Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Easton Daily Argus
Abstracts from 1890
1890 Easton Daily Argus Obits
Parents, siblings...
Friday, January 4, 1890
Elizabeth Mickley Yesterday morning, Bethlehem      
Daniel Reichenbach Wednesday evening, Allentown wife 6 Children  
Horatio Allen Tuesday Evening, Montose, N.J. (He was born in 1802)   Dr. Benjamin Allen, Mary Benedict Allen  
Valentine Young yesterday, New York      
Dr. R.A. Squire Yesterday, Scranton      
Dr. O.E. Schultz last night, Hazleton      
Henry Schnable last Wednesday, Bethlehem Township wife Samuel, William, Edwin D., Mrs.John Schweitzer, Mrs. Reuben Dech, Mrs. Emma Reeser, Marietta and Sabina  
Monday, January 7, 1890
Rev. B. K. Keck Thursday, Myerstown      
Thursday, January 9, 1890
William H. Knecht Pacific House, South Bethlehem 1st wife, Matilda Kostenbader, 2nd wife Fietta Listmiller Christie (from first wife) five children from second wife, not listed Father: Henry Knecht, Sister: Mrs. Richard Werner, Brother, Lovine Knecht , George Knecht
Friday, January 10, 1890
Elizabeth Knecht yesterday, North Whitehall George Knecht Josiah, Peter, Stephen, Edwin, Valentine, Lewis, Elizabeth, wife of Al. Kern, Lucy, widow of the late Mr. Balliet brothers: Peter Uhler, Richard Uhler, and Jeremiah Uhler
Wednesday, January 29, 1890
Margaret McKnight Saturday night, Hellertown   Michael McKnight  
Charles Evenson Monday night, Bethlehem     Father: Martin Evenson
Jacob Gruver yesterday, Washington Township      
Wednesday, February 5, 1890
William N. Scott this morning, South Easton Amelia Riehl Amelia and Sabina

brothers and sister: Robert, John R., David S., Walter and Annie

Friday, February 7, 1890
Phoebe Palmer Friday morning, South Easton Fenner Palmer William Palmer, Mrs. William Cheston, John Palmer Son-in-law William Cheston, brother, Fletcher Servis
Mary E.Major nee Swail this morning, South Easton Hugh Major Mrs. Albert Godley, Robert Major, Frank Major brothers: William Swail, Ely Swail, Wilson Swail, Mrs. Joseph Hunt
Saturday, February 15, 1890
Aaron Kreidler last evening, Easton   Emma, Mrs. Daniel W. Snyder, Mrs. Cope  
Hattie Wagner Wednesday night, Lehigh Mountain     father: Frank Wagner
Wednesday, March 5, 1890
William Himmelwright Monday evening, Bethlehem      
William H. Keener Lehigh County poor house      
John J. Woodring this morning, Forks Township wife died in 1876 Theodore,Samuel, Benjamin, Alice, wife of Charles Frace, Lovanah, wife of Edwin Brinker  
Friday, March 7, 1890
Rev. George Knerr this morning, Easton
Born June 23, 1818
wife died in October Mrs. Emma Frankenfield, Mrs. Alice Spohn, Charles B. Knerr, Josiah Knerr, Mrs. Lovine Weidner, Mrs. Rachael Phifer  
S. M. Field Wednesday, Lackwanna and Bloomsburg Junction wife seven children: three son and four daughters  
George Heffelfinger yesterday, Allentown     father: John Heffelfinger
Mrs. Henry Stephens Monday, Pen Argyl      
Catherine Lattig this morning, Easton Simon Lattig Mrs. Edgar Allen, Mrs. Peter P. Gulick son-in-law; Edgar Allen
Wednesday, March 19, 1890
WilliamWeaver This morning, Macungie wife serveral children father: Valentine Weaver, brother James Weaver
Thursday, March 20, 1890
Charles Anthony yesterday, Bethlehem Township wife died about a year ago a daughter nephew Edward Shawde
John Raesner this week, Scranton wife died in 1887    
Travilla G. Schmickely yesterday, Bethlehem      
Mrs. Thos. Hausman Monday night, Pleasant Corner, Lehigh County   daughter, having died early last week.  
Monday, March 24, 1890
Daniel Fogel Saturday morning, Bath wife five children  
Tuesday, March 25, 1890
John Jordan, Jr. Sunday, Philadelphia widow    
Charles Werkheiser Sunday night, Bushkill Center      
John Lantz yesterday, near Durham Church wife Mrs. Thomas Long, Mrs. Andrew B. Whitesell  
Wednesday, March 26, 1890
John Dugan this morning, Hokendauqua     aged mother and sister; father died last Christmas Eve
Frank Miller a few days ago, Grand Rapids, Michigan     brother: Edward Miller
Jacob Hartzell yesterday morning, Williams Township wife several children  
Monday, March 31, 1890
Morris W. Kayser Friday Last, Philadelphia      
Dr. Edward J. Sterner died recently, North Platte, Neb.      
Jonas E. Wuchter yesterday, Elizabeth, NJ   Harry Wuchter  
David E. Becker this morning, Easton widow child Mother, brother who lives in Kansas
Christian Hartman Saturday Night, Easton widow one son and a daughter  
Rudolph Shiffer Saturday, Stroudsburg      
Daniel Donnelly yesterday, Philadelphia     stepfather: Peter Sonnelly
Hannah Wagner this morning, Easton Samuel Wagner daughter, son, Thomas Wagner  
Wednesday, April 2, 1890
George W. Mann Monday Evening, Allentown widow two children father: John G. Mann, a sister
John Sweitzer Sunday morning, Schoenersville Widow Josiah Sweitzer  
Kitty Thomas yesterday, Catasauqua     parents: John and Mary Ann Thomas
Mary Snyder nee Fogel this morning, Easton George Snyder William Snyder, Amandus Snyder, Samuel Snyder, Mrs. Egeneberger, Mrs. Charles Brinker  
Mrs. Hannah Speer yesterday morning, Easton William Speer   Son-in-law J. H. Wilgus
Friday, April 4, 1890
William Fulmer this morning, Easton widow Gilbert Fulmer, Katie Fulmer brothers; Levi Fulmer, Elias Fulmer, Redner Fulmer and George Fulmer
Thursday, April 8, 1890
Moses Kuntz Tuesday night, Saltington widow Jennie, the widow of John S. Weygandt, Mrs. Dr. R.W.Young, and Mrs. John C. Lentz, Cyrus Kuntz, Henry A. Kuntz

father: Jacob Kuntz, brothers: Henry Kuntz, Thomas Kuntz, Tilghman Kuntz, Lewis Kuntz
Sisters: Mrs. Francis Yundt, Mrs. William Schearer, Mrs. William Miller

Cornelius Seigfried Tuesday, Philadelphia     father: Henry Siegfried
C. Amandus Heller yesterday, Palmer Township     brothers and sister: J.P. Rudy Heller, Mrs. Mahlon Garis, George Heller
Wednesday, April 16, 1890
John Stauffer and grandchild   Mrs. Stauffer died three weeks ago    
James J. Unangst Monday, South Bethlehem      
Minnie Hoepfner Sunday, Philadelphia      
Emmanuel Hope Monday, Philadelphia   Erwin, Morris, and Wilson brother: Elias, sister: Mrs. Manases Moser
Ida Laubach Monday evening, Nazareth John laubach thee small children father: Charles Kahler
Joseph H. Clark this morning, Easton   Mrs. H. F. Reich  
Thursday, April 17, 1890
Caroline Rice   John Rice   father: Christian Gottleib Paulus, Sister, Mrs. George Dixon
Harry Long Tuesday evening, Philadelphia Lizzie Williauer    
Satruday, April 19, 1890
Dr. Henry J. Haberacker last Thursday night, Fogelsville     parents: George and Elizabeth Haberacker, Sister: Sarah Haberacker, Mrs. Rev. F. Berkemeyer
Mary Ann Jones, nee Reimer Yesterday, Lower Mt. Bethel Richard Jones    
Ellen O'Connell also know as Sister Margaret April 12, Covent in West Chester     brother: Peter O'Connell
Tuesday, Arpil 22, 1890
Samuel Brader Sunday, Seidersville, Lower Saucon      
Jacob Woodring Saturday night, Bethlehem widow several children  
Squire Charles Schutter yesterday morning, Hazelton      
Wednesday, April 23, 1890
Jacob Woodring Monday, Bethlehem Susan Dewalt James, Israel parents: Nicholas Woodring and Catharine; brothers: Nicholas, William, ten grandchildren, four great-grandchildren
Edward Lawall Monday night, Bethlehem wife   father: Louis Lawall, Sisters: Mrs. Smock and Mrs. Eugene Fenner
Madison Henry Richards April 11, at Wamego, Kansas Catharine Sandt   parents: Daniel and Mary Sophia Richards
Elias Hutchinson yesterday afternoon, below Bath     father: Charles Hutchinson
Charles Kunkel yesterday, Palmer Township   Thomas Kunkel, several grown children  
Wednesday, April 30, 1890
Michael Walter Tuesday morning, Easton widow Mrs. Calvin Arner, Mrs. F.H. Lehr, Mrs. Peter Seip  
Simon Mebus Tuesday night, Easton      
Wedneday, May 7, 1890
Christianna Hilbert yesterday, College Hill      
William A. Templin last night, Easton wife   sisters: Mary A. Caffin, Ann Horn, Amelia Horn, Brother: Richard Templin
Saturday, May 10, 1890
Mary Green Schick Thursday evening, St. Luke's Hospital John A. Schick   parents: Charles and Miriam Kiefer, Grandparents: Rev. and Mrs. Mack, Brother. Irwin W. Kiefer
Mrs. Dr. Bunting Thursday night, East Mauch Chunk husband four children parents: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Douglas
John Nicholas Halter yesterday morning      
Mrs. Joseph Norton Friday night     father: James Dilcher
Friday, May 30, 1890
Jacob Ruster May 25 widow recent lost his only child  
Mary Deshler Wednesday night, Emaus      
William Grampy yesterday morning, above Bethlehem      
Sally Buzzard Wednesday, Bangor I. N. Buzzard    
Thursday, Afternoon, June 5, 1890
H. F. Datesman Yesterday, Philadelphia widow one child son of County Auditor Datesman
Susanna Maria Schweitzer May 28, 1890 William Schweitzer three children, one son, two daughters parents: Daniel and Elizbeth Bauer, seventeen grandchildren and one great grand child
Friday, June 6, 1890
Sarah Moyer Monday, Coopersburg Samuel Moyer    
John Franklin Grady yesterday morning, South Bethlehem    

An aged mother, several brothers and sisters

Charles H. Kiefer This morning, College Hill     father: Quintus Keifer
Robert Warrington Landis yesterday afternoon     father: L.H. Landis
Saturday, July 12, 1890
Sarah Schweitzer thursday evening     parents; John and Catharine Schweitzer, sister: Mrs. Eliza A. Kern, Mrs. John Best, Mrs. Jesse Ruch, Mrs. Samuel Schortz, Mrs. Jacob Apple, Mrs. I.; L. C. Miller, brother Robert T. Schweizer
Miss Isabell de Schweinitz

Thursday, Bryn Mawr

    father Bishop De Schweinitz
Monday, August 4, 1890
Jared Apple Wednesday, Pleasant Valley, Bucks County   Milton Apple  
Mabel Ziegenfuss West Bethlehem     Paretns; Charles and Mary Ziegnfuss
infant daughter      

mother: Mary Schnable, nee Meyers

Mrs. William Miller Friday, Allentown   two daughters  
Ida Weiss Saturday, Bethlehem Francis Weiss   Parents: Mr and Mrs. George Whitacker
Rebecca Snyder, nee Schweitzer Aug 3, Bethlehem Samuel Snyder adopted daughter, Mrs. Rev. O. D. Bartholomew parents: John and Margaret Snyder
George W. Roth last week, Cincinnati     parents: Jesse Roth and Catharine nee Gauff
Mrs. Lens Levy Saturday, Easton Moses Levy Mrs. Jacob Levy, Mrs. E. Menline, M. Levy, Jonas Levy, Mrs. Herman Felbel  
Abraham Bachman Sunday, Easton      
Friday, August 15, 1890
E. Ochs Tuesday afternoon, Quakertwon      
Philip Ward Friedensville     father, Barney Ward
infant child South Bethlehem     father: Daniel Malone
infant child       father; Franklin R. King
Griffith H. Roberts yesterday morning, Bangor wife    
Richard X. Williams Monday, Bangor      
Aaron Walter Wednesday, near Forest House widow three sons, two daughters mother: Mrs. Mary Walters (Who is now 102 years old)
Charles Kern last evening, Moore Township widow several children  

Saturday, Augst 16, 1890

Matthew Hanley Last evening, Easton      
David Griffith yesterday noon, Catasauqua widow two children  
Diane E. Strassburger yesterday morning, Allentown Rev. N. S. Strassburger Annie Strassburger father: Dr. Charles Dickenshied
Mary Mabel Koch yesterday morning, South Bethlehem     father: Clinton Koch
Bartholomew Roach Thursday evening, South Bethlehem     father: Garrett Roach
Joseph Martin Tunkhannock    

grandfather: Col. Martin, sister: Mrs. William Kiefer

Wednesday, August 20, 1890
Mrs. Michael Walsh August 11, Summit county, Colorado   Mrs. John H. Lapine Robinson, a not named daughter, Rev. Father Walsh  
Miss Steely Monday afternoon, near Durham, Bucks County     the second oldest of four maiden sisters who reside at the Steely homestead
David Cressman Monday, Bursonville, Bucks County wife    
Oliver Clinton Siefgried Monday, Seidersvile     parents: Mr. and Mrs. Morris Siegfried
Paul Schabo Friday forenoon, Weissport      
Charles W. Wieand Sunday, Pottstown   Rev. C. S. Wieand  
Peter Hay last night, Easton     father: Abraham Hay, brother: Captain Jacob Hay
Thursday, August 21, 1890
Samuel Wottring August 15, Ohio Caroline HiIgh 12 children; Five sons and seven daughters five Grandchildren
Amandus Person yesterday evening     parents: Edward Person and Sarah, born Koch
Monday, August 25, 1890
Joseph Kitchen Saturday afternoon   Three sons and four children  
Frank Ackerman Friday Night, South Bethlehem widow four children  
John Anderson Thursday, Catasauqua wife    
James H. Jacobson yesterday, Bethlehem     father: Dr. E. H. Jacobson
Joseph Keller Yesterday, County Alms House      
Philip Garis Yesterday, Williams Township   12 children - seven living Francis, David, William, Abraham, Mrs. Jarius Snyder, Mrs. Adolph Gillett and Mrs. Jerome Youngkin  
Sarah Alice Bittenbender Saturday afternoon, Bath     parents: Stephen and Hannah Bittenbender
Saturday, August 30, 1890
Conrad Huber Thursday evening, Bethlehem Township widow Asher Huber parents; Jacob Huber and Sarah, six brothers preceded him to the grave. Brother: Simon Huber
Isaac Werst Tuesday, Ironville wife

several children

May Stern Thursday Evening, West Fountain hill     father: Louis Stern
John Bachman Monday, Pennsville   Edwin Bachman  
S. Lena Oplinger Monday, Danielsville T. Oplinger G.T. Oplinger  
Lewis Fluck yesterday morning, Allentown      
Mrs. Tilghman Ochs Thursday, Allentown   Clarence Ochs, Millie Ochs parents: Jacob and Susanna Long
Charles Wagner Thursday evening, Near Readington, Bethehem Township widow six children  
David Keim Friday, Bethlehem Township Widow Alfred, Wilson, Amanda, wife of Charels Hess, Ellen wife of Oliver Stuber and Miss Annie Keim  
Monday, September 1, 1890
John H. Keller yesterday morning, Easton widow Harry, Minnie, Sue  
Eloise Bixler yesterday morning, Easton Daniel Lewis Bixler C. Willie, Lewis E, Floyd, Rush, Mrs. L.D. Wilson, Mrs. J.S. Butz, Mrs. M.J. Shimer  
Joseph Good Friday, Slatington      
Wednesday, September 3, 1890
William H. Solt yesterday morning, Bethlehem widow   brothers and sisters: James Solt, David Solt, Samuel A. Solt, Mrs. George V. Snyder, Mrs. Frank Sours, Mrs. Viola Cole
Dr. Nevis yesterday, Philadelphia      
Jacob Walter this morning, Palmer Township widow Samuel H., Charles W. Elwin P. John T.,William H. and Jacob R., Lizzie E. wife of Rev. J. P. Uhler, Mrs. Jennie W. wife of M. S. Scheebell father: Leonard Walter, brother, Peter, George; sister: Mrs. Alfred Mebus
Lydia Weaver Monday evening, Lehigh Poor house      
Firday, September 5, 1890
Marguerite Knecht Shimersville, Lower Saucon Township     mother: Mrs. H. R. Knecht, grandparents: Dr. and Mrs. B. Walter
Saturday, September 13, 1890
Elizabeth Walter this morning , Bushkill Jacob Walter six sons, two daughters  
Mary Ann Kepler this morning, Bushkill Tilghman Kepler Mrs. Asher Wright, Mrs. Harvey Lerch, Mrs. Henry Zuck, Emma, Linda, Asher and William  
Garrett Pittinger this morning, Easton wife died Sept 12, 1883 Peter, Henry, Garret, Mrs. Stewart Beers, Mrs. Samuel Arnold, Mrs. William Gaston, Amanda  
Mrs. Gebhardt yesterday, Phillipsburg John Gebhardt   sister: Mrs. Xavier Vello
Miss Laura A. C. Schrader yesterday afternoon, Allentown      
infant daughter & two-year old son Monday and Tuesday, Stroud Township, Monroe County     parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Andrew
Isreal Kemmerer Thursday night, Freemansburg      
John Glenn yesterday morning, St. Luke's Hospital      
Mary Ackerman yesterday, West Bethlehem Henry Ackerman    
Monday Sept 15, 1890
Abraham Laubach This morning, Easton widow William, Dr. Stephen, Abraham, Mrs. Richard Deemer, Mrs. Susan Laubach  
Col. A.J. Whittier Saturday, Nazareth Widow    
George Schively Saturday, Bethlehem Emma L. Yeager   father: Samuel Shively
infant child Cullen Friday morning, Jersey City     mother: Mrs. James Cullen
infant children Friday, South Bethlehem     fathers: Jefferson Weidner and Charles Frick
Mrs. Henry Steingeld Sunday night, Philadelphia      
Mrs. Ueberroth this morning, South Bethlehem Albert Ueberroth    
Wednesday, September 17, 1890
Henry J.Raub yesterday, Bethlehem widow infant daughter father: Theodore Raub, brother: Jacob, sisters: Elizabeth and Tura
Miss Sophia Miller Monday night, Kesslersville, Plainfield Township      
Friday, September 19, 1890
Francis Callaghan Wednesday night, South Bethlehem      
child Seip
child Seip
grandchild Seip
August 27
August 31
Yesterday morning

father: Mr. Henry Seip
father: Mr. Henry Seip
grandfather: Mr. Henry Siep & parens: Charles & Lizzie Tuttle

Jonathan French Monday Morning, Walnutport      
Jeremiah Snyder this morning, Lower Mt. Bethel widow daughter  
David M. Kistler yesterday, Allentown widow Levi Kistler, Mrs. Solomon Filer, Mrs. John Seiple two brothers and two sisters, Owen Seibert was a brother-in-law (His first wife being Owen's sister)
Ellen Lottig noon today, South Easton Henry Lottig seven children Parents: Hugh and Jane Connor
Thursday, September 25, 1890
William Walters Tuesday, West Bethelhem      
infant daughter Rice Tuesday night, South Bethlehem     father: Erwin Rice
infant son Lacey Tuesday night, South Bethlehem     father: William A.Lacey
Mrs. Lewis Werner Tuesday, Portland      
Friday, October 3, 1890
Franklin J. Keen Wednesday night, South Bethlehem     father: H. R. Keen
Isabella Smith Wednesday night, Bethlehem     father: John Smith
six weeks old child last night, Nazareth     father: Constable Walters
William H. Beeman this morning, Odenweldertown     father: Jasper H. Beeman
Tuesday, October 7, 1890
Henry S. Seiler Sunday morning, Bethlehem Susan Cole John F, Flora Sisters, Dorothea Seilers, Mary Ann Seilers
Mary C. Scheffler Sunday morning, Bethlehem Henry Scheffler four children, all of whom preceded her, the youngest having died on Thursday last  
Minnie Graham Sunday evening, South Bethlehem     parents; Mr.and Mrs. Julius Richter
William McGady yesterday morning, Allentown      
Abraham Geissinger Thursday, Center Valley      
Sarah Fair Oct 1, Durham, Bucks County Jesse Fair    
Francis F. Buhecker Saturday, Salisbury      
Susanna Dreher yesterday morning, Stroudsburg   Mrs. Reuben Kreidler, Mrs. Alfred Bates, Mrs. Martha Schide, Mrs. Stocker, Mrs. David Honensheld brothers; David Dreher, Luke Dreher, John Dreher (Listed as brothers but might be sons)
Friday, October 10, 1890
John Carling last night, Firthtown widow several children  
Thursday, October 16, 1890
Captian O. A. Luckenbach Thursday morning, Bethlehem widow one daughter  
George Heller Tuesday night, Palmer Townshp   Mrs. William Albert  
Abraham Werkheiser This morning, Forks Township widow Emma, wife of T. L. Messinger  
Cora B. Frankenfield yesterday afternoon, Riegelsville     father: William H. Frankenfield
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Edward E. Eger yesterday morning, Lafayette College     father and brother
Christain Bleich Monday, Lehigh Mountain      
Dr. Onar Orth Monday night, Lehigh County widow two children brother-in-law Reuben Stahler
Mary Schimpf Monday, South Bethlehem      
Sarah Ross, nee Deats last evening, Lower Mt. Bethel Joseph Ross Peter Ross, Edgar Ross  
Andrew Messinger yesterday afternoon, Forks Township widow Bertie, Samuel, Freeman, Mrs. James Stecker, Mrs.William Jones  
Saturday, November 8, 1890
Theodore Raub Friday morning, Chain Dam wife four children, son Henry died several weeks ago sister: Mrs. John Wagner, nephew: Sergeant Snyder,
Monday, November 10, 1890
George Kessler Friday morning, Bath   David Kessler, Samuel Kessler  
Annie West Friday morning, Bath Harry West Son  
Daniel Frack Fracksville, Schuylkill County Miss Balliet    
Eugene Rogers yesterday, South Bethelhem     Aunt Mrs. Peter Monoghan
Thursday, November 13, 1890
Miss Mary A. Burger yesterday morning, Allentown      
Frank H. Heimbach yesterday morning, Allentown      
Andrew Walter Monday morning, Upper Mildford   several children, two being Mrs. Nathaniel Heller and Mrs. Willoughby Bender  
six year old child Tuesday, South Bethlehem     father: Joseph Claeger
Caroline Galla this mroning, Mutchlertown Gottlieb Galla    
Thursday, November 20, 1890
William Smull this morning, Forks Township     several brothers and sisters
Reuben Stem last night, Portland   Frank  
Mrs. Tobias Morey this morning, Upper Mt. Bethel   several children  
Monday, December 8, 1890
Miss Mary Beidelman Yesterday, South Easton     father: George Beidleman, sister: Mrs. John Hivley
Tuesday, December 16, 1890
Rev. J. J. Chist This morning, Catasauqua widow three children  
David Zeller this morning, Williams Township widow George Zeller, Mrs. Mary Carpenter, Mrs. Missouri Hartzell  
Martha Ritchie Simpson June 7, Winnetka, Ill Gen. M.D. L. Simpson    
Elizabeth Deer Sunday morning, Bethlehem John Deer John Derr, Samuel Derr, Allen H. Deer, M. H. Deer, Eliza, wife of Francis Rehrig  
Harvey Gross yesterday morning, Bethlehem     father Edwin H. Gross, brother, Elmer and three sisters
Monday, December 22, 1890
Catharine Bruch Saturday afternoon, Easton George Bruch Brazil W., William, Samuel, John, Mrs. Elizabeth Coward  
David Beidler Saturday, Allentown   two children survive