Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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Beam Genealogy
Researching select families from: Northampton County, Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ

Sussex/Warren County, NJ

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Andrew (1832 - 1917)
David (1807 - 1887) 
George S. (1886 - 1963)
John Robertson ( 1862 - 1939 )
John Franklin (1911 - 1963)

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David Beam is my brick wall.  I can not find his death certificate, but I have located his grave in the Mansfield Baptist Church Cemetery.  The pastor there said they didn't keep good records back then and there is little information. In 1880 David Beam appears in the Middle Smithfield Census living with his housekeeper Sarah Van Why.

An interesting fact is that a Jacob Beam used his house to host Baptist ministers before he moved to Canada.  Jacob Beam emigrated to Canada because he was an English supporter during the American Revolution.  He took four daughters and two sons with him.  What happed to the remaining children?  Is David a descendant from Jacob Beam?

I occasionally email Gary Beam, who is a descendant of William Beam.  William Beam was in Warren County in the 1830's.  Is William related to David and how.

There are records of a David Crossley Beam born in 1811, is this the David Beam above?

Other related Surnames: Anderson, Cole, Frankenfield, Nixon, Scott, and Walter

Warren County, New Jersey Birth Records
Birth Date Name Parents
March 16, 1848 Frniz Beam John Beam and Elizabeth
Feb 14, 1849 Matilda Beam William Beam and Nancy
Feb 13, 1851 Charles Beam John Beam and Julia
Feb 2, 1854 David M. Beam John Beam and Elizabeth
Nov 15, 1854 Juliann Beam George Beam and Maria
Sept 4, 1855 Sarah M Beam Cornelius Beam and __ Ann
March 3, 1856 John D Beam George Beam and Mariah
Dec 20, 1856 Margaret Melissa Beam Cornelius Beam and Sydna Ann
Sept 27, 1857 Jacob Beam John and Elizabeth Beam
May 13, 1857 Eliza Beam Andrew and Joanna Beam
Dec 22, 1857 George W. Beam George Beam and Mariah
June 5, 1858 John Beam Christian Beam and Elizabeth
Dec 2, 1858 Sarah Catharine Beam Andrew Beam and Joanna
Nov 12, 1858 Lylion Beam William L Beam and Catharine C.
Nov 6, 1861 George Beam John Beam and Elizabeth
Aug 23, 1862 John Beam Andrew Beam and Joanna
Feb 27, 1864 John Beam Edward D Beam and Elsie
Feb 21, 1864 Amos Beam John Beam and Elizabeth
April 24, 1865 Ida Beam Abraham Beam and Sarah
Jan 9, 1866 Edward Beam Cornelius Beam and Lucinda
Nov 11, 1866 Alonzo Beam Abraham Beam and Sarah


Child Birth Baptized Parents Notes
Mary Beam Sept 9, 1890 Aug 23, 1908 John Robertson Beam and Eva Scott  
Eva Scott Beam July 17, 1908 August 23, 1908 Isaac Beam and Annie McNichols Died: August 24, 1908


Mansfield Baptist Church Cemetery , Mansfield Township, Warren County, NJ
Name Birth date Death Date Notes
Joseph A. Beam 1845 1922  
Mary C. Beidleman 1848 1927 His Wife (Joseph A. Beam)
Emanuel C. Beam   May 9, 1889 21 years, 4 months and 3 days
Abram Beam May 10, 1834 January 14, 1904  
Sarah E. Allshouse Jan 13, 1843 March 15, 1920 His Wife (Abram Beam)
Irwin Beam   April 28, 1873 Son of Abraham and Sarah
David Beam   December 28, 1888 Aged 80 years and 13 days
Catharine A. Beam   November 17, 1877 Wife of David Beam
Alonzo Beam 1866 1945  
Anna Mitchell 1868 1945 His Wife (Alonzo Beam)
John R. Inshco 1887 1958  
Lizzie Beam 1893 1975  
Eva S. Beam 1860 1933 Wife (John R. Beam)
John R. Beam      
Joanna (Nee Cole)   1907 Mother


Sussex County, Marriages
Husband Date Wife Notes:
John Randel January 11, 1807 Catherine Beam  
John Beam September 26, 1806 Caturah Mayberry  
John Voliver November 12, 1803 Mary Beam  

New Jersey Wills

Joost Beam, Bergen County #2468, Year 1797

Anthony A. Beam, Bergen County #3344, Year 1824
Mentions: Abraham, Peter, Sarah, John, Henry, Mary, Jane, Egbert, Amy and David.

Conrad Beam, Bergen County #3305, Year 1811
John, Eleanore, Geme, Margaret, Mary

Abraham Beam, Bergen County #3540, Year 1812
Mentions John A Beam and Anthony, Coonrad, Margaret, Jane, Henry (sons Aaron, Moses and daughter Sarah), Jost and Brother Coonrod.

James Beam, Bergen County #5140, Year 1851
Wife Mary
Mentions Children:James, John, Margaret, Ann, Rachael, Christina and Harriet.


Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, NY
Name Baptismal Parents Sponsors
Hendrik Beem Sept 25, 1720 Yuriaan Beem and Elisabeth Adam Herten Hendrik Beem and Apolonia Schoole
Marytjen Beem August 27, 1721 Albert Beem and Margrietjen beeshaven Jan Oet and Hillegonda Slegtenaar
Adam Beem Dec 9, 1722 Jury Beem and Elisabeth Herten Adam Herten and Geertruy Smit
Magdalena Beem January 13, 1723 Albertus Beem and Margrietjen Peersharing Juriaan Beem and Madelena Peeshocer
Willem Beem March 1, 1724 Jurry Beem and Elisabeth Hertel Willem Douty and Nenny Beem
Christina Beem Jan 24, 1725 Albert Beem and Grietjen Beeshaar Goosen Van Bagenigen and Geertruy Swart
Adam Beem May 22, 1726 Yury Beem and Elisabeth Hertel Johannes Schram and Catrina Weet
Jury Beem July 28, 1728 Jury Beem and Elisabeth Herten Cheerles Tangerly and Martjen Keeteltas
Hendrik Beem March 4, 1733 Albert Beem and Margaret Peesharing Barnet Peersharing and Magdalin Peersharing
Albert Beem March 4, 1733 Jury Beem and Elisabeth Hartken Albert Beem and Marytjen Hartken
Margaret Beem April 25, 1736 Albert Beem and Margaret Peeshaaring Tammes Zettiwik and Eliszabeth Sevel
Albartus Beem Sept 3, 1738 Albert Beem and margariet Peesharing Jan Maklien and Eva Smit
Elisabeth Beem Jan 24, 1748 Willem Beem and Rebecca Freer Hugo Freer and his wife Marteit deWit
Elisabeth Beem March 12, 1749 Adam Beem and Catharina Freer Abraham Freer and his wife Jannetje Hitsel
Mareitje Beem Jan 7, 1750 Willem Beem and Rebecca Freer Adam Beem and his wife Catharina Freer

October 1, 1748 Adam Beem j.m. born in Kingston and Catharina Freer j.d. Born and both reside in Dutches Co. They had their three publications of Banns, with objection, in the Church at the Vlakte in Dutches County.

August 23, 1721 Albert Beem and Margeitjen Beeshaaren, both born in Hoog_duytsland and both now reside under the jurisdiction of Kingston. Banns Registerd, 13 August. The were confirmed in the state of matrimony, being accompained by a child of which they were the parents.

Hendrik Beem widower of Maria Appel, born in Hoogd and Julianna. Banns Register 7 April

November 11, 1719 Jury Beem j.m. born in Hoog-duytlsand and Elisabeth Hertel j.d. born in Hoog-Dutylsand, and now reside under the jurisdiction of Kingstown Banns registered 25 October

Sept 30, 1747 Willem Beem j.m. and Rebecca Freer J.d. Banns pronounced three time with objections in Tusketamenesie.

Lower Saucon Reformed Church Records, Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, PA
Child Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Elisabeth Boehm May 28, 1784 Sept 28, 1784 Philip Boehm and Barbara Nicholas Marsteller and Maria
Magdalena Boehm Jan 1, 1808 Oct 30, 1808 Elisabeth Boehm George Schiffer and Charlotte
Juliana Boehm Apr 30, 1809 Jun 11, 1809 Philip Boehm and Elisabeth Nicholas Wagner and Susanna
Henrietta Boehm Jun 24, 1810 Oct 13, 1810 John and Margaret Boehm Michael Heller and Magdalena
Henrietta Boehm Dec 14, 1810 Feb 25, 1811 Philip Boehm and Elisabeth Peter Wasser and Maria
Thomas Boehm Sep 14, 1812 Nov 15, 1812 Philip Boehm and Elisabeth Jacob Reigel and Maria Wasser
Isreal Boehm Apr 6, 1814 Ju 26, 1814 John Boehm and Margaret Philip and Elisabeth Boehm


Tohickon Reformed, Tohickon Township, Bucks County, PA
Child Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Elizabeth Boehm Mar 15, 1778 Mar 29, 1778 Philip Boehm and Anna Mara Elizabeth Jost
Margaret Ort Feb 28, 1784 Aug 24, 1784 Jacob Ort and wife Catharine Bam (Boehm)
Maria Margaret July 22, 1806 Sep 7, 1806 John Boehm and Rosina John Schussler and Marg. Elisa
Tohickon Reformed, Tohickon Township, Bucks County, PA - Marriages
Husband Date Wife
Abraham Mayer Dec 23, 1849 Susanna Bahm


Index of 1890 reconstructed census : Northampton County Residents of 1890
Names Location
Beam George G 64--Maria 65, Mattie 7 Upper Mount Bethel
Beam George H, puddler, 1311 Franklin Easton
Beam George W 33, engineer--Annie D 21, Elmer S 3 Upper Mount Bethel - Portland
Beam John W, gentleman--Eliza. 1313 Franklin Easton
Beam Lucy A--Lucy, Sallie, Annie, Mollie, George, Laura, James, Chester. 1311 Franklin Easton
Beam Stephen 43--Mary M 36, George W 19, Philip 17, Cora C 11, Bessie 8, Lewis H 4 Upper Mount Bethel - Portland