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Russell Hahn

(04 Jul 1890 - 27 Sep 1940)

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Russell Hahn

Esther Naomi Bibighaus Caroline A Morrison

Marshall Hahn
Forrest William Hahn
Emma Jane Hahn
Frank Major Hahn
Russel Jacob Hahn



Sept 28, 1940, Page 1
Major Hahn's Sudden Death Great Shock to Community
Heart Attack Ends Career of Guard Officer
'Skipper" Never Fully Recoverd From Operation
The entire community was shocked last evening when word was received here of the death of Major Russell Hahn with the 213th Regiment in camp at Virginia Beach, Va.

Death came to the popular National Guard leader and public official who was 50 years old, shortly after he had received new honors in the military forces in which he had been a prime factor for 30 years.

Major Hahn had been made Provost Marshal for Fort Story and the Birginia State Camp. He had just sood retreat with his bBattalion (the First of 213th Regiment( and had gone to his tent. He was sitting on a chair from which he eoppled as he was stricken by a heart attack.

Major Frederick O. Zillessen and Lieut. F. W. Ward of Easton, physicains attached to the regiment ministerd to major Hahn. He succumbed shortly after 6 o'clock last evening. Major Zillessen telephoned the new to his wife in Easton and Mrs. Zillessen relayed it to Major Hahn's family and friends.

Major Hahn had not fully recoved from an appendectomy which he underwent last November when he was called into speical maneuvers with his Battery, the Easton City Guards, which he commanded for almost 20 years. Intimate firends knew that he had suffered a heart attack after his return from the maneuvers in August during which he had been promoted to Major and executive officer of the regiment. He recovered in time to precede the regiment to Virginia Beach laving last week to make arrangments for the arrival of the 213th.

He had been given a year's leave of absence by District Attorney Henry K. Van Sickle from his duties as chief detective. Ironically shortly after the 213th was installed in camp he had been named Provost Marshal, U. S. Army nomenclature for the chief of police of the entire camp which included four regiments of U.S. Army regulars, ina all about 5,00 officers and men.

He treated the appoinment humorously in a letter to John C. Merrill, City Ediotr of the Express, a close peronal friend, which Merrill recieved this morning. The letter perhaps the last words written by the "Skipper" as he was affectionately known by his men in the City Guards and County Detective's office ir reorduced under an Express picture of him taken before he departed for maneuvers in New York State Last August 8. He closes the letter with "so long".

Contacted by telepone today,Dr. Zillessen said he had been with Major Hahn at mess in the morning and at noon, had met him during inspection in the morning and that he had gone about his duties as Provost Marshal during the afternoon.

"He appeared in fine spirits," Dr. Zillessen said. He had stood with his regiment for retreat and had gone to his tent. Dr. Ward, who whas the tent next to him, walked by and exchanged a few words with him. Dr. Ward walked on to another tent and returned within five minutes when he saw Major Hahn slumped over a chair. He immediately rushed to administer first aid. I was called, too, but could do nothing."

Dr. Zillessen said that Major William Smith, of Reading, had been assigned to accompany the body to easton in accordance iwth the United States Army custom of having an officer of equal or higher rank with the body until the funeral.

So far as he knows Dr. Zillessen said no one from teh City Guard or friends from the regiment will be at the funeral.

Major Hahn's service in public office began in January, 1932, when Judge Herbert F. Laub, then District Attorney, appointed him a County Detective, serving under Captain J. J> Menikheim, of the Easton police force who had been given a leave of absence. Before Laub's term expred Captain Menikheim resigned to return to the police force and Hahn was promoted to Chief County Detective on Oct 1, 1935.

When William A. Frack, who had been First Assistant District Attorney under Laub, was elected District Attorney he retained Hahn as Chief County Detective, serving during the entire four years of Frank's administration.

Hahn remined as Cheif County Detective when the present District Attorney, Henry K. Van Sickle, assumed office at the beginning of this year.

During this entire period he retined his post as commander of Battery D, 213 Regiment Coast Artillery, spending his spare time in the City Guard Armory and directing the Battery to high awards in maneuvers with regular army forces and as a unit of the National Guard.

His National Guard career began when he was 19 years old. He enlisted in Tamaqua where he was employed on April 10, 1910 serving with Company B. 8th Regiment for two years when he returned to Easton, his birthplace and transferred to Company 1, 13h Infantry. This company was later transferred to Company L. 4th Regiment.

As a crack unit of the National Guard the Company in which he then was a sergeant particiapted in teh inauguartion of Gov. Brumbaugh at harrisburg on January 19, 1915. That year they encamped on Mr. Gretna and the following June 24, 1916, the company departed for Mr. Gretna again to enter the U.S. Army for service on the Mexican Border. The company was the only one in Pennsylvania to report with full war streght of three officers and 152 men. There was a great demonstration by Eastonains when the company departed.

On July 13, 1916, hahn and the Guards arrived at El Paso, Texas, where they remained until January 8, 1917. They returned home on January 14 where there was an enthusiastic reception by citizens and a complimentary dinner to the company at the old Hotel Karldon.

Before teh United States entered the World War, Hahn was mustered out of service and wnt to work at the Ingeraoll Rand Company where he remianed until he was named a County Detective.

Hahn was commissioned a second lieutenant of Company A, 2 nd Regiment, Pennsylvania militia, on Sept 18, 1918. On Jly 10, 1920 he was promoted to First Lieutenant of Company A. ist Battalion Infantry of the Pennsylvania National Guards, and before the end of teh year was made captain and commanding officer of Battery D.

Major Hahn was born in Easton on July 4, 1890, a son of Forrest and Carrie Hahn, both of whom resided on Hellertown Road, easton. He was a member of the Masons and Tall Cedars of Lebanon and the First Reformed Church.

Other survivors are his widow, the former Ester Naomi Bibighaus, five children, Marshall, Forrest William, Emma Jane, Frank Major, and Russell Jacob all of Easton, four grandhchildren. Barbara Ann, Forrest W., Lois and Bruce Hahn, two sisters, Mrs. Mollie Steyers and Mrs. Nellie Bryan, of Easton, and Mrs. Jean Chegwidden, of Phillipsburg.


Russell Hahn
Martha M Hahn
Nellie Margaret Hahn
Helen Jean Hahn


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Daughter of William Knauss and Elizabeth
Born: July 1860
Died 09 Oct 1927.