, Mary Pysher, Charles Sandt, Annie Pysher  
George Ace Saturday, West Bangor widow Four children  
Friday, October 22, 1897
Abraham Shimer Thursday night, Martin's creek Wife Joseph Shimer, John C. Shimer, Wm. Shimer  
John J. Unangst this morning, Nazareth widow Edward J. Unangst, Eugene P. Unangst, Mrs. Wilson Kern, Mrs. George D. Kressler, Mrs. Walter Freeman, Addison Unangst.  
Wednesday, October 1897
William Solomon last evening, Easton Hospital widow   two brothers and two sisters
Minnie M. Weisel       parents: the late William Weisel and Mrs. Amanda Deiley, brothers: Russel Weisel, Irving Weisel, Roy Weisel
Catharine Erienberger yesterday, Middle Smithfield     father: Peter Michaels
Annie Protzman yesterday morning, Keyston Furnance Edward Brotzman six children  
Catharine Carl yesterday, Bethlehem William Carl    
Samuel Furry yesterday morning, South Bethlehem      
Mrs.Reuben Lynn last night, Freemansburg      
Saturday, October 23, 1897
Rebecca Gutman this morning, Easton John P. Guttman   parents: George and Mary Schlabach, brothers: Cyrus L. Schlabach, Edward Schlabach
John M. Lewis Monday, Soldiers Home, at Kearney widow three daughetes sisters: Mrs. William Carty, Mrs. Samuel Williams
Friday, October 29, 1897
James H. Barrall yesterday, Bath   Victor H. Barrell  
Frank H. Lerch this morning, Easton     parents: Samuel and Sabina Lerch, brothers; Royal Lerch, George Lerch
William F. Schlechter today, Easton wife William Schlechter, Gustav Schlechter, Charles Schlechter, Mrs. E.E. Rinn, Mrs. W. J. Pohl, Miss Mary Schlechter  
Edward Dundas this morning, Upper Mount Bethel      
Tuesday, November 9, 1897
Clara Sandt this morning, Easton     parents: Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Sandt, brothers: C. F Sandt, C.A. Sandt, George F. Santdt, sisters: Mary Sandt, Mettie Sandt, Mrs. U.T. Fackenthal
Susan Olivia Sames Sunday, Bethlehem David Sames   parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Neumeyer, brothers and sisters: E.A. Neumeyer, Maurice Neumeyer, Henry Neumeyer, Mrs. Thomas Oberly, Mrs. Mary Gould, Mrs. Frank Etshman, Mrs. Frank Wunderly, Mrs. M. Hagerter, Mrs. Reuben Uhler
Chester W. Teel last evening, Philadelphia     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Reuben F. Teel, brother not named and sisters: Rachel, Charlotte, Margarie
M. L. Smith East Stoudsburg      
Thursday, November 11, 1897
Daniel T. Weaver Tuesday morning, Newburg, Lower Nazareth widow Dr. H.F. Weaver, Annie, wife of Valentine Knecht  
Mrs. E. H. Byington yesterday, Buffalo      
Jeremiah Andres Thursday, Berlinsville, Lehigh County      
Paul Henry Barres yesterday, Bethlehem     parents: Harry and Alice Barres
James McMullin Tuesday night, Allentown      
Wednesday, November 17, 1897
Frederick Swink this morning, Phillipsburg wife Otto Swink, Fred Swink, Mrs. Jopeph Dingler, Mrs. William Davis, Mrs. George Tilton, Mrs. James Griffith  
Daniel Reimer This morning, Stone Church, Upper Mt. Bethel   John D. Reimer, Jacob D. Reimer, Mrs. Joseph Cole, Mrs. Alfred Edinger, Mrs. Leah Long, Mrs. William Beck, Mrs. Marshall Kieffer, Mrs. Emery Speer, Mrs. Louisa Kraut  
Thursday, November 25, 1897
Hugh Pritchard Jones last evening, Bangor      
Rebecca Millheim Yesterday, Allentown Jacob Millheim    
Gershom Hull yesterday, Stroudsburg      
William H. Garris Yesterday, Stroudsburg      
William Hawk Tuesday night, Martin's Creek   Isaac Hawk brother: Wilson B. Hawk, sister: Mary Jane Hawk
Saturday, November 27, 1897
Stephen D. King last Evening, Easton wife Dr. J.W. King, Mrs. James D. Kay, Amos M. King, and Mrs.Elenora Pittenger brothers and sisters: Thomas D. King, Aaron King, Jacob Kintg, Edward King, Isaac King, Mrs. Addison Koch, Mrs. Frank Bader, Mrs. Mary Bleyer
Mary Ann Leibert yesterday morning, Plainfield Township     parents: Jacob and Mary Leibert, borthers and sisters: George Leibert, Jacob Leibert, Emma Itterly, mentions Joseph Itterly
Charles Fogel died yesterday, Lower Nazareth Township widow Charles J. Fogel, Tilghman Fogel, George Fogel, Mrs. Sarah Walter brothers: Daniel Fogel, Samuel Fogel
Joseph D. Bennett today, Easton      
Tuesday, November 30, 1897
William D. Brown Tuesday morning of last week, Williamsport, PA   Joseph U. Brown, Charles Brown, Mrs. Emily C. Woodward father: Joseph Brown
Charles Pollock this morning, Easton     sister: Mrs. Charles Swift
Maria Weaver Yesterday, Bethlehem   nine children  
Jennie Ayers Saturday, Lower Mount Bethel     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Ayers
Saturday, December 18, 1897
Louisa Young Thursday evening Jacob Young   father: Peter Shively, brother: Charles Shively, step-sons Ephraim Young, Frank Young, brother-in-law Jacob Lesh
Amzi Sutphen this morning, Phillipsburg wife two children son-in-law: George Sine
Friday, December 31, 1897
Lizzie Brotzman last evening, South Easton     father: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brotzman; brothers and sisters: John Brotzman, James Brotzman, Clarence Brotzman, Jennie Brotzman, Annie Brotzman
Louisa A. Nagle this morning, Easton William H. Nagle Charles Nagle, Edward Nagle, Herbert Nagle, Lulu Nagle, Nellie Nagle mother: Mrs. Eliza C. Kimball
Jonas Fenstermaker yesterday morning, Catasauqua