Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1896
1896 Easton Daily Argus Obits, Easton, Pennsylvania
Parents, siblings...
Monday, January 11, 1896
Mrs. Jonas Ramaley Thursday night, Catasauqua     Mother: Mrs. Lovina Woodring, brothers and sisters: Joseph G. Woodring, Robert A. Woodring, William H. Woodring, Mrs. Mary Schultz, Miss Cora Woodring, Mrs. Henry Koehler, Emma, wife of Dr. C.H. Schnabel
Annie Alice Wilhlem This morning, South Side (Easton)     Mother: Mrs. Sarah Wilhelm, brothers and sisters: Fred Wilhelm, Howard Wilhelm, Edward Wilhelm, Mrs. Robert Hill, Mrs. William Barnett, Mrs. Edward Pursel, Mrs. William Ricketts
Monday, January 13, 1896
Ella Manwiller Saturday morning, Philadelphia Hospital     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Manviller, sister: Mrs. James Bennett
Sarah Arnold this morning, Easton Home for Aged and Infirm Women George Arnold adopted daughter: Mrs. Jacob Fryberger brother: Benjamin Fleming, sister: Mrs. Hannah Smith
Henry T. Rose Friday night, Allentown     parents: Henry and Elizabeth Rose
Mrs. Joseph Unangst Friday, Island Park   Frank Unangst, Cyrus Unangst, Mrs. John Illick  
Alfred Drake Saturday, Stroudsburg      
Reuben Weiss this morning, Portland      
Levi Stenner yesterday, near Santee's Mill      
Thursday, January 23, 1896
Elizabeth May Field last evening, Easton William H. Field   mother: Mrs. Emmanuel Wilhelm, father: Joseph Brown, brothers and sisters: Harry B. Carey, Miss Jessie Brown, Eugene Brown, Miss Blanche Brown, John W. Brown
Conrad Krueger Lehigh County poor house      
Sarah Brakeley last evening, Belvidere, NJ Dr. Brakeley    
Philip Steinmiller yesterday, South Bethlehem      
Samuel Young Yesterday, Allentown      
Emma Keat yesterday, Belfast     At the home of John Couch
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Anna Smith this morning, Phillipsburg, NJ Peter R.Smith Sallie Smith Step children: Harry Smith, Mrs. L. D. White, Abraham W. Smith, Annie T. Smith, sisters and brothers: Mrs. W. Butler, Mrs. Peter Quick, Mrs. Hannah Cole, John Case, Jacob Case, George Case
William Woodring yesterday, Palmer Township   Mrs. William Buss, Mrs. William Rutt, Theodore Woodring, William Woodring  
Samuel Davenport Monday, Denver Colorado widow  

father: William Davenport , two sisters

Catharine Lantz Monday, near Durham Church John Lantz Thomas Long  
Tuesday, February 4, 1896
Samuel Everhard yesterday, Easton Eliza Garis Mrs. A. B. Miller sisters: Mrs. Jacob Miller, Mrs. Jacob Christine, Mrs. Joseph Kichline
Jacob Stull Sunday morning, Allentown wife Mrs. John Zeiner, Mrs. William Boger, Mrs. Border, Mrs. George Mest  
Edward Jewett this morning, Phillipsburg, NJ wife two children  
Henry Laub Friday evening, Petersville wife Milton Laub, George Laub, Alavesta, wife of Tilghman Silfies  
Henrietta Mentzel yesterday morning, South Bethlehem Henry Mentzel    
William Young Sunday, Hellertown wife two children  
William Grubb recently, Boonton, NJ   W.R. Grubb  
Monday, February 10, 1896
William Sandt Saturday morning, Belfast wife three young children fatehr: Samuel Sandt, brothers and sisters: Samuel Sandt, Lewis Sandt, Mrs. Allen Wagner, Mrs. Sylvester Mitchell, Mrs. Luther Evans, Mrs. Martin Bach, Mrs. Ellen Sandt
Robert L. Miller Friday, Upper Mt. Bethel     father: Robert Miller, sister: Jennie G. Miller
Mrs. George Fauerbach Friday morning , Freemansburg husband two children parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Yotter; brothers and sisters: Harry Yotter, Milton Yotter, Frank Yotter, Mrs. Jacob Keifer, Mrs.Abraham Keifer, Mary Yotter, Stella Yotter
Sallie E. Brasefield nee Maddock yesterday morning, South Easton Stanley E. Brasefield One Child parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maddock; brothers: George Maddock, John Maddock, Mrs.Harry Hahn
Louisa Precour yesterday, Kennedy Station, NJ John G. Precour Stewart Precour, Mrs. Edward Stamets  
Mrs. Charles Haughawout last evening, Bangor   Dr. B. Haughawaut, Mrs. Enoch Howell, Miss Emma Haughawout  
Wednesday, February 19, 1896
Mary Catharine Berger Walters Monday, South Bethlehem Frank C. Walters   father: John H. Berger
Leah Lilly Monday Evening, Chapman Quarries, Moore Township Jacob Lilly Alice Lilly  
Mrs. Peter Silfies Monday, Beersville, Lehigh Township   Mrs. George Silfies, Mrs. Cyrus Edleman  
Margaret Rockel Monday, Kreidersville Adam Rockel several children  
Sarah M. Hersler yesterday, Phillipsburg, NJ James Hersler    
Saturday, February 22, 1896
William Steinbach Thursday Evening, Williams Township   Mrs. S. A. E.Frey, Mrs. James A. Kremser, Issac Steinbach, Jacob L. Steinbach  
Catharine Sarah Culver-Crout Thursday Night , Bethlehem Monroe Crout    
Monday, February 24, 1896
James E. Knerr Saturday, South Easton Amelia Paul Dora, wife of Jacob Horning, Alice, wife of Frank Stiles father: John A. Knerr, brothers: John W. H. Knerr, Joseph Knerr
Arthur Scott this morning, Phillipsburg, NJ     parents: Edward & Rosetta Scott, sisters: Mrs. Robert Wilson, Hattie A. Scott
David S. Walters yesterday morning, Riegelsville, PA   Mrs. Ella Quinn niece Mary Warner
Cora Priscilla Beal, nee Moser yesterday morning, Philadelphia Matthias S. Beal   parents: George W. and Sarah S. Moser, sister: Anna R. Moser
Hannah Sherrer This morning, Reigelsville Jacob Sherrer Mrs.D.R. Williamson, Charles Sherrer, Mrs. Isaac Sutton, Eugene Sherrer  
Samuel Heller last night, Stockertown wife    
Tuesday, February 25, 1896
Thomas Frankenfield Saturday, pleasant Valley, Bucks County   Edwin Frankenfield  
Friday, February 28, 1896
Aaron Staudt Monday Morning, Cherry Hill wife James H. Staudt, Mrs. Maris, wife of James E. Kostenbader, Mrs. Susan, wife of William Seyfreid  
Catharine Hoch Wednesday morning, Bushkill Township Reuben Hoch Mary Hoch, Elsie Hoch, Mrs. Titus, Mrs. Seifert mother: Mrs. Jacob Edelman
H.H. Heil Wednesday evening, Bethlehem      
Milton Smith Yesterday, St. Luke's Hosptial      
Saturday, Feburary 29, 1896
Thomas Anthony Siegfried       parents: Joseph and Johanna Siegfried, brothers: Harry Siegfried, Joseph Siegfried, Jr; sisters: Mary Siegfried, Kate Siegfried
Thomas Galligan yesterday, Port Richmond, Staten Island     parents; James and Sarah Galligan, brothers and sisters: John Galligan, James Galligan, paul Galligan, Mrs. Sallie M. Fine, Miss Alice Galligan, Miss Rebecca Galligan. aunt: Mrs. Jacob Barnet
Sabina Riehl this morning, South Easton Daniel Riehl Mrs. Amelia Scott and Oliver Riehl father: Abram Brotzman
William Neumoyer and wife yesterday, Macungie. Lehigh county      
Monday, March 2, 1896
Susan Richards yesterday morning, South Easton Clinton Richards Wilbur Richards, Clare Richards, Clinton Richards, Julia Richards father: George Sunderland, brothers and sisters: Edward Sunderland, William Sunderland, Mrs. anna VanNorman, Mrs. Agnes Paul, Miss Lizzie Sunderland
Margaret Hageman yesterday morning, Easton John Hageman William Hageman , Charles Hageman, Annie hagemen, Carlone Hageman brothers: Frank Simons, Mathias Simons
George J. Klein yesterday, Allentown      
Julia A. Pomp this morning, Easton Thomas R. Pomp Miss Annie Pomp parents: George and Elizabeth Oberle
Joseph Brown yesterday afternoon, poor house      
March 1896
James Bougher Saturday forenoon, Williams Township widow John Y. Bougher, Mrs. William Mrch, Mrs. Milton Muschlitz, Alonzo bougher, Mrs.Solomon Huff, eight grand children, one great-grandchild
Christina Lansche Last Evening, South Easton Jacob Lansche Nicholas Lansche, John Lansche , Adam Lansche  
Theodore Werkheiser this morning, Forks Township     brother: Joseph Werkheiser, sister: Mrs.Jacob Fritz, Mrs.William Smull, Mrs. Aaron Bellis
Alfred Kleckner Sunday, Hastings, Kansas     father: Henry Kleckner
Henry A. Mosebach Saturday afternoon, Bethlehem      
Saturday, March 21, 1896
Mary McDaniels Friday, Bayonne, N.J.

1st Robert T. Bird,
2ndWilliam McDaniels

Wellington Bird, George W. Bird, T. J. Bird, Joseph H. Bird, Mrs. William Kline, Miss Julia McDaniels, William McDaniels, Jr.  
Edward Lerch this morning, Forks Township wife Mrs. Irwin Kutz, Mrs. Frank Steinmetz, Phillip Lerch, Owen Lerch, Mrs. Thomas Young parents: George and Anna Lerch
Mary Riley Thursday, Philadelphia     sisters: Mrs. John McNeal, Mrs. T. H. Beck Brother: James Riley
David R. Pickertos        
Wednesday, April 1, 1896
Sarah A. Weaver last evening, Easton Jacob A. Weaver William Weaver, Harry O. Heaver parents: Jacob and Sarah Frey, brothers: Owen Frey, Frank Frey, siters: Mrs. Jonathan Stem, Mrs. Aaron Heiney, Mrs. George W. Reichard
Amanda Meyers last night, South Easton Oliver Meyers Leidy Meyers, Clara Meyers, Elsie Meyers and Grace Meyers father: William Schlegel, brothers and sisters: George Schlegel, John Schlegel, William Schlegel, Wilson Schelgel, Mrs. Alice Holler, Mrs. Emma Roth, Mrs. Sabina Fatzinger, Minerva Schlegel
Harry J. Shipe this morning, Easton widow Harry Shipe, Emily Shipe, Miriam Shipe, and Anna Shipe parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shipe, brother, Joseph H. Shipe Jr.
Emma Werkheiser yesterday, Palmer Township Sydney Werkheiser five children father: Aaron Keper
Hannah Dutt Sunday, Upper Mt. Bethel     nephew, Edward Correll
Saturday, April 4, 1896
Sabina Beidelman this morning, South Easton George Beidelman D.W. Beidleman, Eleanora, Beidleman, Annie Amanda Beidleman father: Philip Metzgar, brother: Andrew Metzgar, sisters: Mrs. Peter Hay, Mrs. Samuel Riegel, Mrs. Joseph Woodring, Mrs. Emanuel Vogel
Elizabeth Brown March 27, 1896, Franklin county, Kansas John Brown Mrs. William Taylor, Mrs. James Kelso, Mrs. Anna Oswald, Alexander Brown, John Brown  
Rachel Hoffman last evening, Easton Manches Hoffman Mary Hoffman, Alonzo Hoffman, Emma Hoffman, Annie Hoffman Mr.and Mrs. Philip Boehm, brothers: Andrew Boehm, Lambert Boehm
Thursday, April 9, 1896
Andrew M. Lake last evening, Phillipsburg   Mrs. John Lee, Mrs. A. Cross, Mrs. A. Hester, Mrs. Emma Schafer, Mrs. Lottie Fetterolf  
Robert Breich last evening, Bethelehm Kate Maloney two children  
Joseph M. Wilhelm yesterday Easton     sister: Mrs. Jonas Walter
Margaret Kessler this morning, Morristown InsameHosptial     sister: Mrs. Peter Campbell
Matilda Metler Tuesday, Easton Jacob Metler Samuel Metler, Charles Metler, Daniel Metler, Mrs. Albert Clifton  
Mrs.Reuben Hess yesterday, Johnsonville   Mrs. John Parsons  
Lillie C. Zellner Tuesday, Freemansburg Ammon Zellner    
Marjorie Darnin Tuesday, Allentown Hugh Darnin    
George Becker Tuesday afternoon, East Stroudsburg      
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
George L. Eilenberg this morning, Phillipsburg     parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Eilenberg, brothers: Samuel D. Eilenberg, Harry L. Eilenberg, half-brother, H.B. Howell
Jacob Wilhelm the morning, Washington Township wife five children mother
Monday, May 4, 1896
George Francis Danby this morning, Easton     father: George Danby, brothers: W. H. Danby, Mark Danby, Gilbert Danby, Spence Danby, sister: Isabella Danby
Aaron Frankenfield yesterday morning, Easton Hospital wife Josiah Frankenfield  
Thomas Compton Saturday afternoon, Upper Mt. Bethel wife five children  
Charles Johnson Saturday afternoon, Easton     sisters: Mrs. Harriet Weaver, Mrs. Jacob Worman
Eliza Helm Saturday afternoon, Nazareth (1) William Beitel (2)Henry Helm John F. Beitel  
Mary Broughal Saturday, South Bethlehem   Rev. D. J. Broughal, L. J.Broughal  
Mrs. Charles Shimmel last evening, Ackermanville      
Friday, May 8, 1896
Elizabeth Schweitzer This morning, Easton Thomas Schweitzer Peter Schweitzer, Edwin Schweitzer, Mrs. Emma Williams brothers and sisters: Mrs. Lenora Bitts, Cyrus Frey, Mrs Emma Oakley, Mrs. Louisa Price, John Frey, William Frey, Mrs. Mary Ann Shipe
Frank Bowden last night, Phillipsburg     mother: Mrs. Lillie Bowden, father Smith Bowen
Edward Thomas this morning, Milford, N.J. wife several children brother: Samuel Thomas
Mrs. John F. Rader last evening, Portland   Oscar Rader, Miss Lelia Rader  
Frank Ludwig this afternnon, Easton     brother: Henry Ludwig
Saturday, May 23, 1896
Annetta Carling this morning, Phillipsburg William Carling Flora Carling, Annie Carling, John Carling, Franz Carling, Jennie Carling, Mahla Carling brother: Jacob Person, John Person, sisters: Mrs. James E. Moon, Mrs. Josephine George
Charles F. Fitch, Esq yesterday, Kearney, N.S.?      
Tuesday, June 16, 1896
Ella J. Baker Sunday night, Bethlehem      
Mrs. Rosamond Ros Wendell yesterday morning, West Bethlehem William M. Wendell    
John Miley yesterday morning, Redington wife four daughters, two sons, names Stewart  
Tuesday, June 30, 1896
Eliza Clarke Sunday evening, North Bethlehem      
Matilda Breidinger yesterday, Tiffin, Ohio George Breidinger   sisters: Mrs. Valentine Krantz, Mrs. Reuben Osterstock
Thursday, July 2, 1896
Emma C. Hirst yesterday, Easton George S. Hirst Mrs. Fred Barron, Mrs. Harry Graham, Frank Hirst, Annie Hirst, Lottie Hirst, John Hirst, Samuel Hirst Mother: Mrs. John Boyer, sisters: Mrs. Wiliam Fox, Mrs. Susan Miner, Mrs. Lou Greenwalt, Mrs. Joseph W. Hoffman; brothers: Geogey Boyer, Harry Boyer, Daniel Boyer, Samuel Boyer, John Boyer
Amelia Clifton last evening, Easton George W. Clifton G. Warren Clifton, Mrs. George E. Thatcher, E.W. Clifton  
William H. Hamlin, Sr Wednesday, Morning, Lopatcong Township   William Hamlin, Jr, John Hamlin, Mrs. Robert Carpenter, Mrs. Price Cline, Mrs. Osmun  
Frances M. Jessup Yesterday afternoon, Easton     mentions: Mrs. Julia A. Little
Annie Smith Monday night, Allentown     mother, sister, two brothers: Rev. E. J. Smith, William Smith
Edith Gang last evening, Winterburn, Pa Edward Gang   mother: Mrs. John Ott
W. H. Stroh yesterday, Mauch Chunk      
Monday, July 6, 1896
Theodore Sigman Saturday morning, Easton Never married   Parents: Charles and Catharine Sigman; brother: Francis Sigmon. Sisters: Mrs. Amanda Bruch, Mrs. Matilda Brodder
Eleanora Ealer Friday evening, College Hill, Easton Lewis Ealer Cora, wife of Charles Ackerman Parents: Peter Uhler and Sophia; brothers and sisters: Dr. S.P. Uhler, Mrs. Reuben Keim, Lucinda Ulher, Sarah Uhler, Ricahrd Uhler, Valentine Uhler
George Raseley Satruday morning, Lower Mt. bethel   Levi Raseley, Ennos Raseley, Mrs. George Beers  
Monday, July 13, 1896
Owen Hagenbuch the morning, Easton   William Hagenbuch, Mrs. Fannie (John T.) Walters sisters: Mrs. Mellick Mutchler, Mrs. Carrie Arndt, Miss Ann Hagenbauch, Grandchildren: Wiliam O. Hagenbuch, Marie Hagenbuch; Carrie Walters, Edith Walters
Susan Nungesser last evening, Easton Traill Nungesser Edgar S. Nungesser, George E. Nungesser, Alice Nengesser, Mrs.James W. latting parents; Aaron and Rebecca Snyder; sisters: Mrs. John F. Bachman, Mrs.H.P. Baldwin
Catherine Fatzinger yesterday, county almshouse      
Franz Frantz Saturday, county Almshouse wife daughter  
Mary Carn Saturday night, Norhtampton County Poor House      
John J. Hoxworth Saturday, Allentown   Lemuel Hoxworth  
Harry Bell This morning, Boonton, NJ     father: Watson Bell, brothers and sisters: Lewis Bell, Willie Bell, Charles Bell, Emma Bell
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
Mary Kline yesterday moring, Williams Township     brothers and sisters: Samuel Kline, Marcus W. Kline, William O. Kline, Mrs. William Diehl, Anna Kline, Maggie Kline
Mrs. Charles App Monday, Berlinsville, Lehigh Township husband Thomas App, Amandus App  
George Miller July 5, New York city     brother: Henry B. Miller
Friday, July 17, 1896
Anna Maria Walter yesterday, Forks Township Aaron Walter Lewis Walter, Aaron Walter, Frank Walter, Mrs.George W. Laros, Mrs. Edward Schug brothers: Van Selan Walter, Edward Walter, William Walter, Mrs. Edward Teeter
Bridget Reilly yesterday, South Bethelem     parents: Richard and Ann Reilly
John Drake yesterday, Almshouse      
Saturday, July 18, 1896
Mary A. Simons this morning, Niddletown, near Freemasnburg     mother: Mrs. Michael Simons, sister: Mrs. N.J. Noll, three brothers: Wilson Simons, Stewart Simons, John Simons
Thursday, August 20, 1896
Hiram Raub yesterday, Riegelsville, PA widow Charles Raub, Cynthia Raub, Annie Raub, Myrtie Raub  
Helen Seitz this morning, Easton Edward Seitz   father: Andrew Smith
Bertie Helen Ackerman this morning, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ackerman
Clara Sloan last evening, Easton Hospital     father: James Sloan
Monday, August 24, 1896
Peter Kern Saturday evening, Martins Creek wife Archibald Kern, Mrs. Charles Fossbiner, Miss Edith Kern brother: Jacob Kern, sisters: Mrs. Tobias Werkheiser, Mrs. James Fulmer
Honorah McNichols Malley this morning, Glendon Patrick Malley Mary sisters: Miss Ann McNichols, Miss Bridget Grogan
Bridget Sweeney yesterday afternoon, South Easton Hugh Sweeney Margaret father: James Carr; sister: Mrs. James Trainor
Margaret Flemming last evening, Jersey City John C. Flemming   parents: Mr. and Mrs. Isreal S. Shultz; brother, Jacob Schultz; sister: Mrs. E.K.Dankel
Rebecca Finch August 20, Elizabeth, NJ Francis P. Finch    
Mrs. Frank Snyder Saturday evening, East Catasauqua      
Mary Stahr Saturday last, Milford NJ George Stahr   mentions granddaughter
Friday, August 28, 1896
Thomas B. Richards this morning, South Easton wife Harey S. Richards, A. N. Richards brothers and sisters: Dr. D. W. Richards, Peter Richards, Mrs. Mary Young, Mrs. Andrew Shillinger
John C. Anewalt Last night, Allentown (1) Henrietta Goetz, (2) Esther Bliem (nee Fahler) William Anewalt, Lewis Anewalt, Hanry Anewalt, Elenora E. married to Arthur Copper, Alice A, married to Rev. Morris Good brothers: George Anewalt, Stephen Anewalt, S. B. Anewalt, Mrs. Henry Scholl
Michael Uhler Wednesday afternoon, Ulhertown, Bucks County   Mrs. Emma Updyke, Miss Sallie Uhler  
Tuesday, September 1, 1896
Isabella Ruch Sunday Evening, Flicksville Jacob Ruch James Ruch, William Ruch, Aaron Ruch, Harrison Ruch, Boston Ruch, Mrs. Huut, Jacob J. Ruch, Sarah Stofflet sisters: Mrs. Daniel B. Clewell, Mrs. Susan Souders
Adam Schoder this morning, South Easton wife Charles Schoder, Robert Schoder, James Schoder, Annie Schoder  
Peter J. Keller yesterday afternoon, Forks Township   Charles W. Keller, Mrs. Ellen, wife of Levi Wilson, Mrs. Louisa butz  
Christina Mebus this morning, Easton Alfred Mebus Mrs. A. N. Richards, Fred Mebus, Walter Mebus brothers: Peter Walter, George Walter
Tuesday, September 15, 1896
Charles Bachman Saturday, Freemansburg   David A. Bachman, Charles F. Bachman, George H. Bachman  
Elizabeth Frankenfield Saturday night, North Bethelehem     sister: Mrs. William More
Daniel Ritter Sunday morning, Hanover Township   Mrs. Camilla Smith, Mrs. Senia Fenstermacher, Wilson Ritter, Preston Ritter, Addison Ritter, Quilly Ritter Harvey Ritter, Mrs. Cora M. Meumeyer  
October 5, 1896
Wilhlemina Fauerbach yesterday afternoon, Phillipsburg Anthony Fauerbach Anthony Fauerbach, John Fauerbach, Fred Fauerbach, Henry Fauerbach, George Fauerbach, Augustus Fauerbach, Daniel Fauerbach, Minnie Fauerbach, Mrs. John Siebler, Mrs. William McGunigal brothers and sisters: August Sherer, George Sherer, Mrs. Joseph Frace, Mrs. August Wright, Mrs. Alfred Swartz, Henry Sherer
James Keck Saturday, Pennsville     wife and children preceded him to the grave
Samuel T. Diefenderfer Yesterday, Allentown      
Winfield G. Hoffman Saturday, Allentown      
Mary Miller yesterday afternoon, South easton Joseph Miller Joseph Miller, Chalres Miller, Lawrence Miller, Mrs. Otto Boehmes, Jr. sisters: Mrs. John Linden, Mrs. Max Bauser, Mrs. Theresa Stacer
Henrietta Hartzell Friday night, Williams Township     brothers and sisters: Charles Hartzell, Mrs. Tobias Frutchey, Mrs. William Hartzell, Mrs. Peter Moyer, nephew, Oscar Moyer
Sarah Schaefer Friday night, Cherryville, Lehigh Township   Catharine, wife of Dr. J.P. Engelman  
Joseph Betts Saturday, Glen Onoko wife four children  
Tuesday, October 13, 1896
Anna M. Weaver last evening, Phillipsburg Valentine Weaver Mrs. William Woodrow, Mrs. J. B. Smith, Mrs. J. H. Houser, Mrs. Wiliam Renolds, Jr., Sadie Weaver, Helen Weaver  
Abbie G. Dunn this morning, Salem, N.J. N. Dunn A. R. Dunn  
Madison Engler this morning, Martins Creek widow Maranda, widow of Sydney Fosbinder, Margarer, Wife of Thomas Hahn  
Mary Schumaker this morning, Phillipsburg Henry Schumaker Stephen Shumaker, Joseph Schumaker, Mrs. Simon Stewart  
Peter Kreitz Sunday, Raubsville wife several children  
Wednesday, October 28, 1896
Mary Bamford this morning, South Easton John Bamford George Bamford, Ruth Bamford, Marion Bamford  
Charles C. Reimer last night, Allentown      
William Paulus Sunday, Bethlehem      
Wednesday, November 18, 1896
John Illick yesterday morning, Williams Township widow thee sons one daughter  
Sallie Frost Monday Evening, Weissport   O.P. Tice, Alfred C. Tice, William F. Tice sister: Mrs. Rebecca Mosser
Henrietta Bachman Monday afternoon, Hanover Township Levi Bachman    
Wednesday, December 9, 1896
James Kresge Saturday last, Gilberts, Monroe County      
Clarissa Miller Monday, South Bethlehem   daughter  
Jacob J. Woodring yesterday morning, Bethlehem   one son, three daughters  
Julia Ann Ackerman yesterday, Easton (1) John Repsher - ended in divorce (2) Charles W. H. Ackerman Alonzo Eugene Rephser, William Henry Ackerman brother: Jacob H. Bruch
Samuel L. Lockard last evening, Belvidere wife three sons, four daughters brother, sister: Mrs. George Tyndall