Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Of families that once lived in: Buck County, Pa; Northampton County, Pa; Sussex County, NJ; Warren County, NJ
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George Peter Gruver

(23 Apr 1866 - 10 Oct 1934)

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Jeremiah Gruver

Marriage: . .

George Peter Gruver

Not Married Dianna Ackerman

No Issue

Abraham J. Gruver
Erwin Gruver
John A.Gruver
William Theodore Gruver
Robert James Gruver
Jesse Levi Gruver
Carrie Elizabeth Gruver


Easton Express, Thursday, October 11, 1934, page 1
George Gruver Found dead
Firemen Came Across Body in Gas-Filled Kitchen
George Gruver, 68, years old, life insurance salesman, died of gas poisoning in his home, 101 North Warren Street, Late yesterday afternoon.

William Wanamaker, of 32 North Warren Street, a fireman off duty attracted to the lace by an explosion which followed igniting of illumination gas by a pilot light in the stove, broke open the back door and found Mr. Gruver seated in a chair near the stove.

Wanamaker and Harold Diehl, another fireman, who arrived with the fire fighting apparatus from Central fire Station rushed Gruver to Easton Hospital but he had already expired.

Dr. Theodore Reichbaum, deputy coroner, and Sergeant Boylan and Detective Stem, of the Easton police were called in and decided that Mr. Gruver had committed suicide.

When Wanamaker force hs way into the place he found all the burners on the kitchen stove ignited and the oven door blown from its hinges. The room was filled with a strong odor of gas.

The explosion also force off its hinges a door leading from the kitchen to the dining room. The slight blaze which followed the blast also ignited a curtain on the kitchen widow and singed the wood work. The firemen did not have to go into action.

Mr. Gruver’s eye brows, eye lashes and the hair on his head were singed by the flames but did not cause death. Dr. Reichbeum decided today when he issued a certificate of suicide by inhaling illuminating gas.

No note informing member of his family of the decision to commit suicide was found by authorities but they did uncover a note to a nephew directing him how to proceed to collect the lodge benefits carried by him.

Relatives were at a loss to ascribe a season for suicide.

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Daughter of William Knauss and Elizabeth
Born: July 1860
Died 09 Oct 1927.