Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1892
1892 Easton Daily Argus Obits
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Monday, January 4, 1892
Reuben Glick Friday, Cedarville married three times Moses Glick, is one of his eight sons  
Albert J. Humel interred Dec 21, 1891, Bethlehem widow   mother: Mrs. Matthew Humel, botther: Samuel, Sister: Mame, wife of T. C. Benjamin
Michael Weidner this morning, Easton wife one child  
Frank Levers College Hill wife two children father: Samuel Levers
James McWilliams today, Easton wife seven children  
Jacob Charles Schwartz yesterday, Snufftown Mary Steinbrunn Joseph, Catharine, Mary, Josie  
Wednesday, January 6, 1892
Carl Byron Swift this morning, Boston, Mass Hattie Allsover, daughter of Herman   sister-in-law: Mrs. George Bird
Mrs.Peter Fox Monday, Bethlehem Township   John Q. A. Fox, Mrs. George Laubach sister: Mrs. Charles Warner; brother: George Engle
Samuel Zearfoss this morning, Easton wife Samuel, Reuben, Tilghman, Barnet, Mrs. Jacob Dittler, Mrs. Daniel Averitt, Mrs. Amanda Kichline  
Peter Shewer Saturday, Moore Township wife several grown-up children  
John Everhart yesterday, Lower Mt. Bethel      
John Brown last night, Odenweldertown   Michael Brown, Mrs. C. Montague, Mrs. E. O. ?arrell  
three triplet sons last night and this morning, Odenweldertown     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Michael Brown
Sallie Kiefer Sunday, Richmond Jacob Kiefer    
Infant child Clark this afternoon     parents: Mr. and Mrs. David Clark
Saturday, January 9, 1892
Miss Mary Weaver yesterday morning, Newburg     brother: Daniel Weaver, nephew: Dr. H. W.Weaver
Mrs. Siegel Thursday evening, Bethlehem Township Enos Siegel Mrs. C.M. Anstett brother: O. H. Meyers
Tuesday, January 12, 1892
Elizabeth Major yesterday, Easton Aaron Major,(dec'd)   Mrs. Fenstermacher of Petersville is her nearest surviving relative.
E.Ella Sandt last evening, Easton Rev. C.M. Sandt   parents: Joseph and Elizabeth Hawk, father-in-law: Simon Sandt, brother: E.D. Hawk, Sisters: Mrs. Daniel Brinker, Mrs. BF. Ward, Mrs. W. U. Fraunfelter
Jacob Koehler this morning, Nazareth     brothers: Peter Koehler and Solomon Koehler
Jenny Elizabeth Grube last night, Easton     parents: William and Harriet Grube
Sabilla Folkenson this morning, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. James Folkenson; uncle and Aunt: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Messinger
Wilson D. Snyder yesterday, Bethlehem     mother: Mrs. C. Meyers
Henry Gilroy last night, Eston twice married Mrs. William K. Pierson, Mrs. Harry Roberts (from first wife) Ada and Alice (from second wife)  
Thurday, January 14, 1892
Mrs. James Wagner Tuesday, Chain Dam     son-in-law, Albert Schwartz
John J. Unangst last evening, Easton wife Charles Unangst, Irvin Unangst, John Unangst, Katie Unangst, Mrs. J. Keck sister: Mrs. J. Keck
Isaac T. Riegel yesterday morning, Riegelsville   R.C. Riegel, Mrs. H. D. Yeager, Mrs. Joseph Carpenter, Mrs. Dr. A.H. Hulsizer brothers: Benjamin F. Riegel, Eli Riegel; Sister: Mrs. Abraham Beidleman
Mary Rourke yesterday, Phillipsburg Barney Rourke two daughters, four sons  
Henry Wentzell Tuesday evening, Bushkill Township widow several grown up children  
Anna B. Hankinson this morning, Springtown, Warren County   J.C. Hankinson  
Tuesday, January 26, 1892
Catharine Madden Sunday morning, Bethlehem Patrick Madden John E. Madden, Miss Mary Madden parents: Mr. and Mrs. John McKee; brothers: John McKee, Thomas McKee, sister; Mrs. O'Connor, cousin; the late Rev. Edward McKee
WiliamMcHugh Monday morning, Chestnut Hill wife several grown children  
Benjamin Kistler Sunday afternoon, Allentown wife died two years ago Phaon J., P.P., Dr. W. P, Jacob P., Ida R. Kister, Dr. A.P.Kisler sisters: Mrs. David Sitler, Mrs. John Bachman
Charles Edelman Sunday, Lower Nazareth   Peter Edelman brothers: Joseph, David, John
Saturday, January 30, 1892
Mrs. Bishop Weiss two weeks ago, West Indies      
Reuben Darrohn Thursday night, Hanover Township   two daughters sister: Mrs. Getz; brothers: John Darrohn, Jesse Darrohn
Col. Bossert Westport, Clinton County, Pa      
Sarah J. McKee last night, Easton John F. McKee Clarence L. Mckee, Mrs. Minnie Ricker  
James Mellick this morning, Firthtown, NJ   Charles Mellick, Mrs. Anna Thompson  
Monday, February 1, 1892
Hiram Fox Saturday morning, West Bethlehem     sisters and brothers: Mrs. Mary (Thomas) Hoppel, Mrs. William Young, Mrs. Reuben Hess, Mrs. Matilda Teal, Valentine Fox, Fred Fox, Jefferson Fox, Christopher Fox
Olivia Ann Hoffert Friday, Bethlehem Joseph Hoffert Mrs. Susan Paulis, Mrs. Mary Benner, Mrs. Elizabeth Hildebrandt, George Hoffert, Charles Hoffert, Maria ,wife of Mathias Schwenck father: John Frey
Mrs. Peter Unangst yesterday, Lucy Furnace   several children  
Clara Berg Saturday, county poor house      
Tuesday, February 2, 1892
Romee Stacer yesterday, of Franklin Street     parents: John and Lizzie Stacer
Elizabeth Galloway, Riegel Sunday, Bethlehem Eli Riegel   parents; Wiliam and Jane Ross Galloway; stepson: George W. Riegel, sisters: Mrs. Jeminia Cooper, Mrs. Philip Omich, Mrs. Mary Jane Martenis, niece. Mrs. J.K.Rauch
Child Fox yesterday, Williams Township     father: Winfield Fox
Augustus Murphy Tuesday morning, South Easton     father: J. H. Murphy
Aaron Heller last night, Upper Nazareth Township   Jacob A. Heller, Mrs. George Miller  
Jane Fehr yesterday morning, Bushkill Township Thomas Fehr grown up son  
Annie, Volkert last night, South Easton     father: Killian Volkert
Wednesday, Freburary 3, 1892
Catharine Walters Saturday, Girardville, Schuykill county   John C. Walters, Mrs. Caroline Rigger  
Joseph B. Seyfried yesterday morning, Ninsky, Upper Nazareth widow Lovin Seyfried, Henry Seyfried, Mrs. Josephine, widow of Franklin Stotz  
Charlotta Messinger last night, near Tatamy Andrew Messinger Bartley, Freeman, Stewart, Amanda, wife of William Jones, Rose, wife of James Stecker  
Friday, February 5, 1892
Susannah Fehnel Saturday night, Petersville, Moore Township German Fehnel James, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Bush, Eliza Jane, wife of Peter Rice, Susan, wife of Martin Beishy, Mary Alice, wife of James Rice, Elley, wife of Henry S. Krotz, Emma, wife of Rev. Josiah Silfies father: Philip Frankenfield
Lillian J. Knerr, nee Pentz Thursday, Reading Dr. L. J. Knerr    
Wednesday, February 10, 1892
Mary Edelman this morning James Edelman   parents: Lavina and the late William H. Mack, sister: Sally Mack
Levi Wottring January 20, Prospect, Ohio Elizabeth Steaver, Rosanna M. Diehl Four sons, one daughter parents: Jacob and Elizabeth Wottring, sixteen grandchildren and one-great-grandchild
James Simmonds Monday, Bethlehem Emma Henn   brothers and sisters: Mrs. Wiliam Long, Mrs. Francis Whitmeyer, Miss Elizabeth Simmonds, John Simmonds, Saumuel Simmonds
Christopher Connelly last night, South Easton     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Peter Connelly; brother: Edward Connelly
Henry G. Walker last night, Easton wife four children  
Friday, February 12, 1892
John Correll yesterday, Kunkletown widow six children  
Mary Ann Johnson Monday afternoon, Nazareth Jacob Johnson    
Friday, March 4, 1892
Aaron E. Yeisley Wednesday night, Salisbury Emma Starner two children parents: Isaac and Rebecca Yeisley
Marcus Frankenfield yesterday,     father: John Frankenfield, Stepfather: Elias Gruve, sister: Mrs. Oliver Schnable
Mrs. Moon yesterday, Altonah Peter Moon William Moon several brothers
Josiah M. Miller Moore Township wife (dec'd)    
John Feit yesterday, Lopatcong Township, NJ wife Jacob Feit, two daughters living at home, Mrs. Henry Richards  
Saturday, February 27, 1892
Rev. B. K. Keck Thursday, Myerstown      
Emma M. Brown This morning, Easton Lewis O. Brown   father: Josiah Walter, brother Abraham Walter
Monday, March 14, 1892
Peter Weaver Friday, Bethlehem      
Lydia Saturday, West Bethlhem Clyde E. Snyder   father: Herman Kurtz (dec'd)
Anne Roseberry Saturday evening, Easton Carpenter Roseberry (dec'd) William C. Roseberry parents: Jonas and Elizabeth Derr. sister: Mrs. Robert Ballantine, brother: Ephraim Derr (dec'd)
Elizabeth Grey Saurday, Low's Hollow, near Stewartsville   Mrs. Maggie Rush, Mrs. John Kinney, Mrs. Daniel M. Bowers, J. Wesley Fray, Harry M. Gray  
Mary M. Kase yesterday morning, Easton Elijah Kase Mrs. Frank Ricker, Mrs.Sally Micke, Mrs. Jon Micke, Alvin Kase, Miss Jennie Kase, Mrs. Robert Tilton, Philip Kase, Martin Kase, William Kase  
Tuesday, March 15, 1892
Lizzie Kutz last night, South Easton William Kutz Hazel parents: Mr. and Mrs.George Lauder; brother: Willie Lauder; sister: Carrie Lauder
Philip Bartholomew last night, Upper Mt. Bethel wife large family of children, amoung them being Mrs. Edward Raesley and Mrs. A. P. Zellner  
William Schug this morning, near Tatamy wife Mrs. Freeman Messinger brothers: Adam Schug, Daniel Schug, sisters: Mrs. Joel Dreisbach, and Mary Schug
three year old child Itterly buried yesterday, Plainfield Township     father: Israel Itterly
Satruday, March 19, 1892
Margaret McCaffrey yesterday afternoon, South Easton John McCaffrey Owen, John, Edward, Mrs. Richard Foran, Mrs. Mary Haley  
Magdalena May, nee Rauschwendel this morning, South Easton Matthias May   mother: Mrs. Barbara Rauschwendel, brothers and sisters: Peter, John, George, Barbara and Mary
Peter Moser yesterday, Williams Township Susanna Nolf Alice, wife of Charles Hartzell, Amanda, wife of Carl Richards, Ida and Rose brothers and sisters: John Moser, Mrs John Koken, George Moser
Monday, March 21, 1892
Jacob Eisenhauer yesterday morning Mary An n Edmonds, (dec'd) Mrs. Daniel Warner, Mrs Aaron Sandt, Mrs. Spencer Sassman, Mrs. William Fenner, Mrs Abraham Bowers, Mrs. Maria Lightcap, Mrs. William Seisoth, Franklin Eisenhauer, William Eisenhauer  
Rebecca Hartzell Saturday evening, Easton Jacob Hartzell   parents: Mr.and Mrs. Thomas Bullman; sister: Mrs. Julia Stem; brother: Thomas Bullman
Peter Sheeran Saturday, Easton   Mrs. James Smith, Patrick, James, Michael  
Raymond Dull yesterday     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dull
Saturday, April 2, 1892
Levi Schoeneberger last evening, Bethlehem   Richard  
Oliver Yotter last night, Freemansburg widow one son and two daughters  
William Datesman Thursday, Jersey City wife, who is the daughter of Jacob Wilhelm Mrs.Cyrus Knecht, Mrs. Dr. Bogardus father: Samuel Datesman; brothers: John Datesman, Peter Datesman, sister: Mrs. Jacob Kunsman
Eli Cole Thursday, Bushkill Township      
Monday, April 4, 1892
Mary Miller this morning, South Easton John Miller Mrs. Joseph F. Aldridge, Mrs. William H. Warner  
Howard A. Walter last evening, Easton wife thre months' old son father: Aaron Walter, brothes: Robert M. and Floyd A, sisters: Mrs. Kate Clark, Misses Minnie and Ella
Thursday, April 5, 1892
Henry Frankenfield last evening, Butztown wife three children  
Christopher Heck yesterday, Ottawa, Kansas wife five sons, and three daughters, one being Harry Heck brothers: Jacob Heck, John Heck; nephews: Philip Heck and George J. Heck
William Hess this morning, Stone Church.     brothers: Jacob, Adam, Henry Hess
Thursday, Apirl 21, 1892
Elizabeth Fetzer yesterday, Allentown Isaac Fetzer   father: John Dieter; sisters and brothers: David Miller, Mrs. Mary Wagner, Mrs. Abbie Herman
Sarah H. Shannon this morning, Easton Samuel N. Shannon (dec'd) Mrs. Lehman Gardner parents; Peter and Rachel Shannon(sic), sisters: Mrs. Emma Clader, Mrs. maria Derr, James McCarty, Albert McCarty, Jesse McCarty
Henry Doeringer Sunday, Boston     father: Jacob Doeringer; brother, Jacob
Caroline Barron, nee Schlough toeday, Easton Charles Barron William, Phillips and John Barron, Mrs. Samuel Innes father: GeorgeSchlough; brother, George W. Schlough
Sarah Black this afternoon, Easton J. D. Black   father: Hugh Dougherty; sisters: Mrs. Patrick Hagery, Mrs. John McBrice
Thursday, April 28 1892
Susanna Dornblaser Thursday, April 14 Thomas Dornblaser five sons, two daughers father: Philip Kunsman, sister: Mrs. Rachel Raudenbach, brother, Thomas Kunsman (dec'd)
Daniel Shireman Tuesday, West Bethlehem Selinda A. Beitel, daughter of Henry Beitel Olivia, wife of Jacob Albright, Sara, wife of C. C. White, August, wife of Thomas Reichard parents; Peter and Susan Shireman; brothers and sisters: Isaac, Mrs. Sarah Lehr, Benjamin, Andrew, Samuel, Mrs. Marietta Kelso, Peter
ex-Councilman Knox this morning, South Easton 1st wife (dec'd) 2nd Sophia McLaughin, sister of Thomas McLaughlin James, Walter, David, Marion, Lilly, from first wife, Isabelle by second wife.  
Friday, April 29, 1892
William H, Knauss Wednesday, Sandt's Eddy 1st died years ago, 2nd Elizabeth Walter Mrs. Emmanuel Uhler, Cyrus, Knauss, (by first wife) Mrs. Albert Uhler, Miss Sarah Knauss, Harry W. Knauss, (by second wife) parents: Mr and Mrs. Anthony Knauss
Julia Fackenthall yesterday morning, Brooklyn Captain Jonathan Fackenthall Uriah Fackenthall, Rev. Charles Stewart Fackenthall sisters: Mrs. Allen Albright, Mmrs. Charles Landback; brother: George L. Transue
Mary Heyer Tuesday morning, Bushkill Township 1st George Johnson 2nd John Heyer, Sr    
Sarah Unangst yesterday, Easton   Alverian (dec'd) William  
Monday, May 9, 1892
Mrs. Henry Smith last week, Philadelphia   William Smith, Mrs. Gellingham  
Mrs. Leonard Frankenfield this morning, Farmersville   Amanda, Allen, Mrs. Edward Edelman  
Monday, May 16, 1892
Anna Sandt Saturday, College Hill Leonard Sandt Jeremiah Sandt, George Sandt, John Sandt (dec'd), Simon Sandt, Enos Sandt, Jacob Sandt (dec'd), Aaron, Mrs. Flory, Mrs. Daniel Kichline, Mrs. Reuben Kichline (dec'd), Levi (dec'd) Emmeline, Elzabeth twenty-seven grandchildren, forty-seven great-grandchildren, two great-great-grandchildren
Mrs. Henry S. Slagle May 2, Vineland, N.J.   Lizzie, Mrs. U. S. Poole  
Frederick Troxell Yesterday, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Troxell
Martin J. Guenther last night, Nazareth widow John, Wilia, Benjamin, Charles  
Annie M. Ebenboch this morning, Easton 1st. John Rupp, 2nd. Michael Ebenhock    
Mrs. Adam Yob yesterday, Forks Township   Mrs. Emma Cole, Mrs. Protz, Miss Alma Yob, William D. Yob  
Harry Racichart yesterday, Phillipsburg     grandmother: Mrs. Lanie Crouse
Owen McCarty this morning, Catasauqua      
Mary Miller this morning, College Hill     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Miller
Tuesday, May 17, 1892
Robert Fogel Sunday, Altonah widow family of grown children brother: Martin Fogel
William Gernet yesterday, Hanover Township      
Saturday, May 21, 1892
Anna M. Hoagland yesterday afternoon, Easton Samuel K. Hoagland Jacob J. Hoagland, Miss Emma Hoagland father: Jacob Nicholas, brother: Jacob J. Nicholas
John H. Wilhelm this morning, South easton     mother: Mrs. Sarah Wilhelm; brothers: Howard, Edward and Fred; sisters: Mary, wife of Richard Hill, Emma, wife of William Barnett, Sallie, wife of Edward Purcell, Minnie, wife of William Ricketts, Miss Annie
Amanda Hoadley last night, Greens Bridge David Hoadley four small children parents: Mr. and Mrs. Federick Shively; brother: Walter Shively, William Shively; sister: Lizzie Shively
Mary E. Young this afternoon, Easton ex-sherriff James Young Miss Sallie J. Young, William Young father: David Moyer
Saturday, June 4, 1892
Howard Thompson yesterday, Phillipsburg wife Holly, Albert, Walter, Anna, Belle, Bertha  
Walter Mutchler yesterday, Easton     mother: Mrs. Mary N. Mutchler; sisters: Rebecca and Matilda; brother: Frederic Mutchler
Monday, June 13, 1892
Frederick Wagner Yesterday morning   H.T. Wagner, Oscar Wagner Brothers: Benjamin and Daniel
Christian B. Odenwelder last evening   John Odenwelder, Mrs. Jesse Walter, Mrs. Ellen Lerch son-in-law: Jesse Walter
Samuel Seem Friday, Bath Miss Berger
Mrs. Kleckner
Miss Ruhe
Thomas H. Seem, Mrs. Dr. G. T. Fox, Mary , Emily brother-in-laws: George L Henry E. and Edward Ruhe, sister-in-laws: Mrs. Owen Seager, Mrs. Dr. David Englemen.
James Clements Satruday Afternoon, South Easton   Timothy, John, James, William  
Joseph Heit this morning, Easton   Samuel Heit, Henry, Frank, Mrs. Jessie Benz, Mrs. James Burke, Mrs. William Danner brother: George W. Heit
Wednesday, June 15, 1892
William Simpson last night, Cleveland Ohio Eva Bachman, daughter of Henry Bachman   father: Joseph Simpson
Wednesday, July 5, 1892
John Koken last night, South Side Easton Sarah Moser Mrs. Brittain Huff, Mrs. O. B. Levan, Mrs. John Geary, Miss Rose sister: Mrs. O. Weiant
Jacob Piatt yesterday afteroon, Greenwich Township   Thomas, Henry brothers and sisters: Mrs. Beam, Mrs. Annie Haney, Emmet, mentions another brother not named
Elizabeth Lance this afternoon, Easton (1) Adam Houck, (2) J. R. Lance James Houck, Mrs. Parker Titus, Mrs.Charles Riey, Frederick Houck  
Charles Sherrer last night, Bonnevill Station, N.J. wife two sons  
John Harrigan This morning, South Easton     father: Jeremiah Herrigan
Tuesday, July 12, 1892
Mrs. Isabella Kuntzman yesteday morning, Hellertown Henry Kuntzman    
Lizzie Helms yesterday afternoon, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Helms
Thursday, July 14, 1892
Anna Maria Dietrich last night, College Hill Benjamin Deitrich Edward, Charles, Jeremiah, Noah, Stephen, Mrs. Samuel A. Metz father: George Lerch, brothers: Samuel and Edward Lerch
Saturday, July 16, 1892
James Curran this morning     Brother-in-Law: Patrick McCormick; sisters: Miss May Curran, Mrs. Lizzie McCormick
Sarah A. Carling This mroning David Carling Mrs. Eva LaBarr, Annie Carling, Frank, Carling, Thomas Carling brother: Robert Patterson, sister: Mrs. Maria Wizzard
Monday, July 18, 1892
Mrs. Edward Unnagst, nee Seipel last evening, Easton     parents: Mr.and Mrs. Harry Seipel
Miss Mary Eagleston Miller Saturday morning, Bangor, Pa     mother: Lizzie Miller
Wednesday, July 27, 1892
John Walters Tuesday, July 19, Colon, St. Joseph County, Michigan Elizabet Ritter nine sons and four daughters  
Philip J. Krause today, Easton wife (dec'd 6-years) Mrs. Christian Kicherer  
Raymond, Bush yesterday, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bush
Jane Hamilton last night, Phillipsburg William Hamilton two small children  
Saturday, September 10, 1892
William H. Wagner last evening, Easton Elizabeth Moser Mrs.Walter Kitchen, Miss Annie, Harry and Frederick Wagner sisters: Mrs. George Correll, Mrs. Peter Koehler, Mrs. Sarah Unangst
Tuesday, September 13, 1892
Catherine Miller this morning, Phillipsburg Bernhardt Miller Frederick Miller, Farley Miller brother and sister: John Moyer, Mrs. Philopena Kipping
Elizabeth Walter this morning, Easton Michael Walter Mrs. Calvin Arner, Mrs. F. H. Lehr, Mrs. Peter Seip father: Jacob Hellick, borthers: Reuben Hellick, Jacob Hellick, Stephen Hellick, sistes: Mrs.Abrahm King, Mrs. Polly King
Edward Davis last night, St. Louis, Mo.   Willie Davis father: William Davis, mother: Mrs. Mary Davis; sister: Miss Addie Davis
Dr. J. C. Richards this morning, Olean, N.Y. Carrie VanSickel Two children father: John C. Richards, sister: Mrs. Daniel Van Allen
Friday, September 22, 1892
Miss Marhia Collier this morning, Easton     father: Daniel Collier; Mother: Miss Fanny Collier; brother: John Collier, sister: Mrs. Henry Weisel
John Nolf yesterday, Philadelphia     father: Reuben Nolf;, sister: Mrs. John Carey; brother: Theodore Nolf, Mrs. F. Allsfelt
William Shuman Bath      
Florence Tomer today, Odenweldertown     father: Charles Tomer
Monday, September 26, 1892
Eugene H. Luch yesterday, Easton wife Albert W., Claude G., Laura R., Beuhla M. Ephraim, Irvin, Alfred
William A. Davis 24th, Atlanta Georgia     father: William P. Davis
Sophia Atlemus Saturday, Bushkill Township Thomas Altemus two daughers, one the wife of David Werner, one son  
Christopher Boyer this morning, Forks Township   Mrs. William C. Denny, Mrs. John Martin, Mrs. William Fraunfelter, John, Jacob  
Elisa Johnson this morning, Easton Richard T. Johnson T. A. Runyan brother: Lewis Humphreys
Griffith Roberts last evening, Belfast Marian one son, five daughters  
Miss Mary Pomp yesterday morning, Easton     father: Rev. Thomas Pomp, sister: Miss Susan Pomp
Friday, September 30, 1892
Samuel Sandt last evening, Easton wife, daughter of Christian Fleming Fleming Sandt, C. Albert Sandt, Esq., George Sandt, Mary, Nettie, Clara, Mrs. U.T. Fackenthal father: John Sandt
Samuel Bruch Wednesday, Freemansburg      
Sophia Calvin yesterday, Hazelton Robert S. Calvin Mrs. Charles Crellin father: Peter Young, brother: H. J. Young, sister: Mrs. Edmund Losey
Wednesday, October 12, 1892
Reuben H. Horn last evening, Easton Elizabeth Wilson Mrs. John Green, Mrs. Clara B. Williamson, James W. Horn, Sameul W. Horn, Jellen Horn father: Charles Horn; sisters: Mrs. Maria Morford, Mrs. Louisa Lockwood
Mrs. Margaret Frey last evening, Easton Levi Frey John, Miss Hattie Frey, Alpheus, Benjamin, Charles, Daniel, Mrs. John Innnes, Mrs. Henry Brunner sistes: Miss Sallie Ann and Mary Sproul, brother: Charles Sproul
Thursday, December 11, 1892
Ellen Weaver Thuesday evening, Lower Saucon Freeman T. Weaver   parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ruch, sister: Emma Ruch, Brothers: Robert and Theodore Ruch
Ellen E. Green Thursday evening, West Bethlehem James Green   father: Peter Zierfuss
Aaron Frey last evening, Easton wife Howard, Stewart, Laura, Mattie, wife of Sydney Stocker, Emma, wife of George Oakes, Margaret Walton. brother: Court Crier, Martin Frey
Saturday, December 3, 1892
H. M. Clay yesterday, San Francisco     Mrs. Elizabeth McCay, Mrs. Annie Veisy, mentions: Carrie Swayze; Florence and Pearl Knecht, children of A. S. Knecht ; Mrs. Mary Middaugh; Chalres C. J. Montague
Jonathan Xander Last night, Easton Anna S. Troxel George L. Xander, Esq., Elmer F. Xander, Mrs. De Kraft sister: Mrs. Romig, Mrs. Sell, brother: George Xander
Wednesday, December 14, 1892
Elizabeth Ritter Dech Monday, Bethlehem Joseph Dech Eliza, wife of Philip J. Heller; Elmira C. Dech, Labon W. Dech parents: Peter and Maria Ritter
Mary A. Frankenfield Yesterday, Bethlehem Thomas Frankenfield Edwin T. Frankenfield parents: John and Mary Gangwere Strausberger, brother: Joseph Strausberger, sister: Angeline
Sybilla Brotzman This morning, Easton John S. Brotzman Mrs. Conrad Dabus, Mrs. Isaac Pixley, Mrs. Peter Kist, Stewart Brotzman, Henry Brotzman sister: Mrs. Daniel Koch, Mrs. Edward Eckert, Mrs. Eliza Youngkin, brothers: Reuben Arner, Garrion Arner
Friday, December 16, 1892
Lydia Ann Coyle last evening, South Easton Bernard Coyle Thomas Coyle, William Coyle, Henry Coyle, Mrs. Terrence mcCabe brothers and sisters: Moses Wilhelm, Emanuel Wilhelm, Henry Wilhelm, Mrs. Hiram Heckman, Mrs. William Hahn, Mrs. Nathan Frankenfield, Mrs. Susan Deily
Tuesday, December 20, 1892
Mary J. Haupt       father. Stephen Haupt, sisters: Mrs. Grosh, Mrs. Mack and Miss Haupt
Martin Broad Syracuse NY     father: Isaac Broad , brothers: Charles Broad, Frank Broad
Sophia Dieckman Sunday, East Mach Chunk John Dieckman    
Monday, December 26, 1892
George Beck Saturday morning, Bethlehem      
T. Edward Carhart Saturday evening, Phillipsburg     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Carhart, brothers: Dr. Harry Carhart, Bert Carhart
Jacob Kiefer yesterday, Mt. Bethel