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John W. Hines

(abt 1921- 01 Jan 1943)

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Marriage: . .

John W. Hines

Anita Erwin Myrtle Wilhelm
Living Daughter


Easton Express, Thursday, June 10, 1943, page 1
Hines Was Killed in Action, War Department Message Says
Wife Clings to Hope Aerial Gunner is Still Alive
Staff Sgt. John W. Hines, 22 years old, former composing room employee of The Express, is reported killed, in a telegram received yesterday by his wife, Mrs. Anita N. Hines, 2300 Forest Street, Wilson Borough, from Adjutant General Ulio.

The Telegram received by Mrs. Hines was as follows: "Report now received from the German Government through the International Red Cross that your husband Staff Sgt. John W. Hines, previously reported missing since Jan 1, in Northwest African area is now reported killed in action date unreported. The Secretary of War shares your grief and extends his deep snympathy, Letter follows."

Despite this message, Mrs. Hines who with her 15-month old daughter resides with her mother, Mrs. Emma Erwin is confident that her husband is alive and points to several discrepancies since he was first missing for her conviction.

The first telegram to Mrs. Hines form the War Department, received January 22, stated that Sgt. Hines was missing on January 1, but Mrs. Hines received a cablegram from her husband dated January 2, which extended best wishes for the new year and said that "all is well""

"Why would the announcment come from the German Government," Mrs. Hines asked today as she fought back her tears and fondly caressed her child. "This shows that he must have been taken a prisoner and Iwill not give up hope"

Aerial Gunner
Sgt. Hines the son of Mrs. Myrtle Hines, 11 South Second street, enlisted in the Air Force October 7, 1941, and qualified as an aerial gunner after periods of training at Biloxi, Miss., Shreveport, La., Tyndall Field, Fla., and Fort Wayne Ind. In the latter part of 1942, he was assigned to a combat crew of a Flying Fortress which was sent to bolster theAmerican Air Forces in Tunisia.

In one of his last letter ot relatives in Easton, Sgt. Hines express in simple but stirring words the ideals he felt he was fighting for.

"I am learing just how much I miss the old homestead, and I have to confess I'm a tiny bit homesick. I have been out of the U.S. for only a short time now, but already I can see exactly what we are fighting gor. We have a beautiful and splendid country, and a few months from now, I'll still be saying the same thing, only more emplatically. I have seen the way other people live and now I appreciate America. I think it's certainly worth fighting for."

Sgt. Hines was a graduate from Easton High School in 1929 and shortly after commencement went to work in the composing room of The Express, remaining until his enlistment.

Easton Express, Friday, November 11, 1949, page 21
Easton Airman To Be Reburied in St. Louis, Mo.
S-Sft. John W. Hines, 23, Easton World War II Casualty, will be among the five servicemen to be reburied together in Jefferson Memorial Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo., sometime this month. No definite date has been set for the services.

Sgt. Hine and the four other servicemen, were killed in action on Jan. 1, 1942, when their plane was shot down while particpating in a bombing mission over Tunisia. The bodies of the five crewmen arrived in the States on Oct. 31.

The son of Mrs. Myrtle Hines, of 11 South Second Street, Sgt. Hines was a former employee of the Easton Express. He was graduated from Easton High School in 1939, and went to work shortly afterward in the composing room of The Express.

He enlisted in the Army in October, 1941 and qualified as an aerial gunner after periods of training at Biloxi, Miss., Shreveport, La. Tyndall Field, Fla, and Fort Wayne, Ind. Late in1942, he was sent overseas, landing in North Africa. He met his death while flying his first mission.

Sgt. Hines is survived by his mother, who will attend the services in St. louis, Mo, and a daughter. Mrs. Frank Creveling, an aunt, also will attend the rites.



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Daughter of William Knauss and Elizabeth
Born: July 1860
Died 09 Oct 1927.