Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1891
1891 Easton Daily Argus Obits
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Thursday, January 15, 1891
Louisa Knecht this morning, Easton Reuben Knecht Mrs. William Gray, Mrs. Charles E. Knauss, Frank, Henry, Herbert, Dr. Cyrus father: Peter Smith, brother: John Smith; sisters: Mrs. Adam Brey, Mrs. Ephraim Schott, Mrs. Charles Shaw, Mrs. William Matthews, Mrs. James McName
Michael Miller yesterday, up the Delaware River near the Eddy    

parents: Rebecca and Jacob Miller, Step-brother, Leander Robets

Matilda Brinker, nee Kerns Jan 10, Davis, Ill Joseph Brinker eight children father, brother, sister
Friday, January 16, 1891
Mrs. James McKee yesterday morning, Tioga, a suburb of Philadelphia   Wm. H. McKee, Joseph H. McKee, Llewellyn McKee, two daughters father: Hopkin Thomas, brothers and sister: James Thomas, William Thomas, Mrs. Mary Fuller
Charles Unangst yesterday, East Allen Township widow several children  
Belinda F. Hellick this morning, Easton Reuben Hellick Morris B. Hellick, Chauncy G. Hellick father: Samuel Innis; sisters: Mrs. Nelson P. Cornell, Mrs.Jacob Rhinehardt; brothers: William Innis, John Innis
Emily Bixler This morning, Easton F. S. Bixler Wesley E., Douglas, L. Clyde, Esther, Margaret father: Evan Evans
Eliza A. Racener this morning, Schirnertown, Forks Township Jacob Racener Edward, John, Mary, wife of Arthur Ackerman; Emma, wife of Charles Hyde; Laura, wife of Robert Mount; Ida, Katie, Minnie  
Wednesday, January 31, 1891
Emmanuel Vogel last night, South Easton Widow Mrs.C. L. Derr, Mrs. Jeremiah Ackerman, Mrs. Frank Bucher, Harvey Vogel brothers and sisters: Samuel, David, John, Joseph, Mrs. John Price and Mrs. Marsteller
William Mahan yesterday, Jersey City widow four children sister: Mrs. Charles Ricker
Wednesday, Feburary 4, 1891
Thomas Curran last evening, Hokendauqua     Father;, two sisters; brother, Edward
Mrs. Knecht yesteday morning, Nazareth Daniel Knecht several children  
Mrs. Seifert this morning, Bushkill Township Jacob Seifert Richard Seifert, Mrs. Abysinnia, wife of William Wright  
Monday, February 9, 1891
Thomas Deshler last evening, Allentown Matilda Weygandt   nephew William H. Deshler
Mrs. Reuben H. Keim Friday, Bethlehem   three children  
Paul Zingler Saturday morning Leithsville   father: Rev. Amandus Zingler
Harold Tilton yesterday, Easton     grandfather: Officer Kichline
Wm Diehl yesteday, Easton     father: Jacob Diehl
Ezekiel Montgomery Patterson yesterday, New Brunswick, NJ   Mary mentions John E. Patterson
Monday, February 23, 1891
John Knecht yesterday, Shimersville widow, nee Riegel, daughter of B. F. Riegel Mrs. Dr. E. J. Freeman, Mrs. Dr. J. J.Detwiller, Miss Anna Knecht, Howard Knecht, Sallie (dec'd) wife of Dr. R. S. Sheppard grandfather: John George Knecht, Uncle George, Uncle Jacob, brother-in-law John L. Riegel
Jonathan Price Saturday night, Catasaqua   son  
Tuesday, March 3, 1891
Mary Pearson Saturday, Beersville      
Alfred Frankenfield Sunday, Allentown      
Jonathan Swartz Friday, Center Valley      
Abraham Kistler Saturday morning, New Tripoli Widow one daughter  
Esther Steckel noon yesterday, Allentown Peter Steckel Reuben Steckel, Anna H. Steckel  
John Houck yesterday, Upper Mt. Bethel      
William Johnston this afternoon, Easton widow    
Monday, March 9, 1891
Ruth Tomer Saturday afternoon, Easton Christian Tomer Mrs. B. M. Youells, Mrs. John Kitchen, Mrs. Daniel Sweeney, William G. Tomer father: Daniel, was a commissioned officer in the American Revolution. Twenty-eight grandchildren, thirty-six great grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren
Reuben Fehr Saturday morning, Bushkill Township widow James H., Josiah, Isreal, Francis G.  
Dorothy Dickinson Ruger Hay Saturday, Easton     parents: Thomas A. H. and Helen Ruger Hay
John Eichman yesterday, Easton   Wm. Eichman, Mrs. D. D. Frankenfield, Mrs. John Steel and Mrs. Wm. J. Daub  
Joseph Madars Friday morning, Mauch Chunk      
Stephen Young Saturday, Bethlehem   his first wife, who died 25 years ago, bore 13 children, 6 are still living, his second wife, Mrs. Caroline Mitman a widow, bore 21 children with her first husband. father: George Young
Daniel Gift Saturday, Catasauqua   William  
Wednesday, March 11, 1891
William Walbert Monday Evening, St. Luke's Hospital widow Rev. George B. Walbert  
Mrs. John Green yesterday morning, South Bethlehem     son-in-law, John Gill
Mrs. Jacob Warmkessel Weller's Store, near Alburtis   several children  
Jonathan Paul Sunday Afternoon, Hockendauqua widow three sons and a daughter  
Mrs. H. S. Seller this morning, Bethlehem      
Thomas Kunsman last night, Easton   W. H., Levi and James Kunsman  
Saturday, March 14, 1891
Francis G. Berndt Thursday afternoon, Egypt, Lehigh County   Rev. F. K. Berndt, one of six children  
Olivia Daniel Wednesday, East Catasauqua     father: Alvin Daniel
A. H. Tobias Yesterday afternoon, Mauch Chunk      
John George Hay this morning, Palmer Township wife died 13 years ago Mrs. James Seip Six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren
Wednesday, March 18, 1891
Eli H. Ashton yesterday afternoon, Easton wife six children  
Catharine Peffer this morning, Easton   Mrs. Stephen D. King, Solomon Peffer, Edward Peffer sister: Mrs. Eva Lightcap
Mrs. Samuel Dresher Monday, Trexlertown   A. D. Dresher  
Anne E. Kinnenny Monday Afternoon     father: Thomas Kinnenny
Mrs. Mary Sames Sunday morning, Springfield Township husband Mrs. Henry Sterner, one of seven children  
Stewart A. Mann Monday, Bethlehem widow infant daughter  
Monday, March 23, 1891
George Arndt This morning, Easton   Frank, Bessie  
Rev. Bernard F. Roxton, yesterday morning, Philadelphia      
Anna C. Wolfe Friday, Coplay Milton H. Wolfe    
Judith Smoyer Saturday, Emaus      
George Robinson yesterday, County alms house      
George Leith Saturday night, Lower Saucon Township widow Sylvanus, Amelia brothers: Samuel, Charles and David; sister: Mrs. Mary Hess, widow of the late Charlels Hess
Wm. Widrig Saturday, Easton      
Mildred Noble this morning, Easton     father: John S. Noble.
William Able this morning, Easton wife died about 13 years ago   brothers: George, John and Jacob
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
mother of James Tatnall Monday, Philadelphia      
Miss Mary Scholl yesterday morning, Bethlehem     sister: Dr. J. P. Scholl
Adam Saylor Sunday morning, Hecktown widow    
Mrs. Henry Mest Monday, near Alburtus husband several children  
Benjamin Shoemaker Monday evening, Cherryville   left a family  
Hettie Sweitzer Monday, Allentown John Sweitzer three children  
Monday, March 30, 1891
PhilipHarpel Yearick Saturday, Bethlehem     father; Rev. W. R. Yearick, survived by mother, three brothers and five sisters
Reuben Knecht Friday, Allentown   Mrs. D. F. K. Hartzell, Mrs. Rev. W.S. Delp brother: William Knecht; sister, Mrs. Barron
John Ruhf Friday, Fogelsville wife nine children  
John Klelbacheidel Satruday morning, Hakendauqua wife son brother and two sisters who are in Germany
Thursday, April 23, 1891
Matilda Ruhe Wednesday, Alelntown      
Augustina Barbari last night, Easton     father: Charles Barbari
Jeanetta Erwin Tuesday night, Mauch Chunk     parents: Dr. and Mrs. B.S. Erwin
Amandus Lerch last evening, Bethlehem   Emma, wife of John M. Warner, Sarah, wife of Milton H. Koehler, Amanda, wife of Thomas Wortman, Priscilla, wife of Adam Gradwohl, Mary, wife of Alfed Koehler, Edna, wife of Henry Ehrogott, Lovine Lerch  
Reuben Trein April 7, Ohio Susannah Kemmerer one son and five daughters. one son and two daughters preceded. parents: Peter and Elizabeth Trein, brother: David, sister: Mrs. George Schweitzer
Lizzie A. Oliver Monday, Brooklyn     parents: Joseph and Susanna Oliver
Monday, May 4, 1891
Mary J. Saeger yesterday morning, Easton Caleb Saeger Mrs. W. P. Kinsey, Mrs. Dr. John P. Ward  
Catharine Walter Sunday morning, Easton Barnet Walter William H. Walter, Samuel Watler, Lucetta C. Walter parents: Henry and Susan Yeager
Hannah Weaver Monday, Easton Jacob Weaver Levi Weaver, Herbert James Weaver, Lorenzo Weaver, Anna Maria, wife of Ex-Sheriff Pearson, and Euty, wife of Mr. Houck parents: Henry and Maria Rasely
Maria E. Butz Satruday, Allentown Thomas Butz T. Frank Butz, Mrs. Daniel Troxell, Mrs. Ella S. Weaver, John P. Butz (Dec'd) father: Henry Bell
Henry J. Miller Friday, Hockendauqua husband two sons and three daughters  
Alfred Remmel Satruday, Plainfield Township      
Annie Leisberger Saturday afternnon     father: Rev. Robert Lisberger, Mother (dec'd - about 4 years), brothers Rev. George J.and Robert, sisters: Mrs. Mary, wife of Rev. Lindaman, Lizzie
Tuesday, May 5, 1891
Daniel S. Ritter yesterday, Hanover Township widow Cyrus I., Peter J., Reuben O. Ritter father: Peter Ritter; brother: Simon Ritter; sisters: Mrs.Joseph Dech, and Mrs. William McHose
Friday, May 22, 1891
J.Abel Hewitt Tuesday, Coplay      
Mother Groman Wednesday, Centre Valley   several sons  
Maggie Freeland Wednesday, East Stroudsburg     father:William Freeland
Peter Ehret Wednesday morning, Hanover Township      
Jacob Young Wednesday Night, Ackermanville   Peter, William, Martin, Jacob, Mrs.Peter Hietzman, Mrs.Jacob Godshalk, Mrs. Isaac McFall, Mrs. Richard Gold, John and Mrs. Hixon (the latter two were by his first wife)  
Tuesday, June 9, 1891
Elizabeth Schweitzer Sunday, Mount Airy Farm, near Freemansburg Leonard Schweitzer Henry Schweitzer, Mrs. Josiah Jones  
Peter Weaver Saturday, Lower Saucon     son-in-law, Abraham Stout
Eliza Jane Michael Sunday afternoon, West Bethlehem Henry Peter Michael eight children, all of whom except two preceded her to the grave parents: Charles and Christina Deily
Lillian May Kuntz Lehighton     parents: Cornelius and Ellen kuntz
Harry A. Nonnemacher last night, Bethlehem     brother: A. W. Nonnemacher
Thursday, June 11, 1891
David Knecht June 9, Durham, Bucks County      
Wednesday, June 24, 1891
Mrs.Samuel Wright Sunday morning, Freemansburg   Amos  
Mrs. John Mans Monday evening, Nazareth   John J., Lucetta  
Jane Elizabeth Walter June 15th, Findley, Michigan     parents: John and Elizabeth Walter
Mrs. Schwietzer Tuesday, Near Fountain House Peter Schweitzer    
Monday, July 6, 1891
Mrs. Eliza C. Knecht Saturday morning, Shimersville John Knecht Mrs. Dr. J.J. Detwiller, Howard Knecht, Miss Annie Knecht, Mrs. Dr. Freeman  
J. Anthony Blatz Wednesday, Elizabeth, N.J.     father: John Blatz
Mamie Keck Thursday, Lehigh County poor house     Parents: Mr and Mrs. Clinton Keck
Catharine Weaver Thursday, Allentown Charles Weaver    
Mrs. Mary Leiberman Last night, College Hill Mathias Lieberman Mrs. Mary Weyand, Lizzie, Kate, Amelia, Emily, Martha, Frank, George, Joseph two brothers and one sister living in Germany
Jennie Ippich Sunday afternoon, Easton     parents: Christian and Mary Ippich
Naomi Frey Saturday, Roxburg John L. Frey    
Mrs. William Ealer yesterday, Inland, Neb     father: Mrs. Thomas Michler
Lewis Brands Friday night, Portland wife Three children  
Henry W. Frey Saturday, Allentown widow two daughters aged mother
Wednesday, July 22, 1891
Barnhardt Thomas Saturday, Montana wife Mrs. W. H. Symons  
Samuel Reiner Lexington, Bucks County      
Ellamina Kreidler Monday July 18, Decatur Ill Conrad Kreidler five children  
A. J. Liebert Saturday night, Palm, Montgomery County wife four children  
Thursday, July 30, 1891
Lillie Garrison yesterday afternoon, Easton     mother, Mrs.Caroline Garrison, sisters: Mrs. Gabriel Herb, Mrs. Harry
Randolph, Mrs. Fred Saltz
Peter P. Reifenrath Tuesday Afternoon, Allentown wife four children  
Harry E. Xander last night, Easton     mother
John Nolf yesterday afternoon, Williams Township   John Jr., Thomas, Reuben, Susan, wife of Peter Moser, Emma Hineline Son-in-law, Nathan Frankenfield
Saturday, August 22, 1891
Dr. Harry F. Albright yesterday morning, Allentown     parents:James and Louisa Albright
George K. Mullin Tuesday, Philadelphia     father: Geo. W. Mullin; brother: Gordon H. Mullin
Jacob Kline last Evening, Midduagh's, Lower Mount Bethel Township wife twelve children, eight sons and four daughters, Jacob Kline, Miss Annie E. Kline and Mrs. JeremiahWeaver  
Monday, August 24, 1891
Sophia Bachman Saturday afternoon, Matawan, N.J. Samuel N. Bachman   brothers: Samuel Wilhelm, Oliver D. Wilhelm; sisters: Mrs. George Short, Mrs. Wililam Datesman, Mrs. William Ricketts
Gertrude Wallert Sunday afternoon     mother: Mrs. Wellert
Jesse Benz Sunday Morning, Easton     parents: Daniel and Priscilla Benz
Robert K. Kremer Saturday morning, Stewartsville, NJ     father C. H. Kremer; brothers, George and Philip
Hannah Gardener Sunday morning, Easton Emmanuel Gardner Moses M., L.A., Abraham, Meyer Gardner  
Allen R. Newhard yesterday afternoon, Allentown     father: ex-Sheriff Joseph Newhard
Mary Wannamacher yesterday morning, Allentown Joseph Wannamacher    
Joel Gross yesterday morning, Allentown widow Thomas, William Gross, Esq, Squire Henry D.Gross  
Catherine Schaeffer yesterday afternoon, Macungie George Schaeffer Mrs. David Barner  
Tuesday, August 25, 1891
Lizze Smith Sunday morning, South Bethlehem     parents: Mr. and mrs. Peter Smith
Simon H. Jones Saturday morning, Bethlehem Wife Mrs. H.E. Weinland, Mrs. P. Rohn, Mrs. George Caffrey, Henry R. Jones  
Isabella Young yesterday morining, Allentown Harrison Young Lewis, Alfred, Tilghman, Mrs. James Hausman  
Frederick Glessner yesterday afternoon, Snufftown Wife (in Germany) Three sons brother: Henry
Mrs. Oyer Friday, Upper Mt. Bethel Lewis Oyer    
Tuesday, September 1, 1891
Mary M. Hoffert Saturday Evening, West Bethlehem George W. Hoffert    
John W. Weller Saturday last, Philadelphia     stepbrother Frank VanNorman
Michael L. Werkheiser this morning, Easton   Charles, Catharine parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Werkheiser; stepdaughter, Mrs. M.L. Bachman
Mrs. Charles Glasser last evening, Easton husband Albert, Lewis, Charles, William, Edward, Henry, Peter, Mrs. Thomas Steely, Miss Julia Glasser brother: William Dull sister: Mrs. Peter Schleichter
Jacob McBrien Saturday, Bristol, Pa wife four children  
Rebecca Hineline Aug 18, Fremont Ohio Hugh Hineline    

Satruday, September 5, 1891

John Hartzell this morning, Easton Helen Snyder Ray, Cora May, wife of Floyd B. Young parents: John and Lovina Hartzell, brothers, Llewis H., Reuben, Herbert; sisters: Mrs. John Frace, Mrs. Aaron Frey, Mrs. Amanda Osterstock
Katie Kachline yesterday, Elwyn, Delaware County     parents: Mrs.Anna and the late S.V.B. Kachline, Esq.
Saturday, September 12, 1891
Myra A. Green yesterday morning, Bethlehem      
Willis G. Anewalt yesterday, Bethlehem      
Christiana Woodring, nee Kiefer Thursday evening, Allentown Frank Woodring Mrs. Thomas Bates  
Hannah Crone yesterday morning, Catasauqua   William H.Crone father: Peter Snyder
Emma I. Gebhard Lititz, Pa Rev. D.C. Tobias Martha, wife of Rev. J. B. Stoneifer, Joseph K., and William father: Rev. W.T. Gerhard
Major Edmond L. Smith yesterday, Reading Pa     Grandfather: Hon. Frederick Smith; brother: J. Bright Smith
Thursday, September 17, 1891
Catharine Kienan Tuesday, South Bethlehem   Brian Kiernan  
John Richards last evening, Easton     parents: Mary and Elisha Richards
Sarah M. Smith nee Schoup Last Wednesday, Sept 9, Pleasant Run, N.J. R. V. Smith Mrs.George Sheats, eight children, two sons, six daughters  
Friday, September 25, 1891
Gertrude Schweitzer last evening, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Sweitzer
Friday, October 2, 1891
Joseph Woodring yesterday afternoon, Williams Township wife Cyrus Woodring, Hiram, Joseph, Thomas and Titus daugher, Adeline  
Monday, October 5, 1891
Minnie Schweitzer Saturday evening, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Schweitzer
Catharine Bowman, nee Bergenstock Thursday Morning, Limeport Jacob Bowman Owen Bowman, Mrs. Mary Reinbold brother: Joseph Bergenstock
Lizzie Granados Saturday morning, Pleasant Hill     parents: Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Granados
Reuben Danner Friday afternoon, Flatrs, Near East Texas, Lehigh County widow Wilson Danner, Mrs. Samuel Romich  
David J. Howell Saturday evening, Easton   William E. Howell, Charles S. Howell, Harry F. Howell, Miss Minnie Howell  
Wednesday, October 28, 1891
Daniel Quier Monday, Bethlehem     son-in-law, Jacob Sigendall
Laura Brown yesterday morning, South Bethlehem Harry Brown   father John Amrhein
Anna A. Beckel yesterday morning, Bethlehem late George M. Beckel, son of Charles F. Beckel Howard W. Beckel, L.Carroll Beckel, Frederick (dec'd) father: Captain Stephen E. Willits, brother-in-law O. B. Desh
Abraham Schmoyer Monday evening, Trexlertown wife (dec'd - 6 weeks ago) Elias A. Schwoyer, Mrs. Rebuen Mohr brothers: Michael S., David
Miss Amanda Knecht Sunday, Hecktown      
Saturday, October 31, 1891
Francis Ward yesterday, Easton   Minerva, wife of Edward Kitchen parents: Michael Ward and Sarah, nee Moyer; brother: Benjamin F.; sisters: Mrs. Josephia, wife of Alam Shiffer, Amelia, wife of Erasmus Hawk
John Cordes,Sr Thursday, Mauch Chunk wife two children  
Jacob Burt this morning, Easton wife   sisters: Mrs. John P. Ricker, Mrs. Maria Steele; brothers, William and Peter Burt
Franicis Weiss yesterday, Allentown      
Levi Dornblaser Wednesday, Lehigh County wife    
Wednesday, November 4, 1891
George Washington Hayden this morning, Easton Josephine Maggie, wife of Joseph Sherman, Floyd A. George G. and Edward parents: Samuel and Mary Hayden; brothers: Howard Hayden, Neal Hayden
Emma M. Danner Monday, Macungie, Lehigh County William F Danner two children  
Sarah A. Levers yesterday, Bethlehem John J. Levers (dec'd) mother of five children, two of whom survive her, Arron B. Levers and Mrs. F. E. Luckenbach parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Reidenauer
Miss Annie Kelly yesterday, South Bethlehem     parents: Patrick and Margaret Kelley
Patrick Fitzgerald Monday, Freemansburg     mentions Daniel McNamara
Joseph Fatzinger Friday, Oct 20, Bethel, Missouri      
Jennie Hutchinson       father: Samuel Hutchinson and wife
Adam L. Hay this afternoon     father: Charles Hay
Friday, November 6, 1891
Charles M. Sandt Wednesday morning, Forks Township Sarah Ann Reeser W. H. Sandt, Linford Sandt, Uriah Sandt, James Sandt, Mrs. James H. Heckman, Mrs. Mary Resh, Mrs. Ellen Holland, mentions son Harrison father: Michael Sandt, sister: Mrs. John Moyer,
William Houser yesterday morning, South Bethlehem 1st Mary Hartman, 2nd Emma Green Frank, Albert, Mrs. Jacob Smith, William, James (all from first wife) Lilly Houser (from second wife) Parents: Mr.and Mrs. John Houser; four brothers, three sisters: one brother is Samuel Houser
Dr. C. W. Kitchen Wednesday morning, Brooklyn, NY widow   father: Squire Charles Kichen; sisters: Mrs. Dr. Amos Seip and Mrs Elizabeth Few; brother: Dr. F. A. Kitchen
W. S. Weller this morning, Portland wife three children  
Thursday, November 19, 1891, Page 1
Susan Woodring yesterday, Bethlehem Jacob Woodring Isreal Woodring, James Woodring  
Saturday, November 21, 1891
Elizabeth Teel yesterday morning, Plainfield Township Charles Teel William Teel, John, Teel, Amandus Teel, Emma Teel, Reuben F. Teel, brothers; Reuben Ackerman, Enos Ackerman, John S. Ackerman
Mamie E. Kieffer last night     parents: Mr. and Mrs. William R.Kieffer; brothers: John A. Kieffer, F.W. Kieffer, William Kieffer, Augustus Kieffer, Charles Kieffer; sisters: Nellie Kieffer and Carrie Keiffer, step-brother: Harrison C. Gross, step-sister: Mrs. Amandus Stout
Henry Deemer this morning, South Easton     mother: Catharine Deemer, father: Abraham Deemer (dec'd)
Tuesday, November 24, 1891
Miss Anna M. Rothrock this morning, New Brighton, ,Staten Island     father: William Rothrock (dec'd); brother: Charles Rothrock
Joel Scheirer yesterday, Allentown wife died six weeks ago Reuben Scheirer, Mrs. Henry Kleckner, Mrs. Christman, Joel Scheirer brother: Joseph Scheirer; step-brothers: Adam Scheirer, David Scheirer; stepsister: Miss Eliza Scheirer
Mrs. Ephriam Long, nee Kline Sunday, Egypt husband Eugene Long, W. K. Long Mrs. Rev. H. Fegley, Rev. Achilie Long, Alfred Long, Calvin Long, Harvey Long, Josephine Long  
Friday, November 27, 1891
Caroline Weaver Tuesday, Allentown Valentine G. Weaver Mrs. James C. Woodward  
Samuel Hevener Sunday, Nov 22, Blairstown, Iowa wife preceeded him in death Mahlon Hevener, Samuel Hevener, Frank Hevener, Mary Thoman, Amelia Neumyer, Sadie Jeries sister: Mrs. John Gross; nephew, W. H. Bickel
John Lansche yesterday afternoon, Easton   Christian Lansche, John Lansche stepdaughters: Catharine, wife of Christian Kaufman,, Elizabeth, wife of Enos Henniger
Peter Best Wednesday morning, Baltimore, MD Miss Ellen Mutchler Jacob, Isabell, wife of Dr. Snyder brothers: John Best, Josiah Best; sister: Mrs. Oberly
Monday, December 21, 1891
Catharine Moser Saturday night, College Hill Manasses Moser Sabina, wife of Samuel Lerch, Catharine,, wife of William Fraunfelter; Ameliz, wife of Lorenzo Kichline, Martha, wife of Charles A. Laros, Lucy, wife of Edwin Dull, and Belle, wife of M.H. King brother: Elisha Hope
Esther Sterner yesterday afernoon, Allentown Jacob Sterner Hiram Sterner  
Crawford Young yesterday, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Lowin A. Young
Cornelius Doty Disosway Saturday, Brooklyn widow, the daughter of Rear Admiral Aaron Hughs a son and daughter  
Tuesday, December 22, 1891
Charles E. Benade Sunday, Camden NJ widow, daughter of the late Judge Siebing   father: Bishop Benade; brother-in-law of ex-governor Hartranft; nephew: ex-Attorney Genral W. S. Kirkpatrick
Sarah Lair Sunday, Quincy, Mass.   John Lair, Mrs. James Nightingale, Mrs. William Ricker  
Ruth Irene Moore Sunday, Catasauqua     parents: Rev. and Mrs. W. F. More
Conrad Kocher Sunday morning, Delano   a daugher, who is the wife of Mr. Barret Broadhead  
Dorothy Tay this morning, Easton     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Tay
Mrs. Smith last night, Howeltown Edward Smith    
Mahlon Collins yesterday, Johnsville wife several children  
Monday, December 28, 1891
Richard Lerch Saturday evening, College Hill wife Susan, wife of R. W. Cochran, Sarah E., widow of Jesse Ihrie, Ella, wife of Amandus Charles, Mary, wife of Henry Yahreas father: Henry Lerch; brothers: Samuel Lerch, Charles Lerch; sisters: Mrs. Reuben Diehl, Mrs. David Knecht, Mrs. Mary Snyder, Mrs. Emma Siegfried
Leah Wint, nee Walter Thursday, Virginia Aaron Wint, (dec'd)   sisters: Mrs. B. J. Hagenbuch, Mrs. B. F. Trexler, Mrs. Beuben Begstresser
George W. Hamersley Wednesday, Philadelphia   two sons, five daughters brother: Captain James B. Hamersely, William S. Hamersley, Robert hamersley, R. Clay Hamersley, Esq; sister: Eliza Hamersley
Jonas Smith yesterday, Allentown      
Mrs. Peter Fraunfelter Saturday, Martin's Creek   Frank Messinger  
Benjamin Kressman yesterday morning, Lower Mt. Bethel widow one daughter  
Mary Kessler last evening, Easton   Mrs. Edward Berkoff