Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1893
1893 Easton Daily Argus Obits
Parents, siblings...
Monday, January 2, 1893
Charles Green yesterday morning, Easton Lucy Carter    
Allen F. Rice Thursday, Lower Saucon Wife Daughter  
Mary Ann Schweitzer Monday, Bethlehem Township Jefferson Schweitzer Evan H. Schweitzer, Edwin H. Schweitzer, George W. Schweitzer, Savilla Schweitzer brothers: Charles W. Young, John P. Young, George W. Young; sister: Rebecca, wife of Edward Rogers
Thursday, January 5, 1893
Fred Wilhelm This morning, Easton     father: Lewis Wilhelm
brother: Harry Wilhelm, Cousin: George Wilhelm
Monday, January 9, 1893
Joseph Riehl Thursday, Washington D C   Henry Riehl, Joseph Riehl, Annie Riehl, Alice Riehl father: John W. Riehl; borthers and sister: James L. Riehl, Reuben S. Riehl, Thomas Riehl, Mrs. Josiah Cole
Theodore F. Lawall Saturday, Bethlehem wife Mrs. Dr. Walter parents: David and Mary Ann Lawell, sister: Mrs. Von Steuben
Henry Fell, Sr this morning, South Easton   Hiram Fell, John Fell, Seth Fell, William Fell, John Fell, George Fell, Frank Fell, Mrs. Mary Glessner  
Kate Fleming Koch this morning, Philadelphia

(1) Christian Stephenson (2)Fred. Koch

Tuesday, Jauary 10, 1893
Andrew Jackson Brown This morning, Palmer Township wife Mrs. Charles Herster, a younger daugher (not mentioned), Robert  
Thursday, January 19, 1893
Aaron Palmer last night Mary Ann Odenwelder Uriah Palmer, Frank Palmer , Lizzie Palmer, Ella Palmer, Mrs. Maggie Knickerbocker sisters: Mrs. Elizabeth Metzgar, Mrs. Barbara Ann Kelly, Brother: Zachariah Palmer
Zephania Bernhard Thursday night, Allentown      
Helen Weaver yesterday, Easton     father: Michael Weaver, brother Valentine W. Weaver, J.W. Weaver, sister: Susan Weaver
Wednesday, January 25, 1893
Hugh Lutz last night, Phillipsburg wife David Lutz, George Lutz, Mrs. Ella Heavner, Mrs. Lizzie Southwich, Mrs. Tillie Leonard  
Charles Shull this morning, Phillipsburg     aunt: Mrs. Hoopman; sister: brother: John, mother and sister in Germany
Fyetta Brinker this morning, Easton   Emma, wife of Banjamin Hahn; Cecelia, wife of Daniel Transue; Annie, wifeof Oscar Brotzman; Asher Brinker; Morris Brinker, Revinis Brinker, and Edgar Brinker  
Friday, February, 3, 1893
Rebecca Ann Miller yesterday, Phillipsburg Charles Miller   brothers: Reuben Metz, Alex Metz, Theodore Metz, sister: Mrs. Francis Smith
William Gottshalk yesterday, Plainfield Church Cemetery widow eight children  
Saturday, February 4. 1893
William G. Hutchinson this morning, Phillipsburg wife Dr. J. Cooper Hutchinson, Judge W. Easton Hutchinson  
Mrs. J. S. Kreidler, nee Haupt Wednesday night, Allentown   Milton E. Kreidler, Mrs. Frank Santee, Vincent E. Kreidler, Lilly Kreidler, Cora Kreidler, Annie Kreidler brother: Owen Haupt; sisters: Mrs. Searles, Sarah Haupt, Mrs. Hartzell
Ann Ihrie last night, Philadelphia     father: John Ihrie, sister: Mrs. George W. Speer, brothers, Fort Ihrie, Lake Ihrie
Mrs. Samuel McCammon yesterday morning, Centerville   Aaron McCammon, John McCammon, Carrie McComman, Mrs. Reuben Hauck, Mrs. Alfred Hahn  
Thursday, March 2, 1893
Fidele Armbruster Tuesday night, East mauch Chunk      
Joseph Kester last night, South Easton Maggie Morris two small children mother, Mrs. Mary A. Kester, brother: William Kester, Mrs. William Roseberry, half-brother: Richard McKee
Saturday, March 4, 1893
William Arthur Haas last night, South Easton     Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haas, Brothers; Newton, Ernest, Earle and Howard, Jr. and a small sister
Rose Anderson Nee Gould yesterday morning, Allentown James Anderson   aunt. Mrs. Simon Brotzman, sisters: Anna and Hattie, brothers: Charles Gould , John Gould, and Harry Gould
Tuesday, March 7, 1893
Anna M. Unangst Wednesday, March 1, Redington     father: George Unangst
Saturday, March 11, 1893
Amos S. Cope this morning, Phillipsburg wife Charles W. Cope, Thomas G. Cope, George Cope, Nellie Cope brothers: Edward Cope, Augustus Cope, Matthias Cope
Mrs. Samuel Raub last night, Raubsville   Prof. F. D. Raub, Benjamin Raub, Martin Raub, Mrs. C. J. Walters, Mrs. Jacob Hoffman  
Thursday, March 9, 1893, page 1
Reuben L. Shimer yesterday, Stockertown wife J. E. Shimer  
Tuesday, March 14, 1893
Sophia Ealer yesterday, Nazareth Thomas T. Ealer Mrs. Susan E, Widow of the late Michael Hoffman; Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of Andrew Dennie, Josiah J. Ealer, Esq., Melchoir C. Easler parents: Adam and Barbara Schug
Wednesday March 15, 1893
Louisa Kreidler Monday night, Bethlehem     mother: Mrs. Mary Kreidler
Matilda Fulmer last night, Easton Joseph Fulmer four children preceded her to grave father: Jacob Gross, sister: Mrs. Francis Koffel, brother: Levi Gross
Friday, March 17, 1898
John Llewellyn Knecht Sunday, Plainfield Township      
Bernhard Wagner yesterday, Palmer Township wife Reuben Wanger, Edwin H. Wagner  
Sarah J. Bauer, nee Slutter yesterday, Palmer Township Edwin H. Bauer infant, Edwin H. Bauer, Laura Bauer, Robert J. Bauer, Anna E. Bauer, Asher Bauser  
Susan Dull yesterday, Lower Saucon Township George Dull    
Friday, March 24, 1893
Rev. George B. Smith Saturday, Tannersville widow two sons, two daughters  
Mary E. Pohl the morning, South Easton Herman A. Pohl Irvin Pohl, Lizzie Pohl, Valerie Pohl, Bertha Pohl, Elvira Pohl, Anna Pohl, Ada Pohl father: Christian Chamberlain, brothers and sisters: Samuel and Daniel Chamberlain, Joseph Chamberlain, Mrs. Sarah Jemson, Mrs. Alice Crockett
Henrietta P. Jaques this afternoon, Plainfield, NJ Rev. P. L. Jaques two children parents: Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Mattes, sister: Mrs. Alexander Wilson, Brother Henry L. Mattes, Charles F. Mattew
Mrs. John Kieffer yesterday, Raubsville   Edward Kieffer  
Wednesday, April 5, 1893

John L. Duckworth

last evening, Phillipsburg wife Mrs. Alice M. Walter, Frank Duckworth, Roy Duckworth, and Annie Duckworth sister: Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hawk
Margaret Uhler, nee Werkheiser last evening, Bethlehem Township George Uhler Mrs. William Kramer, Daniel Uhler, Levi Uhler, Peter Uhler, Mrs. Joseph King, Mrs. John Laubach  
Monday, April 17, 1893
Christian F. Hellener Saturday morning, South Bethlehem   Mrs. Lewis Weidner, J. E. Hellener  
Henry Weaver Friday, Chester County   Ethan A. Weaver, Mrs. Paul Rader parents: Jacob and Margaret Weaver, brothers, Michael Weaver, Jacob W. Weaver; sisters: Mrs. Martha Wilhelm, Mrs. Aaron Lerch
Anna Leopold yesterday afternoon, South Easton Otto Leopold Katie and Mary, now Mrs. Hof???  
Samuel Arnold today, Easton wife Mrs. John Flumerfelt, Edward Arnold, Nelson Arnold, Russell Arnold, Frank Arnold parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arnold, brothers: Jacob Arnold, Robert Arnold, sister: Mrs. Charles B. Zulick
Friday, May 12, 1893
Mable Garr last night, near Sandt's Eddy     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Garr
Edwin S. Kortz Wendesday night, Philadelphia Jennie Kern two children parents; Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Kortz; sister: Mrs. G. G. Rambo, Ellen Kortz, Mrs. Shaw
Christianna Houck Sunday, Hamilton Township, Monroe county Jacob Houck   father: Frederick Loehr
George Sherry Wednesday night, South Bethlehem   Samuel W. Sherry, Mrs. Jacob Daily, Mrs. J. W. Mccomas, George Sherry, Ira Sherry, Mrs. Jacob Heck, Douglas Sherry  
J. Edgar Mitchell yesterday morning, Allentown wife two daughters  
Thrusday, June 1, 1893
John Zachariah Stocker Tuesday night, Schoenertown Susan Edelman Mrs. Emma Matthews, Harry Stocker brothers: William Stocker, James Stocker, George Stocker, John Stocker
Nancy Kutz today, Easton David Kutz Elon Kutz , Mrs. William Knecht, Mrs. Reuben Werkheiser, Mrs. Messine Lobb parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Nice; sisters: Mrs. J.P. R. Heller, Mrs. David Shiffer
Saturday, June 3, 1893
Mary A. Douglas Thursday evening, Mauch Chunk Andrew Douglas   parents: John and Anna Leisenring
Prof. Charles Rudy Paris, France     brothers: Israel Rudy, David Rudy
Joseph Brower yesterday, Norristown asylum wife Mrs. Lillie Houck father: George Brower; brothers and sisters: Charles Brower, Benjamin Browers, John Brower, George Brower, Walter Brower, Samuel Browers, Eliza Brower, Sarah Brower, and Annie Brower. Son-in law, Ezra Houck
Monday, June 5, 1893
Clemens Weaver this morning, Easton (1) Elizabeth Shafer, (2) Charlotte Harrison Clemens H. Weaver, Mrs. William Arnold, William Weaver, Mrs. W. S. Ewing brother: Frederick Weaver
Peter S. Higgins yesterday morning, Phillipsburg     brothers: S. P. Higgins
Harry P. Hamman last night, Bethlehem daughter of Henry Luckenbach Frank, Rolland and Ellis Hammand father: Henry Hamman: brothers: Conrad Hamman, Frank Hamman, George Hamman, sisters: Mrs Henrietta Hamman, Mrs. Joseph Trager
Amandus Paul yesterday, Forks Township   David Paul, Mrs. Herman Altemus, Mrs. James Knerr  
Tuesday, June 6, 1893
Dr. R. D. Fatzinger Sunday Night, Allentown wife a son, a daughter father: Adam Fatzinger, Brothers: O. F. Fatzinger, Henry Fatzinger, Tilghman Fatzinger, sisters: Mary Fatzinger, Polly Fatzinger, Kate Fatzinger, Mrs. Moyer
Margareth Ehret Sunday Evening, Hollo   Joseph Ehret, Mrs. Jacob Rohn, Mrs. Solomon Koehler  
Mrs. Samuel Spangler Sunday Night, Kreidersville      
Dr. Charles H. Humphrey Saturday afternoon, Cherryville   Dr. C.E. Humphrey, William J. Humphrey, Robert B. Humphrey Mrs. Ellen E. Hinson, Miss Sarah Humphrey father: Dr. Edward Humphrey
Sarah Dougherty Sunday, Redington     son-in-law, Daniel Dougherty
Sarah C. Smith Sunday, Altonah George Smith    
Sabina Moser Saturday, Hottellsville Aaron Moser five children  
Caroline Sletor this morning, Easton John A. Sletor Frank A. Sletor, Thomas Sletor, Mrs. Harvey Wilson Mrs. Susan Sidman
Wednesday, June 7, 1893
Mary Ann Dietrich yesterday morning, South Easton William Dietrich   father: Bernard Coyle; sisters: Mrs. Robert O'Hara, Miss Bridge Coyle, brother, Hugh Coyle
Tuesday, June 20, 1893
Elizabeth Martin yesterday afternoon, Phillipsburg Robert Martin Joseph Black, Mary Black, Theodore, Rev. Wesley Martin, Mrs. Catharine Stublair, Mrs. Addie Rhodes, Mrs. Emma Philips  
Mary Kline morning, Williams Township     brother-in-law, Jacob Kichline, sister: Mrs. Jacob Kichline, William Kline
Wednesday, June 28, 1893
Solomon A. Steckel yesterday, South Bethlehem   Mrs. Maria Walter, Mrs. Emma O'Hara, Miss Anne R. Steckel, Scudder J. Steckel Parents: Peter and Catharine Steckel, bothers: William Steckel, Charles Steckel, Isreal Steckel, Edward Steckel, David Steckel Samuel Steckel
Allen Spengler this morning, Easton Katie Eckert Helen Spengler, Edith Spengler father: Daniel Spengler; brothers and sisters: Aaron Spengler, Dr. D. G. Spengler, Abram Spengler. Mrs. Susan Smith, Mrs. Sarah Shafer
John Werner Monday, Bethlehem     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Werner
Mary Heller last night, Stewartsville John Heller Samuel Heller, William Heller, Palmer Heller, Abraham Heller, Louis Heller, Mrs. Annie Stocker, John Heller  
Friday, June 20, 1893
Samuel Drake Yesterday, Spring Lake, NJ   Frederick R. Drake, Mrs. J. Madison Porter, Miss Carrie Drake, Laura Drake father: John Drake, brother and sisters: Thomas Drake, Howard Drake, Frank Drake, Miss Kate Drake, Mrs. Ellen Semple, Mrs. J. Whit Wood
Clyde Paulus This morning, Nazareth     parents: Martin and Hetty Paulus
Tuesday, July 11, 1893
Mary Eichman this morning, Easton Charles Eichman Carrie Eichman, Annie Eichman, Mamie Eichman, William Eichman, Charles Eichman, John Eichman parents: John and Mary Hageman. brothers: Charles Hageman, William Hageman, sisters: Caroline Hageman, Annie Hagmenan
James M. Weller yesterday morning, Jersey City, NJ   Cyrus Weller, Elmer Weller, Miss Anna Weller, Mrs. Harry Seigel, Mrs. T. G. Holden  
Frances Long yesterday, Downington     father: Samuel Long, nephew Charles Long
Wednesday, July 12, 1893
Harry E. Edelman Tuesday, July 4,     parents; Jonas and Emma Edelman, two sisters and one brother
Minnie Louisa Wendland last night, Phillipsburg     parents: Mr. and Mrs. August Wendland: sisters: Annie, Katie, Mamie, brothers: Charles, August, Louis, Frederick and Wilhelm
Mrs. Thomas F. George Saturday, Northampton     one step-daughter; brothers and sisters: Mrs. Susan Fretz, Miss C. R. Beil, G. W. Beil. D.S. Beil, J. P. F. Beil
Mrs. Jacob Snyder this morning, Lower Saucon   two sons and a duaghter  
Cyrus Allsover Monday, Philadelphia     father: Jabez Allover, brothers: Herman Allsover, George Allsover, sisters: Jerusha Allsover, Mrs. Wm. Blesh, Mrs. Harriet Allsover, Mrs. Fred Beck and Mrs. George Schmunk
Monday, July 17, 1893
Henry Gross Saturday morning, Mauch Chunk      
Phillip Able Saturday evening, Palmer Township widow Lewis H.Able, William H. Able, Benjamin F. Able, James P. Able, Mrs. George Ruch, Mrs. Jacob Jacoby, Mrs. William Brown  
Ellen M. Lerch yesterday, Easton Philip Lerch two children mother: Mrs. Geaumer
Philip Bergstresser yesterday, Hellertown wife Mrs. Clement Jacobs  
Harry Kennedy yesterday, Portland wife two children father: Charles Kennedy
Albina M. Roberts this morning, United States Hotel     father: David Roberts, sister: Mrs. Ihrie, wife of the late General Ihrie, brother: Stokes L. Roberts
Saturday, July 22, 1893
Catharine Weaver this morning, Phillipsburg Henry Weaver John Weaver, Mrs. Joseph Steele, Clinton Weaver, Mrs. Thomas J. Hartcom, Mrs. Samuel Hartcom, Joseph K. Weaver  
Tuesday, July 25, 1893
Emily McKeen Chidsey this morning, Henryville, Monroe County A. D. Chidsey Helen Chidsey, Dwight Chidsey, McKeen Chidsey, Harold Chidsey parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McKeen; sisters: Mame McKeen, Lizzie McKeen, brothers: James McKeen, Stewart McKeen
Mary Fenicle last night, Lower Nazareth John Fenicle Thomas Fenicle, Irwin Fenicle  
Russell H. Moore       father: Frank Moore
Thursday, August 10, 1803
John C. Hutchinson August 2, 1893, Stroudsburg     brother: Rev. S. G. Hutchinson
Ira Coffin Monday, Slatington      
Elizabeth Person This morning, Phillipsburg Charles M. Person two children father: John Young; father-in-law: Hugh Person
David Kelso Tuesday, Philadelphia   Mrs. Howard Burwell, Mrs. Mary Mullen brothers: Lewis Kelso, William Kelso, George Kelso, step-brother, Charles Imick
Saturday, August 12, 1893
Amandus Hellick yesterday, Lower Nazareth wife    
John A. Coleman Thursday afternoon, Freemansburg   Horace Coleman, Luther Coleman father: John Coleman; sister: Mrs. Josiah Walter
Henry Flentje Thursday, East Mauch Chunk     father: Dr. Ludwing Flentje, adoptive father: Rev. Father Heinan
Harry Unangst Lower Nazareth     father: Isaac Unangst
Marshall Hawk yesterday afternoon, Phillipsburg     mother: Mrs. Elizabeth Hawk, brothers: Irvin Hawk, Frank Hawk, George Hawk, Warren Hawk, Henry Hawk
Wednesday, August 16, 1893 (Easton Daily Free Press)
Mary M. Walton Tuesday Afternoon, Easton 1st Joel Drinkhouse, 2nd Edward H. Walton John F. Drinkhouse, W. F. Walton father: John Frey, brother Martin Frey
Monday, August 14, 1893
John Howard Corde Saturday night, Phillipsburg   Annie Corde, Rosie Corde, Alice Corde brother: Marcus Cord, sisters: Mrs. Bernard Merwarth, Mrs. Jonas Vanderbilt, Mrs. Alfred Wright, Mrs. Eliza Barnitt, Mrs. Jacob Tice, Mrs. Charles Ritten
Henry I. Young last evening, Easton Louise Sherwood, daughter of Dr. E.K. Sherwood J. Marshall Young, Mrs. Dr. George Stahley, Henrrietta Young father: Peter Young, sister: Mrs. Edmund Losey
Mary Weaver, nee Hempfield this morning, Bethlehem Joseph Weaver two daughters sister: Mrs. John Blair
Mary J. Neary yesterday, Odenweldertown      
Monday, August 28, 1893
Amanda Lerch, nee Seip last evening, Palmer Township Jeremiah W. Lerch   brothers; Jacob Seip, sisters: Matilda Seip; Susan, wife of John J. Unangst
Mrs. Peter McKearnan yesterday, Glendon     son-in-law Owen Carroll
Susan Kirkendell yesterday, Harmony, NJ John Kirkendell Mrs. Morgan Smith, William Wilson, Mrs. Joseph Fulmer, John Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Levi Wilson, Emily N. Kirkendall step-children: Mrs. William Wilson, Mrs. Howard Stem, Mrs. Isaac Williams, Wililam Kirkendall, Isaac Kirkendall, Reuben Kirkendall
Thursday, Augst 31, 1893
Charles C. Dech this morning, Forks Township widow two children  
Mrs. Solomon Biery Tuesday Evening, Catasauqua     son-in-law: Charles Beck
Tuesday, September 5, 1893
Carolina Anthony this morning, Easton     parents: Charles and Mary Anthony, mentions: Edward Shawde
Friday, September 8, 1893
Daniel Laros last evening, Forks Township   Mrs. George Derhammer, Mrs. Peter Raub, Mrs. Lewis Klotz, Joseph Laros, JamesL. Laros, Edward Laros brother: Henry Laros
Jacob Reimer yesterday, Mt. Bethel   Clinton Reimer, Josiah Reimer  
Saturday, September 9, 1893
George Yohe yesterday, Ringtown, Schuylkill county   John A. Yohe, Henry T. Yohe, George B. Yohe, Oscar S. Yohe, Lizzie Yohe, Eva Yohe, Mrs. George Henritzy  
Frank Wert yesterday, Allentown wife four children in Germany  
Hattie B. Patier       parents: Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Patier, six sisters and two brothers
Saturday, September 16, 1893
Robert G. Morris yesterday, Lower Mt. Bethel   John Morris  
Elizabeth Nixon this morning, Phillispburg Philip Nixon   father-in-law: James D. Nixon, a brother, two sisters
Tuesday, September 19, 1893
William Troxell this morning, Easton Sarah Overfield Mrs. Susan Dingler, Mrs. Elizabeth McCabe, Edward Troxell, Mrs. Margaret Thompson, Mrs. Sallie Drake, Mrs. Maria Lamb, Eugene Troxell parents: John and Betsy Troxell, sisters: Mrs. Christiana Beisey, Mrs. Susan Wolf; a host of grandchidren and great-grandchildren
Lizzie Cougle King this morning, Easton Dr. T. F. King Russell King, Fraley King parents: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cougle, Uncle: Jacob Frahley
Hannah Aaron yesterday morning, Bethlehem      
Elizabeth Siegfried Sunday, Bethlehem      
Thursday, September 28, 1893
Captain James Jenkins, Tuesday night, Harrisburg      
Samuel Nixon yesterday, Norristown     sisters: Mrs. William Hay, Mrs. Anna Brower
Tuesday, October 5, 1893
Jacob Heffeltrager Saturday, Northampton     son-in-law, Frank Husnberger
Mrs. William Bader Sunday, Bath   Charles Bader, Robert Bader, Samuel Bader, Ida Bader, Jennie Bader brother: Samuel Schaffer
Mrs. William Winterstein this morning, Bethelehem     father: William Stahr
Charles Kutz Monday, Nazareth Sarah L. Stout   brothers: John Kutz, Reuben Kutz, sisters: Sally, wife of Mahlon Unangst, Katie Kutz
Monday, October 9, 1893
Mary Beidleman Saturday evening, South Easton D. Wilson Beidleman Jennie Beidleman, Milton Beidleman, Alice Beidleman mother: Mrs. Amanda Zellner
Margaret Smith, nee Gagle last night, Easton (1) Alexander Lum, (2) Joseph Smith Mrs. John Fortner, Mrs. Susan Cole, John Lum, Mrs. William Woods, Philip Lum, Alexander Lum  
Henry C. Libe this morning, Easton   Mrs. James Burwell, Mrs. George Ballantine, Mrs. Harry Hulszier, Murette Libe, May Libe, paul Libe, Harry Libve, Raymond Libe brothers and sisters: Paul Libe, Edward Libe, John Libe, Harry Libe, Mrs. Mary Morrison, Kate Libe
Wednesday, October 11, 1893
Grace Alice Raub Monday evening, Washington DC     parents: Dr. J. F. and Jane S. Raub
Thursday, October 12, 1893
Valentine W. Weaver yesterday morning, Catasauqua Mary Mickley James W. Weaver, Thomas Weaver, Valentine W. Weaver, Jr, Mrs. S. H. Bachman, Lizzie Weaver father: Charles Weaver
Annie Mensch Monday, Upper Mt. Bethel     mother: Mrs. Eva Mensch; Brothers and sisters: Asher Mensch, George Mensch, Harry Mensch, Josephine Mensch, Amanda Mensch, Mrs. Oliver Cressman
Thursday, October 19, 1893
Elizabeth Messinger this morning, Easton Hiram Messinger Mrs. Albert H. Rute, Mrs. Martin Johnson, Mrs. Amos Albright, Mrs. Joseph Berkey, Mrs. Samuel T. Brtozman, Mrs. Milton Fox, James Messinger, Edward Messinger, Samuel Messinger brothers: John Shafer, Frederick Shafer, sisters: Mrs. Amanda Dech, Mrs. Sabina Engler, Mrs. Sophia Thompson, Mrs. Emma Miller, Mrs. David Brown
Wednesday, November 1, 1893
Mrs.James Transue Monday night, Williams Township James Transue   mentions: Frank Transue
Mary E. Love Tuesday, Columbia, N.J. S. Payson Love Hervey Love, Mrs. F. W. Wandling, Mrs. T. R. Ricker, Parents: Joseph and Elizabeth Gardner, brothers and sisters: George B. Gardner, Matthias B. Gardner, John S. Gardner, Philip M. Gardner, Mrs. Daniel Weller, Mrs. J.C. Butler, Sallie F. Gardner
Monday, November 6, 1893
Ex-State Senator R. L. D. Potter a few days ago, Berlin Wisconsin      
Mary A. Easton Saturday, Westport, Clinton County, PA Joseph Easton Mrs. J. W. Edwards  
Michael Frey last evening, Easton (1) Susanna Messinger (2) Sarah Stonebach Amandus C. Frey, Mrs. Ebezene Snyder father: Michael Frey brother: Peter Frey; sisters: Mrs. John L. Boyer, Mrs. William Jacoby, Mrs. Nicholas, Mrs. Harret, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Harmony; nine grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren
Lovine Bauer yesterday, Ross Common wife number of grown up children  
Thursday, November 9, 1893
Joseph Steinmetz Tuesday morning, Shoenersville   Dr. E. G. Steinmetz, another son, not specifically mentioned  
Adam Stuber yesterday morning, Upper Nazareth Township wife Robert Stuber, daughter, not named brothers, Monroe Stuber, John Stuber, Jacob Stuber; sister: Polly Stuber
Tuesday, December 12, 1893
Samuel Dech Saturday evening, Bethlehem widow Elmira C. Dech, Paul F. Dech father: Anthony Dech, brothers: Reuben Dech, Daniel Dech, Lewis Dech, sister: Mary, wife of Jacob Bruch
William Mull Saturday night, Bethlehem   David Mull and Henry Mull  
Sabina E. Cortright Sunday morning, West Bethlehem Samuel E. Cortright   one sister
Anna Knoble last night, Williams Township William Knoble seven sons, three daughters father: William Sigman, two sisters, one brother
John Trach this morning, Williams Township      
Margaret Kreger today, Mutchlertown Gustav Kreger three small children  
December 11, 1893
Elizabeth Raub Thrusday night, Raubsville Jacob Raub Levi Raub, James Raub, Mrs. Martin Eckert  
George W. Perkin Bethlehem      
Catherine Lichtenthaeler Saturday morning, Lititz, pa   Mrs. Edward Henry  
Bridget McGuire this morning, South Easton James McGuire    
Amanda Barrall Saturday evening, Bath James H. Barrall    
Monday, December 1, 1893
James Fisher Thursday, Catasauqua      
James Newhard Thursday, Laury's Station     father: Peter Newhard, niece Mrs. Nathan Stofflet
Frederick Knecht Saturday, Bushkill Township   William Knecht, David Knecht, Sydney Knect, Mrs. Marie, wife of Reuben Kostenbader, Osborn Knecht, Sobina, wife of Richard Heil  
Bertram C. Brasefield Saturday afternoon, South Easton     father: N.J. Brasefield, brothers: Prof. Harvey D. Brasefield, Stanley Brasefield, Lester Brasefield, Edgar Brasfield
George Bauer last evening, Schoeneck   one daughter  
Peter Brixius Saturday, Easton wife one son  
Albert F. Stahley this morning, Easton     father: Gotlieb Stahley
Margaret Weaver Saturday evening, Easton Samuel S. Weaver    
Tuesday, December 19, 1893
Sabina Hartzell Yesterday morning, Bethlehem Charles Hartzell Edwin F. Harztell, Anna E., wife of William H. Frankenfield, Charles F. Hartzell, Miss Amanda E. Hartzell parents: Frederick Schweitzer and Anna F. Ecker, sister: Mrs. Charles Hay
Mary A. H. Saylor, yesterday afternoon, North Wales Samuel Saylor Mary Saylor father: Judge George Hess; nephew M. J. Riegel
Hiram Buss Sunday, Kresslersville wife Lovine Buss, Mrs. Steuben Frace, Mrs. Oliver Ackerman, Mrs. Richard Young  
Charles J. Messerschmidt this morning, Easton Daughter of the late Abraham Bachman Florence Messerschmidt, Henry Messerschmidt brothers: Christian Messerschmidt, Augustus Messerschmidt