Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
Family Notes
Family Group Sheet
Of families that once lived in: Buck County, Pa; Northampton County, Pa; Sussex County, NJ; Warren County, NJ
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Louise Young

(Sep 1827 - 01 April 1903)

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Adam Young
Marriage: .

Louise Young

Alfred Albert Pritz Elizabeth Mann

Winfield S. Pritz
Ira M. Pritz
Ada M. Pritz
Minnie Pritz


Sarah Young
Jacob Young
Elizabeth Young
William Young
Amos Young

Louise Young
Malinda Young
Sabrina Young
Richard Young
Martin Young
Emmanuel Young

Last Update on: September 4, 2012

Daughter of William Knauss and Elizabeth
Born: July 1860
Died 09 Oct 1927.