Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Easton Daily Argus
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1894 Easton Daily Argus Obits
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Tuesday, January 2, 1894
Sarah Hass

Saturday, Allentown


George Hass    
Peter S. Heller

last Friday, Accidentaly killed in Winton, Lakawanna County

    father-in-law: Michael Brewen
Mame Emery

Sunday afternoon, Allentown

    father: Richard Emery
Ada E. Moyer Sunday, Allentown     father: Henry L. Moyer
Peter Uhler this afternoon, Forks Township   Dr. Sydenham P. Uhler, Valentine, Richard, Mrs. Leonora Ealer, Mrs. Emma Keim Son-in-law: Lewis Ealer and Reuben Keim; Brothers; Richard Uhler, Jeremiah Uhler, Valentine Uhler, John Uhler, sisters; Mrs. Reuben Jacoby and Mary widow of Daniel Sandt.
Monday, January 8, 1894
Lizzie Steckel Wednesday, Reigelsville     widowed mother, brother: Samuel Steckel, sisters: Annie Steckel, Lillie Steckel, Alice Steckel
Mrs. Dr. E. G. Steinmetz, nee Kuntz Saturday, Hokendauqua      
Jacob Millheim Saturday, Easton wife Jacob Millheim, Christian Millheim, Stephen Millheim, Mrs. Emma Meyers, Mrs. William Raub, Mrs. Sarah Ihrie, Mrs. Mary Glose, Mrs. Susan Messinger, Mrs. Rebecca Snyder  
Jacob Hagenbuch Jan 1, Esidora Kansas      
Ellen Murray Sunday, Phillipsburg Edward Murray    
Floyd Trach Last night, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Trach
Wednesday, January 31, 1894
Ella Jane Hartzell Monday, Williams Township     parents: Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hartzell
Franklin M. Kramer last evening, Allentown      
Frank Roseberry       parents: Dr.and Mrs. C. I. Roseberry
William Malarkey this morning, South Easton   Michael Malarkey, Mrs. John Doyle, Mrs. Andrew Boylan, Mrs. Sarah Slater sister: Mrs. Patrick Gibbons
Wednesday, February 7, 1894
Francis Wherley Feb. 4, St. Luke's Hospital      
Peter Winters Sunday, Allentown     mentions: Catherine Frey and Jefferson Hahn
Mrs. Henry Freyberger this morning, South side   Frank Freyberger father: Jacob Mettlar
Andrew W. Sherry Friday, Grand Forks, Dakota wife four children brothers and sisters: Ira Sherry, Samuel Sherry, George Sherry, Mrs. J. W. McComas, Mrs. J. W. Daily, Mrs. Jacob Heck
Friday, February 9, 1894
William Wottring last night, South Easton     father: Amandus Wottring, Grandfather: William Weiss, sister: Miss Iona Wottring
John A. Reimer       father: William F. Reimer
Mrs. William H. Eckert yesterday morning, Allentown     father: John Eckert
Thomas Boulter last night, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boulter
James Ruckman yesterday, Doylestown   eight children, two whom are living, his daughter is the wife of Henry C. Brown  
Saturday, March 10, 1894
Mrs. Wiley Thursday, Bethlehem Capt. James Wiley   father: Hon. Ellis Lewis
William Gamble Young, M.D. this morning, South Easton     parents: John and Amanda Young, grandfather: Benjamin Fleming
Thomas H. Dailey Denver, Colorado wife three children father: Henry Dailey, grandfather, Thomas Dailey, Mother, living in Virginia., brother: George W. Daily, Sister: Mrs. Adam, Smith
April 3, 1894
Jonas Klein Mar 30 Catherine Schoch    
Marie Hagenbach last night, Easton Owen Hagenbach   father: Jacob Lattig, sister: Mrs. John Shepperd, brothers: Thomas Lattig, Aaron Lattig
Thursday, April 5, 1894
William Gray Monday, Newark, NJ      
Augusta G. Kramer April 1, Trenton, NJ     father: Adolph Groetzinger
Mrs. Charles Keck Tuesday night, Allentown     parents: Daniel and Barbara Gangawere
John Schweitzer yesterday, Bethlehem     son-in-law William Houser
Isaac Delp Monday evening, Bushkill Township wife several grown up children  
Hannah Diehl Tuesday morning, Stroudsburg Jacob Diehl    
Mrs. Charles Kinney Tuesday, Stroudsburg     father: Samuel Smith
John Faughran this morning, Phillipsburg wife Theresa sisters: Mrs.John Rafferty, Mrs. Thomas Martin

Saturday, March 17, 1894

Joseph Rinker Thursday, Apples Church   Mrs. Bert Roberts, Newman Rinker, James Ricker  
Richard Wall yesterday, Norristown asylum      
Emily G. Pierson this morning, Phillipsburg W. K. Pierson Mrs. C. W. Smith, Mrs. Harry Roberts, Ada Gilroy, Alice Gilroy  
Thomas Cheesebourough yesterday, Martin's Creek      
Martin Frey this afternoon, Easton wife died in 1888 Harry Frey, Charles H. Frey, Edward A. Frey, Mrs. Jacob Sandt, Mrs. O. F. Reinhard, Mrs. J. F. George, Mrs. William H. Frederick.  
Wednesday, April 18, 1894
Margaret Beahm Monday night, Bethlehem   Mrs. George Beck  
Sarah Ann Weygandt last evening, Easton Charles Weygandt   father: George Messinger, sisters: Mrs. Daniel Whitesell, Mrs. Juliana Levers, granddaughters: Mrs. A. B. Garnier, Mrs. Anthony Fass, five great-grandchildren, and nineteen great-great grandchildren
Edward Sandt yesterday, Plainfield     father: Amandus Sandt
Thursday, April 19, 1894
Catherine Miller last evening, Easton Frederick Miller Mrs. Louisa Dennig, Mrs. Matilda Rall, John Miller brothers: Philip Ruff, Michael Ruff. sisters: Mrs. John Achenbach, Mrs. Barbara Able
Edward Hawk last night, Morris Plains wife Dora Hawk mother survives, brothers and sisters: Joseph Hawk, Hiram Hawk, Samuel Hawk, Robert Hawk, Mrs. Edmund Meixsell, Mark Hawk
Tuesday, April 24, 1894
Mrs. Daniel Wagner last evening, Palmer Township   Peter Y. Wagner, Andrew F. Wagner, Eliminda, wife of Edwin Hummel, M. Alice, wife of W. W. Blake sisters: Susanna, wife of Robert Fogel; Elizabeth, wife of James Woodring, Lucinda, wife of James Dech; brothers: John Unangst, William Unangst, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
John H. Stem Sunday, Revere, PA      
Caroline Gray yesterday, East Orange, NJ Dr. Lewis Dixon Gray Jenny Gray parents: Samuel and Maria Depew, sister: Emily Depew
Tuesday, May 8, 1894
Josiah Walter Yesterday, Easton Mary Ann Savitz James Walter, John Walter, Lewis Walter, Mrs. Frederick Grawitz, Mrs. Henry Krantz brothers: Reuben Walter, Abraham, Walter, Enos Walter, sister: Mrs. William Knauss
Henry Dietrich yesterday afternoon, Upper Mt. Bethel     father: Abraham Dietrich, mother, three sisters, one brother
Elizabeth DeMott Monday, Hackensack, NJ Melvin DeMott   parents: Dr. L.C. and Elizabeth Osmun
Tuesday, May 22, 1894
Elizabeth Miksch, nee Clewell Saturday, Nazareth   Mrs. Olivia Ricksecker  
Aaron Yeisley Saturday, Stockertown widow J. Freeman Yeisley, Peter Yeisely, Mrs. James Shively, Mrs. Thomas Hinkle brothers and sisters: Charles Yeisley, Mrs. Wayne Stecker, Freeman Yeisley, Richard Yeisley
Wednesday, May 23, 1894
Isreal Steckel this morning, Bath wife Thomas Steckel, George Steckel  
Edith S. Rosen Yesterday, Easton     parents; Mr.and Mrs. Wilmer S. Rosen
Infant Child Garis today, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Garis
May 31, 1894
James H. Doherty last evening, Phillipsburg     parents: Mr. and Mrs. James Doberty
Samuel Frankenfield this morning, Browntown wife Sallie father: Aaron Frnakenfield, borther: Josiah Frankenfield
Friday, June 1, 1894
Eliza Gernert, nee Hinkle Wednesday afternoon, Allentown     father: Anthony Hinkle
Thursday, June 14, 1894
Dimmick Overfield Friday evening, Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe county, Pa wife four sons, four daughters  
William H. Kunsman this morning, Easton Leah Brodt three childred preceded him to he grave parents: Thomas and Catherine Kunsman, brothers: Levi Kunsman, James B. Kunsman
Margaret Bowes this morning, Williams Township John Bowes Mrs. Hannah Coyle, Mrs. Sarah Hager father: George Cyphers, two sisters: Sarah Cyphers, Hannah Woodring, brother: George Cyphers
J. W. W. Dean last evening, Harmony Grove, MD      
June 25, 1894
Amos Rogers, Esq. this morning, South Easton Sophia Batt Mrs.Henry Greenman, James K. Rogers, Silas C. Rogers, Mrs. Elizabeth Swartz, Albert E. Rogers, Mrs. Charles Allen, Joseph Rogers  
Anna Carling Saturday Evening, Phillipsburg John Carling Mrs. Charles Miers, Theodore Carling, Mrs. A.D. Sliker sister: Mrs. Joseph Keller
Thursday, July 5, 1894
William L. Gaston last evening, Easton Adeline Pittinger   father: Charles Gaston; sisters: Mrs. James B. Jenks, Mrs. Samuel P. Messinger
Carrie L.Oberly yesterday, Easton     parents: Mr.and Mrs. George Oberly; sisters: Jennie Oberly, Alice Oberly, Belle Oberly
Azariah Stocker yesterday, Phillipsburg wife Mrs. T.F. Ackerman, Mrs. John Pursel, Mrs. E. S. Dana. Miss Lina K. Stocker brotehrs and sisters: George Stocker, William Stocker, Mrs. A. S. Shull, Mrs. John Morris, Mrs. Cathrine Middaugh
Saturday, July 7, 1894
Susan Fleming Sandt This morning, Easton Dr. Samuel Sandt Mrs. Uriah T. Fackenthal, Nettie Sandt, C. Fleming Sandt, C. Albert Sandt, Esq. Miss Mary A. Sandt, George F. Sandt, sisters: Miss Elizabeth Fleming, Mrs. Dr. S. S. Apple
Monday, July 23, 1894
Lizzie Carling Saturday night, Stewartsvile Major Carling    
Joseph Hoffman Saturday, New Brunswick, NJ wife Lillian Hoffman  
Mrs. S. J. Lameraux yesterday moring, Easton   Wesley Lameraux, Lizzie Lameraux  
Harry Madison Saturday,      
Lewis Francis Lynn Thursday, South Bethlehem     parents; John O. and Anna C. Lynn
Elsie Victoira Diehl Thrusday, South Bethlehem     parents: Edward and Fietta Diehl
Carrie Schnaufer Saturday, South Bethlehem     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Harrison A. Schnaufer
George H. Smith Tuesday, near Peter's Mill     parents: Charles and Fannie Smith
Martha Kiernan Saturday, South Bethlehem     parents: Michael and Bridget Kiernan
Son Rodgers Saturday Freemansburg     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Cornelius Rodgers
son Miller Friday, South Bethlehem     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George H. Miller
Wednesday, July 25, 1894

Sarah Fulmer
Nee Apple

yesterday, Freemansburg Abraham Fulmer Newberry A. Fulmer, Benjamin Fulmer, Reuben Fulmer, William B. Fulmer, Mrs. Levi Smith, Mrs. Sallie Lear, Mrs. Jacob Yotter

Ssiters and brothers: Mrs. Jacob VanBuskirk, Mrs.GeorgeLeith, Mrs.P.A. Fritchman, Rev. B.F. Apple, William Apple, Reuben Apple

grandchild: Flossie Fulmer

Amandus Sandt this morning, Norristown wfie one married daughter; Cora E, Effie and Rosa M. Sandt Father: Philip Sandt,
brothers: Phillip Sandt, Edwin Sandt, Edward Michael, Mrs. jaco Lear
John Powers yesterday, St. Luke's Hospital      
Tuesday, July 31, 1894
Jerome S. Staples yesterday morning, Stroudsburg      
Peter Walters yesterday, Bethlehem   William Walters, Aaron Walters, Levi F.Walters Thirteen grandchildren, two great-grandchildren
Manus, Gallagher Sunday, South Bethlehem     parents: Daniel and Anna Gallagher
Joseph Fagen Sunday, South Bethlehem     parents: Terrence and Mary Fagen
Herbert H. Breisch Sunday, South Bethlehem     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George C. Breisch
Henry Peter Ritter Saturday, West Bethlehem     parents: Frank and Ellen Ritter
William Conn Sunday, Bethlehem     brother-in-law Benjamin Campbell
John Hettinger Sunday morning, Lehigh county poor house      
Mary Snyder last night, Easton Theodore Snyder one child sister: Mrs. Emma Siegfried
Friday, August 10, 1894
Rachael Mack, nee Everett recently, Tunkhannock, Wyoming County William Mack Segrick Mack, Russell Mack, N. Heston Mack, Mrs. Hannah Hoffecker  
Caroline Hagerman this morning,     sisters: Miss Mary Williver, Miss Elizabeth Williver, Mrs. Sarah Thatcher; brother: Thomas Williver
Sarah A. Correll Wednesday evening, South Bethlehem George T. Correll George A. Correll, Mrs. Charles Bobb, Miss Anna Correll, Miss Clara E. Hoffman, Mrs. Jennie A. Watts, John J. Correll brother: Joseph Bodder, sister: Mrs. Henry Frankenfield, half-sisters: Mrs. Tilghman Quier, Mrs. Joseph Rinker
John Kutz this afternoon, Easton wife One child parents: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kutz
Tuesday, August 21, 1894
John H. Clifton Saturday Afternoon, St. Louis Mo. wife Mrs. Roy Bishop brothers and sisters: C. E. Clifton, Mrs. Kate Ellet, Mrs. Alice B. Foster, Mrs. Gertrude Howard, Robert G. Clifton, Cora V. Clifton, Edgar K. Clifton, Lizzie S. Clifton, Harry D. Clifton, Henrietta J. Clifton, Wilfred P. Clifton
Timothy Leahy Sunday, South Bethlehem wife John Leahy, William Leahy, Mrs. William Adams  
Adelaide Folk last evening, Phillipsburg Adam Folk Mrs. McCauley, Mrs. M. Huff brother: George Ihrie
Alice M. Miller Saturday morning, Catasauqua A. L. Miller    
Thursday, August 23, 1894
Frederick Troxell this morning, Easton wife Stella Troxell, Howard Troxell father: Lawrence Troxell, mother: Mrs. Hannah Troxell, sisters: Mrs. John Xander, Mrs. Robert Laubach
Mary Heckman, nee Hagenbuch Wednesday morning, Bushkill Township David Heckman William Heckman, Adam Heckman, Franklin Heckman, David Heckman; Sarah, wife of Granville F. Fehr; Emma, wife of William Siegfried  
Mrs. John Rutman Tuesday, Catasauqua      
Alice Meyers Tuesday, Ackermanville     father: Taos Meyers
Wilhelmina Gerhardt, yesterday, Bethlehem   Carl Gerhardt  
Solomon Snyder yesterday morning, near Lehigh Gap wife three sons  
Wilson H. Michael

yesterday, Allentown

    brother: Herman J. Michael
Friday, August 24, 1894
James Keating yesterday, Phillipsburg wife   brothers: Michael Keating, Bartholomew Keating, sisters: Mrs. John Gipp, Mrs. Hugh McGuire
Annie Rennie Tuesday, Philadelphia George Rennie George Edward Warner (son by previous marriage) mother: Mrs. Irwin Parkes, sister: Mrs. Christian Snyder
Mrs. Frederick Bowditch Yesterday, Bethlehem     son-in-law: S. Charles Seckleman
Sarah Ann Smith this morning, Easton John Smith Mrs. H. C. Townsend, Thomas Smith, Daniel Smith, Samuel Smith, Cooley Smith, William Smith, Annie Smith, Mrs. Walter Randolph parents: Christian and Mary Garis, brothers: Jacob Garis, Samuel Garis, Abram Garis, sister: Mrs. Samuel Everhardt
George Phillips today, Easton wife four young children  
Tuesday, August 28, 1894
Annie Ivey Tuesday morning, Williams Township     parents: Isaac and Matilda Ivey, six brothers
Howard L. Baltz yesterday morning, Stroudsburg      
Mary Hufford Sunday, Poplar Valley, Monroe County Henry Hufford   mentions: John K. Edinger
Mary A. Mertz August 25, Nazareth poor house      
Mrs. John Kosaic Sunday, South Bethlehem      
Mrs. J. J. Lockhard yesterday afternoon, Richmond   Mrs. Lizzie Horn, Irvin Lockhard, Calvin Lockhard, Mackey Lockhard  
Saturday, September 1, 1894
Daniel Wisser yesterday, Lowhill, Lehigh County widow four children, twenty-four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren  
Mary Unangst the morning, Easton Barnet Unangst Miss Fannie Unangst father: David King: sisters: Mrs. Marietta Loudenbury, Mrs. Herritta Edelman, Mrs. Sabina Daubert, Mrs. Rosetta Baumgard, Mrs. Louis Hay, brother: Aaron King
Susan Giering This morning, Nazareth F.F. Giering Miss Clara Giering, Miss Miller Giering, John F. Giering, Chalres Giering, Edward J. Geiring  
Monday, September 3, 1894
Elizabeth King yesterday afternoon, Browntown Josiah King Gertrude brother: Peter Unangst
Tuesday, September 4, 1894
Lizzie Albright Sunday, Allentown     father: Enos Albright
Rebecca Xander Sunday, South Allentown George Xander Mrs. Harrison Bortz brother: George Probst
Jonathan Hartman Friday, Breingsville, Lehigh county, PA third wife four children  
Solomon Mohr Saturday, Fogelsville   Solomon Mohr, P.P. Mohr, William Mohr, Mrs. Jesse Laros, Mrs. James Fried, Jonathan Mohr  
Mrs. Martha McKeague July 1, Honolulu, Hawaii   Samuel McKeague  
George Bartholomew, Sr Sunday, Bangor wife Three sons  
Harry Beidelman yesterday, Bangor     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Beidelman
eighteen month old child Kurtz yesterday, Bangor     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kurtz
Monday, September 10, 1894
Adam Merwarth last evening, South Easton   Mrs. Jacob Scherf, Sylvester, Fred, George, John, William, Elizabeth, Henry, Samuel, Albert brothers: Bernard, Sylvester, and Sebastian, sister: Mrs. Frank Fogel
James Brennan Saturday morning, Mauch Chunk wife son  
Anna Catharine Jones Saturday night, Chapman Quarries (1) Harrison Siegfried, (2) John O. Jones Jacob S. Seigfried, Mrs. Victoria Yellis step-children: John F. Jones, William Jones, Mrs. Mary Ritter, Miss Martha Jones, sister: Mrs. Franklin Fehnel
Elizabeth H. Carling last night, Easton Hospital   Mrs. Millard F. wolfe brother: Isaac Cole
Fredericka Risch Saturday, county almshouse      
Caroline Garrison Monday, Jersey City   Mrs. Harry Randolph, Mrs. G. Herb, Mrs. Fred Seitz  
Wednesday, September 12, 1894
John W. Evans Tuesday afternoon, Slatington wife Four children  
Harriet A. De Belle Yesterday, Essex, Conn.   Kert W. De Belle  
Ida Riehl, nee Heist Monday night, St. Luke's Hospital Joseph Riehl William Riehl, Eddie Riehl, Annie Riehl parents: Mr.and Mrs. Charles Heist, sisters: Mrs Jacob Grube, Mrs. William Crisp, Rose Heist, Lillie Hiest
Wednesday, September 189, 1894
A. Lewis Hay last evening, Easton     father: Lewis Hay, brother, Elwood Hay; sister: Mrs. Maria Wallace, Mrs. Emma Ruch, Mrs. Sally Wolfinger, Mrs. George Kutz.
Thomas Elmer Garis this morning, Carpentersville wife two small children parents: Mr.and Mrs. Aaron Garis, brothers: William Garis, Alton Garis, Lewis Garis
Mrs. Victor Schwartz yesterday, Allentown husband daughter, mentions child born seven weeks ago, the child died the beginning of last week.  
Hannah Long last evening, Allentown Fred. Long    
William H. Price yesterday morning, Catasauqua      
Friday, September 21, 1894
Evan Yeisley this morning, South Easton Ellen Schultz Sarah R. Yeisley, Ida M. Yeisley parents: Isaac Yeisley, brother: Thomas F. Yeisley, sister: Mrs. George Insley
Israel Kalb Wednesday, midnight, South Whitehall      
Edward McHugh Wednesday, Lancaster      
Rev. William B. Solan Thursday, Philadelphia     sister: Sophia Bixler, Mrs. A. G. Brodhead
Monday, September 24, 1894
Jacob Hoch Saturday Evening, Palmer Township     sisters: Mrs. Leidy Woodring, Mrs. Martin B. Wagner; brothers: W. F. Hoch, Milton Hoch, Howard Hoch , John Hoch
Moses VanCampen Shoemaker Tuesday, Dingman's Ferry, Pike county, PA   four son and seven daughters. Among them are Jesse Shoemaker and Mary, the wife of George Decker  
Mrs. Jeremiah Gangwere Yesterday, Friedensville   Claude Gangwere, Lillie Gangwere, Mrs. Stephen Smith  
Ida Ehley this morning, South Easton Horace Ehley   parents: E. R. West and wife, sisters and brothers: Bertha, Blanche, Maud, Ambrose, Fred, Chester, and Warren West
Thomas Joseph Roberts last evening, Bangor wife   father: Thomas Roberts; brothers: William Roberts, A. J. Roberts, George Roberts, sister: Mrs. S. B. Atwood
Oliver F. Roberts yesterday, New York City     brother: John B. Roberts
T. G. Rabenold yesterday, Hecktown      
Friday, September 28, 1894
Thomas Nelligan Wednesday, Catasauqua wife two daughters, one son  
Matilda Wilson yesterday, Allentown Dr. O. H. Wilson   son-in-law, E. H. Heilman
James Albright Wednesday midnight, Allentown      
Prof. Samuel Fraecneck Van Vleck Friday, Lititz     father: Bishop Henry Van Vleck
Maurice Conroy yesterday, Mauch Chunk     sister: Mrs. William Walker
Daniel Unangst this morning, Bethlehem Township     brother: Barnet Unangst, Abraham Unangst, Henry Unangst
Saturday, September 29, 1894
Mrs. Thomas B. Briody Thursday, South Bethlehem     mother: Mrs. Ellen Conroy, brother: William Conroy, sisters: Mrs. Bartley Roach, Mrs. Arthur Fagan
Mrs. Elizabeth Freyberger yesterday, Phillipsburg   John Freyberger, Henry Freyberger, Mrs. Nicholas Hager, Miss Elizabeth Freyberger  
Catharine Fatzinger last evening, Allentown G. A. Fatzinger    
Alice Rebecca Hess yesterday afternoon, Palmer Township     parents: J. B. and Susanna Hess, sisters: Anna, wife of Charles Mitman, Mary, wife of Harvey Mitman, brothers: Milton Hess, Frank Hess, mentions a deceased sister, Mrs. Fehnel
Alice Clymer last evening, Phillipsburg Lemuel Clymer Jacoby Clymer, Mrs. Lewis Baylor, Mrs. Joseph Hammel grandson, Lemuel Clymer
Susan C. Edelman       parents: Jacob and Elizabeth Y. Edleman, brothers: John Y. Edelman, Herman J. Edleman, William C. Edelman
Carrie Bertha Gangwere yesterday afternoon     father: Frank Gangawere,
Friday, October 5, 1894
John Cannon Wednesday evening, Mauch Chunk      
Oliver Romich Wednesday, Catasauqua      
Charlotte Lichtenthaeler, nee Kreidler Wednesday night, Bethlehem Rev. Abraham Lichtenthaeler Mrs. John W. Graeff, Mrs. Albert Hammer, Mrs. Lavina Lichtenthaeler, Miss Gussie Lichtenthaeler, Adolphus Lichtenthaeler, Octovavious Lichtenthaeler sister: Miss Rosa Kreidler
William Young this morning, Phillipsburg wife   father: J. W. Young; brother: Daniel Young; sister: Mrs. O. W. Huff
John Walter last night, Portland wife two children  
Tuesday, October 9, 1894
Linford Barton Sunday Morning, East Stroudsburg widow one child  
A. H. McIlhaney Oct 2nd, Sanborn Minn      
George W. Price yesterday morning, Barrett Township, Monroe County widow several children  
Mary Kunsman, Nee Seifert yesterday, Williams Township Edward Kunsman four month old child step father: Charles Shimer, stepsisters: Miss Lizzie, Shimer, Rose Shimer
Mrs. Eva Mensch this morning, Upper Mt. Bethel Peter Mensch Mrs. Joseph Houck, Asher Mensch, Mrs. Oliver Cressman, Henry Mensch, George Mensch brothers: Jacob Loehr, George W. Loehr, Henry Loehr, sisters: Mrs. George M Chamberlin, Mrs. L. G. Eilenberger, Mrs. B. F. Raesley
Monday, October 15, 1894
Mrs. Robert Hanna Saturday night, South Easton husband James Hanna, Robert Hanna, John Hanna, Jessie Hanna, May Hanna mother: Mrs. Elizabeth McQuestion ; sisters: Mrs. Isabella Brotzman, Annie McQuestion, Mrs. Amelia Haley; brothers: James McQuestion, John McQuestion, Charles McQuestion
Thursday, October 18, 1894
Lydia M. Moyer yesterday morning, Forks Township John Moyer Lydia, wife of. Zachariah Siegfried; Christiana, wife of Captain George H. Young; Elizabeth, wife of A. H. Hahn, Michael Moyer, Samuel Siegfried father: Adam Heckman, sister: Christiana, wife of the late Jacob Siegfried
Abraham Nicolas Monday, Portland Lanah Nicholas Lewis H. Nicholas , Robert Nicholas brother and sister
Sarah Heller last night, Bethlehem Township James Heller three daughters, one son  
Tuesday, October 23, 1894
Orrin Richard Saturday Morning, Bethlehem Township   Elmer Park Richard, Stewart Thomas Richard, Anna, wife of Henry Barndt, Ida, wife of Henry Schwab, Lillie Richard  
John Holzinger Sunday morning, Bethlehem wife Charles Holzinger, William Holzinger  
Philip Wagner last evening, wife Mrs. George Metzger, Mrs. John Unangst, Mrs. George Garis, Edward Wagner, Miss Clara Wagner Stepson: John Lambert
James Gorman Saturday, East Mauch Chunk   Mrs. Thomas Beckett  
Raymond Bath Last evening, Belfast     father: John Bath
Harry Thomas last night, Pen Argyl     Son-in-law John Backwill
J. W. Kichline last evening, Belvidere      
Kate Dreisbach, this morning, Philadelphia William Driesbach James Dreisbach, father: John Biglin
Thursday, October 25, 1894
Joseph Boyer Monday morning, Seidersville   Mrs. Henry Bachman, Joseph Boyer, Cyrus Boyer  
Willoughby Bleiler yesterday morning, Allentown      
Sarah Bauder Tuesday evening, South Bethlehem   Mrs. Frank Ehret  
Stewart Brinker yesterday, Bay City, Michigan wife one child  
Joseph Shupp, Sr. Wednesday, Chestnut Hill Township, Monroe County      
Edwin A. Frankenfield Sunday, Oct 21, Haycock Run, Bucks County      
Tuesday, November 6, 1894
Louis A. Rapp This morning, Easton Matilda Erber John Rapp, William L. Rapp  
Mary Walter this morning, Easton William Walter Mrs. David Lawall, Mrs. Matilda Peters, Mrs. William Walter, Mrs. Catherine Wagner, Mrs. Ellen Schnable, Dr. Barnet C. Walter, Mrs. Mary Snyder twenty-seven grandchildren, forty great-grandchildren, eight great-great grandchildren
Mary Ann Luckenbach Sunday Morning, Bethlehem Parmenio A. Luckenbach Catharine, wife of Councilman George N. Hess, John T. and George H.  
Fannie Allen, Sunday night, Wind Gap   A. O. Allen, John Allen, William Allen, George Allen, Mrs. William Braman, Mrs. S. Ayers, Mrs. Joseph G. Kinney  
Sylvester Lilly Saturday evening, Tatamy      
Tuesday, November 20, 1894
Philip Unangst Thursday, Bloomsburg, Columbia County, PA     Parents: Peter and Elizabeth Unangst, sister: Mrs. A. R. Godshalk, Brother: Aaron Unangst, John Unangst
Ellis Williamson yesterday, Belfast     father: Peter Williamson
Edmund J. Thompson Saturday night, Allentown     father: Samuel S. Thompson
Mrs. Francis Achterman Sunday, Fountain Hill      
Stephen P. Brown Sunday night, North Whitehall      
Mrs. Fannie S. Culver Saturday afternoon, Mauch Chunk C. D. Culver Charles Culver, William Culver  
William L. Mack Sunday night, Mauch Chunk     father: William B. Mack
William Lines Thursday, Wilkes-Barre wife several children father: Jessie Lines
Tuesday, November 27, 1894
Timothy Dinan Saturday, Wilkes-Barre     brothers: John Dinan, Thomas Dinan, Michael Dinan
George F. Vanscoten yesterday afternoon, Phillipsburg wife   father: George Vanscoten; brothers and sister: Mrs. Abraham Furgerson, Mattie Vanscoten, Mrs. Charles Gishel, Charles Vancoten, Edward Vanscoten, Mrs. Daniel Vail
M. Lizzie Kiefer last night, Easton J. Morris Kiefer Raymond Kiefer parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kern, brother: William K. Kern
William Sobers Saturday, Nazareth Wife several children  
Howard K. Herman this morning, Bridgeport, Conn Clara Jones two children parents: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Herman, cousin: Asher J. Herman
Wednesday, November 28, 1894
Catharine Brong Monday Night, Easton Allentown Joseph Brong William Brong, James Brong, Lewis Brong, Mrs. Ellen Osman  
Mary Idella Fritchman Sunday, Hellertown     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Imetus Fritchman
Laura A. Walter last night, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Stewart E. Walter
Friday, November 30, 1894
Eliza Kiefer Tuesday, Catasauqua   Mrs. Fred Shearer brother, Robert Hock
Mary A. Brennan, nee O' Conner Wednesday, Sandy Hook, Conn William F. Brennan   parents: Mr .and Mrs. John O'Conner; sisters: Mrs. John Duffy, Miss Kate O'Connor; brothers: Edward O'connor, John O'Connor, James O'connor
Mrs. Henry Loudenberry Wednesday afternoon, Lopatcong Township   John Loudenberry, David Loudenberry, Mrs. Sallie Sycker, Mrs. Theodore Snyder, Mrs. Edward Coleman sister; Mrs. Otto Volk
Susan Hester yesterday morning, Easton Jacob Hester Nelson S. Hester; Sarah E., wife of Samuel Walter; Mary E., wife of Andrew Bucher, Ida S. Hester father: George Sigman
George Yeisley yesterday, Palmer Township     father: John F. Yeisley
Jeanette Love midnight last night, Odenweldertown William Love two children  
Reber Tubb yesterday, Taunton, Mass     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Leonard Tubb
Monday, December 3, 1894
Mrs. Michael Sullivan Sunday morning, South Bethlehem   John Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Cornelius Sullivan, Mrs. John Degnan, Miss Hannah Sullivan  
Robert Odenwelder this morning, Palmer Township (1) Catharine Ott (2)Mrs. Sabina Sandt Mrs. E. J. Richards parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Odenwelder , brothers: Henry L. Odenwelder, Tilghman Odenwelder, A. J. Odenwelder; sister: Mrs. Enos Ott
P. J. Guth Saturday night, Chapman's Station   James F. Guth, Milton Guth, George Guth, W. L. Guth, Lizzie Guth sisters: Mrs. Allen Bortz, Mrs. David Good, Mrs. Reuben Forbes, brother: Albert Good
William Guth Last evening, Allentown wife eleven month old daughter  
Emma Messinger Saturday night, Tatamy James Messinger Ella Messinger, Cora Messinger father: Reuben Messinger; bothers: Mrs. Charles Siegfried, Mrs. Milton Sandt, Mrs. Amandus Rader, Mrs. Malinda Messinger
Susanna Ward, Saturday Morning, Belfast Samuel Ward Joseph Ward, Charles Ward, Mrs. Howard Wyker, Mrs. John L. Reigel  
David McDaniels last evening, Phillipsburg wife   brother: William McDaniels
Thursday, December 6, 1894
Mary E. Hoppel Tuesday afternoon, West Bethlehem Thomas Hoppel Frances, Annie and Nettie brothers and sisters: Valentine Fox, T. Jefferson Fox, Christopher Fox, Mrs. Henry Teel, Mrs. William Young, Mrs. Reuben Hess
Martin Walter Jr yesterday morning, Shawnee, Monroe County      
William H. Morris Wednesday, Point Pleasant, Bucks County      
Mary L, Bodemer last night, Easton     parents; Mr. and Mrs Andrew Bodemer
Easton Daily Argus, December 13, 1894
George A. Yohe yesterday, Bethlehem widow   brother: Samuel S. Yohe; sister: Mrs. Anna Parke
William H. Beers, Jr this morning, Phillipsburg wife five small children father: William R. Beers, mother, brothers; Edwin Beers
Jacob Conley yesterday, Richmond, Mt. Bethel wife John Conley, Mrs. Elizabeth Dempsey, Mrs. George Kline, Mrs. Sarah Felker