Researching select families from: Northampton County Pa; Bucks County, Pa; Sussex/Warren County, NJ
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John N. Gruver (Father)

Marriage: . .

Annie Gruver
Blue = Male, Red/Pink = Female

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(name of spouse or person who is one of responsible parties for the conception of the child/children) * Mary E. Silvert (Mother)

(Names of all known children - if underlined the click the name to view the indivuals group sheet)
Agnes Delvin

* No Issue - means the person did not have any children.

2nd Names of addtional spouses will appear under children and in this color.

Siblings:(Brothers and sister listed here)
John Elmer Gruver
Rebecca A. Gruver

Notes: Baptisms, obits or other information pertaining to the person will be found here. Usually a source to where I found the information.

*Note: Spouse information usually contains the name of the spouse. If the spouse is connected to surman I'm researching, the spouse's name would be linked. I usually have more information on the spouse which I don't include here.. If you would like more information, just send me an email, which can be found on the contact section of this site.

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